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There is a while lot more to the #RebelOffensive than we’ve seen or heard in media. Obviously this offensive was long in the planning, organizing, recruiting, financing and mobilization. The rebel core wasn’t evident at first as it cloaked itself in anti-mandate messages /1
Obviously there was intelligence gathering by authorities prior to the mobilization and occupation but, just as politics interfered w proper application of police and National Guard on Jan6th, some municipalities failed to acknowledge the breadth, depth and weight of the /2
#RebelOffensive then Conservative provincial premiers, following the line of CPC leadership and rank & file, allowed the occupation to grow hoping it would end up around the neck of PM Trudeau. Finally, when public opinion caught up with the size & scope of the offensive 3/
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Zum Glück ist nichts passiert-das professionelle Stuntpferd hat mit einem vorgetäuschten Tritt auf den Krisendarsteller hervorragende Arbeit geleistet.
Sie scheuen weder Kosten noch Mühen und buchen einfach die Besten, die etwas von der Materie verstehen.
Oh nein! Ein mit einem Fahrrad bewaffneter Terrorist hat es in Richtung der (professionellen Stunt-) Pferde geworfen. Grausam!
Herbst-Blatt Freunde: Stürzt die Regierung, @ProfKlausSchwab erledigt den Rest!
Dark Winter II ist vorbei, #Agenda2030 jetzt!
So eine böse Welt, der arme Krisendarsteller ist auch vom #Mohawk-Stamm; genau wie @Tamara_MVC ein Metis & White Supremacist ist, richtig? Das ist Rassismus in Aktion! Lasst sie alle verbrennen, Bastarde! Sie ist tot, nicht wahr? Ja! Nein? Ja! Nein? Ja!

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“[Klaus Schwab] outlines how his subversive WEF movement has, to use his word, “infiltrated” governments all over the world. He makes special note of Canada.”

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#HonkHonk #TruckersForFreedom2022 #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli #covid19on #onhealth #onpoli
“But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau … We penetrate the cabinet. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actually…
“…Young Global Leaders.”
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Reality Honks Back

“For the Virtual elite, the most unforgiveable thing about the Physicals, and the physical world in general, is that they stubbornly refuse to yield to full, frictionless control.”

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#HonkHonk #TruckersForFreedom2022 #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli
“Like many, I have spent the last couple of weeks a bit entranced by the trucker protests happening in Canada (and now around the world, from Paris to Wellington). I initially tried to document here every twist and turn of the Freedom Convoy drama, but found it nearly impossible.
“…I want to try to distill a few more unique thoughts on why I find these protests so striking.

Specifically, why all this seems like such a perfect reflection of the Reality War.”
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“Universal innocence also gave rise to the universal failure to act. Maybe they won't take you? Maybe it will all blow over?”

The Gulag Archipelago

-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


#HonkHonk #TruckersForFreedom2022 #covid19on #onhealth #onpoli #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli
“A. I. Ladyzhensky was the chief teacher in a school in remote Kologriv. In 1937 a peasant approached him in an open market and passed him a message from a third person: "Aleksandr Ivanich, get out of town, you are on the list!" But he stayed: After all, the whole school…
…rests on my shoulders, and their own children are pupils here. How can they arrest me? (Several days later he was arrested.)

Not everyone was so fortunate as to understand at the age of fourteen, as did Vanya Levitsky: "Every honest man is sure to go to prison. Right now…
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#Kanada #TruckersForFreedom2022
14. Februar
Justin #Trudeau erklärt, er habe das Notstandsgesetz in Kraft gesetzt, um Blockaden gegen die Regierung zu beenden, die er als illegal und nicht als friedlichen Protest bezeichnet.
Dazu gehört, dass Banken
die Befugnis erhalten, Konten von Blockadebefürwortern ohne Gerichtsbeschluss zu sperren oder einzufrieren, und dass Crowdfunding-Plattformen und Kryptowährungen gezwungen werden, die Gesetze zur Bekämpfung von Geldwäsche und Terrorismusfinanzierung zu befolgen.
Finanzministerin Chrystia Freeland werden außerdem die Konten von Unternehmen, deren Lastwagen an den illegalen Blockaden beteiligt waren, eingefroren und ihre Versicherungen ausgesetzt.
Die Regierung wird außerdem die Royal Canadian Mounted Police in die Lage versetzen,
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LIVE: Little Potato Bakes himself live on CPAC
By defending his human rights violations by overthrowing the government turning canada into a dictatorship, to combat people he says are "overthrowing our democracy" #TruckersForFreedom
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TOW TRUCKS SPOTTED #OccupyOttawa Image
this is the company towing the trucks Image
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Go get them pierre. Our next prime minister. Thanks to all of the truckers. Without you none of this would of happened @OmarAlghabra… Image
Vaccine passports gone at midnight in Alberta.
La liberté gagne!


Sign my petition to end mandates nationwide. Link in bio
View all 3,503 comments Image
Powerful words from @RaquelDancho.
This government needs to provide solutions. Canadians are running out of hope. @OmarAlghabra… Image
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If you're a business owner in a Blue Collar profession, you're not working class. You're a capitalist.

If you're working for a wage in a white collar industry, you are working class. Wage earners are working class. Owners are capitalists. #TruckersForFreedom2022
Also add, there will always be class conflict between owners and workers. No matter how small your business. We are not the same.

I.e. the capitalist's interests to pay the least for the most labour is always in conflict with the worker's interests to be paid more for less work.
Not a single trucker who owns their truck / company, no matter how small or modest the profit, is a member of the working class.

So no, I do not consider this a "working class" movement. This is a petty capitalist movement.
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Rebel news is a DISASTER. Misusing the right of freedom to media against its own country. Rebel News is the Invader of peace of Canada. #onpoli #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #ottawaseige #TruckersForFreedom2022 #GoHomeConvoy RT & Spread it
👇Thread (How Antivaxxers attacked and humiliated working news reporters on ground)
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So the #NovaScotia #TruckersForFreedom2022 convoy is planning to depart from 1055 Marginal Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia - historic @Pier21.

You know, I happen to have some passing familiarity with that area, including the history related to public health. Let's explore...
19C #CdnImm practice developed in response to popular insistence on effective public health control measures at the borders. In #Halifax that push pre-dated the opening the South End Ocean Terminals, taking place during the operation of Pier 2.

(Pier 2:…)
Leading up to the introduction of the rail link to Montreal and the consequent emergence of Halifax as a significant #CdnImm port, cholera outbreaks affected the city twice (1866 and 1871). (We're not counting cases successfully isolated, etc., here.)
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Happening Now in Winnipeg #Truckitoba

🏁 Day 2 of the #TruckersForFreedom2022 campout at the Legislature.

Truckers along with fellow Manitobans refuse to leave until all mandates are lifted, and criminal bureaucrats are removed.
Hockey, horns and hay bales. #Winnipeg #Truckitoba #Manitoba #TruckersForFreedom2022 #MandateFreedom
Non-stop horns on DAY 2 at the #TruckersForFreedom2022 rally #Winnipeg #Manitoba
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La manifestazione dei #TruckersForFreedom2022 è più attrezzata di quanto si immagini. Nel centro di #Ottawa hanno allestito accampamenti riscaldati e hanno portato e installato gabinetti modulari.
Hanno creato barriere stradali con camion vecchi o guasti.
Hanno parcheggiato le auto agli incroci, poi hanno tolto le gomme per renderne la rimozione più difficoltosa e le usano come postazioni per lanciare appelli via megafono.
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been inciting violence and hatred on unvaccinated Canadians, and those who are against the unconstitutional mandates.

Any violent incident is a direct consequence of Trudeau's words.

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I want to make explicit something that I think we all know: the side that is more Canadian wins. Canadian flags, Terry Fox, War Memorial, crossing the country: this is the lesson of the struggle so far. And #TruckersForFreedom2022 holds the high cards. 1/
We will not win by convincing governments. We will not win through the courts, with money, with force, by pressure on supply lines. These are important, for they create an opening, but in the long run we need to win the hearts of Canadians. Here we have the advantage. 2/
In 2015, Trudeau declared Canada the world's first post-national country. He does not understand that we are both diverse and united: united by our flag, united by our constitution, by the land, by our love of freedom, by our love and care for one another. 3/
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Happening now at the #Winnipeg Manitoba Legislature

Truckers are not leaving until demands of ending mandates and the resignation of bureaucrats are met.

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This is GOLD.
🚨This puts JT’s “White Supremacy” movement TO REST.
Who is this guy?
#CanadaTruckers #TruckersForFreedom2022 #CanadaForFreedom

Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3
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Kids with disabilities have had their funding at risk and cut at forever with little acknowledgment in the news or social media because society has yet to recognize these kids as investments.
I get it. Supports aren't cheap. Not in the short term. So ice our kids out. Cut their funds. Make it impossible to understand this system. Make advocating isolating and scary.
Make it parents against teachers and admin and vice versa.
Make parents have to wear a million hates and quit their jobs just to get their kids through school. Because it's not numbers that will show up on any of your budgets.
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1/ The politicization of #Antisemitism is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to the Jewish community. In recent years it has been used as a club by both the left and right to smear others with whom they disagree. I'm not sure which side is more guilty of it.
2/ So I wanted to make this thread to go through some of the major problems this has created for the #Jewish community. First, throwing around the word #antisemitism has watered down the word. Maybe you didn't mean for this to happen, but it seems it has.
3/ If everyone is an antisemite, nobody is an antisemite. That means that this word has been used and abused to the point where it's starting to have no real meaning. And don't get me started on issues about using the term 'Racism' for the hatred of Jews.
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@lespolero3 #FreedomConvoyCanadá2022, #TruckersForFreedom2022 está relacionado a la Mafia. Es una situación de disidencia controlada como lo expondré en el siguiente hilo. PD: El Presidente General de los Teamsters es miembro de la Asociación de Detroit (cómo lo fue su padre).
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Given Trudeau's response, I imagine Ill need to dedicate a separate thread to the Canada trucker convoy protest in Ottawa. Again.
"Broadcast Audio Visual Technician, City of Toronto" Image
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1/ The vaccinated protect themselves. The unvaccinated aren't a danger but to themselves. In the current context, it a deeply private thing to get vaccinated or not. #TruckersConvoy2022
2/ Pain is private. Death is private. The body is something private.
3/ Our bodies aren't public property. #TruckersConvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom #EndTheMandates
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