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#OTD in 1865 the Thirteenth Amendment passed the House of Representatives, sending it to the states for ratification. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States “…except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted."
The amendment ended race-based chattel slavery in America, but did not rid the nation of forced labor, which exists through America’s prison system today. #13thAmendment #Constitution #slavery #HistoryMatters #CivilWar #USCivilWar #AmericanCivilWar #PoliticalHistory #knowhistory
Congress abolished slavery in Washington D.C. in 1862. The Emancipation Proclamation outlawed slavery in rebelling states Jan. 1, 1863 and former rebel states were forced to ban slavery in new state constitutions. Republicans in Congress still wanted a Constitutional Amendment.
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I've reviewed the resources @CodePink recommends as part of its #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy campaign regarding #Xinjiang #Uyghurs.
These resources promote a cultural response to alleged threat of #terrorism from #EastTurkistan/#Xinjiang, and I'm not sure if @CodePink would also approve of governments like #UK #USA #Belgium #France similarly "reeducating" their Muslim minority populations.
Aside from the condescension in the Chinese government documents cited, there is all but a total embrace of pre-crime activities à la Philip K. Dick's "The Minority Report."…
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The reason why we even have federal prisons or a federal justice system at all today is because that was the way the US government was able to criminalize Native people/territories and begin weakening tribal sovereignty. The “feds” are actually a fairly recent invention.
And federal prisons and incarceration were literally invented as a way to control and criminalize not only Indigenous individual people but Indigenous sovereign nations as well. Leavenworth Federal Prison was the first ever federal prison and was opened in 1896.
With the introduction of the Major Crimes Act of 1885, US criminal laws expanded to all Native peoples on and off the reservations, increasing the federal government’s reach into Indian crime in Indian Territory, policing people for behaviors that may have been perfectly legal.
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[THREAD] I went to law school to be a prosecutor. I was attracted to the job because the prosecutor’s duty is to “do justice.” This is the commonly and dearly held belief in the profession. Doing justice means just what it says. Sometimes it means convicting, sometimes (1/18)
It means dismissing. I was inspired by @adamjohnfoss and his work around restorative justice. In his @TEDTalks he discusses being able to put a defendant on a plan instead of taking him to trial for theft. Defendant was a young kid. Due to Adam’s redirect as the (2/18)
Prosecutor, the kid repaid all the damage done and ultimately went on to become a doctor. He would never have been able to go to medical school with a felony on his record. This type of justice was what I was interested in as a legal intern in the DA’s office. (3/18)
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People who refuse to #VoteBlue b/c they're mad about #M4A won't get ANY healthcare bills up for a vote, not even the 3 rx-price bills already passed by the House b/c McConnell blocks them. He's blocking 400+ House bills right NOW.…
People who refuse to #VoteBlue because they're mad about #M4A will deliver unto us a #conservative Supreme Court for decades to come that would OVERTURN #M4A if it passed & were challenged by #Republicans the way Trump is asking them to do RIGHT NOW w/ the #ACA. Image
If you agree with the #democrats that healthcare is a human right, then #VoteBlue. If you want to pressure Congress to pass #M4A, #VoteBlue. The #Republican Party is BLOCKING basics like rx drug prices & challenging the #ACA in court.
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listening to @SandyDarity opening up a talk about the Black wealth gap with anecdote about @Morehouse president Benjamin Mays in India dining with untouchables. Mays was considered an American untouchable in India, which after his initial indignity, he accepted.
@DukeBlackAlumni sponsoring this webinar.

@SandyDarity : wealth more impt than income.
the gap
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A recurrent M.O. of white male dominance is to pit white women against the interests of women of color. Don’t take the bait. 1/ #Biden
Sexual assault #matters. But, we only have 2 viable choices for president now. It is, as @KirstenPowers says in this helpful column, a #zerosumgame. 2/ #biden
Remember this:
#Immigration is a women’s issue.
#Healthcare is a woman’s issue.
#ClimateChange is a women’s issue.
#Education is a women’s issue.
#Guncontrol is a women’s issue.
#massincarceration is a women’s issue.
#NuclearProliferation is a women’s issue, too.
3/ #Biden
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"At least six of Spain's 17 regions were at their limit of intensive care unit beds, and three more were close to it, authorities said. Crews of workers were frantically building more field hospitals."…
"Smaller U.S. cities are about to witness the rapid acceleration in coronavirus cases that New York is seeing."

"Nearly 15% (almost 13K) of all those infected in Spain are health care workers, hurting hospitals' efforts to help the tsunami of people gasping for breath."
"#Moscow went on its own lockdown Monday as all of Russia braced for sweeping nationwide restrictions. The Russian capital of 13 million accounts for over 1,200 of the country's more than 1,800 coronavirus cases."
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When you hear people say Bernie never passed any bills, share this clip where former GOP congressman describes what it was like to serve on the same committee as #BernieSanders key phrase: pride of authorship #NotMeUs #NVCaucuses
Here add this for a second opinion
Longer clip where Ney says if he has to choose Trump or Bernie it’s a no-brainer. The Republican says Bernie. Clip thanks to @TRNshow
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We are thrilled to announce the selection of 10 jurisdictions for the #ReducingRevocationsChallenge initiative w/@CUNYISLG, which aims to increase probation success through research & policy development. Congratulations to all finalists!… @VinSchiraldi Image
@CUNYISLG @VinSchiraldi Probation revocations are a significant driver of #massincarceration, responsible for almost half of state prison admissions nationwide, and need urgent reform. #ReducingRevocationsChallenge… @VinSchiraldi @CUNYISLG
@CUNYISLG @VinSchiraldi See the full list of jurisdictions who will receive $$ to find policy and practice solutions to probation revocations as part of the #ReducingRevocationsChallenge!… @VinSchiraldi @CUNYISLG
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Friends, I've got some big news. We've spent the last year talking about #publiccorruption and how it is at the root of Arizona's biggest problems. It's time to put words to action, and I ask for your support in my run for Maricopa County Attorney.
This position has the power to not only prioritize the prosecution of crimes that matter, but enact lasting criminal justice reforms including #EndCashBail, ending #massincarceration, stop the targeting of medical marijuana patients, and #policeaccountability.
This office has been on the wrong side of history for too long: from blocking LGBTQ adoptions, to requiring that taxpayers front Joe Arpaio's legal fees, from employing prosecutors who sexually harass interns, to opposing childhood sexual assault protections.
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A1.1: In the US, bail, the release from custody of a person accused of a crime, has become synonymous w/ money bail or cash bail. Once you base decisions on whom to incarcerate on the ability to pay cash bail, you ensure that jails are filled w/ poor ppl. #TheBailTrap
A1.2: #Cashbail drives #massincarceration: pretrial incarceration rates have grown almost 500% since 1970, far more than the growth rate for state & federal prisons.#TheBailTrap #JusticeinCrisis…
A1.3: Money doesn’t equal safety. A system dependent on money means that people who are poor go to jail while people who may pose a credible immediate danger to others but have money go free. #TheBailTrap #JusticeinCrisis
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HAPPENING NOW: Introduction of the Dignity Act, to address the injustices of #MassIncarceration in Pennsylvania for women.

#PApolitics Image
“It is our duty to ensure that incarcerated people of all genders have their rights respected.” -@RepFiedler Image
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#USA politicians support #Israel not out of allegiance or the power of lobbyists. Aspects of this support include:

1. Annual >$3b aid packages, with regular supplements & fewer restrictions than aid to other nations
2. Support of governments #Israel likes, such as #Jordan #KSA
#Egypt, regardless of #humanrights abuses
3. Undermining/attacking governments, groups & nations it dislikes: #Iraq #Iran #Lebanon
4. Ignoring obligations to #Palestinians under intl law
5. Allowing "charities" to receive tax-deductible donations used to further #ethniccleansing
in #Palestine.
6. Various state & federal government agencies with preferences to #Israel, such as #police exchanges & subsidized trade delegations.
7. Voting for legislation punishing people who support #BDS, a non-violent advocacy tactic.

Whatever it is that causes #USA
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1/ @TheTakeaway @tanzinavega really disappointed you had this guest on a show peddling controversial theories that weaponize the failures of the #criminaljusticesystem #racism and #massincarceration against survivors of #domesticviolence and #coercivecontrol.
2/#VAWAs failures lie not only in its non-holistic, non-systemic approach to addressing #DV—not as #coercivecontrol and not in coordination with child safety risks, as it should be—but also in its methodology, assumptions, implementation etc. @thetakeaway @tanzinavega
3/Just because #VAWA is flawed doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bath water. Her theories are dangerous to #survivors and hide its misogynist underpinnings as they center #abuser needs over #survivor and #child #safety, #stability #strength. @TheTakeaway @tanzinavega
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Thank you @EricFlackTV @wusa9 @charlesallen for confirming what we’ve been saying for years. @ChiefNewsham @DCPoliceDept @DCPoliceUnion @USAO_DC @SafeDC @MayorBowser are #GUILTY

#StopMPD #StopFOP #NoNewMPD #DivestFromPolice #DisarmThePolice
#BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter
# of people killed by police in 2018: 264
Police officer isn’t in the top 10 most dangerous jobs.
Roofer: 4x more dangerous
Sanitation worker: 3.5x
Truck driver: 1.8x…

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