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#Declassify: This 2017 FBI 302 (interview summary) for dossier author Christopher Steele is the most complete, with fewest redactions + apparently new revelations about how early oppo research began on Trump campaign. READ: "Company Note, dated 19 October 2016. This is the
CODY Shearer and JON WINER report. Steele advised that this was not an ORBIS report. Steele received this report from JON WINER. The report pre-dates the dossier, and was produced circa April 2016. Steele advised that Shearer was an associate of SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL."
See FBI 302 Page 21, Interviewed conducted Grosvenor Hotel London. Declass document first posted…
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1. This nightmare could be over in days. But there is a likely snag. First, Trump's absurd #Declassify plan that was being amplified by GRU trolls before he announced it serves one big purpose: Trump waived executive privilege over release of intercepts. That has force of law.
2. So the the House Intelligence Committee can demand the @ODNIgov produce a catalog of Trump & Trump campaign FISA intercepts before inauguration. Almost certain these show Trump colluded with Russian GRU. @RepAdamSchiff and members of the Intel committee must be given access
3. to the actual recordings in a SCIF. My guess it should be somewhere off-site. But they need to hear them immediately. If they are as incriminating as I expect they will be, the Senate leadership should be give access soon after @RepAdamSchiff hears them.
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1. @MSNBC FYI. #Treason under US law has two clauses. Everyone is fixated on the clause that requires "adherence" and "aid and comfort" to an "enemy." IMO Trump violated the "levy war" clause by calling for GRU attack, assisting in it and not reporting it. That clause does not
2. require a foreign enemy as evidenced by fact it was charged in US Civil War that did not involve a foreign enemy or a declaration of war. IMO If you take up arms against the US or attack it you are engaged in both sedition and treason. Jefferson Davis learned that.
3. I don't expect most lawyers have considered this. Few if any as much as I have. I believe that #702FISA intercepts that Barr is trying to destroy will show that Trump committed Treason by levying war on the US. @maddow @Lawrence @Mimirocah1 #DECLASSIFY AND #IMPEACHTHETRAITOR.
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