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The race is on to find a #COVID19 vaccine. We’ve conducted an in-depth review of the development pipeline and immunization and demand scenarios. What might a #vaccine mean for the #pandemic—and society? Here are 11 tweets about what we’ve learned. (1/11)
So when could we get a #vaccine? Globally, scientists are working on more than 250 potential ‘candidate’ vaccines; 30 have reached clinical study stage; around 25 are poised to enter human trials in 2020.… (2/11)
There is growing optimism: Scientists and governments are reporting timelines for emergency use of candidate #vaccines between Q4 2020—Q1 2021 (although we are unlikely to see vaccines for broad population use until later in 2021).… (3/11)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/08/2020…
Why Decentralization Matters. We’ve forgotten there’s a better way to… | by Chris Dixon | OneZero…

The debate over masks today is a lot like the decades-long fight to mandate seat belts - CNN…

#belts #debate #seat #masks
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1. News: Schumer threatens to SUE to stop President Trump from using EO to give Americans RELIEF!

Opposes unemployment benefits & tax relief for U.S. citizens, but supports DACA -Thread 8.7.20… #Schumer #Sue #Trump #Relief
2. News: In Rare Rebuke, Top GOP Senators Write & Accuse Schiff, Pelosi, Warner & Schumer of “KNOWINGLY” Spreading Disinformation on Foreign Intel… #Democrats #Schumer #Pelosi #Schiff
3. News: REMEMBER: Chuck Schumer scrambles to get rid of $22,000 that Jeffrey Epstein donated to his election efforts in the 1990s (8.7.20 Evening thread)… #Schumer #Epstein
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1. News: President Trump Makes Cryptic (?) Remark at Ohio Speech: “I Have a Lot of Enemies…This May Be the Last Time You’ll See Me for a While” – Thread 8.7.20
h/t @bennyjohnson
via @gatewaypundit #Trump #Ohio #Cryptic #Enemies
2. News: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – US Added 1.76 Million New Jobs in July Showing the US Is In Its Greatest Recovery Ever… #Trump #Jobs #Trump2020 #Trump2020Victory
3. News: President Trump is Right – Former Obama DAG Sally Yates Was Either LYING or Incompetent Based on Her Testimony Before the US Senate… #Trump #Yates #perjury @Obamagate
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Another #tech bubble? There’s a lot of talk about the FANG mega-cap #growth companies leading the market, just like 2000. The #tech companies’ narrow leadership of the #SPX is a big reason perma-bears are hating on the #market. Right or wrong? Let’s take a closer look. (THREAD)
1/ In 1999 I did a deep dive on the top darling stocks to compare the lopsided leadership of the late 1990s to the early to mid-1970s. Earlier, during the 1960s, the cyclical #bullmarket from Oct. 1966 to Nov. 1968 produced a huge bubble in retail speculation.
2/ #Tech & space companies were big favorites. Then came the #recession of 1970 & a painful bear market that wiped out speculators. During that decline & recovery, institutional investors dominated the #stockmarket & were buying tried-and-true stocks with bulletproof #earnings.
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So this #Stupidity hits close to home. So a #discussion on #arsenicum album 30.
📌30 means 30 times diluted, standard for #Homeopathy
📌What is #diluted? ➡️ #Arsenic trioxide
📌#homeopath says only 0.443mg of compound per pellet
📌Thats #safety levels right? ➡️ NO.
Read on
#Arsenic whatever form, concentration, level, is #dangerous #harmful to #humans.
📌Even LOW DOSE intermediate to #long use can lead to #Cancer
📌Actually, many types of #Cancers - #skin, #liver, #bladder, #kidney, #lung
📌Those with #diabetes #heartdisease its #deathwish
📌NOT one proper #study on this #drug in #Medical #history
📌Read artilce @AltNewsScience debunking fake evidence:
📌#traditional use was in #diarrhea
📌#pseudoscience at its best
👇 Arsenic is As and not ARS
🔥Even though arsenicum album is #crap
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It’s time for a #MedicareForAll thread! We have an atrocious system that is far and away the most expensive in the world with some of the worst outcomes, middle of the road wait times. We can do better. #kssen #ksleg #M4A 1/
Current #healthcare:
1.Burdens businesses
2. Too expensive and economically wasteful
3. Has worse outcomes than other nations
4. Limits individual Freedoms
#M4A #kssen
#healthcare expenditures are a drag on business. Healthcare costs have outpaced the growth of the economy & businesses pay more. Reducing our healthcare expenditures & ending employer-provided plans will allow American businesses to be more competitive internationally. 3/
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Fascinating (but not surprising) that MOST #ANTZ call out from their ECHO (Echo echo) chambers claiming to know what ALL #vape 'fans' think. So here's a tweet thread from a persons who #vapes and is a fan of #TobaccoHarmReduction, to clarify what ONE person in that group thinks..
I'm completely in favor of 'phasing out' combustible #cigarettes. #THR products like #vape, #snus & #HTP could do that in a decade or so if the moron #ANTZ (like Ruth) had not demonized #nicotine & currently .. 'fight' against alternative nicotine products.
But when an #ANTZ says 'phasing out', my auto-correct inserts 'prohibition', and I definitely don't support that. It is a #HumanRight for people to choose to consume drugs, and the role of (ACTUAL) #PublicHealth ppl should be to encourage them to do so in the safest way possible.
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The sought future of "#healthcare" - "The #WEF, the int. org. for public-private cooperation, hosts the #PrivateSector Constituency of #UHC2030 & provides a platform for interaction for all UHC2030 partners & health systems networks."

#GreatReset #UBI #WorldBank #WHO
When universal basic income (#UBI) begins to be rolled out globally, expect #public #healthcare to disappear. Further, payments will be linked to benefits via the #blockchain - ensuring full spectrum #compliance & #servitude of whole societies.

#Covid19 as catalyst #greatreset
The UHC2030 hosted by the #WorldBank Group & the #WHO. "#UHC does not mean #healthcare is free. It means that personal (out-of-pocket) payments do not deter people from using services & that people are protected from "catastrophic #health expenditures"...…
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Wednesday’s @ProgNewsDaily contains over 100 articles & videos you NEED to see to stay current on the latest developments in: the federal judge assassination attempt,

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another dead soldier at #FtHood, more @_michaelbrooks video tributes, lots of coverage of the #Constitutionalviolations happening in #Portland, #RealityWinner diagnosed with #COVID19, #defundpolice, so many stories!

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Wednesday’s Top Articles:

* #FortHood IDs Another Soldier Found Dead Off Post - @Militarydotcom

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For a virus that presents "few to no symptoms" for the majority, "U.S. Orders Up to 600 Million Doses of #Pfizer, BioNTech Covid #Vaccine" (Bloomberg).…

So let's take a look at Pfizer.
"Pfizer is a publicly-traded global pharma corp.headquartered in NYC. Its revenues reached $52.5 billion in 2017. #Pfizer makes Advil, Xanax, #DepoProvera, Neosporin, #Lyrica & Dimetapp. Pfizer manufacturers more than 350 different pharmaceuticals & operates in 180 countries.
Pfizer's Lyrica, the new vallium, linked to depression, anxiety & suicide, now top pain medication on PBS. #Pregabalin #Addiction. Addicts of #hydromorphone (#Opioid) (Pfizer) have found a new addiction w/ #Lyrica. Capsules are opened, crushed & snorted.…
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Today’s @ProgNewsDaily may have the most BIG headlines since we launched 4 1/2 months ago. Don’t miss this edition! Almost 100 stories, covering #JudgeEstherSalas, whose family was targeted for execution,

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our government selling us out to #bigPharma, the teenager still in jail for not doing her #homework, tributes to @_michaelbrooks of @tmbsfm & @majorityfm, who passed away suddenly at 37 yesterday & so much more.

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Tuesday’s Top Articles:

* Alleged #Salas Family Assailant Previously Worked for US/Israeli #IntelligenceLinked Firm - @_whitneywebb #unlimitedhangout…

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1/ I've read many theories about why Italy was hit so hard by the #COVID19 crisis. Twitter Doctors and alike wrote about proxemics, air pollution or lung capacity. Ultimately, it might come down to one thing: failed politics has broken the healthcare system.
2/ Italy's hospital were clearly overwhelmed with the number of patients during the peak of the coronavirus crisis. According to the Gimbe Foundation, the Italian healthcare system is deteriorating because of insufficient funding. A trend that can be observed all over Italy.
3/ The government has cut 37 billion Euros of healthcare funding between 2010 and 2019. As you might know, the European debt crisis peaked between 2010 - 2012. Unfortunately the government is not only spending little, it is also wasting a lot: about 23 billion Euros every year.
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#Airborne transmission: defined as the spread of an infectious agent caused by the dissemination of droplet nuclei (#aerosols) that remain infectious when suspended in air over long distances & time. What do we know about this route for #COVID19 #SARSCoV2? A #thread 🧵
Experimental studies have generated #aerosols of infectious samples using high-powered jet nebulizers under controlled laboratory conditions. #SARSCoV2 #Covid_19 #IDtwitter
Some studies in #healthcare settings where symptomatic #COVID19 patients were cared for but where #aerosol generating procedures were not performed found #SARSCoV2 #RNA but the quantity of RNA detected was in extremely low numbers. #airborne #transmission
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As physicians, we take the privilege of practicing medicine and our responsibility to our patients seriously. We also understand our ethical responsibility to speak up if situations arise that endanger quality care or access for our patients.… /1
We are not only stewards of #healthcare, but function as part of an early warning system to protect the public. This is our social contract. It exists with our patients, both individually and collectively. /2
The Canada Health Act clearly states provinces are required to support a health care system that meets principles of accessibility, comprehensiveness, universality & portability. It must provide reasonable compensation for insured health services rendered by med. practitioners./3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/29/2020-2…

How conspiracy theories emerge—and how their storylines fall apart…

#conspiracy #theories #fall
Artificial Intelligence Can't Deal With Chaos, But Teaching It Physics Could Help…

#ArtificialIntelligence #physics #DynamicSystems #chaos #unpredictability
Yes, you should still go to the dentist. But be careful.…

#DentalCare #coronavirus #healthcare
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#Germany Government Denounces #Coronavirus #COVID19 as "a Worldwide false alarm" in scathing new report that began as an accidental leak to the public from inside the govt. Decimates the LIES of #BillGates & #Fauci Drug Cartels…
-The dangerousness of #Covid19 was overestimated
-Probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond normal level.
-The people who die from #Coronavirus are essentially those who would statistically die this yr because they have reached the end of their lives
-Their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 different #coronavirus types currently in circulation). (& many other illnesses which give a positive on a PCR test)
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Florida and the U.S. both set new records for #COVID cases today. Higher than March, higher than April. The highest it’s been. Yet I have a *select* few followers from South Florida who call me a fear-mongerer for sharing these facts. Let’s review their arguments:

Hospitalizations are down, they insist

(source: @MiamiDadeCounty)

@MiamiDadeCounty Testing more, they say…

(Testing in orange. Source: @MiamiDadeCounty)

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This is the single best advice for any doctor at any stage: listen to nurses. In particular, listen to Black nurses

Also, protect nurses. In healthcare the terminology is “writing orders” - if that is not power imbalance, I don’t know what is

One thing I have noticed on social media is: even at pre-med stage, the condescension & disrespect towards nurses sometimes is already there

Much of recent #MedTwitter drama I engaged in was because, though I knew it would be wise to “look away” could not

not if vs Black nurses
Across the board, regardless of race, when nurses, or anyone, is bullied within in clinical practice settings - setting that already have high rates of error

on many levels

it is anti-#safety and #quality for patients & staff

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This, today, would be considered flat out torture

First, women’s health was not studied. Even when women’s health was studied, it was by harming black & indigenous women

When women talk of safe spaces I look at race

We know this has existed throughout history ...and now
In modern society, how does a woman with education and privilege seeking career success “lean in”?

She likely has someone else - often a low wage dark skinned woman - looking after her kids, cleaning bathrooms, cooking meals.…
What I have come to realize at midcareer & reading history more deeply

privileged women’s advancement requires exploitation of the disadvantaged, especially low income women

It is partly why election results in 2016 *was* voting for own interest in fact…
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A short smattering of the research I'm following this week re #COVID19, and why my editorial take on why these matter:
1. Not surprisingly, but quite relevant to those of us working in #healthcare with reuse of masks: N95 masks stop fitting when you reuse them. Why #GetMePPE @getusppe still matters.…
2. Reassuringly, kids may be less likely to *contract* #COVID19 (we already know they're less likely to get really sick).

This may help us re-open schools. Note, though, that this model depends on testing data - therefore, it has LOTS of limitations.…
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How can we move beyond bias recognition towards anti racist transformation in #meded and #healthcare? ... a thread
Bias trainings have mixed results and have evoked critique and controversy. In a recent piece with #meded thought leaders @ChrisWatling3 and @CristinaMDNYC we argue that there is a lack of sound theory-informed educational strategies regarding bias recognition and management. /1
Transformative Learning Theory proposed by Jack Mezirow may provide some guidance. Mezirow Mezirow argued that reflection and dialogue synergistically influence one another to foster transformation of an individual’s personal paradigm. /2
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I’ve seen a lot of violence & hate towards #police. It’s frustrating to me that I see tweets painting all police officers w same brush. I believe that their are systematic issues that impact POC, women, inds in lower socioeconomic status that are inherent & oppressive 1/
as well as dangerous. I would argue that systematic oppression also exists in #healthcare #academia. Do we, as a society condone the increased violence against nurses & physicians? Is this violence a result of a #brokensystem? Should we eradicate healthcare? I believe that 2/
systems need to be majorly restructured but again to lump all those who are police, or go into healthcare or academia as ‘bad’ ‘racist’ is unfair. Are there inds that go into these fields that are bad? Yes. But I also believe many go into these professions in attempts 3/
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