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1/“What are we to make of the fact that the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church has been rife with holy wars, “ends justify the means” colonializing and forced and coerced conversions when as we consider double-effect? Even the vows priests make >…
2/“to their bishops entail a kind of “ends justify the means” fealty. (Obey the bishop, even if doing so violates conscience, because preserving Mother Church is a greater good.) Yet when it comes to that ten-year old girl, the men who make and break the rules, >
3/“who can not ever bear live children, become Pauline principle purists.”
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@Deedledeeh @ambernoelle GURL if you wanna feel good afterwards get a doula and a midwife to help w the birth. Doctors tend to rush birth and that increases tearing. The perineum has evolved to stretch. The ONLY reason to shout PUSH at a person birthing is if the fetus is dying.
Birth is a reflex.
@Deedledeeh @ambernoelle Also make sure you read
all the Ina May Gaskin books.

And get as many prenatal massages as you can afford. Sometimes massage schools need ‘models’ and will give you free massages.
@Deedledeeh @ambernoelle Also worth noting
Despite a lot of loud chaotic movie scenes that tell a story to the contrary- birth is not inherently painful. Remember that some women even orgasm during birth. No natural bodily functions are painful.
Read painless birth stories every night before bed.
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@Gialde @SiryjVovk @goblin_skreech @girlgeek_rva @resist_cynicism @jdgtranen There were no forced vaccines.
And also have you seen a needle four inches in diameter? I haven’t.
The forced movement of a 4 inch circle of your molecules is called physical trauma, and must be consensual or its assault. #ForcedBirth
Do you have any
questions about vaccines?
@Gialde @SiryjVovk @goblin_skreech @girlgeek_rva @resist_cynicism @jdgtranen The reason I keep bringing up the physical process of birth, is bc moving 4 square in. of your body out of the way, can kill you.
It causes permanent disability, long term healthcare costs, long healing periods away from work or family care issues. Can’t chase suicidal kids, etc
@Gialde @SiryjVovk @goblin_skreech @girlgeek_rva @resist_cynicism @jdgtranen Have you ever had major surgery?
Afterwards you are not allowed to get out of bed or you could pop stitches and die of internal bleeding. They tell you to hold still as much as possible.
Now add on a baby that needs liquid feces cleaned out of his hair. How do you do that still?
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I think its time to talk about #ReligiousFreedom and exactly where one person’s #freedom starts, and another’s ends. And no I’m not talking about a woman’s body dividing cells, I’m talking about breathing adults who #vote
#ReligiousFreedom is SO important to everybody. And I agree that I ALSO want my own #FreedomOfReligion. But other people DON’T get to define that.
I am in charge of my own #belief systems. You could even say I’m RESPONSIBLE for them🤔
No matter how wacky they got, the point in time where I am no longer allowed to practice my #Religion, would start IF it harmed another breathing adult, and that word #harm is pretty loaded too, isn’t it?
How do we define #Freedom?
How do we define #Life?
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