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@WhoWouldWin13 Fin Fang Foom is a 32 feet high, 20-ton force of nature to be reckoned with, a being with super strength who can read minds, expel acid mist from his mouth, grow in size and strength and heal fast. Though he is known to be able to lift over 100 tons, the limit of his
@WhoWouldWin13 strength are unkown. I suspect that he's much stronger than Hulk (in a calm state), Thor or Hercules (the latter two can lift at least 1,000,000 tons!!!!). When Fin Fang Foom is at his largest, he towers over skyscrapers, and can take down flying Shield ships. At his largest, he
@WhoWouldWin13 would tower over Giganta.

However, Giganta fights with Wonder Woman, who is strong enough to move a planet a third the size's of earth. Although Giganta can get stunned by a punch from the much smaller WW, she nevertheless has the strength to hold her, as well as other similarly
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Analysis: #NASDAQ: #FB

Case 13 #Facebook Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#Facebook has had a tremendous run in the last 5 years but like all #FANG stocks the summer of 2018 lead to a healthy correction. Current conditions are broadly range bound. The 15 month target is $315.00-$325.00

Chart 1
Monthly Chart: #Fibs have been added off the main #trendline to the all time high. The 20 #SMA @ $173.06 attracting buyers. A trendline pivot (in red) #resistance stands in the way of further gains.

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Please read the whole thread - will start posting now...but eating dinner so will take a while to get the 30 to 40 tweets done

Given the two crashes in one year and the recent #FANG blow much cash do you think Mutual Funds are holding? How about the lowest ever!

More over their allocations to Stocks remain among the highest ever.

And how are those stock/equity investments postured?

We’ll very precariously as #NYSE and #Nasdaq #Composite show...completely stopped at major resistance...not only that there is the breadth question which we will address later and is terrible

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