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I want every family to get 1300 dollars a month for every child until they are 25. #ProLife #ProFamily
7 months paid family leave for both parents at 100% salary and benefits. Option to extend to 12 months at 75% salary plus full benefits. PTO must be kept distinct and cannot be used in family leave. #ProLife #ProFamily
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We’re calling on the @bcndp to put an end to the outsourcing of essential public operations to for-profit corporations, and ensure that public workers in BC receive a #livingwage.

As things stand, workers are being nickeled and dimed. 1/ #bcpoli…
The ongoing transit strike in the #FraserValley is a reminder of the importance of government responsibility for public services.

When government hands over operations of a public service to for-profit companies, it's the workers who pay the price. 2/ #bcpoli
Bus drivers in the #FraserValley are paid 32% less than their counterparts in neighboring regions.

Working long standby hours for less than $3 an hour, with no pension plan.

They are underpaid and overworked, and they are now on the picket line asking for fair wages. 3/ #bcpoli
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: The Swivel-Eyed Loons Have A Point; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ A row of silhouetted protes...
This Friday (May 5), I'll be at @BooksIncStores in #MountainView with @mkapor for my new novel, *Red Team Blues*:…

And on May 6/7, I'll be in #Berkeley at the #BABF2023:…

2/ Image
The Swivel-Eyed Loons Have A Point: My *Locus* column about the justifiable suspicions of the medical industry, lockdowns, license-plate cameras, and beyond.…

3/ Image
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@cupenovascotia School Support workers across Nova Scotia have voted 97.5% in favour of taking strike action if an agreement that lifts education workers out of poverty cannot be reached. #nsed #nslab #nspoli #CUPE #canlab @BeckyDruhan @suzyhfx @DannyNSFL…
2) “We are holding a province-wide Day of Action today, Feb. 28, to tell the @TimHoustonNS govt. that our members need to see a deal that will make a meaningful difference in their lives," @melansonchris, President, NS School Board Council of Unions
3) From 2012 to 2022, while inflation in Nova Scotia increased by 23.5%, wages in the sector rose only 14.5%, dragged down by years of legislated restraint under the previous @LiberalPartyNS government.

#WageFreezes #Bill148 #UnionBusting #NeoLiberals
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Happy birthday to us: it’s a whole year since the five publicly funded universities in Greater Manchester and the @greatermcr GMCA launched our Civic University Agreement in Greater Manchester. 1/1
Our 5 unis @BoltonUni @ManMetUni @OfficialUoM @SalfordUni @rncmlive & @MayorofGM @greatermcr committed to address 6 priorities:
- education & skills
- ⬇️ inequalities
- jobs & growth
- the digital economy
- net zero
- creative & cultural economy (2)
@AndyBurnhamGM the @MayorofGM said:

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📈 #Inflation has hit 10.1% as prices continue to rise.

This spike in prices is all the more painful because it is hitting at a time when:

- Living standards have been squeezed for over a decade, leaving people with little cushion to absorb this

- Millions of families were already unable to make ends meet because our social safety net has been ripped up, and

- Public services are on their knees after years of underinvestment.

Leaving families & the economy to languish won’t prevent inflation getting worse, & risks a deep recession which will scar our economy.
Govt should urgently:
1️⃣ Increase the national #livingwage to reflect the #costofliving & support workers to negotiate fair wage deals

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Today, #inflation has continued to climb to a 40 year high of 9.1%.

When a third of people in the UK are already struggling to afford everyday essentials, these price rises will deliver yet another painful blow.

With 10 years of wage stagnation and a hollowing out of our social security system, it’s no wonder people are now breaking under the pressure of soaring prices.

And the government’s excuse for not acting big simply doesn’t stack up.

Failing to support the economy risks long-term economic scarring that could take generations to turn around.

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At the centre of the #railstrike dispute is a decision by the government to cut investment in our railways and tube by £4bn. This is the wrong call when we should be putting more money into public transport to help people with the cost of travel.

Rather than bringing unions and train operators back round the table with a new funding settlement, the government is doubling down on the need for pay restraint to stop a wage-price spiral.

Wages have been stagnant for over 10 years – so many workers have already seen a big squeeze in their living standards. Public sector workers have been particularly hard hit with pay falling by 4% in real terms for over a decade.

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#BREAKING We are seeing exciting things for #RankedChoiceVoting, the labor movement, & ballot initiatives!! Thread of #DownBallotProgressives & causes #NotMeUs🔹 + some w/
🌻 @GreenPartyUS #MedicareForAll #UnionStrong #1u
Follow @TheRagtagBand
.@CallForCongress🔹is running for #WA02 8/2/22 against @RepRickLarsen🔹! He ran a great campaign ‘20 so let’s pick up this seat this time! #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll

We, @TheRagtagBand stand behind @WholeWashington in efforts for #MedicareForAll in Washington & #ThroughTheStates! @RedBeretsM4All is fundraising for this initiative! #YesOn1471

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"Systems Thinking is a must have skill in today’s complex, changing, non-linear world where everything is interconnected as well as interdependent." -- Sahana Chattopadhyay @sahana2802…
Choice Quotes from Bill Gates's New Book ⋆ Brownstone Institute…
#BiologicalVirus, #ComputerVirus, #AbnormalPsychology, #IntellectualError, #BookReview
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Why, other than it being the right thing to do, should you care about disability or welfare if you're not on it?

Put simply, self interest.

If you think you can separate their material conditions from yours, you're deluding yourself. 🧵


#Canlab #LivingWage
The low wages and rollback of labour rights for the worker under neoliberalism are connected to the low rates and degradation of those on benefits. The insufficiency of benefit programs, feeds a ready supply of labour to low wage paying employers. Trapping the working class

into a cycle of poverty whether they earn a wage or receive assistance.

If you are poor and look down on people on disability or welfare and support punitive measures intrusiveness, cuts and austerity etc. to social welfare recipients, what you are unwittingly supporting

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🧵The other day @pressprogress published an article (… ) exposing @Sflecce’s private audience with right wing religious lobbying organization & “think tank”, #Cardus. #OntEd #FireLecce #cdnpoli
#Cardus, a registered “charity”, wants taxpayers to fund private for-profit religious schools & a voucher system that has gutted public education in 🇺🇸.

This model would siphon needed funds from public schools & funnel them instead to schools with RW religious ideology #ONpoli
#Cardus revenues = nearly $5M/yr.
Cardus’ donations from other charities increased 17.4 X from 2008-2020. A nearly 2,000% increase in just over a decade. Yet they pay zero in taxes, because “charity”…like lobbying to gut public education in favour of for-profit religious schools
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It feels to me that @RishiSunak needs some help getting the economy back on track.

Ahead of the autumn #budget2021, I've busted some economic myths he seems to believe...


Myth 1️⃣ : We are well on our way to recovery with the fastest growth in the G7.
Busted: Our economy was one of the worst hit, so we are growing from a low base. The IMF says our economy is still 5% below its pre-pandemic path. & our economy is projected to lag behind all G7 countries in 2024.
Myth 2️⃣: We need to start balancing the books because we can’t afford to borrow any more.

Busted: Our debt level is high, but what matters is the cost of financing this debt. At 6% of tax receipts, the cost of servicing the debt is the second lowest it’s been since WWII.
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This was what I worried would happen with @Booker4KY. Not be on the offensive with @RandPaul, who's an abysmal, but only on the defensive when need to. Just like the @KyDems always do, which is a losing strategy. But Booker's running on policies that are materially popular!!!
Here's a fun fact about running in an election... If you run as an Aggressive & Offensive Candidate with Policies that help the People & their Material Well-being, then you win.
Here's how I know; In the 2015 Midterms, @AlanGrayson of the @FlaDems, he won with no problem. He was unapologetic when being a "#Progressive", stands up with his Principles & goes for the Jugular in Political Ads at his Opponents on how their Policies are Wrong, Evil & Bad &...
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We stand in #Solidarity with our Workers in the #Unions & this is the only way to have a say in our Working Environment by #WorkingTogether & doing a #Strike!
People like us, who've been arguing against the broken Gears & For-profit exploitation of #Capitalism, comes in to help.
We're in a #SocietalCollapse as the Full Stop & Endgame of #Capitalism's Growth has begun! We need Calls & Movements for a "Great Transition" from this broken #Dystopia where we have a #ClimateCrisis, #HousingCrisis, #Pandemic, #EvictionCrisis, #HealthcareCrisis,...
#BiodiversityCrisis, etc.
As the system focuses on #Economic Growth, #Corporate Interest & Businesses First while exploiting the #Labor who are treated like hell & not paid a #LivingWage nor anything while everything to basically live is practically an Expense under #Capitalism.
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In July of 2021, the @CDCgov announced a decrease in US life expectancy of 1.5 years, the biggest one-year decline since #WWII. Even before COVID-19, however, the US has seen several years of declining life expectancy in the past decade. #ph260720 #COVID…
Meanwhile, we see a widening gap in medical care between those with high and low status, leading to much larger declines in life expectancy for black and brown populations during #COVID19. How do you think these gaps came to be? #ph260720 #Healthcare
#hospitals continue to #Innovate and improve their medical care, following charters to improve health and care for the needy. However, they often fail to address the non-medical needs of their community, the “social determinants of health” #ph260720 #CommunityHealth
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He @Booker4KY, want any ammo to go after @RandPaul for stuff that's useless? Because this can help.
I mean from a Self-declared "#Libertarian", who seriously isn't he's #SocialConservative at best, it's not hard to dig up dirt on @RandPaul of his Voting Records. Like the 2016 Tax Bill that gave more money to the #Rich, Supports Banning #Abortion (which isn't Libertarian),...
Opposes #LGBTQIA Rights like Same Sex Marriage & wanted it to be banned, Rand is inconsistent on #MilitarySpending of sometimes leaning to not for it or for it in offensive wars (which many Libertarians call that out & believe in Defense of a Direct Threat of an Attack)...
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My thoughts on why the US Dollar will soon loose its status as a reserve currency and just a couple of the huge consequences
#usd #usdollar #economy #trade #china #currency #gold #inflation #HardLessons #LivingWage
I delved into global macro economics in the late 1990's and invested in the 2000-2010 commodity boom in large part based on my belief in China's and India's economy booming and their demand growth taking off. The resource bear market looked to be ending & US tech was overvalued
Today's global marco picture seems very similar but with some distinct differences. The Nasdaq QQQ seems even more grossly overvalued to me than it was in 2000 along with SPX. Interest rates have been cut to nothing already and quantitative easing is now a well established tool
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NHS pay. One Team, your say. A quick thread on ballot info for UNISON branches and activists. Hopefully you've seen our latest on this but we know it's helpful for you to know what we're thinking and what we're doing, not just what we're saying.

So, off we go.

First up, headlines. Key info for members.

3% #NHSPayRise for England is unacceptable:
❌doesn't increase pay by £2k for any band below 8c
❌stretches gap between highest & lowest paid
❌doesn't embed real #LivingWage as minimum

How did we reach that conclusion? Our lead NHS committee (the HSGE, to give them their full, catchy, title) met on Friday to assess the pay outcome.
Their assessment is part of the branch briefing we've published today:…
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@propublica 1. @JeffBezos also gets tax breaks from local/state govts to encourage him to locate #Amazon's facilities in their states. Since he doesn't pay a #LivingWage, the #USTaxPayers subside his employees w/#FoodStamps & w/other assistance programs! This example:…
@propublica @JeffBezos 2. @elonmusk's goal has been "to get unimaginably rich by maximally gaming the govt’s largesse." Last yr he tweeted against govt aid for individuals but he was fine w/#Tesla getting $ from the #CovidBailOut. Then there's his #Starlink. In 2020 he got @FCC…
@propublica @JeffBezos @elonmusk @FCC 3. grants of about $885.5M to use satellites to help those who don't have access to broadband. Does he have to pay back a gov't grant? If not he'll be making more money off the #TaxPayer. There is a $500 initial....…
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I’ll be giving the closing address to the #SIFF2021 shortly after a week of really great engagement and discussion on issues of poverty & social inclusion
I opened this forum on Monday by noting that we had come together to talk about our collective experiences of either working with people experiencing poverty and exclusion or to share personal experiences of living directly with poverty & exclusion.

#SIF2021 Image
I stressed in my opening speech how much I value consultation. I firmly believe that there is no substitute for walking and talking with the people on the ground dealing with and living with the issues in a very real way day in and day out.

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