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Two days back a derogatory hashtag was propagated against @sanabucha. This was done by a young troll team who is struggling to capture its "share" in online marketing. Like predecessors, this team is also trying to mark their presence with propaganda hashtags. #Propaganda
Somehow Pakistani youth have found a way to earn name and money through "online marketing". The easiest & safest way is to do this is by running derogatory hashtags about someone while showing affiliation to #PTI or #Army. Over the period I have found that these troll teams
try to maintain their "identity", that's why 'the big guns' don't participate actively in a hashtag that is started by another team. If trolls are so "patriotic" or "in love with @ImranKhanPTI" they would have aggressively participated in every "hashtag". Now the question is how
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"Thank God for Nawaz Sharif release. This is not a defeat for Imran Khan govt, but some in PTI want to make it their defeat," explains #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk in this #thread.
The government of Prime Minister #ImranKhan has an unprecedented mandate in #Pakistan electoral history. This mandate is to change governance in the country. This mandate must not be limited to #NawazSharif. #PTI govt could damage itself if it reduces its existence to NS.
The Supreme Court ousted #NawazSharif in a historic legal verdict. This is an issue between the ex-PM and #Pakistani law. PM #ImranKhan govt is turning it into a personal issue, with statements like the one in Washington.
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Top opposition politicians in #Pakistan from multiple parties, led by #NawazSharif's #PMLN & #Zardari's #PPP, held iftar dinner of #Ramadan, in a message that they're united to topple Prime Minister #ImranKhan of #PTI just 8months after election. /1 #Thread
The meeting celebrated dynastic politics through the presence of #NawazSharif's daughter & #Zardari's son. Corruption cases & scandals is another thing that has united the Pakistani opposition. They're all facing two options: return corruption money or face jail time.
PM #ImranKhan remains popular despite trouble in his economic team (now resolved). The wealthy opposition is pumping huge money into psychological & disinformation wars against the govt & military to sow confusion. They partially succeeded thanks to weak govt counter strategy.
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Though #Pakistan was created on religious line, #Jinnah was most liberal Muslim who never wanted #Pakistan a religious firm!
Till 1977 , Religion was just a personal choice in #Pakistan , General #Zia not only pushed religion but also took country decades backward !
Zia knew he had zero support from People hence he decided to take support from Mullahs and he ensured that hardcore Islam penetrate each institution in #Pakistan including #Army & #ISI !
#Soviet invaded #Afghanistan in 1979, #Zia used this opportunity to the fullest .
#US wanted to work on Proxy war, Zia got excellent platform to build these Proxies in Madrassa's of Pakistan.
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خان صاحب نعرے لگا کے آئے تھے کہ عوام دوست اقدامات کریں گے بشمول حکومتی اصلاحات کے جن سے وی آئی پی کلچر کا خاتمہ ہو گا مگر برسرِ اقتدار آتے ہی انہوں نے اپنے تمام وعدوں کی نفی کی۔ PTI کے بر عکس PMLN کے ادوارِ حکومت میں کئی بڑے کام ہوئے۔ چیدہ چیدہ کاموں پر اس تھریڈ میں ایک نظر:
🔘 جب #IshaqDar صاحب نے 2013 میں بجٹ پیش کیا تو اس کے زریعے پرائم منسٹر کا اربوں روپے کا صوابدیدی فنڈ ختم ہوا۔

🔘 سابقہ دور میں محصول چونگی، راہداری ضلع ٹیکس (Octroi Tax) ختم کیا۔ اس ٹیکس کو غنڈہ ٹیکس کہا جات تھے ملک بھر میں ہزاروں پوائنٹس پر عوام کو ذلیل و خوار ہونا پڑتا تھا۔۔۔
۔۔۔ جو مافیا ٹھیکے پر یہ ٹیکس وصول کرتی تھی اس میں بڑی سیاسی جماعتوں کے چند لوگ پیش پیش تھے۔ تقریباً 250 بلین عوام سے وصول ہوتا جس میں سے صرف 19 سے 20 بلین حکومتی خزانے میں جمع ہوتا۔ اس ٹیکس کو ختم کرنے کے اوپر غنڈہ ٹیکس مافیا کے اندر اتنا شدید غصہ تھا کہ مجھے بطور ڈار صاحب کے۔۔۔
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MOUs between #Pti and #MQM #Memorandum of understanding :1
#MQM , کے پاس militant گروپس ہیں ان سے اتحاد نہیں ہو سکتا :2
#MQM نے اپنے militant گروپس تیار کئے لوگوں کو مارنا شروع کیا جو پارٹی حکومت میں آتی ہے وہ ان کے ساتھ alliance کر لیتی ہے : عمران خان ( ن نے تو انہین حکومتی بینچوں پر نہیں بٹھایا تھا پر آپ اب MOU سائن کر کے ضرور بٹھا رہے ہیں ) :3
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