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I seem to have drifted back to this a/c from my @ancestorsreuni1 one, but as I’ve got some DM convos on the go I’ll stay on this one for a while, just need to remember to tag myself more often 😂
So… #geneaology #Genealogy #FamilyHistory : my paternal grandparents gifted my sister @JeanTho35976906 & I with literally hundreds of family photos, some of whom we still haven’t identified. Because we have many cousins w/shared ancestors out there, I’ve decided to post some…
.. of them here & on @ancestorsreuni1 , both known & unknown faces, in the hope that, just maybe, someone might recognise a face/surname. Please may I ask you all to RT each photo, on the off chance that a follower may recognise someone? I’d really appreciate the exposure! 😊
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Now that the #MRoots2022 #genealogy #familyhistory #history #storytelling #conference is behind us, I wanted to share some lessons and thoughts I had as chair for this new type of learning experience. 🧵
The future of #genealogy #familyhistory #education is happening NOW for things you want to see and have mainstream in 3-5+ years. There’s no room for waiting. There’s no room for wishful thinking of before 2020. It’s embrace change. Be the change maker. Or fold.
Stop stereotyping people into boxes of how you expect they’ll respond. Age. Experience. Heritage. Race. Dive in and discover together. Invest in new learning styles. Invest in rising/emerging professionals. Push #genealogy learning spaces to be learner inclusive.
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Information. Genealogists and family historians are swimming in it all.of.the.time.

You have many ways of managing all of that info you consume.

What if I told you that you probably have not even begun to wrangle it all as best as you could?

Strong words, eh? A thread 🧵👇
With strong words come strong conviction.

You see, I have recently purchased the book "Building a Second Brain" by Tiago Forte (@fortelabs) and I'm so excited!

What even is a #SecondBrain? Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte
A "#secondbrain" is a personal knowledge ecosystem you build to capture info you consume.

You build it purposefully with a goal of organizing that information, understanding that info, with intention to make it easier to re-share and present it to the world.
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Here's what to do if you see "No one home" in the address that you want in the #1950census. First, don't panic. Read the entry. It should say something like "See Sheet 71, Line 4." #genealogy /1
If the family wasn't home when the enumerator came around the first time, they were supposed to revisit them. The "revisits" begin on Sheet 71, at the end of that enumeration district. #1950census /2
"But there aren't 71 pages in my enumeration district!" That's ok. It doesn't matter what sheet number the regular visits end on. The revisits begin on Sheet 71. So the enumeration district could jump from Sheet 12 to Sheet 71 (no pages missing). /3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/28/2022…
Higher levels of biodiversity appear to reduce extinction risk in birds…
#biodiversity, #BirdExtinction, #RiskReduction
The Single Most Important Question In The World Right Now…
#RussiaUkraine, #internationalRelations, #GlobalBrinkmanship
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I have a story to share about the impact of family history.

A moment that brought tears to my eyes - and the eyes of many other family members too.

Why? Because of the power of seeing family memories come to life.
My grandmother, Cora, passed away in 2006. Until this past week, we had no video footage of her. Only photos. But, that changed this week…
I now have digital footage from a birthday party given in 1987 as a surprise for one of her sisters, who also, is no longer with us. At that birthday party were many, many family members. Including myself, my siblings, and my dad. I had pictures of that party...
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If you like using newspapers for your #genealogy, #familyhistory research, you'll love this update. This month, we started our Tennessee Genealogy Indexing project to pull names from historical newspapers. And our volunteers have been doing an amazing job...
In just under 3 weeks, they've indexed about 3,000 names from historical newspapers around the state. We are using @_FromThePage_ as our crowdsourcing platform and it's been going so well!
Over in the @tngenweb Facebook group, I shared an example of why this project is so important. The example was an 1850 obit for Mrs. Martha Pettitt that was published in the Athens Post and found no online researchers that had her obit as a source...
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And #LocalHistoryHour is off! Starting us off is @emmadown22 telling us about the fab sources at @UKNatArchives in series MAF 73

These aren't digitised and you can consult a volume of index sheets to help you with your search when viewing these in person
So why use maps? Great to help you find the farm if you don't know the name of the farm or parish, for example. They are also a useful comparison of how areas have changed over time
There are also forms that accompany the surveys and can also be consulted at @UkNatArchives. In the slide you can see the type of information that can be found within these
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No-one has asked but here's a thread about adopting the handle @OfKnockamillie
To start this thread, Knockamillie is the name of land perched above the village of Innellan, overlooking the Firth of Clyde south of Dunoon #Argyll
Today you could blink and you'd miss it 👀 /1
I've seen many different spellings over the years in my research including, Knochamelie, Knockamellie, Knockamely all of which makes research *interesting*
(I became an etymological detectorist to try and determine the word's origins from the #Scots #Gaelic ) my theory is /2
Knockamillie (modern spelling) as per the road name has evolved from the Gaelic 'cnoc' or 'cnocach' meaning hill or hilly and 'maille' which I have seen translated as cape or promontory which would fit with its elevated peninsula location overlooking the Clyde (red map pin) /3
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We’re off: #ECRday2021 is a go! I’d like to thank @QUBelfast & @UKRI_News for the financial support today. I’m hugely grateful to @SophcoCooper's technical support & @QUBPostdoc for wisdom + advice! The programme for today is here:… 🧵 of the day below...
Thanks to @SophcoCooper for the tech assistance today! As well as being a whizz with tech, she's a scholar of the Irish diaspora. She writes on migration, gender, religion and space. See more here: She also runs: #IrishStudies
Our first panel of #ECRday2021 is on ‘Postdoctoral Fellowships on Projects’. We’ll hear from @comyn_scomyn & @AMFoster_ about the challenges, processes and joys of working on group projects as a #postdoc in the arts, humanities & social sciences. #ECRchat #PhDchat #Academia
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A big hello and welcome to my new followers this week. With the current flurry around #THEGenealogyShow2021 it's been a busy time.

One of my favourite resources to use in #genealogy research is MAPS. So here's a little thread of #maps to get your weekend off to a good start... Extract from the first ordnance survey map in 1801, showing
The previous map (& here) is taken from the first ever Ordnance Survey (OS) map, produced in 1801 for the Kent.

And why Kent? The clue's in the name: ORDNANCE refers to artillery or weaponry; these maps were made with military defence in mind, just prior to the Napoleonic Wars. 1801 map extract showing Greenwich, at that time in Kent
Of course OS #maps are but a relatively recent development in the long history of mapping. Here's a copy of Morgan's famous 1682 map of London.
Beautiful - but not without its biases: prisons, WHs and signs of poverty were "judiciously" omitted from the final version... Morgan map of London from 1682
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1/11 Nuns & Sex in an Old Regime City? -a #nunstastic out of time at the book launch question from @hkellerlapp for @CorinneGressang, @school_tales, @onslies & other nun-scholars. Quick answer - yes nuns were intimately involved in community safeguarding & communal complicity.
2/11 Nuns has multiple roles: a) intrinsic to pre and post natal as nurses at the Hôtel-Dieu where unmarried women could give birth for no charge or (very rarely) be detained for promiscuity.
3/11 They also provided care to newborns charged to the care of the HD after birth - an option young couples sometimes exercised to manage the challenges of not being ready/willing to marry. (Newborns were dispatched from the HD to wet-nurses within a few days.)
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I often talk about using the #WikiTree website to record my #FamilyHistory research. Here’s a thread for #AncestryHour with some reasons why I ❤️ @WikiTreers. [1/17] Image
I’ve spent hours researching my #FamilyHistory, but don’t have anyone to leave it too. #WikiTree provides a place to record information for others to read and critique (now and in the future). #AncestryHour [2/17]
I won’t be around for ever, so I need somewhere that my #FamilyHistory research will survive long after I’ve gone. #WikiTree provides that. It’s free, so no need to worry about subscription fees when I’m not around to pay them. #AncestryHour [3/17]
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I often talk about using the #WikiTree website to record my #FamilyHistory research. Here’s a thread for #AncestryHour with some reasons why I ❤️ @WikiTreers. [1/17]
I’ve spent hours researching my #FamilyHistory, but don’t have anyone to leave it too. #WikiTree provides a place to record information for others to read and critique (now and in the future). #AncestryHour [2/17]
I won’t be around for ever, so I need somewhere that my #FamilyHistory research will survive long after I’ve gone. #WikiTree provides that. It’s free, so no need to worry about subscription fees when I’m not around to pay them. #AncestryHour [3/17]
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1841 Scotland Census — Is a *photograph* of the instructions to enumerators of the 1841 census on-line? Helpfully there is a transcription at…, but I would like to see a copy of an actual document and can’t find one. #FamilyHistory #Genealogy #AncestryHour.
By the way, I’ve tried the sites for @ScotlandsPeople, @FamilySearch and @NatRecordsScot, but can’t find a digital image.
Thanks to a fantastic message from Emma at @scottishindexes, I think I’ve got all the information I need for my current research. Lovely to see what the householders’ and enumerators’ schedules from 1841 actually looked like. Thanks, Emma :-)
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This is the 20th anniv. of home DNA testing for ancestry purposes! 20 years ago this mo, @FamilyTreeDNA sent out its first test kit. The testing was v diff, but the industry (cos like @23andMe, @Ancestry and @MyHeritage) traces back to this moment 2 decades ago. #DNAtesting20
In coming wks I’ll be tweeting out the milestones of the last 20 yrs in #DNAtesting. I’m taking suggestions! Could be industry or #geneticgenealogy moments, or ones relating to yr personal #genealogy journey. Put year and tag #DNAtesting20. This week: 2000-2010.
Milestones from 20 yrs of #DNAtesting: #DNAsurprises have been uncovered since the industry's beginning. The founder of @FamilyTreeDNA told me he stumbled on the 1st before he even rolled out product, during proof of concept testing in ‘99. #genealogy Send yrs w/ #DNAtesting20
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So…#BHM 2020 is gonna be SAUCY! Wanna see what we’ll be up to? #familyhistory #genealogy #BlackProGen
**Tuesday, February 4 at 8pm Central**
Twitter Chat: #CrewChat Does TV: Roots (1977)

What can you learn from the family story of Alex Haley that can be applied to your own family history research? Join us and see! #BlackProGen
**Wednesday, February 5, 8pm Central**
Episode 103 - Breaking Ancestral Narratives Free. Reminders, watch live, & catch the replay:

Ever wanted to craft a narrative for your ancestors, but you weren’t sure where to start? Tune in! #BlackProGen
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Is this the grave of my 4th gt grandparents? I photographed Roderick Fraser (c.1768-1857) & Mary MacLean’s (c.1783-1869) grave last week, as part of my #MyGairlochFamilyHistory trip. Let's see what we can find out… [1/] Image
This grave is just a short distance from where my 3x gt grandparents, Margaret Fraser (c.1811-1852) & Alexander MacIntyre (c.1808-1872), are buried in Gairloch’s Old Burial Ground. It’s not conclusive, but that *could* suggest a family relationship. [2/]
Margaret and Alexander's gt grandson & #FamilyHistory buff thought that these were Margaret Fraser's parents. He lived in the same village & researched a lot of local history. Last week, I saw an original #FamilyTree he drew years ago, where Roderick & Mary are shown. [3/] Image
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My husband has been reading the war diaries of his great-uncle’s regiment and has finally found out the details of how the man our eldest is named after died, aged just 28. #thread #ww2 #familyhistory #militaryhistory 1/11
He was a pilot in the Air Observation Post, based on Italy during 1944 and flying a tiny Auster aircraft - lightweight and highly manoeuvrable but with little to no protection. 2/11
On 10th June 1944 he was flying ahead of the lines prior to the allied advance on Chieti, spotting enemy tanks/troops. Whether he was shot or something failed in his aircraft is unknown but he hit the side of the main cathedral tower. 3/11
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The Internet is a great place for #genealogy records, but not everything is on-line. #FamilyHistory societies have some unique record sets. In my mail today were books from @anesfhs, with monumental inscriptions & parish records from some of the places where my ancestors lived. Three booklets from the Abe...
Now, @anesfhs are very helpful and make the indexes from their memorial inscriptions available on-line at…, but an index isn’t the same as a transcription, so it’s always a good idea to buy the book, if you can :-)
The ancestral gravesites the Parish of Skene I want aren’t yet photographed on-line, so until I can get there to take some photos, having a transcription of the headstone is invaluable.
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