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Our 12 NJ House members may have to vote next week on Kevin McCarthy's threat to default on America's debts to force massive cuts in domestic spending.

Default would destroy our economy.

But we should also talk about what the proposed extreme budget cuts would do to New Jersey.
The McCarthy plan would cut about $130 billion right away and massively more over 10 years. Since the GOP will likely exempt defense, veterans, and (I'd guess) border enforcement, that would require cutting everything else the government does by over 50%.
One obvious consequence of the McCarthy cuts would be to eliminate the increased spending on our roads and bridges from last year's infrastructure bill.

So anyone voting for this is kissing the #Gateway tunnel goodbye, along with hundreds of local projects coming to our state.
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If you're not balls deep into holding $Qnt going into 2023, where #LACChain will be going live with quants Latin American Dollar, aka #MLT, Multi Ledger Tokens - tokenisation to enable roaming money

I am not sure you've been paying attention

World firsts here

But muh #Btc, muh #stablecoin , muh #Xrp , muh traditional finance methods like #Visa.

How about a multichain lightning network like approach where it doesn't matter what you use, because they're all denominated and have values as such.

Why only choose one payment channel/rail
Disintermediation is the future, #btc    $btc enabled a peer to peer payment network with no intermediaries - the beginning of a revolution.

But the evolution has been happening since 2009 and the enabler is #interoperability

For this, I choose $qnt #Qnt #Overledger
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If you've been in #Crypto for a while, maybe popularly since 2017.

Have you yet realised it's not about anything individual, but how it's a network of networks and how that will scale infinitely with the addition of each participant, aka a #gateway. $Qnt
This is nothing dissimilar to how the internet was born, with its physical under sea cables and routers.

You can use the internet for any creative or informative purpose you wish, without caring how that data delivers your outcome.
So you need to stop screaming "centralised", and realise that it's the enablement of a Centralised - Decentralised network of networks.

The value within this is infinite, and it brings change to everything you know.

Namely, the velocity of money.

But that's another day.
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La info de ayer te desperto el bichito de meterte en #ciberseguridad? ¿Querés ser hacker? te cuento un poco de como arranque y algunos consejos para que logres progreso y te vayas enamorando. En el hilo anterior mencione aprender de sistemas operativos. Acá hay principalmente 2
Sé que estas pensando! sí! #Mac y #Windows, pero NO. Me refiero a #linux y a #windows. otro día hablamos de Mac. Es importante que conozcas a detalle como funcionan estos sistemas operativos. Para esto te podes bajar #virtualbox y crear dentro una virtual machine con un @ubuntu
y otra con #windows10 o el que tengas licencia. Hay que entender como funciona por dentro, cual es el tipo de file system que utiliza cada uno, porque se utilizan permisos, que tipo de archivos hay en cada directorio, que hacen esos archivos? cuales son ejecutables y cuales
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@SimonChapman6criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
@SimonChapman6 criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
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What Skerrit is saying in regard to not bringing #tobacco under the prescription model is complete rubbish. The @TGAgovau site explicitly mentions novel #nicotine products - #SLT & #HTP.
Huh.. @hollieahughes just said they're due to report by /18th/ December. I'd thought it was the 1st of December.
Emily Banks 'sum total of world experience' .. yeah, with some heavy #CherryPicking.
The Oz #ANTZ /all/ seem to be loving 'the #GatewayEffect' which is a 'real thing'.. 🙄
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No they won't, yes they will. The UK was heading for a car crash at the @esa ministerial, with doubts in the last few days that it would turn up with the expected uplift in its subscription. Normal service looks to have been resumed. #Space19Plus…
Attention now turns to where the cash from Britain and the other big member states goes. A major battleground will be the €1.4bn #Copernicus package. How hard will the UK commit? EO really important to Germany here; it'll be going in very hard, as you would expect. #Space19Plus
#Copernicus at #Space19plus is a one-card trick with the card placed face-upwards. It's really difficult to get it wrong. A large R&D commitment now will unlock chunky contracts down the road - but only if you're *in* Copernicus. How big a problem is that for the UK? #Brexit
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I've been pushing hard to ensure our Transportation funding bill supports New Jersey infrastructure. The bill we passed today prohibits @SecElaineChao from hiring any more political appointees at DOT till she spends the money we've approved for the #Gateway project.
The bill also permanently enacts my first initiative in Congress - ensuring that if New Jersey takes out federal transportation loans to help pay for infrastructure like the Gateway Tunnel, they will count towards our share of the projects.
We also boosted funding for Amtrak's NE Corridor, changed the formula the federal gov't uses to rate projects like Gateway to make it harder to deny funding, and moved money to the Transportation Dept's Inspector General to beef up oversight of politicized grant making there.
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On our #Gateway tour with House Transportation chairman @RepPeterDeFazio. Here’s the northeast corridor at its widest point north of Newark. Image
All those tracks, on the busiest few miles of train traffic in America, narrow to two on the Sawtooth Bridge. Image
Next up is the 110 year old Portal swing bridge, which sometimes must be sledgehammered back in place when it opens & must be replaced. Image
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