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🦉 Here’s some exciting news brief this month from Iterative Community 👇

🤝 October Meetup
🎉 Hacktoberfest
🐲 DVC-Hydra Integration
♾️ CML in Research
📄 DVC Wikipedia Page

@Iterativeai @DVCorg
#mlOps #data #pipeline #dag

🧵 [1/7]
🤝 October Meetup

@NadiaIIT presented her team's research on Collaboration Challenges in Building ML-Enabled Systems in the October Meetup. If you missed it, visit .

🧵 [2/7]
🎉 Hacktoberfest

Contributions are pouring in, as Hacktoberfest proceeds. Find out all the issues with #hacktoberfest tags in our repos.

🧵 [3/7]
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✨Contribute a Project✨ this #Hacktoberfest

Share your project with the rest of the world. Create/modify your project into a mini course by adding challenges and instructions and share it with us!

Instructions are super simple ⬇️
-> Build an exciting project on your own or choose an existing projects you have already built.
-> Break your project into multiple steps & write the challenges & instructions for each of them, following the guide.
-> Create a pull request on our codedamn projects repo
We'll review your project at the end of this month & you’ll get your t-shirt when your PR gets merged!
Start contributing today -…
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Celebrating Open Source and Community growth 🎉

Introducing #Hacktoberfest 2022🚨

For every Data Scientist, ML Engineers, and Deep Learning Practitioners -> Here's a big opportunity for you for FREE🚀

The Deep Learning Meet-Up Group has organised a virtual event where renowned speakers in the field of Data Science and AI would present some of the notable topics around Deep Learning.

📆 Date: 13.10.2022
⏰ Time: 1:00 pm EDT

Register for Free 👇🏻…
What you get to learn from the event?

👉 State-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques.
👉 Challenges faced in Transfer learning.
👉 Data Privacy.
👉 Business value.
and many more..
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October recap for Next.js

🟣 300 PRs merged
☑️ 216 issues closed
📝 69 contributors
🕊️ 84 canary releases
🚀 3 stable releases

We're just getting started
Next.js is installed over 2 million times per week
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Roadmap to contribute to opensource !!
1. Learn Git and GitHub
2. Search for projects with beginner friendly labels in Github.
3. Fork a project and make the changes
4. Raise a PR and Wait the reviewer to review..

Each step is explained in the thread below.


1. Learn git and github
Git is a version control system and github is a hosting provider for version control system using Git.

Git is an essential skill you need to contribute to opensource.

Resources to learn git -…

#OpenSource #github #Hacktoberfest
2. Search for projects with beginner friendly labels in Github

This link contains links of all the issues with beginner friendly tags.…

You can filter issues of particular technologies you want to work on.


#OpenSource #hacktoberfest2021
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10 🔥 Coding Standards & Style Guides you should check out to standardize your CODE & learn a thing or two in the process 👇

For devs participating in #100daysofcodechallenge, #100daysofcoding, #Hacktoberfest, #HacktoberFest2021, or anyone in #Coding, #WebDevelopment 👇
[1/10] 👉 JavaScript Style Guide from Airbnb:…
[2/10] 👉 A community maintained JavaScript Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer:…
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I'd like to tell you about Acton, a programming language that I've been part of developing over the last couple of years.

"What? A new language? But why?"

I think you'll like it, so I'll try to explain... 🧵
The killer feature of Acton is that it provides for a distributed persistent programming environment. AFAIK, the way Acton does this is unique and a world first. I will get to details of that, but first an introduction to the Acton language in general.
At a first view, Acton looks a fair bit like Python. The Acton syntax is heavily inspired by Python and for good reason; we, the Acton developers, think that Python has a simple and elegant syntax. It allows its users to be productive and write high quality code.
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🌴How to open source in few easy steps

-With #hacktoberfest right around the corner, its the best time to get into open source, if you have not already!

-Here is a step by step guide that can help beginners get up and ready for the festival of open source! 🧵

-This is a major disclaimer, open-sourcing is more than just for goodies. if you are someone who is looking for a free t-shirt, please consider it again

-Open source in itself is a huge form of collaboration that brings together many (1/2)
-Different programmers and non-programmers to build and develop

-Do it for than the 5 PRs but for giving back to this community, there are many like you were once who are starting out in their journey and your contributions can help them too

-Again, "not for the goodies" (2/2)
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The #Hacktoberfest time of the year has come.
We welcome *thoughtful* contributions to FOSS and would be glad to get good-quality pull requests. 🙏


Unfortunately, there's an increasing trend of getting a lot of spam during this period of time. 🤯

cc @Hacktoberfest
🙏 Please, be mindful wrt what you submit and strive for perfection!

If you are a first-time contributor, start by figuring out the contribution guidelines for a given project. It may also be useful to ask whether your contribution is something that the project would even want.
🙏 Once you've sent your PR, don't abandon it forever! There's a high chance that it needs updating. It may have some flaws that are only visible to the maintainers or long-term contributors.
Occasionally, there may be something small that blocks your PR from being merged.
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With #Hacktoberfest coming up, I wanted to put out a quick thread to hopefully save someone the trouble of having to look up several things in order to successfully contribute to opensource for the first time!

The following thread will give you everything you need to start!

Firstly, if you want to participate in Hacktoberfest as part of your first opensource experience, you can sign up here, it's totally free and super awesome imo!

If not, skip this part 😀
Next, you're going to want to find a project that you are comfortable contributing to based on your skills.

You can use the GitHub search to look for specific things.

You can actually search for open issues labeled for Hacktoberfest on @github!
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I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! ⏳

Learn More and Join me! ✨

A long thread ahead for everything I'll going to do in the next 100 days 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #webdeveloper #RubyOnRails #javascript #opensource #hacktoberfest
Day1⃣ of #100DaysOfCode 🌟

✨ Started learning @GoHugoIO from past2⃣weeks and get my hands on #TwitterCards.
✨ Have learned how twitter shows different twitter cards layout from frontmatter we added in each blogpost.
✨ Specified twitter card in frontmatter in sample post ❄️
Day2⃣&3⃣ if #100DaysOfCode 🌟

➡️ Solve multiple Query problem in my current #RubyOnRails #Mongodb project
➡️ Reduced from 500 db queries to < 100 🎯
➡️ Contributed to my personal blog, made using @GoHugoIO
➡️ Moved all assets to Dropbox, so that page load faster 🧬

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Hi @digitalocean, we are going to host a #MobProgramming meetup during #Hacktoberfest. As all commits/PRs are crafted as a team/mob, the co-authors are attributed using this feature of Github Desktop:…
It would be really awesome if the co-author's contributions would be recognized as well for the Hacktoberfest challenge. Do you think this makes sense?
FYI: Github Desktop basically just adds one or more “Co-authored-by” trailers to the end of the commit message:…
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Folks in Delhi/Gurgaon, come say hi at our office and hack on anything #OSS. If you want to have a look at @gojektech ‘s #OSS projects at, you can find me and my colleagues if you need help with anything related to them. #hacktoberfest2019 #Hacktoberfest
@gojektech .@Apoorv_Saxena talking about his project and his journey while building it, how he marketed his project and gained users as part of the show and tell. #Hacktoberfest #hacktoberfest2019 Image
@gojektech @Apoorv_Saxena .@akanshgulati talking about his project which is a competitor to a popular chrome extension, where his product is privacy oriented and doesn't track the users. He built it over the last 2.5 years. #hacktoberfest2019 #Hacktoberfest Image
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It's #hacktoberfest and I'm teach people how to Open Source. So I thought it would be nice to make a glossary of terms used in Open Source as a thread. I'll use Video Game analogies as much as possible. Please and RT share with people who need it. So here it goes. (1/n)
*Commit* When we commit some files we make a checkpoint and save it with a name. Just like games where we save the current progress as a checkpoint with a title. If our mission fails or we want to do something in a different way we can restart the game from any checkpoint.
After we commit some files, even if we delete those files from our computer, we can recover them.
But if our computer breaks and we loose all the stored data then we cannot recover our code. That's the same reason why I never got to complete GTA Vice City. (3/n)
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Happy #Hacktoberfest!

Looking for a fun, judgement free to practice making pull requests, branches, adding features, and more!? Check out @musicalwebdev’s EmojiPages, EmojiBops and EmojiScreen.
@musicalwebdev I'm also looking for #Hacktoberfest contributors to add more positive affirmations and functionality to my affirmation generator. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions 👋🏾…
@musicalwebdev @GatsbyJS is also a great project to consider contributing to during #Hacktoberfest. They welcome contributions and also give contributors swag year-round. You can learn more about how to contribute to Gatsby here:…
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Hey #dctech, coming to #hacktoberfest at @GA_DC today? We can't wait to see you! One small hiccup though, the lobby of our building is closed this weekend!

Fear not, though because we're still open and ready for you!

👇Thread👇 Image
You can still get into the building, you just have to do so through the rear entrance. Head through the ally next to the building until you're at the back of the building.

Here's a map with some arrows: Image
When you get to the back of the building, you're looking for this door: Image
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