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If you think the failed #freedomconvoy22 s were focused on removing COVID mandates please think again because I disagree.⬇️
Recent research shows some individuals have strong desires to incite chaos when they perceive themselves to be marginalized by society. These individuals tend to see chaos as a way to invert the power structure and gain social status in the process.…
#FreedomConvoy2022 featured white supremacists & neo-Nazis mobilized under the guise of more popular grievances in order to further their agendas. Aside from overthrowing our duly elected gov't what were/are their agendas? What was gained by #illegaloccupations and #blockades?
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GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! The #freedomconvoy22 has arrived at Hagerstown speedway, right outside DC!!

Credit: “Richard Citizen Journalist” on Telegram (he was banned from Twitter last year for exposing truth!)
2/ 🇺🇸🙏🏻
#HonkHonk 😍
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So here’s what happened on the #EmergenciesAct in @SenateCA today: speeches were going ~50/50 for & against. Solid legal arguments were presented against the Act and emotional ones presented for the Act…#unityconvoy #cdnpoli #nlpoli #freedomconvoy22
Cabinet ministers and the gov senate leader started calling senators to assess support for continuation of the Act. The numbers weren’t looking good - suggestions of around 45 against - despite most of the senators being Trudeau appointees. That’s when the decision was made and…
a hastily called news conference was arranged. The government saw the writing on the wall and pulled the plug. This is a huge victory for Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and for the people of Canada. I was voting NO, btw. See my speech here:
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1/ By now we know that the WEF has "penetrated" the Canadian Government on a multitude of levels and positions throughout parliament. FOLLOW THE WHOLE THREAD because this one implicates how they are getting away with it.
2/ A conflict of interest is defined as such.
3/ The World Economic Forum, which is an NGO, lobbying organization, has it's own set of interests which it promotes and lobbies to governments and businesses, with the appointment of it's Young Global Leaders and Members to steer them in the direction of their mission.
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0/ What are crypto markets signalling right now?

To find out check out Option's insight weekly Tuesday crypto breakdown below 🧵👇
1/ Strong correlation to risk assets after rejecting key resistance levels and Russia tensions escalating. No "safe haven" bid as many had hoped for as the marginal crypto investor is trading this like a high beta risk asset. Tighter FED policy will cast a shadow this year. Image
2/ ETF flows have picked up suggesting some insto bid and also libertarians up in arms after Canadian authorities go all in against #freedomconvoy22. Nice piece from @Blockworks_ on #BTC role
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Time for follow up on the thread re: La Crete Chamber sending a bus to #Ottawa on February 13 well after it was known the protest was not peaceful or lawful, with plans to meet with their MP @ArnoldViersen


#freedomconvoy22 #RamRanchResistance
Andrew F, who was on the bus, updated the Chamber's posts about their timeline and also the group had a "very good meeting" with MP @ArnoldViersen. This was on Feb. 17, after #Ontario declared a state of emergency and the #EmergenciesAct was in place.

#OttawaOccupation #Ottawa
Their MP wasn't the only "famous face" they met; Barbie H, who appears to also be part of the La Crete Chamber group from her posts on the Mackenzie County Freedom Rally 2022 Facebook Group, is pictured here with #OttawaSiege organizers Danny Bulford and Chris Barber.

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Good morning from Ottawa where shit is tense. Huge line of cops and a line of protestors two or three deep. Chants of “Were not going to take it” and “hold the line.” #freedomconvoy22
Police just pushed the protestors back quite a bit to behind another set of trucks. They yelled and pushed back a bit but moved.
Lots of worried faces. Saw some kids with their parents who looked rather scared. Think many die hards realizing this is the end of the occupation.
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@Alexa22022 Another source stating the same. Protesters arrested then dropped in the middle of nowhere in the cold.
@Alexa22022 🇨🇦 Canadian protester who got arrested confirms the rumors about protesters in Ottawa being dropped off 20 minutes away. #freedomconvoy22 #TrudeauTyranny
@Alexa22022 A man speaks about his false flag arrest by police today as they first beat him, stuffed him in a bus with other 'arrested' protestors, then threatened to sign a document he would leave Ottawa – He did not sign, and then police dropped him off 1.5 hours by foot outside of Ottawa
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Tensions growing in Ottawa as police move very slowly towards the crowd. #freedomconvoy22

Also I’m here
There is a family with a young boy standing in front of some riot cops “holding the line.” Not gonna tweet the photo of the kid for obvious reasons but here’s the cops.
Shouts of “hold the line” as Quebec cops (shipped in as reinforcement) and protestors show off. Tear gas guns and a couple long rifles are clearly displayed by the cops.

A younger guy behind me just explained to an older woman what kettling is.
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Okay apparently a troll group called #RamRanchResistance has infiltrated the largest Windsor Trucking Protest channel on Zello called "Convoy for our Freedom Windsor". Had thousands of members. Insider initiated some kind of algorithmic attack #WindsorBlockade #freedomconvoy
That was unbelievable to watch. All day this admin on the "Convoy for our Freedom Windsor" called Medicczar tried 2 talk sense into rabid "anti-vaxxers", "anti-mandate" Canadians & frankly what seemed like alot of Sovereign Citizen Americans who had no skin in the game really.
At some point just over an hour ago things totally went off the rails & dozens of new accnts all starting with "BigTruckxxxxx" & ending with random numbers in letters where the x's are, starting appearing almost every sec. Mods tried 2 block but the channel was eventually overrun
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I just returned from walking around the Byward market and Elgin street. Almost all restaurants, pubs and small businesses were open with people dining in and shopping. All peaceful. #freedomconvoy22
Everything from high end restaurants like Social and Play to basic pubs are open in downtown Ottawa for dining in. I saw people dining in.
As I was walking, I asked a couple of guys if the restaurants on the street they had just walked down were open. They said yes and assumed I was hungry and invited me to the truckers stall to have food with them. 🙂
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Thread on the Canadian truckers fighting for medical freedom.
The world is watching! 100% support! The truckers are real heroes, fighting for all of us! This is history. No more mandates! No more restrictions!
#FreedomConvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom #IStandWithTruckers
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