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New research from the US National Institues of Health confirms #dysautonomia and #immune dysfunction in #LongCOVID! 1/🧵…
“Consistent with recent studies, people with #LongCOVID had problems with their autonomic nervous system. #Autonomic testing showed abnormalities in control of vascular tone, heart rate, and blood pressure with a change in posture.” 2/🧵
The results also showed that people with Long COVID had lower levels of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells and increases in the numbers of B cells and other types of immune cells, suggesting that immune dysregulation may play a role in mediating Long COVID. 3/🧵
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Before you think of #playing with my #mind, #think of #yours!

Πριν σκεφτείς να παίξεις με το μυαλό μου, σκέψου το δικό

Τhe photo is not exactly the reality,but it's unacceptable to carry our head on our shoulders for a lifetime & not know its basics Image
The first theories again have their roots in ancient Hellas.
#Aristotle was the first to develop a theory about the importance of managing emotions. Emotions has its own intelligence, superior to #mental #intelligence.
#EQ #IQ.
Emotional intelligence Image
3) is an important factor for a person with an average #IQ, as he can be more successful than a highly intelligent person with a high IQ,as long as he cultivates his #emotional
The emotional attitude has a connection with the #immune system/4 Image
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Got leaky gut and worried about Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) causing an immune response that leads to systemic inflammation? Well you should be! But let's talk about what a ketogenic diet can do to mitigate that for you. Shall we? 🧵(1/21)
A #leakygut is a condition in which the lining of the intestine becomes damaged or compromised, allowing toxins, undigested food particles, and harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream. (2/21)
When this happens, large amounts of LPS (lipopolysaccharide) can be released into the bloodstream, triggering an #immune response and #inflammation in the body. (3/21)
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What are the #histopathology image #WSI patterns associated with gene expression in cancer? Can we discover them with #AI and use them for spatial profiling and #precision medicine?
Our preprint explores limitations & possibilities of #cpath for this.… Image
Existing methods aim to predict expression of individual genes from #WSIs but ignore any inter-dependencies in expression across genes. We show that it is typically not possible to predict expression of a single gene due to such codependencies as shown in fig for a group of genes ImageImage
To formalize this, we first used mutual information to identify groups of genes whose expression in breast cancer patients are significantly inter-dependent and form the basis of important cancer and biological pathways and can be used for precision medicine. ImageImage
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Reinfection, immune evasion, and protection of residents in LTC

This thread looks at multiple studies that help reveal why #SARS2 can #reinfect hosts and evade #immune response, #vaccine waning, and what protects residents in Ontario #longtermcare and #retirement homes. 🧵1/ Infographic showing hundred...
An unrolled one-page web view for this long thread that may be easier to read or share can be found here ( ). 2/
The 1st study looks at the protection of residents in Nursing (LTC) and Retirement homes in Ontario (… ). Their results add to accumulating knowledge that recent vaccination is important to maintain protective immunity in older adults. H/T: @MsMacrophage 3/
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1/50 #Science is an ongoing process that serves to investigate phenomena, gain new insights or "correct prior knowledge" and this only works in #discourse. This includes diversity of #Opinion, #tolerance and a broad debate space. This is a large thread.
2/50 "#trust the science" is in my view the most #antiscience statement ever. #Questioning science is how you do #Science. This thread gives some examples and further questions.…
3/50 What about good ##scientific #Practice? I found a glaring example here (of all things, in what I consider to be a rush to #vaccine #approval). #blotgate…
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Covid is not a “single issue” 1

Every 4 Covid deaths = 1 US child loses a parent/caregiver

Healthcare staff shortages risk ALL patient lives

MILLIONS of newly disabled folks are entering a system that was already failing to meet needs

Life expectancy ⬇️

Domestic violence ⬆️
Covid is not a “single issue” 2

4 million workers are out of workforce from #LongCovid

#Hospitals are unsafe for EVERYONE who needs them

Opportunistic infections ⬆️ due to #immune damage

Many #vulnerable folks are into year 4 of isolation

#Schools are even more unsafe
Covid is not a “single issue” 3

#Covid causes #brain damage, leading to ⬆️ dementia, attention issues, human errors - there has been a record increase in traffic fatalities

#SuddenDeaths ⬆️

#Bullying #harassment #assault of vulnerable people ⬆️

Accessibility in #healthcare ⬇️
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Thought of creating a🧵on #Listeria infection as more people are curious to know about it.
Firstly it's very uncommon in #SriLanka but recently a few deadly cases were reported of persons who visited Adam's Peak (#Siripada) during the season.
So here goes..
#MedTwitter #lka
#Listeria infection is a foodborne bacterial illness that can be very serious for #pregnant women, people older than 65yrs and people with weakened #immune systems. Healthy people rarely become ill from listeria infection but the disease can be fatal to unborn babies,newborns
Might begin a few days after you've eaten contaminated food, but it can take 30 days or more before the first signs and symptoms of infection begin.
❗️Muscle aches

If infection spread to nervous system:
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eine Veranstaltung in der die #SARSCoV2 Pandemie sehr trivialisiert, relativiert, banalisiert wurde.
VOLLER hOpium 🫠

als Ziel breite Immunität 😳

Falschdarstellung dieser Erkrankung
nichts zur multiorgan involvement
Am Schlimmsten finde ich,
daß die aktuelle Verdrängung gutgeheißen wird & so getan wird als sei alles unter Kontrolle

Kein Mal wurde erwähnt,
dass #SARSCoV2 an Impfstoffen vorbei mutiert

Fokus weg von Corona 🤪

Oliver Keppler spricht von
"der Wissenschaft"
worst post pandemic narratives in LMU 😵‍💫 hOpium 😵‍💫
"pandemics are normal"
"Pandemien gab's schon immer"

I agree 100% Jonathan Mesiano Crookston
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CAR-T en #Lupus
Dra. María Galindo
#CARTcell #SLE 🧵🩺💊💉🧪🔬
#25TenTopicsBCN #TenTopics
Resetear el sistema inmune
#Reset #immune #system
#CARTcell #SLE 🧵🩺💊💉🧪🔬
#25TenTopicsBCN #TenTopics
¿Cómo se fabrica un #CART?
#CARTcell #SLE 🧵🩺💊💉🧪🔬
#25TenTopicsBCN #TenTopics
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#Bojo Recounts #Putin #Missile Attack Threat | -2h
- "He sort of threatened me at one point and said, 'Boris, I don't want to hurt you, but with a missile, it would only take a #minute,' or something like that," Johnson quoted Putin as saying…
@BorisJohnson @RishiSunak
The world has suffered for decades from the #AngloSaxon #AgathaChristie psychopath poisoning operations.
- That is why it is good for everyone that the #satanic forces are vaporized, asap.… ImageImage
@BorisJohnson @RishiSunak #PortonDown #Salisbury #Skripals #Syria #Douma #OPCW #Novichok #Navalny
1. #Novichok was used and produced in the #US since 2008. #Patent US 9,132,135 b2 | Sep 17, 2020.
2. #PortonDown: #Salisbury nerve agent 'attack' reveals $70M #Pentagon program
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"Every Canadian needs access to a family doctor. Governments need to step up and commit to doing what’s right for the system, instead of focusing on Band-Aid solutions."
"We need a true understanding that the best patient care is care in the community, and that in part, hospitalization for preventable illness is a failure."
I'd had we need a culture change from within and from outside healthcare.
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Thrilled to share our latest article in @NaturePortfolio Reviews Immunology exploring the role of platelets in #immune mediated inflammatory diseases such as #SLE. Open access link 🔓
A thread
In autoimmune & inflammatory diseases, platelets get activated in response to circulating autoAbs (directly or through FcGR2A binding), soluble factors such as DAMPs or infectious agents (ie through platelet TLR7). Platelet activation often follows disease activity -> biomarker
Upon activation platelets release pro-inflammatory molecules (ie, IL1b), express glycoproteins that promote the interaction with immune cells (ie P-selectin or CD40L) and release plat-derived extracellular vesicles which enhance the inflam « signal » thorough body & organs.
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1/4 "In this cohort study, more #severe acute illness, a higher #Charlson #Comorbidity #Index score, and being #unvaccinated were associated with a higher risk of reporting #COVID19 symptoms lasting 28 days or more."

#Unvaccinated and #immune naive or #convalescent?
2/4 "Participants with #COVID19 were more likely to seek medical care for #diabetes, #pulmonary, #neurological, and #mental health–related #illness for at least 6 months after onset compared with their pre-#COVID #baseline health care use patterns."
3/4 "These findings may inform the risk-benefit ratio of COVID-19 #vaccination #policy."

#SARSCoV2 #CovidIsNotOver #PASC #LongCovid

All were not checked for viral reservoirs and/or persistence, not tested in upper and lower respiratory tract and in the gastrointestinal tract.
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1/2 "Here, we demonstrate an increased survival of infected #honey #bee #larvae after their #queen was #vaccinated, compared to offspring of #control #queens (#placebo vaccinated)."…
2/2 "These results indicate that #trans-#generational #immune #priming (#TGIP) in insects can be used to majorly enhance #colony #health, protect #commercial #pollinators from #deadly #diseases, and reduce high #financial and #material losses to #beekeepers"
1/2 "The idea came to be known as the “#butterfly #effect” after Lorenz suggested that the flap of a butterfly's wings might ultimately cause a tornado."…
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How COVID actively suppresses and evades your immune system [Part 2]

Part 2 looks at how mild and moderate #COVID infection reprograms white #blood cells (#monocytes) to reduce #innate #immune functions and how it evades the mucus layer in our #nose. 🧵1/ Image of an AI generated interpretation of a COVID virus rep
An unrolled one-page web view for both parts of this long thread that may be easier to read or share can be found here ( ). 2/
If you haven't read part 1 yet on how the virus hides from T-cells and NK immune cells you can find it here: 3/
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How #COVID actively suppresses and evades your immune system [Part 1]

This thread highlights multiple methods that the virus uses to help keep reinfecting people including MHC-I and interferon suppression, evasion of Natural Killer (NK) cells, and reprogramming of monocytes.🧵1/ AI generated image of immun...
An unrolled one-page web view for this long thread that may be easier to read or share can be found here ( ). 2/
COVID has been doing this to varying degrees since the beginning which further reinforces that a vaccine only policy is not enough to stop the cycle of sickness, long term disability, and death. 3/
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Sharing our latest paper in @Nature (…), in which we ask whether non-hospitalized #COVID19 could change the status of the #immune system in ways that then impact future responses to a distinct perturbation, the #influenza #vaccine, long after recovery👇
We employ systems #immunology and #SingleCell multiomic approaches. Check out the reusable multimodal single cell, transcriptomics, circulating proteins and other data at:… and…
This work, led by Rachel Sparks, William Lau, and Can Liu, took advantage of a unique opportunity and unprecedented epidemiological environment during the early fall of 2020, months after the first wave of COVID-19, when those with mild COVID-19 had recovered clinically, 👇
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Our immune system is essential in keeping us healthy.

But the immune system also changes profoundly as we age.

Why is that? Could we prevent it?

Let's see how #singlecell biology can help us better understand #immune #aging

First, some background.

Everybody knows that the immune system is hugely complex.

#singlecell sequencing has (arguably) done more for the immune system than for other health applications.

Via #scRNAseq, we discovered & characterized crazily detailed immune cell phenotypes. Image
Such detailed phenotypes have been found in both healthy and diseased tissues.

I wrote several threads about this topic and find it to be one of the most foundational & fascinating progresses that have happened in biomedicine in the past 10 years.
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(start string) Nineteen yrs ago, a truck-bomb with 1-tn TNT changed my life. In the #UN office where I worked in #Iraq, it killed my spouse #Sergio and 21 friends. ‘Til today, no prosecutor or court ever gave us answers: why? B/c the #UN is #immune from prosecution
Ironically,#Sergio was #UN #HumanRights top man.Bomb survivors would like to know why immunity was never waived to bring justice. We are not alone:many withstand #abuse from international organizations’ #abuseofimmunity. Read my story in thread:
Following the impact of #Netflix ‘s movie #SergioNetflix, wanted to share a little about who #SergioVieiradeMello really was but above all, narrate what really happened after 2003 #Baghdad attack.We were a family when the bomb went off
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Thread 🧵👇:
After so many years of work and as a post Epstein-Barr virus infection #MECFS sufferer it makes me really happy that they have put our article on the cover of the August issue of Pathogens journal 👉
Until recently nobody talked about post-viral syndromes (actually they should be called chronic infectious syndromes) and they left all of us patients isolated both at a health and social level. Unfortunately it took another virus like #SARSCoV2 to show us how viruses are ...(2/)
...capable of developing chronic diseases like #LongCovid . It is curious that for bacterial infections we use antibiotics but for viral infections we leave it to our immune system to manage to control it. This must change. (3/)
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THABETA protocol

To treatment #COVID vaccine #side_effect

This protocol is designed to detox from the #spike_protein amyloid after the #mRNA vaccine to avoid #long_Covid and to remove triggers for #autoimmune disease after vaccination.
1837 patients with different side effects post COVID mRNA vaccine or suffering from long Covid symptoms have and are using this protocol
Efficacy = 97%
Against: #Myocarditis, #pericarditis , #MS , #Billy's palsy , #insulin_resistance #vasculitis , and other autoimmune conditions
1. N-acetyle cysteine: 2000 mg daily
NAC works as antidote for amyloid spike protein and removes proteins produced from ORF3a embedded in cell surface.
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#2 B-COMPLEX/MULTI VITAMIN. Buy a liposomal or other form that increases bio-availability. Take 1 capsule w/Breakfast and Lunch. If you have stomach upset, try sublingual (under tongue) EZ Melt B-Complex in AM & Multi w/iron for Dinner.…
#3 OMEGA 3s. Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Algae Oil are all good sources of Omega 3. Be careful the EPA/DHA ratio. EPA helps with inflammation/DHA helps with cognition. You need both! Opt for a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA (2:1 ratio eg. 800 DHA/400EPA)…
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This is the most straightforward explanation for chronic symptoms in at least a subset of #LongCovid patients. Partly b/c if the #virus is still present its activity can directly contribute to other phenomena also being documented in LongCovid
2/ Persistence of #SARS-CoV-2 in tissue could lead to shedding of spike protein into blood, which can catalyze the ongoing formation of microclots and hyperactivated platelets
3/ Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 can lead to ongoing downregulation of interferon and/or T cell signaling by the virus, creating an optimal atmosphere for activation of EBV or other #pathogens normally controlled by such immunity
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