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Thread Alert: Avalanche [AVAX] confirms plans to host a new stablecoin called USP
1/ Avalanche has officially announced that it will support the new stablecoin USP created by Platypus DeFi. The stablecoin will be added to Avalanche's main pool, playing a crucial role in maintaining its stability.
2/ The collateralization mechanism for USP will utilize other stablecoins, making it a reliable option for users. This move is expected to increase demand for Avalanche's native cryptocurrency AVAX, as it will provide more utility for the Avalanche network.
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1/13 The bussin LSD Narrative: Will Lido's share of ETH stake skyrocket after the Shanghai upgrade?

What will happen to the withdrawn ETH? 馃У
A quick mention to @ViktorDefi for pointing out this narrative! 馃挭

Give it a read if you haven't yet 馃憞
ETH's staking ratio isn't too great compared to other chains and a few reasons include:

- High risk associated with the inability to withdraw stake
- Capital inefficiency of having >32ETH.
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#Cardano $ADA has seen an impressive 30% increase in price over the past week - here are 4 possible reasons for this rally #CardanoCommunity

馃УA thread by @esatoshiclub Image
1. Cardano's #TVL has skyrocketed by 40% since the start of 2023! At the moment, it stands at around $67.29 million and @MinswapDEX holds the majority of it. Image
2. #DeFi trading volume is skyrocketing! In the past 7 days alone, total transactional volume on #Cardano-based #DeFi protocols increased by 57%, with #Minswap alone seeing a 76% increase.
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驴C贸mo y por qu茅 se cre贸 #Tether? 驴Qu茅 hay detr谩s de la #stablecoin m谩s grande del mercado?

En este hilo os vamos a mostrar los inicios de Tether y la verdad oculta de c贸mo su token creci贸 tanto de repente.

Dentro hilo 馃У馃憞馃徎

1/ Image
Empezaremos por sus or铆genes:

En 2012 se crea en Hong Kong la empresa IFinex Inc, que se convertir铆a m谩s adelante en la poseedora de Tether Ltd y el exchange Bitfinex.

#Bitfinex fue uno de los exchanges de #criptomonedas m谩s grandes del mundo.

A su vez, en 2012, JR Willet (famoso por haber concebido la primera ICO) publicaba un whitepaper en el que describ铆a la posibilidad de construir nuevas criptomonedas sobre la blockchain de Bitcoin. As铆 naci贸 la fundaci贸n Mastercoin.

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To find a glimmer of hope in the bear market, you need to follow stablecoin trends.

Following this trend will lead you to Y2K Finance (@y2kfinance)

The Ultimate Guide to Y2K Finance馃У Image
Before I dive in, a quick mention to @BanklessHQ since I wouldn't have found @y2kfinance and written this thread without them.

Here's what I'll cover:
- Stablecoin trends
- Overview of Y2K
- Thesis
2022 saw a significant rise in stablecoin hodlers

When the total crypto market cap dropped, the stablecoin market cap is bound to drop. But stablecoin dominance paints a different story: Image
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1/27 This top 10 TVL chain has been secretly BUIDLing since 2017馃惐鈥嶐煈

NOBODY on CT is talking about the Mixin Network

So here's CT's very first DEEP DIVE into @Mixin_Network

Mixin has been working on exactly what Telegram is trying to achieve - Superapp status.

A quick primer on super apps:
If I had to take a stand on the super-app race situation:

Mixin is FARRR.. far.. behind

A key metric for chat apps is user adoption.

Telegram has 700M+ users, Mixin has barely 0.015% of that.
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1/20 EMURGO's $USDA could be Cardano's very FIRST live stablecoin.

And how the XRP Lawsuit could affect Cardano and $USDA. 馃憞馃憞

A New Year Deep Dive馃У
EMURGO is the commercial arm of Cardano formed in 2017

EMURGO builds partnerships and business ventures with organizations globally to educate people about Cardano and support dApp development.

Overall, the goal of EMURGO is to promote the growth and widespread adoption Image
EMURGO recently introduced $USDA, the first USD-backed stablecoin for the Cardano ecosystem in Nov 2022.

It is backed by cash & govt. debt.
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1/34 The Ardana and Orbis catastrophe.

Was it a rug or poor strategy & planning?

The 2 Cardano projects swept under the rug while CT was focused on the FTX saga 馃憞

Cardano is a public blockchain focused on providing a secure and scalable platform for developing and executing smart contracts and dApps.

Being in development since 2015, Cardano has one of the most diverse ecosystems with over 1,000 active dApps.
Cardano's decentralized team is spread across 3 entities:
1. EMURGO - commercial arm
2. IOHK - tech & engineering
3. Cardano Foundation - oversees Cardano
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If you're not balls deep into holding $Qnt going into 2023, where #LACChain will be going live with quants Latin American Dollar, aka #MLT, Multi Ledger Tokens - tokenisation to enable roaming money

I am not sure you've been paying attention

World firsts here

But muh #Btc, muh #stablecoin , muh #Xrp , muh traditional finance methods like #Visa.

How about a multichain lightning network like approach where it doesn't matter what you use, because they're all denominated and have values as such.

Why only choose one payment channel/rail
Disintermediation is the future, #btc鈥 $btc enabled a peer to peer payment network with no intermediaries - the beginning of a revolution.

But the evolution has been happening since 2009 and the enabler is #interoperability

For this, I choose $qnt #Qnt #Overledger
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[Part 1] Over-collateralized Stablecoin and something you should need to know about it

#stablecoin $DAI #DeFi
Over-collateralized Stablecoin is the second most popular stablecoin in the market.

鈥 In order to issue $1 in form of Over-collateralized Stablecoin, users must collateralize an amount of assets with a value GREATER than $1
For example

鈥 DAI is a stablecoin issued by @MakerDAO

鈥 In order to have 1 $DAI in the market, users need to collateralize other cryptocurrencies that are worth greater than the amount of DAI issued (1.2 $USDC for instant)
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Nh峄痭g kinh nghi峄噈 m矛nh r煤t ra 膽瓢峄 sau nhi峄乽 n膬m th谩ng v岷璽 l峄檔 trong th峄 tr瓢峄漬g #crypto, c贸 th峄 s岷 h峄痷 铆ch cho nh峄痭g b岷 m峄沬.
#1. Qu岷 l媒 v峄憂 l脿 quan tr峄峮g nh岷. Sau nh峄痭g l岷 l锚n voi xu峄憂g ch贸 th矛 m矛nh nh岷璶 ra r岷眓g cho d霉 k峄 n膬ng research + c谩c th峄 lo岷 ph芒n t铆ch t峄憈 t峄沬 膽芒u c农ng kh么ng quan tr峄峮g b岷眓g qu岷 l媒 v峄憂.
Th峄 tr瓢峄漬g t脿i ch铆nh lu么n ti峄乵 岷﹏ r峄 ro, kh么ng c贸 g矛 ch岷痗 ch岷痭 100%, 膽岷穋 bi峄噒 峄 th峄 tr瓢峄漬g 膽岷 bi岷縩 膽峄檔g nh瓢 crypto. M峄檛 膽岷 ch岷 t瓢峄焠g ch峄玭g nh瓢 b岷 di峄噒 v岷玭 c贸 th峄 s峄 膽峄 ch峄 sau m峄檛 膽锚m. H茫y nh矛n nh峄痭g t岷 g瓢啤ng Luna, 3AC, FTX, 鈥
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1/ ICYMI, I gave alpha on delta-neutral strategies built on top of @GMX_IO.

Now, @rage_trade's delta-neutral $GLP vaults recently went live & both risk-off/on vaults were filled within minutes, bringing in an additional $10M to the #GMX ecosystem.

#Arbitrum #DeFi #StableCoin
2/ So, how're the vaults looking?

The risk-on vault is currently yielding ~15.7% while being fully delta neutral, of which:
10.3% are from $GLP rewards
4.7% are from $esGMX which are autocompounded
3.27% are from #GMX traders鈥 PnL
-2.52% are paid to #AAVE as borrowing interest
3/ At the same time, the risk-off vault is yielding ~5.4%, comprising of:
$GLP rewards - 4.7%
#AAVE Lending (and the risk on vault) - 0.7%
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馃УDeFi History Simplified馃У

a) Definition

b) How it was born and how it developed.

c) Its Ups and Downs from Summer 鈥20 till May 鈥21

d) DeFi 2.0

e) The next wave and what we鈥檙e building

A thread by @0xNurstar , our content partner here at ZD Labs!

Image: @finematics Image
2/ What is #DeFi - WiKipedia Definition

"Decentralized finance (often stylized as #DeFi) offers financial instruments without relying on intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks by using smart contracts on a #blockchain ." Image
3/DeFi, "Debutante" of the Crypto Bull Run 20'/21'

DeFi unexpectedly played a Main Role in the last #BullMarket , especially at both Early and Final stages with DeFi Summer '20 on one hand, and the Rise/Fall of DeFi 2.0 feat. "Terra Disaster" on the other one. Image
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VanEck 馃 2023 Crypto Outlook: Our Top 11 Predictions馃У

1. #Bitcoin will test $10-12K in Q1 amid a wave of miner bankruptcies, which will mark the low point of the #cryptowinter. 鉂勶笍
2. In the second half of 2023, #Bitcoin will rise to $30K. Lower inflation, easing energy concerns, a possible truce in Ukraine, and a turnaround in M2 supply will power the start of a new bull market. 馃悅馃搱
3. Financial institutions will tokenize more than $10B in off-chain assets on #blockchain. 鉀擆煆
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1/31 Telegram's $TON has been outperforming $ETH yet nobody on CT is talking about it... So here you go!

Telegram has been quietly developing the @ton_blockchain ecosystem馃拵

馃УHere's a DEEP DIVE on Telegram's positioning in Defi and what I think their strategy is ->
Messaging apps are a part of people's daily lives and many are now looking to integrate with payment solutions to offer more convenience, becoming superapps

Superapps provide multiple services for personal and commercial use - think a swiss-army knife.
Particularly in Asia, superapps are dominating the tech space - WeChat, Line, Gojek, Kakao...

However, regulations overseeing superapps are very strict, especially when payment data is involved
(US: Federal Reserve, EU: PSD2, APAC: PS Act)

But Telegram is dodging that..
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Telegram's Wallet Bot and Cryptobot 馃

Here's how they are lowering barriers to crypto

A thread馃У->
Traditionally, crypto wallets can be a hassle and have a high barrier to entry for the general public. Image
Some reasons include:

1. Complexity -

New users find it difficult to navigate the UI, generate and manage addresses, and securely store and transfer their assets.
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People have been calling out @kucoincom and @cryptocom to be next CEX downfall. Trust in CEXes has hit all-time lows and CEX outflows have hit highs.

Here's a thread on how you can on/off-ramp without CEXes馃У ->
Traditionally, you had 2 options:
(1) CEX
(2) Non-CEX

With the risk of CEXes being a ticking timebomb, we'll focus on non-CEX on-ramping
MoonPay 馃寲

@moonpay enables users to purchase #stablecoins (TRC & ERC20), #BTC, #ETH (Arb, Op, Polygon, zkSync) and a bunch of other Altcoins using various payment methods.

The following are countries not supported for on-ramping:
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Tether Operations Limited (@Tether_to), the company that powers the most widely used stablecoin by market capitalization, has announced the addition of its offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH鈧) to the #Tron blockchain.

A thread 馃У

#Tether #CNH #stablecoins #stablecoin
/1 At launch, @bitfinex will be the first exchange to enable its users to deposit and withdraw CNH鈧 using the Tron blockchain transport layer from the platform.
/2 Created in 2019, CNH鈧 is pegged to offshore Chinese yuan (CNH) and initially available only on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Its launch on #TRON will make it the second blockchain on which CNH鈧 can be obtained, traded, and held.
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How to become your own bank 馃彟

Financial independence, (or self-sovereignty), is being able to take ownership of your assets and money. It鈥檚 having enough to do what you want with your time.

And no, financial independence isn鈥檛 just for the rich...
Financial sovereignty is a journey. One in which you become freer and more powerful over time, as your knowledge and toolset develops.

Bitcoin has opened the gates to a new age in which you can claim back control over your finances in a way that was previously impossible.
Unlike other fiat currencies, where central issuers can print and devalue them overnight, #Bitcoin is ruled only by its code鈥攚hich is protected by its community.

So, how do you get started on your journey?
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Ok maybe I am 5th quadrant stupid.
But can someone please explain to me wtf is going on here? From the #tron #DAO page....$39.5Billion
Almost all of it is #tether that alone rings more alarm bells than the #hunchback on a 5 day bender mainlining #meth
But its nothing compared to this....I mean wtf....risk free yield 45% on USDT???

#tron #ponzi #fraud #stablecoin #shitcoins #tether
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Why has @defichain's dUSD been DEPEGGED for more than 5 months?

1/19 馃У on the Top10 TVL chain that CT doesn't talk about
Defichain was created by Julian Hosp and partnered with his company, CakeDeFi.

With Hosp's history in TenX and Lyoness, many have wondered if this is the next Cefi rugpull.

Interestingly, CakeDefi is compared to other defunct lenders on their own website. Up to 23.9% APY!
For a chain that's called "Defi"chain, its TVL seems overly reliant on just two Dapps. Even His Excellency's Tron has 10.
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Latest news in the #StarkNet ecosystem

Here鈥檚 what you need to know馃У

#Crypto #Blockchain #Web3 #NFTCommunity
1/ #StarkNet token $STRK has been deployed on @ethereum.

Beware of scams - the tokens are not yet available for sale.

Check out the @DuneAnalytics dashboard by @SixdegreeLab 馃斀
2/ @Starknet_id, the all-in-one naming service on #StarkNet, debuts "Stark Club", an association for .stark domain holders.

Early #StarkNet projects are working on their subdomain clubs to reward #OGs & early participants.
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Pero, si $USDT corre peligro, 驴cu谩l es la #stablecoin m谩s segura?

$BUSD? $USDC? $DAI? 驴Otra m谩s desconocida?

Todos atentos que va a ser solo un momento 猬囷笍馃У

0/10 Image
Vamos a ser sinceros desde el principio. Segura al 100% no hay ninguna.

No hay ninguna que tenga toda su capitalizaci贸n, ni siquiera la mitad, en reservas l铆quidas. Pero s铆 hay opciones m谩s seguras y m谩s arriesgadas, vamos a analizarlas:

En una situaci贸n id铆lica, una stablecoin para ser 100% segura, tendr铆a que tener respaldado todo su suministro con una reserva en d贸lares, de forma que si TODO el mundo va a cambiar su stablecoin por d贸lares en proporci贸n 1:1 pudieran satisfacer todos los intercambios.

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驴Qu茅 tendr铆a que ocurrir para que $USDT caiga?

Os voy a contar de forma breve y sencilla lo que tendr铆a que pasar para que destruyan de verdad a #Tether y $USDT pierda su valor.

Todos atentos que va a ser solo un momento 猬囷笍馃У

0/12 Image
Lo primero, recordaros esto:

Tether es la empresa que emite $USDT.
Son los mismos due帽os que del exchange Bitfinex.
Si vas con tus $USDT a Tether puedes cambiarlos 1:1 por d贸lares.
En teor铆a Tether deber铆a tener respaldados todos los $USDT que emite, pero no es as铆.

Una vez refrescado esto, vamos all谩.

Es muy sencillo. Para que $USDT pierda el valor de 1$ se tiene que hacer un ataque de ventas masivo en un mismo momento de forma que esta presi贸n de venta en los orderbooks haga disminuir su precio.

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