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#Ransomware-Angriffe als Folge von #Shitrix

@Jedi_meister & @KainsRache von @HiSolutions

Monate nach kritischer Sicherheitslücke in #Citrix ADC und #NetScaler werden immer mehr Fälle bekannt.

Lücke früh ausgenutzt aber jetzt erst lukrative Verwendung!…
#Shitrix: Was kann der Gesetzgeber aus dem #Citrix-Vorfall lernen und für #KRITIS Betreiber verbessern?

Mit politische Forderungen von der @AG_KRITIS 👌…
Die @AG_KRITIS hat (so wie auch das @certbund) echt oft darüber berichtet und gewarnt :/

Schaut mal rein...
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@Apple wants to silence #political opinions, that it should also stop manufacturing black and yellow #iPhones, and only make products in blue, red and white.” 1/n

@SolomonYue⁩ ⁦…
『但近日經理限制口罩款式,黃色、寫有香港字樣、及有「#FDNOL」(Five Demands, Not One Less縮寫、五大訴求缺一不可)字樣的口罩均屬禁止之列,但藍色口罩則獲允許。』 3/n

@Apple Store禁員工戴港產黃口罩 職員證肖像不許穿黑黃色衫…
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1/15 We’ve been getting a lot of questions from the @OrchidProtocol community about our journey. Here’s a quick snapshot.
2/15 The Orchid team are Web1-3 OGs and #opensource advocates. I worked @SunMicrosystems in the 2000s & co-founded @PanteraCapital, @saurik built Cydia, core to the iPhone jailbreaking movement, @brianjfox is the author of GNU Bash shell, & @classygustav was an #Ethereum core dev
3/15 In 2017, disheartened by Web2 business models incentivizing companies to track and sell our data, we began a mission together to restore the Web's original promise. Our vision is of an Internet where users can explore and access information freely.
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Oh good. #VPN is trending. We’ve managed to actually make the security and privacy situation worse than millions of people just having TikTok installed.
Friendly reminder that unless you operate it yourself, VPN is just a fancy word for some other rando’s internet connection - and they’re probably logging everything you do even if they think they aren’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️🍸
(Also, the chances of the TikTok server IPs just being blocked or made unroutable is likely not what we’re looking at, here. Other options are simpler and less legally contentious.)
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@Grouchy0ldVet @stillgray @PrisonPlanet U can download a nonRoot-firewall, I personally use You can chose to block most apps, services that you don't want accessing your internet connection (WiFi/4G/Location/Mic) also use a #VPN #Netguard and it tells you what is trying to access those services.
@Grouchy0ldVet @stillgray @PrisonPlanet And as people have stated here, move your email to @protonmail and internet searches to @DuckDuckGo. Remember an #internet search is a query to a database. There is no such thing as googling. There are internet searches. Choose those companies that respect your #privacy
@Grouchy0ldVet @stillgray @PrisonPlanet @ProtonMail @DuckDuckGo At the end of the day, your data is worth money. You have to change your habits, there is no such thing as a free service. Specially from the likes of #google #Amazon #Twittfacebook. These companies didn't even invent the #technology, they just market it as if they did. Good luck
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🛡️ Online #privacy and #anonymity advice for #activists! 🚨 Please RT! 🚨

If you are in the front lines right now, cover your face and prep your phone with extra tools to protect yourself and your friends!

⬇️ For basic starter tools, check out this thread for tips! ⬇️ [1/6]
1. Leave no trace with a #VPN

A VPN hides what you do and what websites you visit from whoever gives the Internet. This could be a Wi-Fi network or your phone carrier.

Not sure where to start? @ProtonVPN has a free tier for activists. [2/6]
2. Protect your messages and your friends' identities with @signalapp.

Signal is a secure messaging app. Like WhatsApp but stores less info about you and your messages.

Best part is disappearing messages. Make messages disappear after 10 mins, 1 hour, 1 day of being read! [3/6]
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¿Has completado el tutorial de "Cómo montarte un NAS en casa con tu PC viejo (" y ahora quieres poder acceder a el desde fuera de casa?

¡Abro hilo tutorial!

#nas #quedateencasa #perocuandovuelvasasalir #tenencuentaesto #vpn
Antes de empezar:

- Este tutorial es para el NAS que acabamos de configurar en el previo.
- Hay varias formas de hacer esto pero esta es, a mi opinión, la más fácil por no depender de configuraciones en routers ni IP estática (en España, casi todas las IPs son dinámicas).
- No está pensado para móviles. Para esto hay otras formas más involucradas en las que no voy a entrar aquí.
- Asume que, en el PC con el que te vas a conectar remotamente, tienes permiso (tanto físicos como de tu empresa, si es desde el trabajo) para instalar una aplicación.
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#VPN என்றால் என்ன என்று இந்த #Thread ல் பார்க்கவுள்ளோம்.எனவே சற்று உங்கள் நேரத்தை ஒதுக்கி ஆதரவு அளியுங்கள்.இது ஆங்கில பட விரும்பிகள் மற்றும் மாணவர்களுக்கு உதவியாக இருக்கும். தயவு செய்து பிறருடன் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளுங்கள் 🙏.

#VirtualPrivateNetwork என்பதின் குறுகிய வடிவமே #VPN என்பதாகும். அதாவது மெய்நிகர் தனியார் பிணையம் என்பது இதனுடைய தமிழ்ப்பதம்.இது இணையத்தை மறைமுகமாக அல்லது சொந்த அடையாளத்தை மறைத்து பயன்படுத்துவதற்காக இயங்கிவரும் தனியார் சேவை. சட்டத்திற்கு எதிரானது ⚠️
அப்படி இருக்கையில் ஏன் VPN பயன்படுத்த வேண்டும்?

ஏனெனில் அனைத்து வலைத்தளங்களும் அனைத்து நாட்டிலும் இயங்க அனுமதி கிடையாது. எனவே ஒரு நாட்டினால் தடை செய்யப்பட்ட வலைத்தளங்களை பயன்படுத்தத்தவே இது முக்கியமாக உதவுகிறது.
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@CarolineGreer @lseufer > do you trust your ISP or Cloudflare more?

Would you trust them on a train?
Would you trust them on a plane?
If you'd just walked in through the door,
Would you trust Cloudflare, or a café's ISP, more?
@CarolineGreer @lseufer I would! I would trust Cloudflare more!
I would trust them on a plane,
I would trust them on a train,
with #DoH enabled I could trust in DNS more!
without a portal capture,
without a redirect,
with #DoH I'll get an answer that my query would expect.
@CarolineGreer @lseufer But could you not use #DoT?
Isn't that how things should be?
If lacking trust you have to guess,
could you not use TLS?
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Spielen wie den #ÖVPLeak bzw. #ÖVPHack durch. Nehmen wir an die Angaben in diesem Kurier Artikel (Quelle Ende) sind zumindest teilweise valide. "Goldener Schlüssel" ist Nonsense. Wir reden von Username & Passwort eines Administrators wahrscheinlich Gernot #Blümel. [Thread]
Diese sollen laut Artikel von (!) kommen. Das heißt hier wurden die selben Zugangsdaten wie im Intranet verwendet. Das wirft Fragen auf. Es gab vor kurzem einen massiven #Datenleak. (Quelle Unten) Darunter auch Blümels Zugangsdaten dem diese Domain gehört.
Wer beweist uns also dass #Username & #Passwort (ich nehme schwer an von Blümel) durch einen #Hack besorgt wurden? Jemand kann auch durch den Passwortleak oder einen #Insider (Maulwurf) an diese Accountdaten gekommen sein. (Vormals war das nebenbei) 😉
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Einmal #Neuwahl bitte.
Denn langsam dreht #NieMehrCDU echt durch.

• (Whatsapp-)Chats sollen lesbar werden.
• Regulierung der #Meinungsfreiheit
• Nun auch Smart Home Auswertung.
Ich meine, da muss man nicht mal mehr Wanzen im Haus versteckenverstecken.
Dafür hat man ja jetzt #Alexa.

Jetzt noch so ein Ding im Auto und wan weiß wann wer wo ist.
Die Gewohnheiten oder wofür man sich interessiert kann man auch aufgrund dieser Daten ganz einfach ermitteln.
Mit wem ich wann und wo geschrieben habe ist auch ganz einfach herauszufinden wenn #Whatsapp & Co. ihre Daten lesbar an Behörden übergeben müssen.

Und meine Möglichkeit mich anonym zu informieren oder mich auszutauschen ist mir der #Klarnamenspflicht vorbei.
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Walau #VPN sedang trending, tapi ternyata masih banyak yang ngga kebayang makhluk apa sih VPN? Kalen juga pasti ditanyain kan sama pacar, keluarga, teman, dll.
Yuk kita bareng belajar dgn cara simple, supaya nanti klo ditanya tinggal co-pas 🖖😄
Jalur umum internet kita seperti jalan raya yang dilewati banyak kendaraan, ada bus, mobil, motor,sepeda, pejalan kaki, dll
Kalau kasus di negara kita sekarang ini, seperti beberapa tipe kendaraan (medsos) yg sementara dibatasi, misal bus medsos hanya boleh kecepatan 15KM/jam
Nah #VPN ini seperti "internet jalur khusus", kadang suka disebut tunneling, jalur bawah tanah, seperti MRT.
Dari permukaan kita ngga kelihatan, krn kita turun dulu ke bawah, berangkat, dan nanti nongol sudah ditempat lain.
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Se attivi un servizio #VPN, android ti avverte periodicamente che qualcuno potrebbe "monitorare la tua attivita in rete inclusi siti web email e app". É un messaggio stano perche questo monitoraggio, senza una vpn, puo farlo il gestore di rete e il sistema operativo. #GDPR Image
Non sarà per caso che Android, che non può piu vedere i tuoi dati di navigazione, cerca di spaventarti per farti disinstallare la vpn e tornare a monitorare tutto? Sarebbe molto scorretto...
Mi sa però che non ci sono molte altre ragioni che giustifichino qussto avviso.
Se Android fosse trasparente e corretto, dovrebbe mostrare lo stesso avviso anche SENZA una vpn installata, chiarendo che il gestore della rete e del sistema operativo presentano lo stesso identico ipotetico rischio.
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Dear #ISP and #internet & #tech companies.

Now that the #netneutrality vote has happened, here are my rules as a #consumer and #Customer that I will use to decide who gets my dollar bills.

1>$ I will be subscribing to the services and providers who voluntarily maintain the closest model of #netneutrality.

If @Comcast starts charging for prioritized services, I will not only opt for the cheapest and most basic plan possible...
2>$ ...I will move to any other #ISP that maintains fair and open access. I will move to a new neighborhood if I must.

I can go back to cellular or satellite internet, or 1995-style #dialup if it means supporting fair and open access providers. 96kb #ISDN? I'm lovin it.
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ICYMI: Test Your #VPN's Anti #Phishing Protection .@planetscape .@ALT_uscis .@COPicard2017 .@IndivisibleNet #InfoSec
When #Ransomware 1st Appeared, .@FoolishIT Issued #CryptoPrevent - Is Free, Now Updated. Recommended!… #InfoSec
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