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How @Ripple is becoming a huge part of payment systems in the UK / Europe & USA and soon the rest of the world 🌎
through @ModulrFinance & @volantetech

Thread 🧵👇

#XRP #XRPCommunity #ripple #DLT #iso20022 #allthemoney
I’ll start with “Faster payments”
Faster payments is the new payment system we use in our mobile banking apps when sending money in the UK.

Anyone that sends money from one bank to another goes through faster payments (FPS)
I stumbled across faster payments a while ago when I sent a friend money and my Halifax app shown it said “faster payments ongoing”
That’s when I started to dig and stumbled across @ModulrFinance ..
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$AZERO may be one of the most talked about altcoins at the moment.

• DAG Hybrid blockchain
• Privacy Smart Contracts

Let's find out what all the hype is about!

Strap in 🕵️‍♂️ Alpha Connoisseur

1/23 🧵
$AZERO Token Overview:

・Price: $1.20
・ICO price: $0.1 USD
・MC: +$200m
・ATH: $3.06
・Circulating Supply: 76m $AZERO
・Holders: 32k

~800 Smart contracts up on mainnet and the first IDO launchpad and #NFT projects are starting to appear.

2/23 🧵
3/ What I'll cover in this thread:

✖️ What is $AZERO
✖️ DAG Hybrid blockchain
✖️ Privacy Smart Contracts
✖️ Team
✖️ ICO & Tokenomics Distribution
✖️ Community and Marketing
✖️ Partnerships
✖️ Future Roadmap
✖️ Use Cases
✖️ Unlocks

Let's take a look🕵️‍♂️

3/23 🧵
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1/ Everything you need to know about how @hathornetwork combines #blockchain and #DAG technology to scale the network, without taking hits to its security and decentralization levels, and how this architecture affects transaction finality time.


$HTR #web3
2/ To understand transaction finality time on Hathor we must first understand how transactions are confirmed.
3/ Bitcoin's main scalability problem is the fact that its transactions sit inside the blocks, and the number of txs that can fit is limited by the block size.

Hathor blocks are very simple. There are no txs inside so they are lightweight and fast to propagate into the network.
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1. #DAG makes crypto mass adoption possible📈

2. Constellation Network's use of state channels and the L0 token standard enables widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

See more 👇 @Conste11ation Image
1. Through #DAG's state channels and L0 standard, #Constellation makes it possible for anybody to access the cryptocurrency ecosystem and incorporate blockchain technology into already-existing systems and applications. $DAG
2. Existing token standards let you generate and mint a cryptocurrency but don't include any business logic or accountability. #DAG $DAG
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If you've been on CT recently you've likely heard of $DAG @Conste11ation.

But what EXACTLY is $DAG? & how does it work? A question on the lips of many.

Today, I have simplified this answer as much as possible, to show you how $DAG, IMO, is the future.

#DAG #DeFi #Crypto

🧵👇🏻 Image
@Conste11ation As mentioned above, due to the complexity of $DAG, I'll be breaking this thread into a series. Threads can get long & my aim is to have you leave them better, not bored!

If you appreciate this content, make sure to RT and spread the word. And follow me for the next parts! 🙏 Image
@Conste11ation Before we get into it, I want to provide some well known parameters that we can use to understand why $DAG is different.

Introducing @ethereum

$ETH is a layer 1 decentralised blockchain. It facilitates the transaction of data across it chain and stored it in blocks.

More 👇🏻 Image
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🧵Thread 👀
I am going to explain you why $AZERO is so special and what's so unique about it, so what is it ?
$AZERO is the native coin of the @Aleph__Zero network ; a new Layer 1 DAG based #Blockchain but... what is DAG based? Is it a DAG? or is it a #Blockchain? or both?
Both. But to be able to understand how @Aleph__Zero works, we need to understand what is a DAG, DAG stands for Directed Acyclic Graph in #crypto it's a data structure that unlike any other traditional #Blockchain it doesn't produce block by block, but produces multiple blocks at
the same time because a DAG can validate one transaction with the next one and so on, this saves a lot of time and resources as with a traditional #Blockchain to validate the transaction it needs to read the whole history from the genesis, this way @Aleph__Zero's $AZERO can reach
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1/ An introduction to Biometric Financial @Finnovant - $BioFi and their mission to improve security measures across a range of services.

2/ With an increasing number of hacks and data breaches in the 21st century @Finnovant saw a need to reduce the security risks involved with today's technology and services.

Their solution? Their products and technology 👇
3/ Some of their products to date:
- Say-Tec voice and facial authentication
- Kryptic cryptocurrency wallet (utilising Say-Tec)
- Phēnix X1 Secure Android node mining smartphone (utilising Say-Tec)
- UniSafeBox password manager (utilising Say-Tec)
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A trinity of published research papers validating IOTA 2.0, or how #IOTA scientifically proves its potential to become the trust anchor of the world ⚓🌐.
Why are these important? They explain the innovations of our Leaderless Nakamoto Consensus 🧵👇0/3
Published via @arxiv
@arxiv First off, "Access Control for Distributed Ledgers in the Internet of Things: A Networking Approach" describes how writing into the Tangle is regulated and the #access control for our #DAG-based protocol. 👇1/3
To allow for a fast and parallelizable protocol at the core of #IOTA 2.0, the Reality-based #UTXO ledger enables optimistic treatment of incoming transactions before eventual consensus is achieved.
Read how in "Reality-based UTXO Ledger" 👇2/3
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$DAG Mega-🧵

Whats all the hype behind this #hgtp stuff we're seeing on CT?

Lets dive into what its all about 🥽

💾 The broadness and value of data as a whole
🧞‍♂️ The demand around the world for such a network
🌺 A forever self sustaining ecosystem

Now lets Enter The Void⚫️
So what exactly is $DAG?

🪙 $DAG is the index token for @Conste11ation that is the core index token of all the data on their network Hypergraph #hgtp

💰 Unlike fiat currencies & many speculative crypto assets, the value of #DAG is intrinsically tied to aggregate data on HGTP
🤨Alright so the token has a reason to have value, but is there gonna be any real demand for it?

$DAG not only works as an index token of #hgtp, but it serves as bandwidth on the network

If you're a big corporation needing a lotta bandwidth, you'll need a lotta #DAG
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🧵This thread is my gift back to our community of crypto educators & content creators bringing knowledge of the future of this space 🖤🤝

🧠Every one of these guys provides amazing alpha & exposing hidden connections

We got a lot more educating to do, this is just the start

🪙Huge respects to Anders, provides some of the most consistent updates to the regulated side of crypto, especially with $XRP

Valuable alpha on news regarding these projects and going the extra mile to connect those dots

✨One of the most vocal and active members within the $DAG #hgtp community

Easy to understand analogies and examples of the functions of Hypergraph to life applicable scenarios

Created the 🐐 #DAG introduction👇
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Why am I so bullish on $LCX?

🔮Innovative opportunity for us retail investors

💎Ecosystem built around some Global Elites

🧑‍💼Registered business in the crypto space

🤝 Partner w $QNT $DAG $VXV $HBAR etc

Enjoy this thread 🧵 & see why #LCX gives this rare opportunity

What is @LCX?

🇱🇮 Fully FINRA compliant exchange based in Liechtenstein, Europe

🧤 Offering white glove institutional services from Price Oracles, to custody & tokenization

🪙 Created a standard framework around regulated asset tokenization

🤝 @wef partner in Centre for 4IR
Fully Regulated 👨‍⚖️

💳 $LCX Team has 8 approved Liechtenstein licenses under their "Blockchain Act"

® Registered as an officially FinTech company providing digital goods n services

✍️ Token Issuer, ID Service Provider, Token Generator + more

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**NEWS** We’ve been researching, studying, and investing to determine where the future of payments infrastructure will be best served on the blockchain. Because wherever that is... @Payometry wants to be. 1/10
@Payometry After considering the three chains we found most likely to assume some form of payments infrastructure, one project stood head and shoulders above the rest. 2/10
@Payometry We are very proud to announce that we will be joining Constellation Network's second incubator cohort, the "V2 flight program." @Conste11ation #FlightV2
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1/ @avalancheavax is a highly customizable #Layer0 that enables the development of an infinite number of #blockchains on top.

It can support the adoption of #EVM for any custom VM that implements the innovative #AVAX consensus. Image
2/ The #AVAX #protocol has the only #consensus capable of #scaling the active validator list while maintaining high transaction performance, sub-second finality, and unmatched #decentralization.

It is composed of four mechanisms: Slush, Snowflake ❄️, Snowball, and Avalanche
3/ #Avalanche #Consensus uses “repeated random subsampling” to vote: when a validator #node receives a transaction, it randomly queries other validators until the network achieves consensus.

X-Chain, C-Chain, and Platform Chain are 3 #blockchains making the Primary Network Image
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How do you prepare for the "Tokenization of the World?"

Go through this 🧵🧶 and I promise you'll begin seeing this space in a new paradigm

Follow the ones who are with the Top 1% & have a strong case for network effects.

(None of this is financial advice) Image
To start off, what is tokenization and why's it so huge?

Put simply, its the process of digitizing the ownership and value to a certain asset onto a blockchain.

But theres so much more than just that, this will disrupt communities & industries

Here is another thread further explaining the aspects of Tokenization

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Every CT Citizen should see this info🌎🌱

This is my technical mindmap for yall to piece together

Researching a company means you need to break things down by seeing who they are participating with within the global industry

-A Deep Thread on $DAG Info & Graphics- Image
I find it awesome that random citizens around the globe doing deep research coming up with the same partnerships and creating educational content!

Great work on your infographics @LF_DY

#Crypto #research #global #Networking #dag #community

If you haven't put the time to learn about $DAG

Check out our notes and images me and @XX_1133_1221_11 have found through our deep dives.

Warning: This thread is in note form meant for studies.

You need to actually read and interpret yourself🤔

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1) #HBARbarians! Let’s talk #NFTs. #NFT skeptic? 🧐Read this 🧵. NFTs go far beyond #jpeg & are the future of #Web3, “gateway” to #crypto, & will be larger than #cryptocurrencies. This aims to educate #Hedera community & raise awareness to our #HBAR #NFTartists. Wallet flex 💪👇
2) #HBARbarians who think #NFTs are a bubble or do not want to buy an #NFT. That's fine. But #NFTs are vitally important for #HBAR to appreciate in value. See #Solana ($SOL) this year? Yep, #NFTs 🤯 (1)
3) Even if you don't buy an #NFT, you can help. See a #Hedera artist whose art resonates w/ you? Simply hit "like", "RT", or "comment" something nice. It goes a long way in ushering in new #HBAR buyers & #NFTartists.
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THREAD on #Shakespeare #DAG and the #bees … yes… you read that right… 🙈
1. To #bee or not to be… that is the #question… by Shakespeare
2. #Skakespeare ‘s #love of life was Anne Hathaway…🙈 (forget the current one and that her husband looks like Shakespeare🙈)
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Great Information to study for $DAG

Here are some visuals to checkout after you read his thread🔥

Get your internet shovel and dig deep Citizens👇

Secure Land < Air < Space Data transmission ✨


#DAG #HGTP #bigdata #QNT #Teamwork #fintech ImageImageImage
Smart City IoT Smart Devices Examples

Threat Vectors

Machine 2 Machine Payments

#IoV #IoT #Data #bigdata ImageImageImage
Department of Defense Contract:
DoD + @Conste11ation
Data Security
#DAG $DAG #Constellation… ImageImageImageImage
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1/ The journey of @iota [MONSTER THREAD] - From the top 5 token to the top 50 token and why it will at least get back into the top 5.
2/ #IOTA was founded in 2015 with the aim and vision of developing a #DLT protocol in which people and machines, can communicate via data & value tx permissionless, feeless, efficient and with the least technical requirements -
With a high level of security, decentralization…
3/ …and Scalability➡️blockchain trilemma.
They also wanted to develop their own #smartcontracts, #oracles, #identity solutions, etc.

At that time they already attracted the attention of the then much smaller #crypto community.

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1/ Malgré la forte hausse de $FTM - @FantomFDN, Je pense qu'il reste l'un des L1s les plus sous évalué actuellement.

Ce thread a pour but de vous présenter ce projet. Image
2/ #Fantom est une plate-forme de smart contract.

Contrairement à ce que la plupart des gens pensent, ce n'est pas basé sur la blockchain, c'est basé sur le #DAG. Une technologie dans laquelle plus le nombre de nœuds participant au réseau est élevé, plus les TPS est grand.
3/ Le projet vise 6000 à 20 000 TPS (transactions par seconde) vs l'#eth qui est à 13 TPS.

Il faut aussi savoir que #Fantom est compatible avec #Ethereum car il prend en charge les smarts contract pour Ethereum VM (EVM) en natif et hors de du réseau #ETH.
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0/40+ #IOTA ♻️ is the basis for a new type of IT infrastructure for global communication and automation, which manifests itself in 40+ incredible projects, collaborations & company adoptions.
Stay tuned for a regular update.
1a/40+ #ALFRIED is one of the largest German, publicly funded digital transport infrastructure projects. With a funding of 11 M €. ALFRIED will use #IOTA ♻️ as its core technology.
#IoT #SmartCity #SmartMobility
1b/40+ ETO GRUPPE is developing sensors for the transport infrastructure in a funding project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in the ALFRIED project together with #IOTA.
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🧵Fui revisitar um #factcheck antigo e tropecei noutro #disparate do #LesteOeste da @SICNoticias a propósito deste “vídeo do exército do Azerbaijão com militares bem maquilhadas da ala feminina das operações especiais”, como descreveu @nrogeiro:… (12:43) 1/ Image
#Factcheck: a única mulher no videoclip é a cantora #NarminKarimbayova, claramente identificada na ficha técnica do vídeo, tal como o cantor #CeyhunZeynalov e a banda Nur: 2/
A cantora azeri já tinha participado (com a mesma banda) num videoclipe anterior do Serviço Nacional de Fronteiras do Azerbaijão: .
Entretanto fui espreitar outros #LesteOeste no site da @SICNoticias e facilmente encontrei mais casos de #gatoporlebre 3/
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This is @brianwwhitcomb and @ashley_naimi with a short twitter takeover of @AmJEpi about our latest work in the AJE Classroom about ‘noncollapsibility’ #epitwitter
Heard or read about ‘noncollapsibility’, but not sure what it is? Is including nonconfounding risk factors in regression models to estimate causal exposure effects a good or bad idea? Does it even matter?
Answer: IT DEPENDS! Sometimes, adjusting for non-confounding risk factors can lead to very misleading results, making it seem like that factor is a confounder or effect modifier, even though it is not!
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Benefits of running @ObyteOrg full node #DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph):

A thread.
1) Direct write access to public decentralized database (no middlemen like miners/stakers who you need to bribe on #blockchain to get your transaction in).……
2) Direct read access to public decentralized database (more privacy, no leaking of personally identifiable information to hub or relay). Just a TOR service is not going to help a light node privacy if the same device asks somebody about same addresses again and again.
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