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ब्राम्हण आणि मराठा समाजा विरोधात झुंड चित्रपटात एक ही गोष्ट नसताना ही तो चित्रपट न पाहता तिरस्कार करणे हे म्हणजे काम ना दाम उघड्या अंगाला घाम असे आहे. ब्राम्हण समाजाचे मी एक वेळ समजू शकतो. पण मराठा समाजाची अवस्था इतर समजापेक्षा काय वेगळी नसते.
मराठा समाज देखील झोपडट्टीत राहतो, त्यांची मुले देखील ह्या अशा झुंडीत असतात, त्यांची मुले ही व्यसने करतात, शिवजयंती देखील भिम जयंती प्रमाणे करतात. त्यांना ही झोपडपट्टीत इतर लोकांप्रमाणे सगळ्या अडचणींचा सामना करावा लागतो.
मग झुंड मधील कथेला तो स्वतःशी जोडू का पाहत नाही. आणि जर तो ब्राम्हण समाजा इतका पुढारलेला आहे तर मग आरक्षणासाठी स्वतःला मागासवर्गीय म्हणून घेण्यासाठी का धडपडत आहे. झुंड मध्ये झोपड्यात राहण्याऱ्या मुलांना इथल्या व्यवस्थेना आजवर कसे नाकारले आहे हे दाखवले आहे.
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Currently reading The Five Seconds Rule by @melrobbins

I'll be dropping lessons learnt on here.

#melrobbins #5secondrules #Reading #readingcommunity

1. No matter how bad your life can seem, you can always make it worse.
2. Knowing what you need to do isn't enough to create a change.
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Are you making that quick transition from live to online learning? Join our CPO @dessalen to find out what works, and what doesn't! #SuddenlyRemote Adapting Your Learning Strategy from Live to Virtual is starting now!

Join us right here:… Image
Do you worry about keeping people #engaged in your #onlinelearning?
#virtualclassrooms have evolved to include interaction from your participants. Chat function, reactions, webcams, mics - we need to use all of these technologies in order to make sure we're creating the most interactive experience we can.
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I got to explain #GayPanic and #UselessLesbian to my pysch today 😂

These are terms I just learned (over the last few months myself) that described succinctly, what the heck is going on with my brain.

To unpack these terms, I'm going to start you with Sappho.
“Sweet mother, I cannot weave –
slender Aphrodite has overcome me
with longing for a girl.” –Sappho

To everyone, we've almost all been in this feeling. (i cannot speak for Ace)
Someone we see or meet, and their presence just #dazzles us into #malfunction (however brief)

- it's a pretty common #human #feeling. (again, cannot speak for Ace, and that's ok, y'all are lovely :) )

now here's where #GayPanic sets in... we feel the feels...omg. wow.
and our brains go into... IS THIS DANGER????

I'm sorry to say, our panic does start there.
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