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𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐀𝐜𝐭, 𝟏𝟗𝟐𝟑

Civilians can be tried under Army Act & Official Secrets Act, here’s how:
1. It is within authority of any Armed Forces personnel to effectuate the arrest of any individual who has violated the Official Secrets Act of 1923.
(1) Image
2. The Official Secrets Act of 1923 holds jurisdiction over all citizens of Pakistan as well as those who are employed by government. Under the Official Secrets Act, both private citizens and government employees are held to the same standard in case of violation.
3. Violation of the Official Secrets Act, 1923 is punishable by imprisonment from three years to death.

#PTI #ForcedDivorces
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#Khalilzad veut donner des leçons de démocratie au #Pakistan, lui qui porte la responsabilité de l'accord catastrophique de #Doha et du retour des talibans. Bizarrement, on ne l'entend pas sur le nom respect de l'amnistie par les talibans en #Afghanistan
Il a publié une série de tweet pour soutenir Imran Khan qu'il admire, lui qui a méprisé durant les accords de Doha le démocrate Ashraf Ghani, en se plaçant au dessus de lui et du peuple afghan ImageImageImage
Qu'on ne s'y trompe pas. Ashraf Ghani n'était peut-être pas un chef de guerre, mais c'était un anthropologue diplômé de l'université de Columbia à New York, marié à une libanaise, chrétienne, polyglotte qui avait effectué une partie de ses études en France. ImageImage
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Evidence reviewed by investigators shows #ImranKhan masterminded organized and preplanned arson & vandalism against state+military buildings across #Pakistan. Khan incited hate against State+Mil for months; #PTI media wing joined; party executed attack. /1 #BlackDay9May2023 An image of a walking Imran...
On May 12, law enforcement sources I spoke with confirmed they have seen evidences that the arson and vandalism on 9 May 2023 was preplanned and that #PTI preplanned the attacks under direct orders from #ImranKhan.

See details here ⬇️ /2

#Pakistan law enforcement suspected as far back as March 2023 that #ImranKhan is planning street violence using radicalized members of #PTI whom he successfully turned against the state and the military by mixing extremism and anti-West incitement. /3

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جناب احتشام صاحب انتہائی معذرت کے ساتھ پہلے تو یہ بتائیی کہ آپ مہذب کس دن ہوئے؟ آپ نے کب سے اپنا موازنہ دنیا سے شروع کر دیا؟ حضور پاکستان دنیا کا ایک سب سے انوکھا ملک ھے۔ اسکا دنیا سے کچھ لینا دینا نہیی۔ یہاں قائداعظم کے جس گھر میی انہیں ایک دن بھی رہنا نصیب نہیی ہوا وجہ تھی
ناجائز قبضہ لیکن 75 سال بعد جب اس میی خود ہی آگ لگوائی جاتی ھے تو ایک دم سے وہ جناح ہاوس ہو جاتا ہے۔ اور کسی بھی ملک میی کسی فرد واحد کی اسٹیبلشمنٹ میی اتنی طاقت ہے جتنی آپ کے ملک میی ہے؟ حضور جب ہم 43 کروڑ تھے تب بھی ہم پر 97000 لوگ 150 سال حکمران رہے۔ اب تو یہ قریب 7 لاکھ ہیی
جبکہ ہماری تعداد کم ہو کر 23 سے 24 کروڑ ھو گئی ھے۔ ان حالات میی آپ بات پتہ نہیی کیا کر رہے ہیی اور کیسے کر رہے ہیی۔ French revolution میی قریب 10 لوگ مارے گئے تھے اور پھر انقلاب آگیا تھا۔ یہاں پر 50 سے زائد نہتے لوگوں کو مار دیا گیا اور پھر گرفتاریاں بھی انہیں کی شروع ہو گئی۔ پتہ
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🚨🇵🇰 Peaceful PTI protestors are being abducted from their homes across Pakistan.

People who weren’t involved in damaging public property or military installation.

Is protesting peacefully and unarmed in cantonment area a crime now?


#PakistanUnderFascism #PTI #ImranKhan

Meanwhile Fazl ur Rehman Diesel’s militia is being facilitated by the state to camp in front of Pakistan Supreme Court in Islamabad.

Who’s planning this national suicide?

Is this the level playing field promised in the London plan?

#PakistanUnderFascism #PTI #ImranKhan
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Thread 🧵
Gülen Movement by Fethulla Gülen
The Gülen movement of an alternate Islam gained influence during its alliance with conservative President Erdoğan, which saw hundreds of Gülen supporters appointed to positions within the Turkish government
Later in 2013Gulen raised corruption allegations against Erdogan’s AKP
He attempted to overthrow the Turkish government through a judicial coup by the use of corruption investigations and seized the group-owned newspaper (Zaman— one of the most circulated newspapers in Turkey) 2/
On 15 July 2016, a faction within the Turkish Armed Forces attempted a coup in Turkey
The coup leaders were linked to the Gülen movement and backed by the US where Fethulla resides himself
Events surrounding the coup attempt and the purges in its aftermath are complex 3/
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Authorities in #Pakistan are yet to release the full details of a high-level probe that involved close to a dozen intelligence agencies that uncovered a plan that #ImranKhan approved to storm military buildings, bases, and officer houses after his arrest, which was expected. /1
The plan, allegedly approved by #ImranKhan, was based on ignoring court hearings in corruption cases that would naturally result in arrest, which then will be used to divert national attention against the military, which has refused to help Khan become PM like it did in 2018. /2
The plot links key aides of #ImranKhan in his #PTI party to planning attacks on military installations. If ever investigators' findings are made public, this could emerge as the first plan of its kind to engage #Pakistan Army in a civil war type conflict by a political party. /3
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#Pakistan's police and military did not open fire when hundreds of young men stormed and vandalized Army & Govt buildings; a planned bloodbath on #Pakistan streets, a brainchild of #ImranKhan and some of his #PTI party aides. It's not over yet. Khan is pushing for a civil war./1
In a statement, #Pakistan's military patted itself on the back for not falling in #ImranKhan & #PTI's trap. But it faces a bigger challenge: legions of young Pakistanis radicalized by Khan's messaging: that the state is a Western vassal & that Khan is a savior from corruption. /2
#Pakistan urgently needs to end a decade-long free reign of #ImranKhan's messaging: a lethal mixture of conspiracy theories, disinformation, and religion. A generation of Pakistanis require de-radicalization and restoration of faith in the state and the system. /3
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Moments before the arrest of oustedb#Pakistan ex-PM #ImranKhan. He is wanted in multiple corruption cases, incl the multi-billion rupee Al-Qadir religious university corruption case that allegedly implicates him and his wife. Arrest was violently resisted. 📸 via @TheSaadKaiser Ousted ex-PM Imran Khan loo...
Ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan's supporters resist the execution of a legal arrest order in a multi-billion rupee corruption case. More than a dozen #Pakistan law enforcement personnel injured by Khan's supporters.


Some evidence is emerging that supports reports that a legal arrest warrant for the arrest of ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan in a major corruption case was violently obstructed by Khan's supporters.

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After a blunt yearlong anti-military smear campaign, unprecedented in #Pakistan's 75 years, military media arm #ISPR has responded with a statement replete with words of condemnation against ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan. Met by more ridicule by Khan's online troll armies. /1 ImageImage
Trolls sympathetic to ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan and his party #PTI responded to #Pakistan military's official statement by trending #PressReleaseRejected. The statement was issued by @OfficialDGISPR.
/2 Image
But while pro-#ImranKhan trolls trended #PressReleaseRejected to spite #Pakistan military, there were signs that some senior members of Khan's party #PTI were trying to signal peace to the powerful military. Khan's aides have avoided using Khan's language against the military. /3 Image
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Looking Beyond Partisanship: Successful PTI and PMLN Initiatives
A 🧵

The people of Pakistan have different political affiliations, which often lead to divisive opinions. However, it is important to set aside these differences & recognize the positive impact that certain..
..projects initiated by the PTI & PMLN governments have had on the wellbeing and quality of life for of the people. Let us take a closer look at some of the noteworthy initiatives undertaken by both governments in this thread.
Ehsaas program

A social protection & poverty alleviation initiative launched by #ImranKhan Govt in March 2019. The program is designed to address needs of different segments of society, including women, children, the elderly, persons with disabilities & marginalized communities. Image
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I had taken a break from twitter and SM and was at peace. However the circus at the highest court has forced me not to miss this. As a #PPP supporter and a loyalist since my teens I have never heard a good news from courts. Always biased decisions were made against PPP.
After Martial Law was imposed Gen Zia said he will not arrest anyone under ML. When ZAB was arrested in Kasuri case Justice Samdani granted him bail. Two days later he was arrested under ML. Begum Nusrat Bhutto filed a petition against ML in SC. Justice Yaqoob as CJ was under
tremendous pressure not to admit her petition. CJ withstood that pressure and admitted that for hearing. Gen Zia next day through MLO reduced the retiring age of judges thus Justice Yaqoob was retired. Rest of the judges justified imposition of ML and gave powers to CMLA to
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#PDM vs #PTI
میری گزارش ہے اور بہت دل سے یہ تحریر کر رہا ہوں۔
جناب PDM!
آپ کے پاس سوائے عمران خان کی مخالفت کے کوئی پروگرام نظر نہیں آتا۔اس کو یہودی سے لیکر دہشتگرد تک بنا ڈالا مگر وہ فرد واحد آپ کے مقابل ہر روز طاقتور ہوتا رہا۔ذرا ٹھنڈے دل سے غور کریں۔
1)معیشیت سنبھل نہیں رہی
2) عمران مخالفت میں روز غلطیاں کر رہے ہو
3) غنڈہ گردی کے سوا کوئی چارہ نہیں
4) 13 جماعتوں کے اکٹھے ہونے سے اپنے تمام بیانئیے دفن کر چکے
5) یہ IMF مدد کرنے کو تیار نہیں
6) ہر روز ظلم کا بازار گرم ہے
7) عوام متنفر ہو رہی ہے۔
8) مہنگائی، ڈالر قابو سے باہر ہیں
9) بھوک بڑھ رہی ہے
10) قوت خرید عوام کی صفر ہو رہی ہے
11) آپ کے اپنے اراکین خود پاؤں پر کلہاڑی مار رہے ہیں۔
12) کوئی ملک مدد کرنے کو تیار نہیں۔
13) آپ کے پاس عمران خان کے خلاف کوئی مضبوط دلیل بھی نہیں
14) آئین و قانون خود توڑ کر مجرم بن رہے ہیں۔
15) آپ کے اپنے لوگ آہستہ آہستہ ساتھ چھوڑ رہے ہیں
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Mañana viernes 24 y el sábado 25 por la tarde estaremos en la Feria #Madrid es #Ciencia en @ifema_madrid

Te contamos aquí lo que os enseñaremos

Abrimos hilo 1/n
@CSIC @CienciaGob @madrimasd @CCHS_CSIC #AñoCajal
Para empezar, os enseñaremos en la Feria Madrid es #Ciencia en @ifema_madrid

Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales Histórica de #Madrid 1860-2023. Entra y conócela 👉

@CSIC @CienciaGob @madrimasd #AñoCajal
Os enseñaremos en la Feria Madrid es #Ciencia en @ifema_madrid

@EnvejecerCSIC plataforma web colaborativa,un punto de encuentro ciencia-sociedad en torno al envejecimiento y las personas mayores. Entra y conócela 👉

@CSIC @CienciaGob @madrimasd #AñoCajal
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DC lobbyists working for ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan in action. No Pakistani politician had such meets out of govt. Until recently, Khan accused Pakistanis meeting 🇺🇸 officials of "slavery" & championed one of the biggest campaigns of anti-Americanism #Pakistan has seen in decades./1
#ImranKhan and #PTI probably caused the single biggest damage to historic #Pakistan-#US ties, moving anti-Americanism from extremist and militant circles to middle class Pakistani drawing rooms.

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#Barelvi #TLP activists and the family of ex-Ahmadi Rai Nasir Kharal demolished an #Ahmadi place of worship in Bahuman village, District Sheikhupura, #Punjab.
Rai Nasir Kharal and his 12 family members, all ex-Ahmadis, had embraced #Sunni #Barelvi Islam last year.
#Barelvi #TLP activists and the family of ex-Ahmadi Rai Nasir Kharal demolished an #Ahmadi place of worship in Bahuman village, District Sheikhupura, #Punjab.
Last year, 12 members of Kharal family, all ex-Ahmadis, had embraced #Sunni #Barelvi Islam.
#Barelvi #TLP activists and the family of ex-Ahmadi #Sunni convert Rai Nasir Kharal demolished an #Ahmadi place of worship in Bahuman village, District Sheikhupura, #Punjab.
Last year, 12 members of Kharal family, all ex-Ahmadis, had embraced #Sunni #Barelvi Islam.
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For too long the people of #Pakistan believed that the Army was a force for good in the country. They believed the propaganda of the #ISPR that everything was the politicians' fault, which it partly is, but they conveniently misled people about the harm the Army has caused 1/n
to the country. For too long we believed that the Army can deliver, that it is the savior of last resort when politicians screw us over. The military elite sold us Askari-koolaid which the vast majority of us consumed without question. Finally, we know 2/n
that the emperor has been naked the entire time. In the name of national security we sacrificed our growth, development, and frankly our own future. But it isn't enough to parrot talking points against the Army. It is important to understand how the Army continues to be a 3/n
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Ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan admits he illegally diverted $3 million that Pakistanis gave him for a hospital into a real estate project, confirming reports that swirled for 30 yrs of charity funds abuse & strengthening probe into his fundraisers in #UK+#UK. /1…
In July 2022, while investigating his link to Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Group, the Financial Times @FT unearthed a case of a fundraiser in #UK for a hospital in #Pakistan whose funds were illegally diverted to support #ImranKhan's election campaign.

Ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan has been investigated for charity fundraising fraud outside #Pakistan, and was once stopped at an airport and questioned for possible financial irregularities. /3

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#Pakistan Instability Update | A country mired in economic uncertainty & bereft of political direction has just added to its woes today. This happens just as the world steps up to signal it won't let the state collapse economically under a climate disaster and bad governance. /1
Local parliament of #Pakistan's most consequential province (in terms of federal seats) has been dissolved. Hardly a win for democracy. It marks a success for one man's destructive 9-month campaign to return to power by any means possible, or else destabilize the country. /2
Ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan succeeds in forcing the dissolution of the local parliament of #Punjab Province, in hopes of paving the way for his return to power. But citizens of #Pakistan are net losers in a country unable to focus on rebuilding economy and international relations. /3
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#Pakistan's ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan convinced #Saudi Crown Prince to discard plans to attack #Iran, claim social media accounts close to Khan and his #PTI party. But don't take it seriously just yet: This claim could be an attempt to disrupt PM @CMShehbaz Govt ties with #KSA./1
The claim that #ImranKhan stopped #Saudi Crown Prince from pursuing plans to attack #Iran circulated on Pakistani social media, timed with a crucial visit by #Pakistan PM+Army chief to Riyadh. A columnist sympathetic to Khan published it on 13 Jan. The paper removed it later. /2
Jang, #Pakistan's largest #Urdu daily, moved quickly to remove a column by a journalist sympathetic to ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan that appeared to be an attempt to disrupt ties with #SaudiArabia just when Riyadh is considering major financial package for Govt of Pakistan. /3
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" جنگ جاری رہے گی "
ازقلم: ( ربیل سارا )
پاکستان کی تاریخ میں زیرک سیاستدانوں کی فہرست میں سرفہرست الطاف حسین وہ نام ہےکہ جسکی شان حسینی بیان کرنےکی میری اوقات نہیں ہےمیرےقلم میں طاقت نہیں ہےاورمیری زبان میں سکت نہیں ہے
اورمیں شرطیہ کہہ سکتی ہوں کہ
کہ اس کرہ ارض میں بسنے والا کوئی انسان نہیں ہےجو قائد تحریک جناب الطاف حسین بھائی کی مکمل صفات بیان کر سکےکیونکہ الطاف حسین وہ چراغ ہیں جنکی لو سے انکی بے نام و نشان قوم کو رہبری و رہنمائی ملی،
آگاہی ملی شعور ملا
گویا شناخت ملی
قوم کو پہچان ملی
بےنام و نشان قوم مہاجر کو زندگی گزارنے کا سامان ملا، نام نہاد غداروں مہاجر ٹولوں ٹولیوں منکرین احسان فراموشوں مفادپرستوں موقع پرستوں دغابازوں کو پہچان ملی
شہر کراچی کو دوام ملا
قوم کو رہبر و رہنماء ملا دنیا بھر میں شہر کراچی کواعلی و ارفع مقام ملا۔
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Second major blow dealt today to #ProjectImranKhan 2011-2022. First was Khan's failure to secure Parliament support in April. Today, the worst infowar against #Pakistan Armed Forces, meant to divide country's strongest institution from within, waged by Khan's party, fell flat. /1
The failure of ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan in influencing top appointments within #Pakistan Army through blackmail, and the failure of the sophisticated and vicious disinformation campaign by Khan's #PTI Media Cell, is a win for the institution an for 🇵🇰. /2

President @ArifAlvi has united #Pakistan by putting nation's stability above politics. He flew in PM @CMShehbaz's jet to Lahore to consult with @ImranKhanPTI.

Country before party. Duty before politics.

@PresOfPakistan largely overruled #PTI's petty politics. /3
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A thread:

I'm reading #Economic Survey of #Pakistan for FY2021-22the data in this document is asking only one question:
Why was #PTI Government removed ? Pakistan was ON track. Most of key economic targets over-achieved. Who was the Sherlock who decided let's remove govt? 1/n
This document is a must read for every Pakistani.
Most of the targets for last fiscal year 2021-22 were achieved or even surpassed; reveals Govt's Economic Survey of Pakistan.

GDP growth:
Targeted: 4.8%
Achieved: 6.0%

Total exports:
Targeted: $26.83 billion Achieved: $28.85 billions

Agriculture sector growth: Targeted: 3.5%
Achieved: 4.4%

Industry sector growth: Targeted: 6.6%
Achieved: 7.2%

Service sector growth: Targeted: 4.7%
Achieved: 6.2%

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عمران خان کے اس بیان کے بعد
فارسیل صحافی،
ذہنی معذور پٹواری،
انکے عارضی کزنز
خان صاحب پر تنقید کر رہے ہیں
کیونکہ یہ سب لفظ "باوقار" سے مکمل نا آشنا ہیں
عمران خان ہمیشہ سے کہتے آئے ہیں
کہ وہ امریکہ سے برابری کی سطح پر تعلقات چاہتے ہیں،
غلامی نہیں
#ImranKhan #ISPR #PMLN
کیا ہم امریکہ کے غلام ہی؟

ہر انسان جو عقل و شعور رکھتا ہے
کرنٹ افیئرز، پاکستان کی 75 سالہ تاریخ،
پاکستان کے تمام دشمنوں دوستوں سے آگاہ ہے

وہ اسکا جواب بخوبی جانتا ہے
دوستی یا برابری کے تعلقات ہر ملک سے ضروری ہیں
مگر امریکہ نے کبھی بھی پاکستان کو اپنا دوست تسلیم نہیں کیا
قیام پاکستان سے لے کر آج تک
یہود و نصاریٰ و مشرکین کو پاکستان نا قابل قبول تھا اور ہے،
75 سالوں سے ہمارے گناہوں نااہلیوں، لوٹ مار نا انصافیوں
اور ملک و قوم کے دشمنوں ہمارے درمیان موجود انکے سہولت کاروں کی سینکڑوں سازوں کے باوجود
پاکستان کا قائم رہنا
اللہ کریم کا ایک معجزہ ہے
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