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I, like many people, have found more time lately to work on hobbies. Since it has been pouring rain for days, I have had extra time to dig around in genealogy. Over the past couple of days, I have made an interesting discovery. #genealogy #UnitedEmpireLoyalists 1/14
My Mum and grandmother always maintained that a direct line of our family was descended from UELs - United Empire Loyalists - people who fled to Canada after the American War of Independence. But before the internet, it was very difficult to chase down records to prove this. 2/14
I have, honestly, been much more interested in my ancestors who were really nobody significant. There's a lot more detective work involved, a lot more challenge to track the poor, since back in the day, no one took much notice of their comings and goings. 3/14
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🎙️It's one thing to take a #DNA test and get back a fancy pie chart with the ethnic groups you belong to. It's another to have those same test results shift your entire world after you discover that one of your biological parents is not who you were told they were.
🎙️In this episode, we discuss the highs and lows of living with this new found information from people who have experienced it first hand, all while learning how to navigate such a sensitive topic in the Black community. #blackprogen
🎙️Join us for a live Q&A following the premiere of episode 111a. Our Guests will be with US. Set reminders, watch live, and catch the recording of episode 111b. #HistoryUnscripted
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This is the 20th anniv. of home DNA testing for ancestry purposes! 20 years ago this mo, @FamilyTreeDNA sent out its first test kit. The testing was v diff, but the industry (cos like @23andMe, @Ancestry and @MyHeritage) traces back to this moment 2 decades ago. #DNAtesting20
In coming wks I’ll be tweeting out the milestones of the last 20 yrs in #DNAtesting. I’m taking suggestions! Could be industry or #geneticgenealogy moments, or ones relating to yr personal #genealogy journey. Put year and tag #DNAtesting20. This week: 2000-2010.
Milestones from 20 yrs of #DNAtesting: #DNAsurprises have been uncovered since the industry's beginning. The founder of @FamilyTreeDNA told me he stumbled on the 1st before he even rolled out product, during proof of concept testing in ‘99. #genealogy Send yrs w/ #DNAtesting20
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So…#BHM 2020 is gonna be SAUCY! Wanna see what we’ll be up to? #familyhistory #genealogy #BlackProGen
**Tuesday, February 4 at 8pm Central**
Twitter Chat: #CrewChat Does TV: Roots (1977)

What can you learn from the family story of Alex Haley that can be applied to your own family history research? Join us and see! #BlackProGen
**Wednesday, February 5, 8pm Central**
Episode 103 - Breaking Ancestral Narratives Free. Reminders, watch live, & catch the replay:

Ever wanted to craft a narrative for your ancestors, but you weren’t sure where to start? Tune in! #BlackProGen
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I know there’s a lot going on but I’m hoping you will help solve a bittersweet #genealogy mystery.

In 2014, a hobbyist metal detector in AZ found a bracelet inscribed: "With Love from Bella To Joe 2-3-43.”

The @JGSLI was able to track down the bracelet’s owner: Joseph Seltzer.
@JGSLI Joseph Seltzer was born in 1919 and grew up in Brooklyn. He enlisted in the Army in November of 1942.

He died in Japan in 1945 of wounds suffered in the Battle of Okinawa. He was only 26. He was later buried on Long Island.…

But here's the mystery.
@JGSLI After the bracelet discovery, Joe’s family found a photo of him with a lovely young woman.

Is this Bella? They think it might be. But they don’t know for sure.

(You can read more about how the bracelet was reunited with Joe's family here:…)

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So here's a fun #genealogy story.

Yesterday @aharonson28 tweeted me this about her family's immigration story.

Like many Americans w/Eastern European Jewish ancestry, she didn't have any details about how her family got here. And she didn't think there was a way to know more.
@aharonson28 I offered to take a look.

And within -- I don't know, maybe an hour or so? -- let me tell you what I found, all without getting up from my desk.

Her great-grandparents' 1925 marriage certificate. Her great-grandfather's naturalization and WWI draft registration.
@aharonson28 The 1920 manifest showing her great-grandmother's arrival with her siblings. And then, her great-great-grandfather's naturalization, WWI draft registration and passport application (with a photo!)

But then it got really fun.
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People: please don't attempt #resistancegenealogy if you don't know what you're doing. I beg of you.
Relatedly: I want to teach the whole world to do good #genealogy. And fix all the broken trees. Of which there are many.…
Bottom line: there's a LOT of information on sites like Ancestry, FamilySearch and MyHeritage. You are far better served starting with the assumption that you have the WRONG people than always assuming what you find must be correct.

Be a gatekeeper, not a vacuum.
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Thread 1/6
FREE books on Kindle, from now until Wed 26th June
"Time Tunnel" series follows 8 yr old David Johnson who doesn't like history much, until a freak discovery brings him face-to-face with the real thing.
He's joined in later books by cousin Sarah, & new friend Maarten.
2/6 #freekindle
"Time Tunnel to Londinium" David's freak discovery of a tunnel that takes him to Londinium 1,800 years ago leads him to make friends with a real Roman boy.
He uses the tunnel to help his new friend and get top marks in a school project.
3/6 #freekindlebooks
"Londinium Revisited" a second visit to Londinium is filled with confusion as David's friend Marcus has changed.
But soon, David finds he can use the tunnel to help solve more than one problem.
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So yesterday @MikeMadden tweeted out this charming story about how his Russian Jewish great-grandfather Baruch Medvene ended up with an Irish last name.

He tagged me in it, and once someone gives me a genealogical challenge, I can't let it go. 😏 So...

@MikeMadden I did a little digging and this morning I found his great-grandfather's arrival into the U.S.

He arrived at the port of Philadelphia on the 14th of May, 1891. Baruch Medwinksi is not quite three, traveling with his mother and siblings.

But something else caught my eye.
@MikeMadden The family traveled from Glasgow, and a birth record with Mike's great-great-great grandparents names from Great Britain popped up in my search.

My first thought was that perhaps they'd lived in the UK for a while, a way station between the Russian Empire and the U.S.

But nope.
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My friend @asparagirl just showed me @diannaagron's Wiki page.

Which claims that “Agron's paternal ancestors were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe...their original surname, Agronsky, was altered by Ellis Island officials."

Here's her tweet about it:
So hi, Dianna!

I do Jewish genealogy. And though this myth of Ellis Island name changes is one of the most persistent in family history, (thanks, Godfather part 2!) there’s not a single case where the evidence actually supports it.
So I hope you don’t mind me digging in to see if it’s true?

(Spoiler: it’s not.) 😏

Let's see what the document trail says.
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On today’s #rootstech agenda: fangirling out over @mslisajoyner and @ChrisJacobs from @longlostfamily.

While sad tromboning upon realizing my pass doesn’t include lunch with @HenryLouisGates. #RootsTech2019 #genealogy #rootstech #NotAtRootsTech
Also on today’s agenda: going to the main Family History library, which I’m told is like visiting the mothership. #RootsTech #NotAtRootsTech
I just realized that like 75% of my planned sessions from here on out are with @blaine_5. Who I finally met yesterday and will hopefully now know I’m not a stalker. 😂 #RootsTech #notatrootstech
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Many people apparently don't know that many NYC birth, marriage and death records are indexed, including parents' names, at FamilySearch.
Births to 1909:…
With the caveat that these are rife with transcription errors. If you go to a Family History Library, you can see the actual documents.

There's your random #genealogy tip for the evening.
And the second caveat that this is not complete.
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