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This is so good. Want more proof there was no “deal” prior to the #EmergenciesAct being invoked? Take a look at the “evidence” Tamara Lich’s legal adviser & the organization funding her legal bills (#JCCF) is putting out. Now, let’s take a closer look at this “agreement” #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
Keith Wilson not only claims a letter to Tamara Lich is an “agreement” (it isn’t - there’s nothing signed by both parties), but even in the letter there’s still nothing about leaving, only moving to a more concentrated location in Ottawa. Then Wilson links to a CTV article, but… ImageImageImageImage
And now comes the pièce de résistance from attorney @MarkBourrie. Wilson is inadvertently strengthening the Crown’s case against Lich! 🔥

#cdnpoli #FluTruxKlan #Freedumbers ImageImage
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Must read 🧵 debunking yet another pile of disinfo bullshit from propaganda media. There was no potential “breakthrough”. Dean French is a grotesque #DougFord operative. Claiming an “accord” amongst malignant actors, is in any way legitimate, is yet another threat to #democracy.
Thank you to @CanadianOut for these screenshots. Anyone claiming there was a potential “breakthrough” right before the #EmergenciesAct was invoked, is amplifying misinformation, or is deliberately & malignly spreading disinformation. The EA was necessary. #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli ImageImage
Speaking of malicious actors & disinformation, everything in this tweet is a lie. Also, #CoupTruxKlan was never about “mandates”. It was an op that foreign adversaries & ideologically motivated domestic extremists used to try & destabilize 🇨🇦’s gov’t. #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou Image
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"Mendicino said Lucki's success will be based on whether she meets the objectives laid out in the new letter. We will be able to track that progress, I think, very specifically, because the language itself is specific,"

.@CommrRCMPGRC appeared before Special Joint Committee on Declaration of Emergency (DEDC) on May 10, 2022.

She (flat-footedly) tried to sidestep questions concerning the invoking of #EmergenciesAct; BUT ultimately; she failed, ... miserably! +

NO SURVEY IS REQUIRED to state that with the exception of a very few, NO ONE would be surprised if this government now views her as a ⟪LIABILITY⟫.


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Thread. 🧵

Here is list to date of allegations against truckers convoy proven false by police & other federal authorities.

#disinformation #misinformation #cdnmedia #onpoli #cdnpoli #EmergenciesAct #FreedomConvoy #Charter40 @Safety_Canada @JusticeCanadaEN @OttawaPolice

1/8 Image
— March 19 @TorontoStar story that police found “weapons inside some of the trucks,” that “loaded shotguns were found.” None were found.

— March 11 @CBCNews story that “total economic damage” cost Ottawa $200 million. Compensation claims to April 15 totaled $820,000.

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So here’s what happened on the #EmergenciesAct in @SenateCA today: speeches were going ~50/50 for & against. Solid legal arguments were presented against the Act and emotional ones presented for the Act…#unityconvoy #cdnpoli #nlpoli #freedomconvoy22
Cabinet ministers and the gov senate leader started calling senators to assess support for continuation of the Act. The numbers weren’t looking good - suggestions of around 45 against - despite most of the senators being Trudeau appointees. That’s when the decision was made and…
a hastily called news conference was arranged. The government saw the writing on the wall and pulled the plug. This is a huge victory for Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and for the people of Canada. I was voting NO, btw. See my speech here:
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Trudeau revoking the Emergencies Act explained:
To justify his massive power grab the media and the polling companies ran deliberate disinformation campaigns (i.e. framing the Ottawa protest as an occupation)
#EmergenciesAct #TrudeauTyranny
As a follow up all the major polling companies conducted "research" on public opinion with maliciously framed questions. So most questionnaires would start with a question that was actually a statement meant to portray the convoy as bad people.
Basically question 1 would be: Do you support the measures Justin Trudeau is taking to remove the Alt-Right occupation that is being funded by foreign dark money. This framing cause 65% of polled Canadians to side with the emergency powers being used.
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"Vaccine passports can be used for surveillance under the guise of public health measures." Conspiracy theory? what conspiracy theory?… via @ConversationCA h/t @theStarFort @TyrannyEnding
"Should vaccine passports become mandatory, it is crucial for the public to distinguish between how these documents can be used to ensure public health and how they may violate an individual’s privacy and threaten their security." #Trudeau #Freeland #WEF
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Time for follow up on the thread re: La Crete Chamber sending a bus to #Ottawa on February 13 well after it was known the protest was not peaceful or lawful, with plans to meet with their MP @ArnoldViersen


#freedomconvoy22 #RamRanchResistance
Andrew F, who was on the bus, updated the Chamber's posts about their timeline and also the group had a "very good meeting" with MP @ArnoldViersen. This was on Feb. 17, after #Ontario declared a state of emergency and the #EmergenciesAct was in place.

#OttawaOccupation #Ottawa
Their MP wasn't the only "famous face" they met; Barbie H, who appears to also be part of the La Crete Chamber group from her posts on the Mackenzie County Freedom Rally 2022 Facebook Group, is pictured here with #OttawaSiege organizers Danny Bulford and Chris Barber.

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Does a municipal government have the authority and legality to do this? What about companies with mandatory drug/alcohol testing? @CBCEdmonton @ctvedmonton @CityNewsYEG @edmontonjournal @globeandmail @GlobalEdmonton you might want to look into this
Cc: @ABmunis @RuralMA
@Mitchell_AB @KikkiPlanet @TheBreakdownAB @duncankinney -
Know anyone who may be able to answer if a Municipality can institute such a “rule”?
Just to follow this up, this County and some of it’s small towns are among the lowest vaccination rates in Alberta.

And while this area also claims to be untouched by covid, the statistics don’t lie.

#covid19AB #abpoli #ableg #RamRanchResisitance #ottawa #cndpoli
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Having a healthy disagreement about whether the government was correct to invoke the #EmergenciesAct is good in a democracy. A few points from my perspective fwiw. 1/
First, the foreign coverage is lame. The @FT @nytimes and @TheEconomist editorials read like they were written about a generic protest in a country they don’t pay much attention to, and a law they’ve clearly never read. It was sophomoric stuff from usually careful outlets.
Second, I’m betting the finance powers are the key to an effective response. This insurrection was all about the money and the money should be exposed to blinding daylight. Could the feds created those powers another way? Probably. But… 2/x
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Ange pulled from car by #cops. Assaulted & arrested. Had bare feet in freezing temps/snow for over an hr. After arrest & they smashed car windows out. He now has nothing but clothes he is wearing. Car impounded. A #local663's $50 donation went to Ange for medication. #labour
"We actually have the ability to confiscate those vehicles and sell them. And I want to see them sold. I don't want the return to these people..." -- #Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

#EmergenciesAct #ClassWar…
And working women. If you doubt how critical the working class is, consider the Sheraton Hotel had no idea if they would rooms available on Sat. because it was not known if 5 cleaning staff would be allowed through #checkpoints. The entire hotel wholly dependent on 5 people.
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1/13🧵Does Canada’s convoy crisis meet the threshold for a Public Order Emergency under the #emergenciesact?

Everyone agrees this has to end, but experts & MPs reasonably disagree on whether this was the best or necessary way.

Is there one right answer? If not, how to decide?
2/ Sometimes emergencies are obvious: An earthquake renders roads impassable for ambulances; a flood threatens to overwhelm levees; a nuclear power plant melts down; there's an invasion.

But it's common for emergencies to be ambiguous & influenced by practical considerations.
3/ For example, declaring an emergency at municipal or provincial levels gives access to needed funds & resources. The threshold becomes: can we pay for this?This is true in other jurisdictions too, like the US, where FEMA money is unlocked by emergency declaration.
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Why are we tweeting about #OttawaSiege?
Democracy is the solution to the climate crisis.
Our democracy & therefore the climate conditions civilization depends on are under threat. We are protecting it.
We have volunteers in the National Capital Region directly impacted by the #ottawaoccupiers.
We have members across Canada impacted by the #ottawaseige as well the blockades at the international crosses. They are not able go to work and are losing wages.
Since September 2010, we have lobbied our parliamentarians over 1400X. We have cultivated healthy relationships with Parliamentarians on Parliament Hill. We care about our MPs and Senator.
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Media framing of ongoing events in Ottawa & elsewhere in Canada as a protest against Covid-19 public health measures is misleading. The journalists do so in this article do & so does a lot of the coverage.… #EmergenciesAct #OttawaSiege
The #OttawaSiege, #AmbassadorBridgeblockade #Coutts were not conceived of or organized by those opposed to public health-related restrictions, eg. vax mandates, etc., but by a hardcore, long-standing group of rightwing extremists in Canada w/ US & int'l support. 2/
That core group that conceived & put these events in motion have subsequently been bubble-wrapped by other protestors who are NOT extremists. Some of the latter have claims that fall well w/i the bounds of legitimate protest. Others are using these events to put their long- 3/
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I will be voting against the Prime Minister’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act. In his own words the Prime Minister has said that the invocation of the Emergencies Act is not something to be done as a first or second resort
I will be voting against the Prime Minister’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act. In his own words the Prime Minister has said that the invocation of the Emergencies Act is not something to be done as a first or second resort
yesterday Justin Trudeau threw another temper tantrum in the House of Commons and walked out. His 4th time since last Monday. Unacceptable behaviour that is cowardly and weak
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Tales from the puppy park & another night under #OttawaSiege. Early on in #OttawaOccupied a neighbour had just finished her jog when she faced 2 thugs demanding that she remove her mask, or else. They were fighting for her freedom, didn't she get it?
Tale #2: I'm now familiar w/ specific trucks. On the way home, 2 were filling petrol cans @ the nearby gas station, likely for delivery to Parliament Hill. There was s/t different this time, tho: there were no CDN flags flapping in the wind, but the flag shafts were still there.
I see this everyday now. I normally smile & say hello to my neighbours, but not these thugs marauding about my city. More tales tomorrow. Stay tuned for live in city under siege.
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ULTIMATELY, and indeed appropriately, a future Judge acting as the final 'trier of fact' will ultimately determine what constitutes "exigent circumstances" in relation to "reasonable limits" that Charter #CCRF permits.

THAT SAID, PLEASE SEE attached four (4)Threads, with Links:
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Yesterday @JustinTrudeau exercised powers under the #EmergenciesAct and issued 3 legal instruments. I’ve R/T a lengthy 🧵below raising legal questions for @DavidLametti to address in @HoCChamber @OurCommons and for @theJagmeetSingh @CandiceBergenMP @yfblanchet to ask questions./1
The first instrument is the Proclamation Declaring a Public Order Emergency: SOR/2022-20. It sets out 5 reasons for declaring a public order emergency under the #EmergenciesAct… /2
1. blockades are being carried on in conjunction w activities directed toward or in support of threat/use of acts of serious violence against persons or property, including critical infrastructure, for the purpose of achieving a political or ideological objective in Canada /3
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The vast majority of CT is misunderstanding the #Canadian situation. The simple fact is that the #convoys have nothing to do with #freedom or peaceful #protests.

First off: the #EmergenciesAct is not martial law and is not above the law.…
The protesters are a fringe #rightwing #minority group, partly supported by the American #extreme right.…
#Sabotaging the delivery of food and medical #supplies, blocking the movement of #international goods and services, holding up ambulances and firetrucks, preventing people from getting to #work - these are #criminal activities and not peaceful protests.
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1/8. Justin Trudeau just invoked the #EmergenciesAct for the first time ever. What does that mean? An explainer. 🧵👇 #cdnpoli #FreedomConvoy2022
2/8. Trudeau wants to crack down on the anti-mandate convoys across Canada, particularly in #Ottawa. The Act enables a wide range of powers, from removing trucks to freezing funds. Here are some of the central ones:
3/8. Power 1: Enable RCMP to enforce both provincial offenses and municipal bylaws. This is to help overwhelmed local police.
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Incoming monster thread: y'day my @Carleton colleague @leahwest_nsl argued the Govt “must believe the protests rise to the level of a national emergency” to invoke the #EmergenciesAct for the 1st time since its creation by a @CPC_HQ Govt in 1988 1/X
While #natsec law is outside my wheelhouse of expertise, my work regularly bumps up against such issues & has forever focused on Qs about coms, society & democracy. As such, I want to weigh in with a few thoughts of my own & hope that I have something worthwhile to say. 2/x
TLDR: While I disagree w/ her provisional conclusion, I do agree that we must be very vigilant that this precedent setting use of the #EmergenciesAct remains ltd in time, targeted in terms of geography, subject to Parliamentary review & snuggled tightly within the 3/
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@CZV416 Evelyn Fox opens with an incredible speech, highlighting the deficiencies in our existing system, asks for border strengthening, highlights it isn’t legal gun owners committing violence. Calls Liberal bans “US style”. Details systemic inadequacies … 🇨🇦 #SECU
Continues, highlights the failure to address the youth study. Photo of #Kiesenger in the background. Discusses the trauma of having a child murdered 🇨🇦 runs out of time #SECU
Richard Miller @Keep6ixorg speaks to his orgs program, mentoring at risk youth, tuition incentives, wants to partner on a nat level with feds: reduce crime, increase youth work skills, mental health counsel, reach kids before legal trouble. Has “turn in your gun” program #SECU 🇨🇦
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Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau has declared a public order emergency under the #EmergenciesAct. But I am not sure if the legal requirements for the Act have been met. 🧵 /1 @TondaMacC @JohnIbbitson @IvisonJ @SeanFineGlobe @CBCDavid @AbigailBimman
The Emergencies Act ( sets out 4 kinds of emergencies: public welfare emergency, public order emergency, international emergency, & war emergency. The federal government asserts this is a public order emergency. I have not seen the legal instrument yet./2
Section 16 of the Emergencies Act defines a public order emergency: “public order emergency means an emergency that arises from threats to the security of Canada and that is so serious as to be a national emergency”. Notice the reference at the end to a “national emergency”. /3
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A🧵on emergency safeguards. No #stateofemergency is safe, & all safeguards ultimately depend on citizens holding leaders accountable, but the #EmergenciesAct has several excellent features that make it safer than most. It's well designed. What are these safeguards?
First, & most importantly, the #EmergenciesAct fits w/ & must conform to the Charter of Rights &Freedoms, & Canada must uphold its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. S.1 of the Charter, & ICCPRArt. 4 allow for emergency rights limitations.
Second, after an emergency is declared, both the House and the Senate must debate and vote on the declaration within 7 days. That is, legislative power can check executive power. If they vote it down, the emergency is over.
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