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#BlueLeaks Documents Bolster Whistleblower Account of Intelligence Tampering at Homeland Security... largest police force in the #US

Wolf and Cuccinelli are illegally occupying their positions atop #DHS

Murphy’s allegations ranged from:

-Inflating the number of known or suspected terrorists crossing the border
-Suppression of intelligence on right-wing terrorists
-Stifling of reports on Russian interference in the coming election

In his complaint, Murphy claimed that in a series of meetings, Wolf and Cuccinelli personally intervened in an effort to doctor information related to the recent protests surrounding the killing of #GeorgeFloyd, instructing him to “modify intelligence assessments

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Uit 300 gelekte politiedocumenten blijkt volgens @theintercept dat de extreemrechtse #boogaloo boys een grotere dreiging vormde tijdens BLM-protesten dan #antifa. Twee veiligheidsbeambten werden gedood door aanvallers gelieerd aan deze anarchistische club…
Ik gebruikte de kwalificatie 'anarchistisch' (=het afwijzen van centraal gezag) omdat boogaloo boys anti-overheid zijn. 'Anti-overheid' of 'libertair', was een betere omschrijving geweest (om verwarring tussen deze extreemrechtse militia en socialistisch anarchisme te voorkomen).
Echter: "There are also 'a few apparent anarchists", including some self-identified "anarchists'. J. MacNab, a George Washington University fellow researching anti-government extremist groups said that 'most boogaloo members are libertarian anarchists'.…
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Last month, the Distributed Denial of Secrets transparency org published a massive dump of internal police documents dubbed #Blueleaks.

The release triggered a massive backlash from @Twitter, including a removal of the DDoSecrets account.…

Twitter also blocks all links to DDoSecrets' website, claiming that it violates the company's policy against publishing leaks (a policy that Twitter enforces VERY selectively) and falsely claiming that the site hosts malicious software, which is categorically untrue.

Writing for @theintercept, @micahflee delves into the leaks' origins and contents.

The leaks all likely originate with the Houston web-hosting company Netsential, who rolled their own insecure CMS using and Vbscript.…

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Holy effin' data breach Batman, @webster with the YUGE story for @MNReformer on just how gigantic #Blueleaks really was.

I have a few points to bring up but every govt. official in MN needs to wake up to this, now.

"Also released were personally identifying contact information for security personnel for critical infrastructure sites in Minnesota like nuclear power plants, chemical processing facilities, rail networks, pipelines, hospitals and campuses of major employers and schools."

"Information on over 9,000 government and industry personnel dating back over 15 years were divulged in a breach of data from ICEFISHX, an intelligence sharing and emergency alert website..."


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Slowly digging through #BlueLeaks and keep finding gems like Homeland Security warning police of low-tech ways "smugglers" can defeat automated license plate readers (ALPRs) ImageImage
Law enforcement told that if they see a person use the Siri shortcut “Police,” wherein saying "Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over” starts an iPhone recording, it "may raise suspicion in a reasonable person and constitute a basis for reporting." #BlueLeaks Image
LOL at someone trolling a random cop via AirDrop (turn off your Bluetooth, folks) #BlueLeaks Image
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After the killing of George Floyd, #BlueLeaks documents show, law enforcement agencies told police in Minneapolis that they were under attack. The culprits: antifa, “black separatists,” and social media users. By me & @AlleenBrown…
Even before the Third Precinct burned, law enforcement agencies began emphasizing to Minneapolis police that they were in danger. The evidence given: the doxxing of two of the officers involved in Floyd's killing, a few examples of vandalism, and a threatening tweet to MPD.
In an effort to rein in this purported assault, a fusion center set up in the wake of 9/11 monitored the Facebook RSVP counts for peaceful protest events, including a suburban candlelight vigil. Agencies also collected intelligence from private messaging and Slack groups.
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My account was locked by Twitter for publishing information about Google from the #BlueLeaks archive released by #DDoSecrets... but I'm back now. They deleted the tweet.

Let's talk about what I posted:
Shortly after the archive went live, I poked through it and came across data sent to US law enforcement from Google, presumably as a result of a subpoena.

This isn't new. We know this happens frequently. Still interesting to look at what they send and how it's formatted.
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Our account was locked by @TwitterSupport for posting about #BlueLeaks. We had to delete three tweets to unlock. One was a screen shot from the leaks, the second was from documents released on @MuckRock in 2018, the third was a screenshot from the NJ DHS website, which is public.
According to @TwitterSupport, we violated the TOS by posting "private information."
The second and third tweet we were forced to take down did not come from the #BlueLeaks. The second was a screen shot from documents released via FOIA over two years ago to @MuckRock. These detailed obsession at a fusion center in California over an InfoWar's hoax.
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This is beyond messed up. Twitter never suspended Wikileaks or blocked access to WL links over their publishing, but they’re doing it now because of #BlueLeaks, a 270gb set of leaked police documents
This is what happens when you try tweeting a link to DDOSecret's website
Here's what happens when you try sending a DDOSecrets link as a direct message
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BlueLeaks: Activist group DDoSecrets has published 296 GB of data, consisting of 10 years worth of files from more than 200 police departments & law enforcement fusion centers across the US.

DDoSecrets claims it received the data from "Anonymous"… Image
Many users have started scouring the #BlueLeaks files for recent BLM protest-related alerts and guides and the leaked files aren't disappoiting

This leak is a treasure trove for US political media. Will open the door for loads of reporting correlating police alerts with what happened on the streets. Will either show how police ignored guidance or how the guidance pushed officers towards violence

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