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#EdTech | From #BYJU’S to #Unacademy – competition in India’s fast-rising online education sector - by @sanchdash

@unacademy @BYJUS @vedantu_learn #Eruditus…
The opportunity in Indian #EdTech is huge and the top edtech startups are all vying for the same pie. In 2020 alone, India’s edtech startups have raised over $1.5 billion which is just as much as the startups had raised in the past five years put together.

According to a Redseer report, India’s #EdTech startups had raised $1.6 billion between 2014-2019. Here's a look at the valuations of India's fast-rising #onlinelearning sector.

@BYJUS @unacademy @vedantu_learn #Eruditus
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#onlinelearning lagi yuk bahas tips UMKM buat bertahan dimasa PSBB apa siih..

Simak ya

#PSBBJakarta #UMKMYes
10 Tips agar UMKM Tetap bertahan di masa PSBB

PSBB yg mulai Senin, 14 September 2020 menutup semua perkantoran kecuali 11 bidang yang masuk dalam kategori penting. Tempat hiburan dan tempat usaha yang tidak termasuk ke dalam 11 kategori penting mau tidak mau harus juga ditutup.
Agar bisnis tetap dapat berjalan dan mendapat pemasukan dalam keadaan PSBB ini, berikut beberapa tips untuk para pemilik UMKM.
Simak ya..

#OnlineLearning #wulantalk #PSBBJakarta
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I'm going to try to put something more extensive together this week, but in the meantime, this might be helpful to newly online educators who are struggling with the question of how to engage students online:…

Many of us think of online engagement in these three buckets:
1. Teacher-student
2. Student-student
3. Student-content

Found this article calling that the "Trifecta of Student Engagement."
Instead of the current obsession with synch vs. asych, your time might be better spent here. Look through your course plans and identify which bucket your activities/assignments/content fall under. Do you have a balance of the three?
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Morning, lets discuss regarding how to prepare ourselves to get a job.

Unemployment is not an excuse for you to be relaxed, it is actually the best time to train your skills so you can be better prepared when you get a job. Here are some tips ...

Here are some tips of what to do to make your free time productive.

1. Freelance
Nowadays, there are many websites that provide a place to apply for jobs with a freelance system.

With this system, not only you can train your skills, you can also promote your skills to the general public with the portfolio that you publish. From there, people who are in need of your skills can easily find and contact you directly.

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I just read an article in #HigherEd world that said it's not okay to misspeak in your instructional videos and probably thousands of people read this and I just want to say that's not actually true.

The mistakes are the best part.

One of my least favorite parts of #highered is this hatred of mistakes and being human.
If you restart recording every time you make a mistake you will spend all your waking hours recording videos because you are a human being and we make mistakes. And who does that serve? No one. That time can be put toward your own rest and play or student support.
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I want to say a quick thing about pre-course surveys from a #traumaaware perspective. I think they are a great way to connect. AND. Please do not phrase them in such a way that students will feel required to share their stories and trauma with you...

I think it's okay to say "Is there anything that you'd like me to know so that I can best support you in this class?"

I don't think it's okay to say, "Tell me what challenges you are facing this term."

See the difference?

You can also add a note that the survey is optional. In short, it's critical to make this a choice not a requirement. As @AlexSVenet says, we are not the trauma detectives.

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"This flexibility can also greatly benefit
students with health concerns for whom participation is
contingent upon treatment schedules and feeling well enough to perform required tasks."

Wow, pleasantly surprised by this inclusion of #chronicillness in the regs.
"The individual pacing made possible by
asynchronous learning allows for a more tailored educational experience that promotes mastery of subject matter over attendance in scheduled activities."

#highered #onlinelearning
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On the @usedgov preliminary release of the #distanceeducation definition final federal reg today...some comments....…

#distancelearning #onlinelearning
@usedgov On "correspondece course" - p. 41:
"The most significant change made to the definition of “correspondence course” in these regulations is the removal of the concept of self-pacing, which is not vital to the distinction between correspondence courses and distance education." 2/x
@usedgov For distance education definition...not emergency enactment, so the definition goes into effect on July 1, 2021.
However, institutions have the option of early adoption of this definition prior to that date. 3/x
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Wrapping up our 3-day @OLCToday workshop with @CleaMahoney and our amazing faculty learners. Our topic is teaching synchronous sessions. Guess what? Come closer...most of our workshop is asynchronous...
I continue to hear about institutions mandating that educators teach their formerly f2f classes in a fully synchronous format. If that ship has sailed, do your best. But I do want to repeat my plea: don't do this.

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Mau share lanjutan kultwit kemarin ah ttg kuliah
Kali ini ttg skripsi

Simak ya..

#HumanResource Image
Pasti ada di antara kalian yang deg degan terus bingung, sidang ngapain aja? tahap persentasinya gimana si ?

1. Membuka presentasi skripsi
yap membuka, memang rasanya deg degan awali dengan bismillah dan
lakukan ucapkan salam
“Assalamu’alaikum, selamat pagi,.. Image
...Salam sejahtera buat kita semua”
“Pada kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada dosen penguji (sebutkan nama penguji masing-masing dan gelar) yang telah mempersilahkan saya untuk mempresentasikan skripsi yang berjudul (Judul materi)“.

#WulanTalk Image
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The @OLCToday Accelerate conference program is posted. I'll be presenting a pre-conference workshop on #HumanizingOL and a discovery session on using scope of practice to support trauma aware teaching.

The pre-conference workshop is an add-on registration. Details here:…
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I can’t get past the paywall, but I think it’s safe to say that I disagree.
Also “free of distractions” is not an actual thing y’all.
Okay wait, I logged in to my free account and I can see it.
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I will be facilitating an Online Teaching Foundation circle with @LumenLearning through Lumen Circles (formerly @facultyguild) this fall.

Y'all know I'm always looking for spaces of mutualism that benefit both faculty and students...

This model is the real deal, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. If you're looking for transformational #facdev offerings on a variety of topics (online learning, OER, active learning, etc.), you can find more info here:

I've also added the Lumen info on my website under Events:

Happy to chat in DM with any questions too.

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I want to follow-up on the Making Shapes in Zoom article with a few more thoughts on TEACHING students how to engage in a @zoom_us (or whatever) session.

Depending on class size, consider setting up 1:1 Zoom sessions with students. These can be 15 minutes each with the goal of helping students turn their cameras and mics on and off, use the chat, and play around with the other Zoom engagement tools. Let them PRACTICE!
If you have small enough numbers, this 1:1 practice time is going to be a worthwhile investment for you that will pay off in engagement in later group sessions. I promise.
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[Thread on #remoteteaching]

Thank you @ProfJohnRBuck for a wonderful convo on fall remote teaching. I always learn so much from our discussions and the call today was no exception! For the benefits of others, here are a few things that came up in the call. #AcademicTwitter

What is the best way to develop a personal connection with students, when we won't be seeing each other face to face ever. It's different than in spring, when we started off with face-to-face instructions. This requires some serious thinking. #onlinelearning #remotelearning

How to encourage class participation when many universities (like Rutgers) are recommending asynchronous remote teaching (for obvious reasons that students might be spread across different time zones). This also brings up the question of equitable teaching.

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Apa perbedaan utama antara pembelajaran online & pembelajaran offline? Apa yang Anda sukai?
Sptnya lagi heboh , Ayo dibahas...

Ada apa dengan belajar online? Sejak Pandemi, bagaikan disulap semalam,semua orang dipaksa bergeser kepada komunikasi ONLINE. Belajar pun gak luput dari bidikan Online!

Tentu saja cara belajar online adalah hal yang masih sangat asing di telinga orang Indonesia karena kita selalu berpikir bahwa komputer, internet dan hal-hal yang berbau online hanya di gunakan untuk bermain,menghabiskan waktu, bukan untuk belajar

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A thread on our upcoming workshop on facilitating live, online sessions (aka running a Zoom). @CleaMahoney and I are offering this through @OLCToday August 19-21.

I'm hearing about a lot of folks who are going to be leaning heavily on synchronous teaching elements this fall. Please support those educators by providing them quality #profdev on HOW to do this work.

Our workshop will not only model two styles of facilitation (informal and formal), but we'll also help you decide WHEN to use synch methods vs. asynch alternatives. Remember, synchronous is the ketchup; asynch is the burger.

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1/ Hey #MedEd and #MedTwitter! #TwagTeamBackAgain because it is #TweetorialTuesday! We are the one and only #MedEdTwagTeam.

Today is all about providing all learners with the best #OnlineLearningEnvironment possible. It's #Equity week y'all! Image
2/ Here is the series of #tweetorials that @JenniferSpicer4 and I have been bringing you every Tuesday.

Welcome to week 8! Make sure to go back and check out our previous threads. Just search #MedEdTwagTeam. Image
3/ This is the last #TweetorialTuesday in this #OnlineLearning series. But, don’t fret! We will be back next week!

@JenniferSpicer4 and I have been cooking up loads of #MedEd content for y’all. Our current plan should take us all the way into 2021! Image
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1/ This is a letter from a math teacher in my District to our School Board. Shared with permission.

Please read and retweet:
My name is Courtney and I am a high school #math #teacher.

In March, I contracted, battled and survived #COVIDー19.

2/ I am an active and healthy 26-year-old. The type of person people say “shouldn’t be stressed” about this virus, much like our students. COVID-19 is a sickness unlike any I have ever endured. The weakness my body felt was worse than any flu, cold or stomach virus I’ve ever had.
3/ My symptoms started slowly, a slight cough, that sent chills down my spine in fear that I had contracted the virus. I immediately quarantined. That evening I started having chest pains similar to heartburn, and the next morning I awoke with a #fever.
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Updated my avatar with a screenshot of Lecture 10, finishing my back-to-back recording marathon. 🥵

Getting to grips with our Brave New World of #onlinelearning!! Image
For me the purpose of asynchronous lectures is to

- Present a clear & engaging overview
- Ensure they understand the topic &
- Make them eager to learn more!

To that end

- I spoke directly to the camera
- Rehearsed each lecture in advance
- No slides (they can read separately)
This is NOT advice for other people's teaching.

Just sharing my own pedagogy:

I don't see the value of speaking over slides.

They can read that material separately,

And don't need me to read it aloud to them.

Far better to engage, motivate, & inspire independent study (IMO).
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1/ Hey #MedEd and #MedTwitter! #TwagTeamBackAgain with another #TweetorialTuesday from the one and only #MedEdTwagTeam

Today, I take some of the things we have taught you over the last 6 weeks and organize them based on the type of teaching you may be planning to do.
2/ Here is the series of #tweetorials that @JenniferSpicer4 and I have been bringing you every Tuesday.

Welcome to Week 7! Make sure to go back and check out our previous threads if they are of interest. Just search #MedEdTwagTeam
3/ We have been bringing you a lot tips and tricks about #Zoom:

Optimizing Settings
File Transfer
Screen Sharing
Breakout Rooms
Collaborative Tools
Splitting Your Screen
Sharing Partial Screens
Virtual White Boards

But how to make sense of it all?
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Thread Wonder if people bitching to me about #onlinelearning realize that was Derek's only alternative when actively doing radiation/chemo? With discipine, boundaries, communication with teachers his GPA was unchanged in transition. This can be done if you choose. 1/5
I have people actually arguing with me that their kid "just can't learn" that way. They "can't" sit still. They "can't" focus. Fuck you. You are the parent, act like a fucking parent. If your kid "actually" can't sit still, get them to a doctor for ADD. Stop being selfish 2/5
My kid was throwing up from chemo medication and did it. My kid was shitting himself from chemo and did it. He was having fucking RADIATION blasted into his BRAIN and was able to fucking concentrate. Stop making excuses for your child! 3/5
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Writing around this, and I have to say, the solutions to the challenges that our students are facing are what we've been teaching in online first year seminars for the past fifteen years or so. Nothing in this list is surprising.
The same first year seminars that have been underresourced, ignored, belittled, discounted, mocked, etc. for the past fifteen years.

Oh yes, and the same first year seminars that teach "soft skills," right?
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Y’all are really trying to avoid #OnlineLearning huh?
I mean I haven’t been in a f2f classroom since 2014. What goes on in there? Candy? Horsey rides? Cash giveaways?
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