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1/ #Crimea: #Ukraine #Grain #Scandal

Author –@CrimeanWind, #Telegram, Ukraine supporter

#Saldo & #Aksyonov cannot share the #Stolen #Grain.

Recall that in the #Kherson region, the [#Russian]- ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Collaborators…
Feb. xx:
2/ #Crimea: #Ukraine #Grain #Scandal

“..[#Russian]-occupation authorities introduced "#Permits" for the #Export of #Grain. They’re issued by #Collaborator, #EduardRepilevsky, whom the #Russians..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Betrayal #Coerced…
Feb. xx:
3/ #Crimea: #Ukraine #Grain #Scandal

“.[#Russian]-occupation authorities introduced "#Permits" for the #Export of #Grain. They are issued by #Collaborator, #EduardRepilevsky, whom the #Russians..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Betrayal #Coerced…
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I lost 70eth when I was using the new bidding system of @blur_io

Fat fingers and lack of sleep in web3, made this tragedy happen. However, it would avoid if it has a good UI/UX

I’m not going to complain but want to give my advice and make the web3 world better.

I’m excited about the @blur_io airdrop 3

I deposited 140+ eth to the pool and picked some collections to bid

To maximise my $BLUR points, I bid on all funds in each collection. The price is lower than the floor and fair enough to buy for Kubz prize, my coming project:

After a few bids, @blur_io displayed an error saying my balance is not enough to bid.

I want to check my balance, but the alert box covers the balance area. After a few clicks, I saw my balance dropped 70eth. At that moment, I just thought my BAYC offer might be accepted.

3/9 Image
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We Cross these streets together …
I’m fully aware, there is & always has been only 1 …


I saw the Threat, it’ll be stopped. . ImageImage
My Blood was needed, in the end peace is made & everything gets made right ..

The truth will not be too late. ImageImage
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Currently reading The Five Seconds Rule by @melrobbins

I'll be dropping lessons learnt on here.

#melrobbins #5secondrules #Reading #readingcommunity

1. No matter how bad your life can seem, you can always make it worse.
2. Knowing what you need to do isn't enough to create a change.
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No.. it can't possibly be due to some incompetent prick inviting the world and his wife to the narrowest strip of England.
Or due to govt failing to restrict travel & protect SW England yet again.
Here's some truth: a THREAD of unfiltered truth and fact.…
This map shows the increases in infections...
...and also the route driven by holidaymakers traveling to Cornwall. At Exeter most take the A30 to Cornwall and you can see how Covid case increase did the same.
More to follow... Image
The same map with hotspots highlighted. As you can see, Cornwall is a hotspot hundreds of miles from any other, meaning the new cases were caused not by local diffusion but by insertion - ie carried in person specifically from one terminal point to another. There's more... Image
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Das Auszählen der namentlichen Abstimmung über die #Moria Anträge wird sehr gründlich durchgeführt.
Zu erwarten ist, dass mit einzelnen Ausnahmen alle in SPD, Union, FDP und afd gegen die #Moria-Anträge gestimmt haben.

Angegriffen werden wird v.a. die SPD und die werden sich erwartbar darüber empören: Der Koalitionsvertrag, sie könnten nicht anders - und dafür Linke ..
.. angreifen, weil es unredlich sei, die SPD vorzuführen.

Nur: Es ist halt Rolle der linken Opposition, von links Druck auszuüben, und nicht, den Koalitionsvertrag samt CDU zu streicheln.
Letztlich hilft das auch der SPD bei der Bewegung nach links. Gehört beides dazu.
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Trump Rally at Clackamas Town Center. According to the Facebook page, the car rally should to downtown Portland around 6pm. #LiveOnK2
A quick walking tour of the parking lot. Flags as far as the eye can see. This is just half the crowd. #LiveOnK2
“Fours More Years!”

The Flag Ride at the Trump Rally #LiveOnK2
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As an outsider in Hindi film Industry making film was not a problem for me as I never required funds. Principle to work for content based cinema with genuine creative talent made my road easy. Gave chances to new talents and never cared for mafias. Created my own world and space.
Though It was very difficult to exhibit the films initially even after spending for PnA. But then our films got international recognitions and we worked on our brand of cinema, then established makers In fact started looking to us to source content/talent/ideas
Basically don’t look for their acceptance, create your rules, space and life. As long as u are good and have the wherewithal no body can harm you. Infact they will try to friend you and look for you. And then you can ignore them on your will.
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Twice Members Who I strongly Believe Are Real Life Gay/Bi or Straight

A #Thread Image
Sana: She gives off the same gay vibe as Kristen Stewart. everyone knew KStew was gay!. it was just a matter of time before she came out

There's a reason Sana's always ranked so high on the LGBT list. She's Gay/Bi aka NOT straight. you can just sense it #Waiting🌈 ImageImageImageImage
Chaeyoung: Seems like a free spirit, she goes where the wind takes her. if that's into the arms of another woman then I don't think she'd be opposed to the idea of dating another girl❤️ ImageImageImage
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