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You often hear that the end of capitalism would mean more time to make art

But what would that art be like? I’d like to propose some directions for art after petro-capitalism, under ecosocialism

Principles: maximalism, organic materials, communally integrated

1) High fashion ImageImageImageImage
Festive/ceremonial costume design can be the jumping off point for much new exploration in fashion

It’s a transhistorical feature of communal celebrations, new versions of which will emerge as our economy shifts to post-industrial, democratic forms of production, esp agriculture ImageImageImageImage
2) Architecture

“Petro-capitalist modernism” values only profit maximization & is entirely reliant on artificially cheap energy for its design & construction. The results are 👎

Natural materials & skilled human labor can surpass it for beauty, interest, & functionality w/ ease ImageImageImageImage
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Most contemporary architecture =“petro-capitalist modernism”: it values only profit maximization & is entirely reliant on artificially cheap energy for its design & construction

There are exceptions though. One of the best is contemporary Southeast Asian bamboo architecture ImageImageImageImage
Made from one of the most dynamic & sustainable materials on Earth, it inspires the kind of awe you might expect from an old world cathedral combined w/ the marvelous whimsy of surrealism

A post-carbon, post-capitalist future can look like this if we want it to #ecosocialism ImageImageImageImage
I see this is speaking to people, which is awesome!

Please smash that follow button if you want tweets that don’t just talk about how oppressively awful life is under capitalism, but also offers a beautiful, achievable alternative ⬇️
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We stand in #Solidarity with our Workers in the #Unions & this is the only way to have a say in our Working Environment by #WorkingTogether & doing a #Strike!
People like us, who've been arguing against the broken Gears & For-profit exploitation of #Capitalism, comes in to help.
We're in a #SocietalCollapse as the Full Stop & Endgame of #Capitalism's Growth has begun! We need Calls & Movements for a "Great Transition" from this broken #Dystopia where we have a #ClimateCrisis, #HousingCrisis, #Pandemic, #EvictionCrisis, #HealthcareCrisis,...
#BiodiversityCrisis, etc.
As the system focuses on #Economic Growth, #Corporate Interest & Businesses First while exploiting the #Labor who are treated like hell & not paid a #LivingWage nor anything while everything to basically live is practically an Expense under #Capitalism.
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I have 2 essays about #ecoapartheid in Brazil this week. 1st is about Bolsonaro’s menace to Amazon (& most Brazilians), esp the insidious threat of low-carbon #ecoapartheid, where fumbling climate progress and racial violence go together… Thread 1/
Then there’s this piece about São Paulo’s historic drought, which could return. I push back against the optimism that lots of progressives have that climate disasters will solve their problems by teaching ppl a lesson. Don't believe it… 2/
Really excited that this water piece is in a @ijurrresearch "Parched Cities" collection, also feat. the brilliant @liquidperson, @maliniranga, @suraya_scheba, @nate_millington, Megan Peloso, @disrumpere, Leila M. Harris. Edited by @lizaweinstein… 3/
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