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Manzoor Masih, Rehmat Masih, and Salamat Masih were #arrested in May 1993. Maulvi Fazl-e-Haq had accused Salamat Masih, who was only thirteen, of writing #blasphemous slogans on the wall of the local #mosque.
But testimony emerged that Salamat Masih could not read or (1/16)
write. Still, he and his two older companions were charged under section #295_C of the Pakistan #Penal Code, which provided a mandatory #death penalty for anyone defiling the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Human rights campaigners took up the case and protested against (2/16)
the three Christians’ imprisonment. It was pointed out that they could not be fairly tried in #Gujranwala where the safety of the prisoners could not be guaranteed. SSP held frequent demonstrations in and outside the courtroom, demanding the execution of the three (3/16)
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The population of #SikhEmpire during the time of Ranjit Singh’s rule was estimated to be around 12 million people.
There were
8.4 million Muslims,
2.88 million Hindus and 722,000 Sikhs.
#Islam (70%)
#Hinduism (24%)
#Sikhism (6%)
Total Area in 1839 was
520,000 km2 (200,000 sq mi) Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji
Capital was
#Gujranwala (1799–1802)
#Lahore LahoreFort(1802–1849)

Court language
Spoken #languages in #SikhKingdom #SikhEmpire

Punjabi (dynastic)Punjabi dialects (Saraiki, Hindko, Pahari-Pothwari),Kangri,Dogri,
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Three senior officials from #ImranKhan's party have rushed to accuse @GovtofPakistan of involvement in the attack. A probe is in early stage, with the reported arrest of the attacker(s). Unclear if these officials have evidence on their claims. PM Shehbaz Sharif has condemned.
A single burst from likely an automatic weapon targeted #ImranKhan when he was on top of a container truck with aides in #Gujranwala/#Punjab Province, hitting Khan in his right leg & others; Khan was taken to his bullet-proof car instead of ambulance for fear of a second attack.
Conflicting reports on the identity of attacker & whether there was a second attacker. Media is reporting a lawmaker from #ImranKhan's party as saying his guard has been mistakenly identified as the attacker. None of these reports are officially confirmed but circulating online.
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گوجرانوالہ (پاکستان)___تاریخ سے چند اوراق
وجہ تسمیہ اور تاریخی پس منظر
گوجرانوالہ__تقسیمِ ھند سے پہلے بھی وجہ شہرت "پہلواناں دا شہر"
گوجرانوالہ__کی بنیاد گجروں نے رکھی تھی اور امرتسر کے سانسی جاٹوں نے اسکا نام خانپور رکھاجو وہاں آباد ھوئے تاہم اس کا پرانا نام
باقی رہا۔
گوجرانوالہ__کا 630ء میں چینی بدھ مت یاتری Hsuan Tsang نے موجودہ گوجرانوالہ کے قریب Tse-kia کے نام سے مشہور دیہات کا دورہ کیا.
گوجرانوالہ__7ویں صدی کے آغاز سے راجپوت سلطنتوں کا پاکستان کے ان مشرقی حصوں اور شمالی ہندوستان پر غلبہ ھو گیا۔
گوجرانوالہ__997ء میں، سلطان محمود
غزنوی نے قبضہ کیا تو ان میں اپنے والد، سلطان سبکتگین کی قائم کردہ غزنوی سلطنت پر قبضہ کیا جس میں 1005ء میں مغربی پنجاب کےکچھ علاقوں کی فتوحات بھی شامل تھیں۔
گوجرانوالہ__پنجاب کےمشرقی علاقےملتان سےراولپنڈی تک شمال میں (موجودہ گوجرانوالہ کے علاقے سمیت)1193 تک راجپوت حکمرانی کےماتحت
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Punjab govt is ready to invest in human development through higher education. Led by Usman Buzdar, Punjab govt is working on the vision of "one university per district". The following is list of universities to be set up by the Punjab govt👇
North Punjab:
1)University of Attock
2)Kohsar University, #Murree
3)#Rawalpindi Women University
4)University of Chakwal
5)Thal University, Bhakkar
6)University of Mianwali

Central #Punjab:
7)University of #Gujranwala
8)University of Hafizabad
9)University of Applied & Emerging Engineering, #Sialkot
10)University of Kasur
11)Baba Guru Nanak University, Nankana Sahib
12)Waris Shah University, Sheikhupura

West #Punjab:
13)Baba Farid University, Pakpattan
14)University of Kamalia, Toba Tek Singh

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Happy #InternationalWomensDay

Sharing my latest for @TheNewsonSunday on whether @rideairlift & @SwvlPakistan can help to reduce #AirPollution #GHGs & #TrafficCongestion in #Lahore

Conclusion: Poor #FuelQuality is significantly adding to #AirPollution… Image
The story begins with a boy named Muhammad Suhaan Rashid, 10, who uses @rideairlift & @SwvlPakistan to commute from his home in Sukh Chayn Gardens to a mosque daily, to learn the Holy Quran. He finds both services to be safe, reliable and cost effective.
Never before have these services been introduced in Lahore - the #CityofGardens which has now turned into a #CityofConcrete owing to #populationexplosion & #horizontalexpansion

Worst of all, #AirPollution has adversely affected #Lahore, with extremely high levels of PM2.5
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