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1. I reported on #Zarrab case starting with his Miami arrest in 2015. Based on knowledge of the way the new indictments are handled on line, I conclude there are more coming and from the one released by #SDNY re Turkey’s state owned Halkbank, and references to Erdogan and
2. his son-in-law plus the disclosure of apparent super top-secret #702FISA intercepts of Erdogan going back to 2013, I predict the sealed #SDNY indictments include ones for Erdogan and his family. And I think that @vp @WHNSC @SecPompeo are
3. going to Turkey to make @trpresidency @RTErdogan an offer he can’t refuse. 😎 ✌️@cia @NSAGov @DefenseIntel @ODNIgov @RepAdamSchiff @MarkWarner @EsperDoD
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1. @MSNBC FYI. #Treason under US law has two clauses. Everyone is fixated on the clause that requires "adherence" and "aid and comfort" to an "enemy." IMO Trump violated the "levy war" clause by calling for GRU attack, assisting in it and not reporting it. That clause does not
2. require a foreign enemy as evidenced by fact it was charged in US Civil War that did not involve a foreign enemy or a declaration of war. IMO If you take up arms against the US or attack it you are engaged in both sedition and treason. Jefferson Davis learned that.
3. I don't expect most lawyers have considered this. Few if any as much as I have. I believe that #702FISA intercepts that Barr is trying to destroy will show that Trump committed Treason by levying war on the US. @maddow @Lawrence @Mimirocah1 #DECLASSIFY AND #IMPEACHTHETRAITOR.
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1. The @GOP are starting to march out their moral high-ground troops to call on @TheDemocrats to impeach @realDonaldTrump. They don't call on treasonous @SenateGOP to announce they will vote to remove him but it's these fine folks ask the Dems to take a foolish political hit.
2. It's going to be way to much fun destroying @GOP Kremlin front white-supremacist organization. And tagging every GOP member as traitors for the rest of their lives. Right @LindseyGrahamSC. Hope you're renting in DC because you're going home soon. Ever get your #702FISA? 😎
3. @ElizabethDrewOH you obviously forgot how it works. When a President needs to go, their own party has to tell them. You remember Nixon, don't you? When @senatemajldr has 20 votes to remove him, he can give @SpeakerPelosi a call. Otherwise watching the GOP
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1. The #MuellerReport is a subterfuge. Any prosecutor could charge both conspiracy and obstruction. But 52 USC 30121 analysis is a joke. Doesn’t even address June 9 vis-a-vis crimes of accepting receiving or soliciting foreign help. It’s a silly whitewash. The question is why?
2. My best guess is buried in the text where Mueller qualifies his declination on lack of “admissible evidence.” I think this does not mean “admissible” in a purely legal sense, as in evidence that complies with the Federal Rules of Evidence. I think it may be more related to
3. Mueller is punting because a much more comprehensive look at the Trump Russia conspiracy is still ongoing and relies on evidence that a charge under 52 USC 30121 would expose, open to discovery and jeopardize the larger Trump Russia conspiracy that has as underlying
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1. Why release this now?

Russia’s Rusal to invest $200 million in Kentucky aluminum plant
2. When Trump is out of office in 2021 any of these criminal deals will be cancelled. Trump and McConnell may not realize that, but Putin and Deripaska do. Possible that this deal has been intercepted and may even be in Mueller report. It’s predictable to see disclosure of
3. things to be exposed by Mueller. The story can be deflected by a prior disclosure. Barr kept the Congress pinned down while the Russian got the board set. But McConnell so obviously compromised is fascinating.

There’s one thing keeping Trump in power. The Senate GOP.
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1. At risk of being one of many to wrongly predict what Mueller is up to, I make this observations based on circumstantial evidence in public record to report that I think something big is coming. First, past four days Trump is shuttered in the White House with just a cell phone.
2. Second, the #SCOTUS CJ Roberts ordered (we presume Mueller's Govt team) to respond to the secret Grand Jury case stay he granted by Dec. 31 at noon. They did it three days early. I think this case may be the Rosneft bribe reported in the Steele dossier. Trump knows if it is. Docket excerpt from Grand Jury case in SCOTUSExcerpt of Steele dossier
3. Finally, case I'm watching at SCOTUS that I think may remove Whitaker as AAG is teed up to discuss in conference on January 11. I have reported extensively on this including detailed analysis of legislative history. IMO #SCOTUS must declare Whitaker to be former DOJ employee. Whitaker cert petition motion to declare not AG case docket.
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1. 90% a coup is under way. Whitaker had same job my brother had. AG Chief of Staff. Not Senate confirmed. Cannot be AG. Whitaker was US attorney but not now. I think he his not qualified to act meaning FISA now shut down. @NSAGov @FBIWFO @neal_katyal can you chime in please?
2. Congress addressed this in 28 USC 508. Whitaker is not the lawful AG. Mueller should unseal all the indictments. Do it now while you can. @FBIWFO…
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