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It’s time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let’s go! #SBCCHAT #relationships #RelationshipAdvice #AdultsOnly
Q1. Imma make this short and unsweet. Married 5 years, (to a truck driver) and I found out my broke ass hell husband has been spending his overtime checks on an overweight, wig-wearing, diabetic stripper in Memphis. I told him I know and now he won’t come home. Advice. #SBCCHAT
Q2. Sister’s fiancé is her gay friend. She spent hundreds on a “psychic healer” who promised to make her fiancé want a wife and kids. Gay Fiancé is going along w/ the BS and just living rent-free & eating good. I warned her but she thinks I’m hating. What to do? #SBCCHAT
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It's time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let's go! #SBCCHAT #relationships #advice #help #CanThisLoveBeSaved #adultsonly
Q1. Met him thru a friend. He's self-employed, beautiful locs, well-kept goatee, GREAT in bed. Problem: He SMELLS AWFUL. I invited him to shower with me, he REFUSED, saying he don't trust the WHITE MAN'S WATER, that it's full of chemicals. Help. #SBCCHAT
Q2. Girlfriend (4 months) told me she was pregnant, so I proposed right away. We got married at the courthouse. Well, she has another husband that she refuses to divorce because of his benefits. And she lost the baby. I'm depressed, don't know what to do. Advice #SBCCHAT
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It’s time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let’s go! #SBCCHAT #relationships #relationshipadvice #CanThisLoveBeSaved #adultsonly
Q1. Married a conservative 6 years ago. His grandpa never accepted me or our kids. He died, his fam had 2 funerals at his house. We had to attend 2nd one. In the casket Grandpa was facedown w/ dead naked ass in our faces. Kids had nightmares. Hubby said nothing. Advice. #SBCCHAT
Q2. My (separated) college professor and I hooked up & sex was good. His wife left and he’s been impotent ever since. He just can’t get aroused for me. I stayed loyal (I want to marry him) but I just found out he’s sleeping w/ 2 sorority girls. Heartbroken. Advice. #SBCCHAT
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It’s time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let’s go! #SBCCHAT #RELATIONSHIPS #advice #CanThisLoveBeSaved #adultsonly
Q1. On payday, I FINALLY hooked up with a friend’s babymomma (our little secret). We had a great time; ended back at my house. She choked me during sex, it felt good until I passed out. I woke up with cash from my wallet gone. She swears she didn’t rob me. What to do? #SBCCHAT
Q2. On & off with my ex for about 2 years. This last time we reconnected I put my foot down and demanded a commitment. He AGREED. So, I picked a date and sent out engagement party invites. His family confronted him and he broke it off (for good, I fear). What I do? #SBCCHAT
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It’s time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let’s get it! #SBCCHAT #relationships #adultsonly
Q1. Dating her exclusively for 2 years, midway I felt bored. I knew I wasn’t going to take “US” any further. Her brother gets out of jail and I’m really feeling him. (I’m not gay, just bicurious like ALL black men TBH.) I Want to leave her and approach her bro. Advice. #SBCCHAT
Q2. Dated a woman from church, for 3 years. I dumped her and brought another woman to service. Ex met us in the parking lot and shot me with a stun gun. My date ran. Entire church saw but no one will admit; they told police I had a seizure. Faith in God is gone. Advice. #SBCCHAT
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It’s time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let’s go! #SBCCHAT #relationships #RelationshipAdvice
Q1. My bestie and I have been through thick and thin for 7 years. So, I secretly connect with this dude she’s on/off with and now I have herpes...FOR LIFE! WHY didn’t she warn me about him? What ELSE is she holding back on? #HURT #SBCCHAT
Q2. We went on a couples trip to Vegas (me & my husband and his best friend and some random chick). Breakfast time, he goes to the Buffett and brings coffee rolls, etc for THEM and NOT ME. I snapped. Him: “You don’t need food, look at you.” Advice. #SBCCHAT
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It’s time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let’s get it! #relationships #RelationshipAdvice #love #adultsonly #SaveSpidey
Q1. My girl is smart, loving and sex is great. She has a crooked smile, but she will be wifey. Visited her family and was CRUSHED. Her family’s teeth grows slanted: Mom, grandma, & sisters ALL have sideways teeth. Their cat has better dental work than all of them. Help. #SBCCHAT
Q2. Met a nice man online. Fast forward a few months and we’re engaged. I have 3 special needs sons (foster kids, my extra income), and he wants nothing to do with them. BUT I can’t afford to work from home selling my diet tea without them. Advice. #IMInLove #SBCCHAT
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#IfSocialMediaDidntExist we wouldn’t be able to share our #WednesdayWisdom!!Tag a friend and let’s go>>#SBCCHAT #relationships #LOVE #loveadvice
Q1. Dating, exclusively for 5 years, with 1 kid. Frustrated, I asked him when are we going to get married? Him: “When I’m SURE there’s no one better out there for me. I’m still investigating that.” I threw my friendship ring at him. I’ve cried for days. Advice. #SBCCHAT
Q2. Husband and I were celebrating his birthday in the Bahamas this year. The night before we were to leave, I woke up to an empty house. Couldn’t reach him. Went to the airport and HE had tix for him and someone else—and already boarded! Advice. (He returns Sunday). #SBCCHAT
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Single man,
1. You have a brilliant woman, who loves you, wants the best for you but your eyes keep wandering like a bitch in heat, looking for slay queens who look flashy but are a disaster waiting to happen.

It is the Delilah Syndrome.
It will end badly.
2. When you met this lady you are dating, you were struggling but she believed in you, encouraged you, invested in you. Now you have some money, suddenly she is no longer good enough for you, you want the lady who despised you when you were struggling.
3. You've been telling your friends that you want a lady with big boobs and bum, who likes the good things of life.
Those things didn't matter when she was helping you but now she is not good enough for you.
Your heart yearns for Delilah.
You're playing with fire
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It's time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let's go! #SBCCHAT #relationships #sixbrownchickquestions #love #AdultsOnly
Q1. I haven't dated in a loooong time so it really was no reason for me to clean my apartment. Met a nice African brother and he spent the night. He used mango butter on his long locs, and he woke up with roaches all over his head/pillow. He won't return my texts. Help. #SBCCHAT
Q2. I work at a family-owned dental practice. After I got pregnant, my female boss began mistreating me, embarrassing me in front of patients, and hinting I would lose my job if I take off too many days. My Male boss--her husband--doesn't help me, & it's HIS CHILD. Help. #SBCCHAT
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THE JOURNEY OF #AfricaTweetChat

1. ATC, @AfricaTweetChat, was launched on 1st February 2018 by @janetmachuka_ & the co-founder, @barryonyango as a platform to bring African individual brands and start-ups to one #digitalmarketing learning space.
2. The second chat was led by @Ugaman01 on 8th February on "How can #Startups leverage on #socialmedia to cost effective #marketing." The chat was successful drawing in a new audience from Uganda. #AfricaTweetChat
3. Name: @Komana_MN from Zambia. She is a charming heart and as pretty as she is, she is a Digital Marketing specialist and founder of @IdeaBizDM. She handled the topic: "Why Building a #brand needs #Content."

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The only list you need when it comes to looking for a life partner is the one that details your values, your non-negotiable values, what you have to offer & how you want them to make you feel & visa versa. Material things shouldn’t be on this list, they come & go. #relationships
If you have no idea of what your values are they you won’t be able to stand by them or recognise when they Re being compromised. What are the values that you need your life partner to hold? If you don’t know you won’t recognise when they don’t have them.
It this lack of clarity that gets us into trouble, we can’t listen to an intuition that we haven’t cultivated.
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LIFE HAPPENS | “Sho, do you cook?”, my date asked. I replied jauntily, “I used to but not anymore. I now have access to a chef and can afford to order what I like eating.” #Thread #Life #Relationships
My date followed up by asking, “If your boyfriend asked you to cook for him, would you?” I grinned, as I realised my date was sadly playing from a script. I replied, “I don’t have a guy I like who’s asking me to cook, so I can’t say.”
I think my date thought I was being coy. But, I wasn’t. I was just being honest. A while ago, I decided to deal in reality and not hypotheticals. I have tried and failed to control life. All my effort got me was an anxiety problem and therapy.
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I interact with a LOT of ppl during the course of my days. A woman I see often pulled me aside the other day and asked for my advice about a relationship killing her spirit. Painful actions, loads of manipulation, walking papers. She's been pleading w/her partner for a whole year
She's not a fool. She's just a woman who loves with a whole heart. After hearing the details, I gave her some homework:

1. For the next seven days ask yourself how this person and this relationship makes you *feel.*

When I am with __ I feel __.
When I talk to __ I feel.
2. For the next 7 days read these two quotes. Ask yourself if this relationship, feeling as you describe, is where you *belong.*

Do I belong with a person who makes me feel __.

Do I belong in a relationship that makes me feel __.

Can I be my FULL self in this relationship?
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Know Your (Personal) Rights…
#1: I have the right to ask for what I want.
You are allowed to ask. You don't have to mind-read beforehand to make sure the answer will be yes. You don't have to swallow everything you want or like or need. Sure, it's possible the answer will be "no," but you can prepare for that possibility. It's not wrong to ask.
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Great tools on character relationships in this episode of @WritingExcuses.
From @howardtayler: 2 examples of power in character relationships are Personal Power and Position Power. Personal Pwr comes from charisma and social worth within the group. Position Power comes from the hierarchical structure of the organization. #writing #scifi
Inteteresting conflict arises when a character believes their Personal Pwr grants them Positional Pwr (the popular guy who acts like the boss). Or when a character believes their Positional Pwr grants them Personal Pwr (the boss that thinks she's everyone's friend) #writingadvice
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1) Hard times are often blessings in disguise. Let go and let life strengthen you. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head up and keep going. This is an important lesson to remember when you’re having a rough day, a bad month, or a crappy year. Truth be told,
2) sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones your spirit needs most. Your past was never a mistake if you learned from it. So take all the crazy experiences and lessons and place them in a box labeled “Thank You.''

#ThoughtLeader #Influencer #DailyInspiration
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I got to explain #GayPanic and #UselessLesbian to my pysch today 😂

These are terms I just learned (over the last few months myself) that described succinctly, what the heck is going on with my brain.

To unpack these terms, I'm going to start you with Sappho.
“Sweet mother, I cannot weave –
slender Aphrodite has overcome me
with longing for a girl.” –Sappho

To everyone, we've almost all been in this feeling. (i cannot speak for Ace)
Someone we see or meet, and their presence just #dazzles us into #malfunction (however brief)

- it's a pretty common #human #feeling. (again, cannot speak for Ace, and that's ok, y'all are lovely :) )

now here's where #GayPanic sets in... we feel the feels...omg. wow.
and our brains go into... IS THIS DANGER????

I'm sorry to say, our panic does start there.
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