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Hello Thursday!

Santa 🎅 came and went, leaving $SPX holder +0.8% over the last 6 trading days of the year 🎁

🐫 also showed up, robbing $DBC holders -4.14% and $DBA holders -2.28%. $CRB under pressure -4.89% in 2 trading days.

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asia closed mostly ↗️ save 🇮🇩

$NIKK 25821 +0.4%
$SSEC 3155 +1.0%
$TWII 14301 +0.7%
$HSI 21052 +1.25%
$KOSPI 2265 +0.4%
$IDX 6654 -2.35% 🇮🇩

Australia ↔️
$ASX 7064 +0.05%

India ↘️
$BSE 60353 -0.5%
Europe ↔️ after $FEZ +4.25% to start the year

$DAX 14483 -0.05%
$FTSE 7612 +0.35%
$CAC 6765 +0.15%
$AEX 717 +0.05%
$IBEX 8589 +0.35%
$MIB 24879 +0.05%
$SMI 11091 -0.45%
$MOEX 2159 -0.45%

$VSTOXX 19.23 🔻

$DAX range = 13723 - 14511 ♉️
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Global Macro Review


30 Vol and strong $USD 💣 around the 🌍 with #crypto 💥 and $GOLD breaking Trend (T)

Bond ♉️s finally caught a 🗡️, but equity ♉️s - not so much, though the $DAX, $CAC and $SSEC diverged from $SPX

Let’s dig into the 🧮!

Equity vol came in for a second week but remains 🛗

$VIX 28.87 with Trend (T) @ 27.75
$VXN 37.71
$RVX 35.66
$VSOTXX 29.11
$VXEEM 28.52

Chart: $VIX - positive flows from weekly #OPEX pushed $SPX 2.4% on Friday.

Were it not for positive #OPEX flows, 🇺🇸 equity prices would have been worse by 2-3% on the week

$SPX 2.4% (w) -8.95% (T)
$IWM -2.45% (w) -11.6% (T)
$COMPQ -2.8% (w) -14.4% (T)

Chart: $COMPQ 🔨 is -11.6% over (t) duration = 1-month
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Ich gehe dann mal jetzt die Tabelle der 1. und 2. Liga durch und nenne kurz, was ich an dem Verein scheiße finde. Dann können mich alle hassen und keiner fühlt sich ausgeschlossen.
#fcb : Junge, wo soll man da anfangen. Hoeneß, Katar, nervige käufliche Blogger, Mia san mia usw
#bvb Echte Liebe am Arsch. Eigentlich schon insolvent gewesen, von den Gläubigern und den anderen Clubs gerettet worden, null Demut, Watzke nervt af usw
#scf Generator, scheiß Auswärtsblock
#b04 Homophobe, sexistische Pissultras (Zitronenmann), Ausnahme für 50+1, Werksclub
#tsg Hopp, Hopp, Hopp
#sge teilweise extrem asige Fanszene, Überheblich af
#fcu Kultclub, mehrere rassistische Vorfälle, nervige Wagenburg-Mentalität
#koe EUROPAPOKAL, Poldi is ein Gott, Maleranzüge
#m05 egal af, Fans wollen sich damit nicht abfinden
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*मोदी का एक औऱ बेहतरीन कदम,*
*आया ऊँठ🐫 पहाड़ के नीचे...*
*जो कहकर नहीं बल्कि चुप रहकर देश के दुश्मनों को ठिकाने लगाता है....*

*दिल्ली बॉर्डर पर धरना दे रहे कृषि दलालों के 250 दिन पूरे होने के उपलक्ष में मोदी सरकार ने मंडी के दलालों को ऐसा तोहफा दिया है कि उनकी
सिट्टी पिट्टी गुम हो गई है,...*
*केंद्र ने पंजाब सरकार को निर्देशित किया है रबी🌾🌾 की फसल को MSP पर खरीदने से पहले पंजाब के किसानों के जमीन का रिकॉर्ड सही करते हुए #FCI को दे ।*

*#FCI जमीन के हिसाब से ही अनाज खरीदेगी और रक़म सीधे किसानों के खाते में जमा कर देगी ।
आदेश के बाद #FCI किसी दलाल से अनाज नहीं खरीद सकती । वैसे भी इन्होंने धरना प्रदर्शन किसानों के लिए नहीं, बल्कि मोदी विरोध के लिए किया था ।*

*मोदी विरोध दलालों को महंगा पड़ेगा । सारे दलाल एक ही चोट👊 से चित्त ।*

*इतना ही नहीं अब पंजाब सरकार को किसानों की जोत का कागज
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#Fed Put & Financial Conditions Index (#FCI):

#Powell: “…would be concerned by…persistent tightening in financial conditions…”

🚩Just-for-fun graphic: Fed Put - Market’s search for Put’s Strike Price = Fed’s intervention threshold

🚩#DiveIn: FCI & Macro

1/12 Image
So why learn about FCI?
#1 Fed tracks FCI
#2 FCI affects GDP/Output

Traditional Keynesian => s/t Interest Rates affect GDP

Goldman’s Hatzius/Stehn argue (2018 paper) Interest Rates first affect FCI (empirically mild relationship) & FCI then strongly affects GDP (Graphic)

2/12 Image
Financial Conditions Index (FCI)?
▶️One # to capture state of conditions in financial/banking system
▶️weighted average of indicators of interest rates, exchange rate, credit spreads & equity valuations
▶️each indicator expressed relative to its avrg & scaled by its stdev

3/12 Image
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What did #famers get in #Budget, where @nsitharaman claimed, "Our Govt is committed to the goal of doubling farmers income by 2022"

P.S-Acc to Dalwai committee,"real income of farmer, should increase by 10.4%/year,which has been increasing less than 2.5% in last 5 years
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA Govt allocates 9.3% of the budget to #Agri, allied,irrigation & #rural development, which was 9.8% last year. Factoring Inflation, Real Increase in allocation is actually negative.

Is this enough ?
Will this increase #farm income, prop up #rural demand ?

@mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA @mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon Govt allocated 1.58 lakh crore to #agri, allied sectors & irrigation i.e. 5.2% of the total budget. Last years budget had allocated 1.52 lakh crore, which was 5.45% of the budget i.e. reduced spending !

👉Will this double #farm income by 2022 ?🙄
@rssurjewala @MonaAmbegaonkar
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Govt. of India has approved price support scheme (PSS) for procuring 6448 MT of Black gram and 12226 MT of green gram from farmer's in Karnataka state during the present kharif season.(2019-20).

@PIB_India ImageImage
Govt. of India also advised #NAFED, and #FCI to make necessary arrangements for storing the procured grains from farmars.
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"#Macroprudential policies could be increased to enhance the resilience of the financial system"… in "Financial conditions and GDP growth-at-risk" Adrian, Liang, et al. @BrookingsInst @IMFNews
GaR: "growth at risk" and general equilibrium models with macrofinancial linkages… @BrookingsInst @IMFNews @MacroFinanceSoc Liang, Adrian, et al
"A structural model would be needed to evaluate how #macroprudential policies could be used to affect GaR. In aspiration, #macroprudential policies could aim to tighten financial conditions when conditional expected growth and GaR are relatively high ... "…
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