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Inside: Podcasting "Ideas Lying Around"; and more!

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1/ A workbench with a pegboard...
Podcasting "Ideas Lying Around": A theory of change based on shovel-ready ideas.

2/  Image: btwashburn (modifie...
Hey look at this

* #Toronto Tenants Are Uniting in a Mass #RentStrike…

* France legalizes remotely turning on the camera or microphone of smartphones in criminal investigations… (h/t Cooper)

3/ Image
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Der #Klimabeobachtungsdienst #Copernicus hat alarmierendes festgestellt:

"Die letzten acht Jahre waren die #wärmsten acht Jahre, die je gemessen wurden. Das ist bemerkenswert und ein Zeichen dafür, wie sehr sich unser Klima verändert."…
Die Temperaturen steigen in Europa schneller als irgendwo anders auf der Welt. Die heißesten Sommer, Dürren im Süden Europas, Wasserstress der Flüsse...… Image
Hitzerekord in der Arktis....

Aber in einem sind sich alle Sicher: Schuld sind Robert & Annalena.... Was können die beiden bitte dafür, dass wir Jahrzehnte zu wenig gemacht haben. #Klima ändert sich langsam, dafür mit großer Wucht.
Bilder: zdf Image
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With the release of #DynamicWorld and other #global maps from the last few years, I have some (rambling) thoughts on global products, the challenge of accuracy assessment, and why I think there is still a lot of room for high-quality local/regional predictive mapping (1)
First, these global products are super cool! I played around with Google's DynamicWorld 10 m land cover today and being able to see the probabilities for each class for each pixel is great and being able to do this for every #Sentinel image through time is really unique (2)
However, at #local scales, they can be hit-or-miss, and none are ideal for every need. Some fail to pass a visual inspection (the "eye test") and even the best products require (in my opinion) local quantitative accuracy assessment before use for decision making or in models. (3)
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.@ThierryBreton, European Commissioner for Internal Market (incl Space!), is promising to outline in the next few weeks the architecture details for the proposed EU satellite megaconstellation. Speaking at 14th #BBESpaceConf 1/n
He mentions five points of importance. (1) The constellation will use all orbits, not just LEO; (2) Its governance will avoid dependencies on third countries (eg, nations like the UK would not be involved)... 14th #BBESpaceConf 2/n
... (3) It should offer a governmental and commercial service; (4) It will integrate from the start military usage and needs; (5) It should draw on the expertise of large corporations and start-ups. #BBESpaceConf 3/n
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1) La Palma thread for November 6. Eruption captured November 5.
2) First eruption images of the day at 9.00 (Canarian time) from the west coast of La Palma.
3) “The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located since last midnight and until 08.00 hours about eleven earthquakes on La Palma. The one of greatest magnitude was the one registered at 01.39 hours this Saturday in #Fuencaliente .”
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1) La Palma volcano thread for October 3.
2) Eruption continues at impressive intensity. Lava output rate remains very high, volcanic tremor is stable at high levels. New lava flow from vents just below NW base of erupting cone, slowly wind thru land N of existing flow field, destroying more buildings & infrastructure.
3) ➡ Dawn is the fifteenth day of the eruption.

➡ There have been no personal injuries and we are already working on the recovery of the areas of influence of the flows.

➡ The volcano continues to evolve within the parameters predicted by scientists.

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1) La Palma thread for October 2nd.
“We continue at ground zero aboard the #RamonMargalef new lava fall feeding the delta.”

2) “The Volcanological Institute of #Canarias (#Involcan ) has confirmed the opening of a new #foco emission in the fracture generated by the eruption of the volcano of #LaPalma . It joins the two new mouths that emerged at dawn yesterday Friday.”
3) “The European ground observation system #Copernicus calculates, in its latest update, that the area covered by lava in #LaPalma is already 367.3 hectares. So far the lava has destroyed 880 buildings.”
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🌋A wonderful illustration that will now need some updating

🌋Recent #volcanic eruptions on #LaPalma (until 19 September 2021)

🌋Photo: Sergio Socorro, image: J.C. Carracedo et al.

#CumbreVieja #LaPalmaEruption #lapalmavolcano #geohazards #LaPalmaIslaBonita Image
🌌👨‍🚀 The #LaPalmaVolcano eruption as seen by @esa astronaut @Thom_astro from the International Space Station

#CumbreVieja #volcano #LaPalma #Canarias

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Quand #Panama bloque #Suez : le porte-conteneurs #EVERGIVEN bloqué au sud du Canal de Suez, vu par le satellite #Sentinel2 le 24 mars. Première leçon : faire demi-tour dans un canal de 300m de large n'est pas l'idée du siècle quand on mesure 400m... #Copernicus #EarthObservation Image
Mise en service en 2018, #EVERGIVEN est un gros navire, un des plus gros porte-conteneurs : 400 mètres de longueur et 220000 GT (drôle d'unité) de tonnage. Il appartient à la société taïwanaise Evergreen Marine et bat pavillon panaméen. Photo Kees Torn #Suez Image
L'accident du porte-conteneurs #EVERGIVEN s'est produit le 23 mars au matin, bloquant la totalité du trafic du canal de #Suez. Les données #AIS montrent que ça se bouscule au portillon. Pour fixer les idées, une vue globale du canal de Suez. Image #Sentinel2 du 24/03 #Copernicus ImageImageImage
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Op het schiereiland Reykjanes wordt hard gewerkt aan de mid-oceanische rug. Dit soort aardbevingen gaan vaak gepaard met een magma-injectie in de korst, die ongeveer 10 km dik is onder dit deel van #IJsland (35 km onder Nederland. Soms leidt dat tot een spleetuitbarsting.
De aardbevingszwermen op het schiereiland Reykjanes, Z.W. #IJsland, blijven toenemen. Wie weet zit er wel een spleetuitbarsting in. ImageImageImage
Mooi om te zien hoe de aardbevingen schommelen rond de as van van het Krýsuvík systeem. Er wordt daar flink wat magma geïnjecteerd. ImageImage
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Britain & America, like all so-called "nation states", are Orwellian constructs, based on lies, deceit & different regimes of rewards & intimidation. It is by deceitfully posing as nations that they deceive us into loving Big Brother.
They are mercenary "patron states" deceitfully posing as nations, in order to legitimise themselves, their ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse. As pseudo nations go, they are 2 of the best, thanks to their traditions of the rule of law & individual freedom.
However, Orwellian constructs, they remain, which makes them inherently unjust, inhumane & unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth.

Either we quickly & radically reform them, or they - & we with them - will perish.
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If America were a genuine nation this would make a good sense. But it's not.

America, like all so-called nation states, is an Orwellian construct, based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
What I have recognised & given expression to above is no less profound & important than #Copernicus's recognition that the Earth is not stationary at the centre of the universe, but a wandering star (a planet) which orbits the Sun, like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn.
Academics have failed to recognise this truth, which is essential for understanding society & the state, because distracted & led astray by their overreaction to the evils of Nazism.
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II. 1/ Aujourd’hui nous votons un texte important pour la réussite de la bifurcation écologique: la Stratégie forestière de l’Union européenne🌲.

Les forêts sont notre alliée contre le changement climatique, pour protéger la biodiversité et sont un bien commun irremplaçable ! ⤵️
2/ Les forêts constituent un bien commun que la @FranceInsoumise a particulièrement défendu dans le programme l’Avenir en Commun en 2017. Ce trésor naturel est une filière d’avenir clef pour la réussite de la bifurcation écologique et sociale.…
3/ Le texte final qui sera voté aujourd’hui en commission Agriculture et développement rural a été amélioré lors des négociations par plusieurs de nos amendements mais n’est toujours pas à la hauteur des enjeux. Heureusement il me reste encore des amendements en réserve !
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Quick initial evaluation of #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service AOD forecasts in relation to long-range transport of #CaliforniaFires & #ColoradoFires smoke vs. Aeronet measurements at Fresno & @NASAAmes CA, Sterling CO, Missoula MT, N Great Plains ND & Sioux Falls SD Image
More info on Aeronet measurements at #Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring service forecasts are initialized from analyses which assimilate satellite observations - independent measurements such as Aeronet are essential to evaluation and validation
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New precedent in scale & intensity of #Siberia/#Arctic #wildfires compared to previous 17 years in the #Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS data based on MODIS obs… (145 Mt CO2 in July 2020 vs. 182 Mt CO2 total for 2019) #ArcticFires ImageImageImage
Daily cumulative estimated #ArcticCircle #wildfire carbon emissions for 2020 (red) were already increasing faster than in 2019 (gold) but increased significantly in the 2nd half of July Image
Comparing the annual total estimated #wildfire CO2 emissions for the #ArcticCircle from 2003 to 2020 (up to 31 July 2020) shows that this year is already the highest for the region in the GFAS dataset. Image
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My first 2 months at @EU_ScienceHub have been fascinating. I’ve begun to explore a rich tradition of scientific excellence spanning nearly 60 years.

Here are some of the things I have discovered so far ⬇️

The core mission of @EU_ScienceHub is to provide science and facts to underpin EU policymaking.

Our researchers work to support EU policymaking, from conception and design to implementation and monitoring. We have 6 different sites:


/3 Image
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Heatwave & high surface ozone #AirPollution across NW Europe 25-26 June 2020 in #Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service regional ensemble daily max ozone forecasts & EU surface #airquality measurement network… ImageImageImageImage
Evolution of 4-day ensemble #airquality forecasts, initialized 26 June at 00UTC, show surface ozone exceeding max daily 8-hour mean threshold of 120 µg/m3, for Amsterdam, Brussels, London+others on afternoon of 26th @CleanAirLondon @MetOffice_Sci @KNMI @meteobefr ImageImageImage
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