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#Doctors and #Medicine need an #AI update.
Bold and convincing book.

#ArtificialIntelligence has the ability to bring the fourth industrial revolution. Healthcare is deemed to be an industry which can get transformed the most.

@EricTopol is a #cardiologist, historian of the present and a #MedicalFuturist.
He believes that the way we practice medicine now ( #ShallowMedicine ) relies too heavily on human inputs and is thus plagued by human biases and imperfections.

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"The physical examination seems to have become an anachronism, a vestigial remnant, of clinical care."
"The avoidance of touch is bad medicine."… by @richardhorton1 @TheLancet
like the plea for this in #DeepMedicine to make #healthcare more human again
@richardhorton1 @TheLancet More on the essentiality of touch in medicine @hastingscenter by Robert Truog…
@richardhorton1 @TheLancet @hastingscenter From #DeepMedicine, the section on the primacy of the physical exam for the patient-doctor relationship. Human touch.
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Most deep learning #AI work to date has been supervised. 1. Now we're seeing a trend towards much more unsupervised, aka "self-supervised" (after @ylecun) or weakly supervised.
Figure from @GaryChoy in #DeepMedicine
@ylecun @GaryChoy 2. In the past 2 weeks, 4 important papers published:
—Process 3.3 M abstracts in materials science
—Prevail at 6-player Texas Hold'em poker
—Solve Rubik's cube in 1.2 secs
—Classify whole slide #cancer pathology images
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It's even worse than that. In the US, 3 consecutive years of declining life expectancy (unprecedented) and now ~$11,000 per person #healthcare spending… @ECONdailycharts @TheEconomist
And the negative outlier US data extends to other key metrics including infant, childhood and maternal mortality
from #DeepMedicine
Why did the outcome curves for the US vs other countries start to diverge around 1980?
@afrakt explored that last year @UpshotNYT:… w/ many ideas including "administrative costs," the longevity metric, lack of price controls, prospective payments began, etc
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Some features that differentiate Shallow Medicine, as currently practiced, and the potential of #DeepMedicine, powered by #AI
Scratches the surface of the book, some supportive data in this thread
There are at least 12 million diagnostic errors/ year and the leading cause is failure to consider the diagnosis (which relates to System 1 thinking)
Humans have 185 different types of biases which leads to misdiagnosis. Example: failing to diagnose heart attacks because doctors think they don't occur in people age < 40
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A reflection back on the #NHS review ( and some differences between #US and #UK #healthcare:
1. The #1 source of jobs in both countries is from healthcare, which continues to rise with a steep slope (mostly non-physicians)
The #US now spends more than $11,000 per person for healthcare, while the #UK ~$4,000. Yet life expectancy has declined in the #US for each of the past 3 years, while it continues to increase in the #UK (graph adopted from @OurWorldInData)
3. The @commonwealthfnd ranks the #UK first and the #US last of 11 countries overall, with differences in 5 sub-categories charted here…
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