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What a joke!

The poorest psychiatric or psychological evaluation I’ve seen!

& hasn’t even been conducted by a mental health practitioner.

Persons who wrote & signed this para (won’t call it a report) don’t seem qualified or competent to do so.


#ImranKhan #ImranKhanPTI ImageImage
Experiencing anxiety when you’ve been arrested isn’t an evidence of someone’s ‘questionable mental stability’ or that they are unfit to be PM.

Mental health is physical health so in case of anxiety/anger/panic, the BP may take a little flight which is normal.

Doesn’t here.
Though, his vitals deny an signs of anxiety, if no appropriate testing was conducted to prove any mental health disorder (as per this ignorant paragraph), how did you reach those conclusions&What gestures?

These people are incompetent even to make a fake report, poorest attempt!
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Dear @ImranKhanPTI, I've been a forensic examiner/prison doctor in the past. Few aspects

1. You're fit/ well.
2. Your pulse/RR/BP are normal demonstrating you're not anxious/intoxicated. If you were, these would be high.
3. Your LFTs are normal so you're not an alcoholic

The mental state examination done by these doctors are at best amateur. Clearly they've forgotten what they were taught at medical school. The mental state conclusions contradict the physical observations.

Correct method to conduct a MSE is here
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#Pakistan Le général pakistanais discret en guerre contre #ImranKhan. La longue lutte de M. Khan avec le gouvernement pakistanais et les dirigeants militaires ressemble de plus en plus à un duel personnel avec le général #Asim_Munir ImageImageImageImage
(ex chef de l'#ISI qui a été évincé en 2019 par #ImranKhan et qui est aujourd'hui devenu général de l'armée pakistanaise)…
Des captures en anglais pour les anglophones ImageImageImageImage
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#Khalilzad veut donner des leçons de démocratie au #Pakistan, lui qui porte la responsabilité de l'accord catastrophique de #Doha et du retour des talibans. Bizarrement, on ne l'entend pas sur le nom respect de l'amnistie par les talibans en #Afghanistan
Il a publié une série de tweet pour soutenir Imran Khan qu'il admire, lui qui a méprisé durant les accords de Doha le démocrate Ashraf Ghani, en se plaçant au dessus de lui et du peuple afghan ImageImageImage
Qu'on ne s'y trompe pas. Ashraf Ghani n'était peut-être pas un chef de guerre, mais c'était un anthropologue diplômé de l'université de Columbia à New York, marié à une libanaise, chrétienne, polyglotte qui avait effectué une partie de ses études en France. ImageImage
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Evidence reviewed by investigators shows #ImranKhan masterminded organized and preplanned arson & vandalism against state+military buildings across #Pakistan. Khan incited hate against State+Mil for months; #PTI media wing joined; party executed attack. /1 #BlackDay9May2023 An image of a walking Imran...
On May 12, law enforcement sources I spoke with confirmed they have seen evidences that the arson and vandalism on 9 May 2023 was preplanned and that #PTI preplanned the attacks under direct orders from #ImranKhan.

See details here ⬇️ /2

#Pakistan law enforcement suspected as far back as March 2023 that #ImranKhan is planning street violence using radicalized members of #PTI whom he successfully turned against the state and the military by mixing extremism and anti-West incitement. /3

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A lie a sham this person is a blunt liar Ravinder Pandita & his conspiracy with #BJP #HindutvaTerror No BJP or Amit Shah wanted the people on both sides of #LOC cross for any cause it was #ImranKhan who gave this gesture during kartarpur corridor #DhardaPeeth
The Resolution of Re Opening the Ancient Temple for only the people on both sides of #LOC was passed by @ImranKhanPTI not @AmitShahOffice or @narendramodi KP Ravinder Pundita propaganda on the name of Sharda the Hindhu Goddess ImageImage
The #Muslims in #Kashmir always shown support towards the #KashmiriPundits allowing a greater people to people contact & opening routes to religious pilgrims they always welcomed peace that help to ease tensions unlike the #KPs who have kept they silence on the ongoing violence! ImageImage
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جناب احتشام صاحب انتہائی معذرت کے ساتھ پہلے تو یہ بتائیی کہ آپ مہذب کس دن ہوئے؟ آپ نے کب سے اپنا موازنہ دنیا سے شروع کر دیا؟ حضور پاکستان دنیا کا ایک سب سے انوکھا ملک ھے۔ اسکا دنیا سے کچھ لینا دینا نہیی۔ یہاں قائداعظم کے جس گھر میی انہیں ایک دن بھی رہنا نصیب نہیی ہوا وجہ تھی
ناجائز قبضہ لیکن 75 سال بعد جب اس میی خود ہی آگ لگوائی جاتی ھے تو ایک دم سے وہ جناح ہاوس ہو جاتا ہے۔ اور کسی بھی ملک میی کسی فرد واحد کی اسٹیبلشمنٹ میی اتنی طاقت ہے جتنی آپ کے ملک میی ہے؟ حضور جب ہم 43 کروڑ تھے تب بھی ہم پر 97000 لوگ 150 سال حکمران رہے۔ اب تو یہ قریب 7 لاکھ ہیی
جبکہ ہماری تعداد کم ہو کر 23 سے 24 کروڑ ھو گئی ھے۔ ان حالات میی آپ بات پتہ نہیی کیا کر رہے ہیی اور کیسے کر رہے ہیی۔ French revolution میی قریب 10 لوگ مارے گئے تھے اور پھر انقلاب آگیا تھا۔ یہاں پر 50 سے زائد نہتے لوگوں کو مار دیا گیا اور پھر گرفتاریاں بھی انہیں کی شروع ہو گئی۔ پتہ
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𝐈𝐦𝐫𝐚𝐧 𝐊𝐡𝐚𝐧 & 𝐁𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐫𝐚 𝐁𝐢𝐛𝐢 ‘𝐍𝐞𝐜𝐤 𝐃𝐞𝐞𝐩’ 𝐢𝐧 𝐀𝐥-𝐐𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐫 𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐦

Investigators claim that IK & his wife are embroiled in a sprawling corruption probe involving the Al Qadir Trust.

#ImranKhan #ReleaseAllPoliticalPrisoners #Release7000Pakistani Image
UK govt uncovered a staggering £140Mn in an account held by an indl who is the s/o a renowned Pakistani property tycoon, during 2018-19. UK’s NCA promptly froze the funds, suspecting them to be proceeds of crime.
#UnitedKingdom #Pakistani
Investigations revealed that as part of an agreement to return the laundered money, the property tycoon offered a substantial compensation pkg. This incl the transfer of 458 Kanal land in Jhelum, alongside cash amounting to Rs 285Mn, which was destined for Al-Qadir Trust.
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🚨🇵🇰 Peaceful PTI protestors are being abducted from their homes across Pakistan.

People who weren’t involved in damaging public property or military installation.

Is protesting peacefully and unarmed in cantonment area a crime now?


#PakistanUnderFascism #PTI #ImranKhan

Meanwhile Fazl ur Rehman Diesel’s militia is being facilitated by the state to camp in front of Pakistan Supreme Court in Islamabad.

Who’s planning this national suicide?

Is this the level playing field promised in the London plan?

#PakistanUnderFascism #PTI #ImranKhan
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Authorities in #Pakistan are yet to release the full details of a high-level probe that involved close to a dozen intelligence agencies that uncovered a plan that #ImranKhan approved to storm military buildings, bases, and officer houses after his arrest, which was expected. /1
The plan, allegedly approved by #ImranKhan, was based on ignoring court hearings in corruption cases that would naturally result in arrest, which then will be used to divert national attention against the military, which has refused to help Khan become PM like it did in 2018. /2
The plot links key aides of #ImranKhan in his #PTI party to planning attacks on military installations. If ever investigators' findings are made public, this could emerge as the first plan of its kind to engage #Pakistan Army in a civil war type conflict by a political party. /3
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#Pakistan's police and military did not open fire when hundreds of young men stormed and vandalized Army & Govt buildings; a planned bloodbath on #Pakistan streets, a brainchild of #ImranKhan and some of his #PTI party aides. It's not over yet. Khan is pushing for a civil war./1
In a statement, #Pakistan's military patted itself on the back for not falling in #ImranKhan & #PTI's trap. But it faces a bigger challenge: legions of young Pakistanis radicalized by Khan's messaging: that the state is a Western vassal & that Khan is a savior from corruption. /2
#Pakistan urgently needs to end a decade-long free reign of #ImranKhan's messaging: a lethal mixture of conspiracy theories, disinformation, and religion. A generation of Pakistanis require de-radicalization and restoration of faith in the state and the system. /3
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Mini thread 🧵 of deceit
#ImranKhan got bullet fragments in the right leg on the 9th of November
The X-ray shared in the press conference at that time was of the right leg which showed a tiny fracture of the tibia, the bone on the medial (inner) side of the leg ImageImage
A fracture like this takes upto 6 weeks to heal. However it has been used as an excuse to not attend court appearance pertaining to corruption case against him from his time in office as Pakistan’s PM. He was the first PM to be ousted from office by a democratic VONC process
After almost 6 months, a private hospital under his control has issued another X ray of his right leg. As can be seen the “fracture” persists but strangely the leg in the X-ray although labelled right is not the R leg
The tibia can not be on the lateral(outer) side of the leg Image
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#Pakistan 🇵🇰 #CivilWarInPakistan

Inside Info: 🇵🇰

🔸#Quetta #Peshawar & #Lahore core commonders refused to take orders from PakArmy Chief AsimMunir & they all left their houses

🔸Many officers in #PakArmy both low rank & seniors like Brig refused 2 take orders
🔸 The #PAF and #Navy 4 stars have asked President to dismiss AsimMunir and call election ASAP

🔸 Dirty Harry of #ISI conducted this unrest operation & was monitoring flying in chopper all over
🔸 The rangers who stromed in court to arrest #ImranKhan were actually ISI operative in Rangers uniform.

🔸 They want to fly Imran to #Balochistan and give poision injection but things turned very Ugly
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#ImranKhan's political story is complex. He is a source of tension since his launch in 2011 in a feat of political engineering to sideline two largest parties #PMLN+#PPP; failed as PM, messed up #Pakistan's economy+foreign policy. Now turns anti-military.…
After 2019, #ImranKhan relaunched himself as a religious cult. Clips of his followers comparing Khan to the Prophet and other Islamic figures abound. Fans call him Murshid, a supreme leader. Khan recently referenced his wife receiving instructions from supernatural powers.
Imran Khan was arrested in a real estate corruption case today. But he faces several other cases: sale of state gifts, a tree plantation project, a metro bus project, party foreign funding, and his American daughter's case.
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Moments before the arrest of oustedb#Pakistan ex-PM #ImranKhan. He is wanted in multiple corruption cases, incl the multi-billion rupee Al-Qadir religious university corruption case that allegedly implicates him and his wife. Arrest was violently resisted. 📸 via @TheSaadKaiser Ousted ex-PM Imran Khan loo...
Ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan's supporters resist the execution of a legal arrest order in a multi-billion rupee corruption case. More than a dozen #Pakistan law enforcement personnel injured by Khan's supporters.


Some evidence is emerging that supports reports that a legal arrest warrant for the arrest of ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan in a major corruption case was violently obstructed by Khan's supporters.

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After a blunt yearlong anti-military smear campaign, unprecedented in #Pakistan's 75 years, military media arm #ISPR has responded with a statement replete with words of condemnation against ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan. Met by more ridicule by Khan's online troll armies. /1 ImageImage
Trolls sympathetic to ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan and his party #PTI responded to #Pakistan military's official statement by trending #PressReleaseRejected. The statement was issued by @OfficialDGISPR.
/2 Image
But while pro-#ImranKhan trolls trended #PressReleaseRejected to spite #Pakistan military, there were signs that some senior members of Khan's party #PTI were trying to signal peace to the powerful military. Khan's aides have avoided using Khan's language against the military. /3 Image
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Looking Beyond Partisanship: Successful PTI and PMLN Initiatives
A 🧵

The people of Pakistan have different political affiliations, which often lead to divisive opinions. However, it is important to set aside these differences & recognize the positive impact that certain..
..projects initiated by the PTI & PMLN governments have had on the wellbeing and quality of life for of the people. Let us take a closer look at some of the noteworthy initiatives undertaken by both governments in this thread.
Ehsaas program

A social protection & poverty alleviation initiative launched by #ImranKhan Govt in March 2019. The program is designed to address needs of different segments of society, including women, children, the elderly, persons with disabilities & marginalized communities. Image
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A thread on Imran Khan's 10 Points Solution to Pakistan's Economic Crisis.
#ImranKhan #StatesmanSpeech #Lahore Image
1 - Revamped Governance System Image
2 - Facilities for Exporters Image
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तिकड पाकिस्तानचा माजी पंतप्रधान इम्रान खान पळुन गेलाय तर इकडे 'खालिस्तान चळवळी' चा चेहरा बनण्याचा प्रयत्न करणारा अम्रितपाल पळुन गेलाय..
दोघं पण पंजाब मधुन पळुन गेले आहेत 😄
एक पंजाब पाकिस्तानातला तर एक पंजाब भारतातला!
#ImranKhan #AmritpalSingh
#threadकर #वसुसेन
इम्रान खानने पाकिस्तान चालवणार्यांचा अर्थात पाकिस्तानी सैन्याचा अपमान केल्यामुळे जवळपास १०००० हजार पोलिस त्याला अटक करण्यासाठी बाहेर पडले होते. पण या सगळ्यांच्या हातावर तुरी द्यायला तो यशस्वी झाला. शेवटी इस्लामाबाद कोर्टात जाऊन त्याने सांगितले की सैन्य माझ्यासोबत खुप वाईट
वर्तणुक करत आहे. तेव्हा कोर्टाने सांगितले की इम्रान खानच्या म्हणण्यात तथ्य असुन त्याला जरा मोकळा श्वास घेऊद्या 😄
एव्हढ मात्र खरय की जर तो सैन्याच्या तावडीत सापडलाच तर इम्रान खान संपूर्ण जगाला कधीच दिसणार नाही एव्हढं ते सैन्य बेक्कार आहे!
आधीच घाईकुतीला आलेल पाकिस्तान आता या
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Happening now: dozens of journalists posted on top of shipping containers outside the Federal Courts Complex in #Islamabad awaiting the arrival of ousted #Pakistan PM #ImranKhan, who’s due to appear for a hearing in his Toshakhana case:…
Fun fact: cannabis grows wild behind the federal court complex in #Islamabad, #Pakistan
Some 4,000 cops here from #Islamabad, #Punjab, Frontier Constabulary, etc. Multiple arrests of #ImranKhan supporters for “blocking traffic,” per LE. Huge show of force, cops being heavy handed with people who don’t seem to be doing much other than standing around in the road
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Daily Economic Outlook

At a time when Pakistan’s economy is melting primarily due to energy & import crisis, an oil & gas exploration firm has doubled gas supply from a field located in Sindh and aided some reduction in the fuel import bill.
Pakistan’s weekly inflation was reported at an unprecedented 42.27%. The Social Media remained abuzz with rumors of another electricity surcharge to recover Rs335 billion, by the govt.
Pak’s foreign exchange reserves rose to 4.3 billion dollars enough to cover the cost of one-month imports. However, the dollar continue its hike and closed at 280.77, gaining 0.54 pc.
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Internet disruption in #Pakistan‼️ Video coverage of the protests will stop soon. Ideal case of how a DEMOCRACY works. 😊


#ImranKhan will be put behind the bars by tonight for sure.
What do you think❓🤔…
Imran Khan arrested‼️ —some Pak ids claim. This happened faster than I expected. 😶
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عمران خان کا سوراخ ڈیمج ہو ہو کہ مقعد کا نیچے بار بار گر جانا
"Rectal ProLapse"
اور بواسیر ہونا۔۔
واقعات پڑھیں، کڑیاں ملائیے۔۔
ریحام خان نے اپنی کتاب میں لکھا کہ ایک دن جب میں اپنے بیڈ روم میں داخل ہوئی تو "عمران خان" Gays کی پورن ویڈیوز لگا کے ننگا بیٹھا دیکھ
رہا تھا۔۔
اب دوسری طرف ایک ویڈیو درجنوں سیاستدان اور حامد میر جیسے لوگ بھی ایجنیسیوں کے نمائیندوں کے Data سے دیکھ چکے ہیں کہ حمزہ علی عباسی ، مراد سعید اور عمران خان نے ٹرین بنائی ہوئی ہے ( اب یہ ویڈیو اس لئے ریلیز نہیں کی گئی آج تک کہ۔۔ یہ کام جب ہو رہا تھا وہ
پاکستان کا وزیر اعظم تھا تو ریاست پاکستان کی کتنی زلت ہو گی کہ وزیر اعظم پاکستان "اپنے اوپر شاہی سواری" کروا رہا تھا)
یاد رہے کہ جو یہ کام کرتا ہے وہ کرواتا بھی ہے اس لئے آپ اگر رمل ہیجڑے والے واقعہ بھی یاد کریں تو اس کے مزاج کا اندازہ ہو گا
اور آج کل اس نے "احمد نیازی"
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DC lobbyists working for ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan in action. No Pakistani politician had such meets out of govt. Until recently, Khan accused Pakistanis meeting 🇺🇸 officials of "slavery" & championed one of the biggest campaigns of anti-Americanism #Pakistan has seen in decades./1
#ImranKhan and #PTI probably caused the single biggest damage to historic #Pakistan-#US ties, moving anti-Americanism from extremist and militant circles to middle class Pakistani drawing rooms.

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