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Just finished reading 150 applications for an RA position in my lab (it's a jungle out there). Thought some of you ECRs might like to hear some thoughts from this side of the recruiting story... #ECRchat #PhDchat (a thread)
Most important thing first: read the job description and person specification and tailor your application accordingly. I have to use a shortlisting form based on the JD and PS. No matter how great you look, I cannot shortlist you if you don't show you meet the requirements! 2/
Some applicants I was pretty sure, based on the titles of their MSc projects, that they probably could do (say) cell culture, but is it fair to assume that? Maybe not. And it certainly put those candidates at a disadvantage vs those who explicitly said "I can culture XYZ cell" 3/
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Adventures in academic publishing... a thread about creating my master book proposal template #AcWri #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #ECRchat #postdoc
There are so many resources on writing academic book proposals, so I made a color coded spreadsheet with templates from sample presses and other resources (e.g. @katelyneknox @ProfessorIsIn @tanyaboza @chronicle) to create a master template.
Though different presses/individuals suggest various things, there are some definite trends:
1. Short overview of project (like an intro to a grant proposal)
2. Descriptive table of contents: list of proposed chapters with (sub)headings, and paragragh-length description of each
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I use interviews as an educational opportunity—for me and a future #UndergradInTheLab. I start each interview by saying, “You’re already qualified for this position-- after all you’re in college.” Then I focus on learning about them.

@NewPI_Slack My interview goals are to determine

1) If the student is genuinely interested in the available research project

2) If they will likely achieve their goals through the overall experience

#ScienceTwitter #AcademicTwitter
@NewPI_Slack Determining these, however, can be complicated. Often, students don’t have a well-defined goal beyond landing an undergrad research position. Or sometimes they have unrealistic expectations of what research will be like & what they’ll accomplish in a semester.

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What to do if your mentee isn't meeting your expectations. A #MentoringMonday thread
@AcademicChatter #sciencetwitter #phdchat #ecrchat
1) Ensure your expectations are realistic. Talk to colleagues, take a workshop, do something to check your current expectations against outside sources (not just one). If it turns out you had unrealistic expectations this is an easy change: just adjust them!
2) If the expectation is fair, prepare for the possibility that you were not clear about it. Don't assume "any good scientist would know to do Y". You would be shocked if you really knew how differently people approach problems, prioritize work, interpret conversations.
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’It leaves me choked with pride when I witness what many of them have achieved in their own independent careers.’

Scottish chemist and Nobel Laureate @sirfrasersays talks about why mentorship is the key to great science. Read more:…
“I have been involved in a lot of project-driven research – but my whole career has shown that that model is not good value for money for the funding agencies or the governments that promote it.”

- @sirfrasersays, Nobel Laureate and recent @UNSW SHARP Hire.
“The best value for money comes from giving it to people that are likely to have great ideas.”

- @sirfrasersays.
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Last day of #Microbio19 and #antibioticmakers session! Chair @kate_duncan and #ECMForum CoChair @Becca_McHugh introducing the morning session and first speaker
First speaker #antibioticsmakers #microbio19 is @NadineZiemert discussing her lab's work on novel tools and methods for #genomemining for prioritizing which biosynthetic gene clusters to follow up on for novel #bioactives #discovery
Nadine @NadineZiemert shows automated tools to find new antibiotic targets, and many other cool tools for screening genomes on antibiotic related info
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Yay we are go! @ryanfseipke introducing the best #microbio19 session 'The biological and chemical tales of the antibiotic makers' on behalf of fellow organizers @kate_duncan @lore_fermar and myself and invite all session delegates to social from 9pm onwards in The Dirty Onion pub
First speaker of the best #microbio19 session is @MattHutchings10 on #antbiotics
.@MattHutchings10: covers 10years of amzing chemical ecology and (micro)biology, with multilevel multitrophic interactions #Microbio19
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Fantastic session on publishing by @rosemdee yesterday, with great questions and discussion from the participants, both remotely and in the room. A recording will be online in due course, but here are a few super-useful take-home points:

#AcademicWriting #phdchat #ECRchat
Most people have imperfect conditions for writing (i.e. not weeks and weeks of uninterrupted space!), so you you have to make use of what you've got.

#AcademicWriting #phdchat #ECRchat
In the shorter spaces of an hour or so, don't try to write - unless you are able to write well in little bursts - but do things that support writing, like reading, or planning the structure and narrative etc.

#AcademicWriting #phdchat #ECRchat
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Hit publish on a course that starts on Monday. I'm an adjunct. I still haven't signed my offer letter because *shocker* it still hasn't been sent. Guess how much I was paid to do course prep. 🙄 #PayAdjuncts #ecrchat
This will be the last semester I adjunct. If I don't get a TT spot this year, I'm leaving academia and moving to industry where a decent paycheck exists.
I don't get paid enough for all the work that goes into making sure my students learn and enjoy class.
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About to meet with my research group @fairfield_lab. We're a pretty small research group but I am excited about what we're doing across physics, bioengineering, and education. Here we are @SoapboxSciGal over the summer:
Alice who is on the right is a postgrad who's working on nanomaterials for neuromorphic devices, which means electronics that mimic how the brain works. You can read more about what that means in an article I wrote here:…
Adriana who's second from the right is another postgrad, working on game-based learning for physics education. You can read more about what she's doing here:…
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As I'm currently co-organizing a large conference again, here are some things academic conferences can do to become more family-friendly. cc @GlobalYAcademy #academicswithchildren #academicmom #academicdad #ecrchat #andascientist

A checklist for the ideal conference: (1/11)
Onsite (subsized or *free*) childcare is the golden ticket of conference family-friendliness. Unfortunately, it is often quite difficult to find funding for this. But if you have it, this will allow parents to really make the most of their attendance. (2/11)
Early on, organizers can publish recommendations on the website & programme for accomodation that is family friendly (bonus points if there are subsidies for it). Likewise with activities and kid-friendly restaurants in the host city. (3/11)
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Sitting in a grant application writing session and just been told we are going to learn to make "the white sauce" of grant proposals; a 2-3 page simple set-up that can be used in all manner of proposals 👌👨‍🍳
#phdchat #ecrchat
First of all never submit a grant that you haven't asked colleagues to comment on. Plus be a mate and give them at least a week to do so and if you need letters of support tell people a month in advance. 🤗📨
Now to the meat of the proposal: 🥩🥓
Title - sounds straightforward but this is not a paper, so no long convoluted stuff! Best with a short direct question
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So, my top do's and don'ts for applying for a job in the UK, particularly an academic job, which will help you get an interview. Or: things that have leapt out at me having shortlisted for two jobs recently #ECRchat #phdchat
There's no dark art of shortlisting in the UK. Thanks to a mix of law and HR practice in the UK it has to be a tick-box exercise for transparency and legal accountability down the line. This can be bad, but it is designed to reduce bias in the system and make it rigorous.
So, as a shortlister, you get a set of essential and desirable criteria. You look at the application and judge whether the candidate has these criteria. Usually it's
0 = not met criteria
1= partially met
2 = met
3 = exceeded
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It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek so I thought I'd lay out some personal truths based on my experience of nearly a decade as a PhD student, part-time worker, and academic early career researcher (ECR). Let's talk stress, anxiety and depression. #phdchat #ecrchat #phdlife (thread)
First off the disclaimer: I'm playing life on its easy setting, I'm white, male, a British citizen, cisgendered, roughly middle class. I make no claims to authority on the topics I'm about the talk about, nor that my experiences are exceptional. I am privileged in many ways.
(second disclaimer: I haven't really given this much thought beyond the decision to do it, so there's no guarantee anything here is going to be worth reading, but I think - I hope - it might be useful for someone to get a sense of "it's not just me", which might help)
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Afternoon twitterverse! Let’s talk about AI in Radiology, which is the main focus in my research.
Any talk of AI begs for a definition of AI, and there are as many definitions as there startups that are “AI-enabled”.
For our purposes we'll just call anything that performs one of the higher level behaviours associated with animals e.g. learning, planning, problem-solving, creating etc.
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I am peer reviewing at present... (very late for this task, sorry) - as I often do, to break up the action (!) is to offer some 'lessons learnt'
I have a stack of 17 short and small grants to review (structured form processing). There are a few stand out 'wins' for good proposals...
Discuss how your grant is going to be value for money - often with a nod towards legacy and sustainability after the funding period has ended. But please be reasonable (you need to justify needing the money after all!)
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