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Just got that "I'm working night court tonight from 5pm-1am" public defender feeling. A mix of bummed, energized, ready, not ready, anticipatory exhaustion and rage.
Update: The feeling only intensifies as 5pm gets closer. Also learned that there are a “number of 16 year olds coming through” to be on the look out for tonight so I can inform our youth unit.

Say it with: 16. Year. Olds. Should. Not. Be. In. Adult. Court.
Harsh criminal laws that prosecutors then decide to apply harshly. Note: 14 and 15 year olds also come through adult court for certain crimes.
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A1.1: In the US, bail, the release from custody of a person accused of a crime, has become synonymous w/ money bail or cash bail. Once you base decisions on whom to incarcerate on the ability to pay cash bail, you ensure that jails are filled w/ poor ppl. #TheBailTrap
A1.2: #Cashbail drives #massincarceration: pretrial incarceration rates have grown almost 500% since 1970, far more than the growth rate for state & federal prisons.#TheBailTrap #JusticeinCrisis…
A1.3: Money doesn’t equal safety. A system dependent on money means that people who are poor go to jail while people who may pose a credible immediate danger to others but have money go free. #TheBailTrap #JusticeinCrisis
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Thankful that @RFKHumanRights allowed 105 women and children to get free!
But incredibly angry that @NYCMayor & others who knew better engaged in so much scaremongering about this program. While @nytimes is following up with this story, we all know @nypost won't, so the "bailing people out will result in bloodbath" narrative will not be corrected.
And also disappointed that the promulgation of this narrative seemed to result in some winding back of the program from its initial goal of spending $2 million down to just over $1 million. Hoping that this tremendous success will mean more people will be bailed out.
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My client walked out of Rikers Island today after a jury acquitted him of all charges. He waited in jail for his trial for 3 years. He lost his job and missed his son’s first 3 birthdays simply because he couldn’t afford bail. He’s not unique - THIS IS OUR SYSTEM. #reform
I’d be remiss not to take this opportunity to direct people to the critically important bail funds out there: @bailproject @BKBailFund @BronxFreedom. Until we succeed in eliminating the abomination that is cash bail, it’s one great way to help. #endcashbail
Public defenders across the country are pouring their hearts out to help people caught in this mess we call the criminal justice system. To check out and support our work in the Bronx, stop by @BronxDefenders.
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#PrisonReform is not an abstract issue for me -- it's personal. I believe in justice and dignity for all. I believe that the solutions live in the lives of those most impacted.

That is why, I stand in solidarity with all of the inmates taking part in the national #PrisonStrike.
The disparities in the system are not new. They are not secret.

- 2.3 million people sit in US prisons and jails.
- 60% of people behind bars have never been convicted of any crime.
- Women are its fastest growing population.

This amounts to $182B in spending each year.
In MA, Black & Latino residents make up 17% of the population but account for a majority of inmates. In the #MA7, black residents are incarcerated at 6 times the rate of white residents. And low-income/minority communities account for a disproportionate # of inmates.
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