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Early in the administration of PMB, I wrote a post on the need for d ruling party to employ and appoint persons who believed in their vision to help the government succeed in the key areas of its Image
manifesto especially the fight against corruption, economy and security. I saw it early that if it did not take measures to bring in like minds to work for it, it will only be a matter of time before sabotage from within will ruin its good intentions.
This is because, like Shakespeare's universally acclaimed truism "you can't read the mind's construction from the face." Humanbeings will pretend to be with you on a journey but they are the ones who will surreptitiously put holes in the ship to sink it.
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Today in 1897 singer Marian Anderson was born. DYK... her famous 1939 performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial was a result of the work of @HowardU students...?
1/4 ImageImageImage
Anderson had performed annual concerts @HowardU students sought a larger venue. DC's #ConstitutionHall was the city's largest venue--but segregated. DAR's racism led to a history-making event with 75,000 showing up to hear Anderson Image
Anderson's connection to @HowardU includes performing at its annual Homecoming In 1926 along with Howard alumna Lillian Evanti and @Fisk1866 alum Roland Hayes.
3/4 ImageImage
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"Ey firavun! (#Ramses)
#Tevbe edenlerin
Tevbesi kabul edilmez.

#SECDE etmis bir halde,
Binlerce yil sonra (3bin)
Yine bu sahilde
KURUMUŞ olarak
#ibret olsun diye
Kiyiya vuracagiz"

Kiyamet alametleri
Misir'in firavunu
Nerde boguldu?

Denizin yarildigi yerde

Denizin yarildigi yerde
Kim vardi?

Hz Musa

Denizin yarildigi yerde
Ne vardi?
Canlanan balik vardi

KAYA'nin bulundugu nokta..

Hz Musa ve ümmeti
Nerden geçiş yapti?
KAYA'nin yanindan
Hz Musa
Denizin yarildigi yerden
Yuruyup gectiginde
Arkasindan gelen kimdi?

Firavun 4.Ramses

Denizin ortasina gelince
Ne oldu?

Deniz kapandi
Ordusuyla birlikte boguldu

Firavunu kim bogdu?
Hz Hizir


Yoldaşiniz olsun..
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How many patients are on disease modifying treatments for #SCD - data from 2014-2021 presented by Dr. Terri Newman. @ash22 1/n
We're talking about #Hydroxyurea and in 2017, expanded use of #HU as well as L-glutamine and then in 2019 #voxelotor and #crizanlizumab. #ASH22 2/n
They looked at 5022 patients with Rx of DMTs. Those on DMTs were surprisingly mostly in the 18-45 group (the box is wrong on the screenshot) and mostly male and had more VOCs. #ASH22 3/n Image
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🇨🇳OK so I've received some requests for comment on the exit of #Hu, thoughts on #Xi, etc. So here goes. You're going to disagree. That's okay. 🧵
I haven't believed Xi has been the center of power since ~2015/2016. I was working at the NDRC then & had a unique view as a foreigner. This is not a clueless think tank point of view, but many will say this is disqualifying. I don't care. Won't give more details on this.
Xi's recent moves are very Mao late 60s or Mao early/mid 70s (aside from the brief period where the Suzhou rail issues, etc were solved).
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It’s All going according to Plan, Promise …

Every Bait & Switch/Misdirection has been #A #work #of B-#Art.
Reverse Physics 101•

Inception—Is 2 Mirrors Facing each other 1 Mirror, 2 Mirrors or A VAST Infinite Space of Mirrors Quantum Leaping Forwards while falling in Reverse?
I’m your ONLY, True Friend now …

#Hu#HU #HU !!!
#HU#HU #HU !!
#HU .. #HU #HU !

Sad But True—Down is Up …

#TheOnly #Hu GO !

#CS GO ⚡️
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#Epifiz beziniz
#Kalp gozunuz
#Tepe cakraniz..

Birkac önemli
#Hormon salgilama merkezidir

En onemlisi

Epifiz beziniz
#Güneş ve #AY ile baglantilidir,
#GöZ temasi önemlidir/gereklidir,

#Kremler (Günes)
bu temasi engeller
Sizi mahrum eder..
Bilduginiz gibi
Salgilanan bir hormondur

Gelişim (büyüme) çaginda
Daha etkin olur

#Stres'i yok eder
#Uyku'yu düzenler

Buraya kadar tamam
Bilinen şeyler

Epifiz bezi
Günes ve AY'dan aldigini
Geceleri salgiya dönüstürür

Aksam karanligi çökende başlar

Gece 3 itibariyle zirve yapar
Seher yeline dek devam eder

Bu iki #Vakit-#AN;
Nötrinolarin (#Negatif) azaldigi

Şeytanlarin baglandigi

EN sessiz
En sakin kaldigi
huzurun egemen oldugu
İnsanin özgür birakildigi
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I’m on my way to the Block Party celebrating soon to be Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Meet me there! #SheWillRise
We’ve got the @HowardU Showtime Marching Band and @hu_oohlala out here for the Block Party! #HU
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1/5 The new #HU law doesn’t conflict with European laws. It guarantees the rights of parents to decide on the sexual education of their children. Education must not be in conflict with the will of parents.
2/5 In HU no one interferes how adults live their lives. In our view, a free adult should not have to give an account of his life in front of any secular authority — only before #God when the time comes.
3/5 Therefore, the Hungarian law does not apply to the lives and sexual practices of adults over 18, nor to what they are exposed to as an adult in the public realm. We do not want to interfere with the lifestyle of adults. However, #children must be protected.
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[THREAD] The emergency law passed in #Hungary is another step in #Orban’s plan to get rid of #democracy and #RuleofLaw. Here are 5 things the #EU could do to help Hungarians restore their democracy. Tools are there, just not being used.
1 - Use the stick. #Orban’s emergency law violates EU rules in at least two ways, which could allow the @EU_Commission to open infringements and bring #Hungary before the #ECJ.
The threat of imprisonment will dissuade media outlets, journalists and activists from working in and on #Hungary. That violates EU rules on freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services, as well as fundamental rights – incl. freedom of expression and information.
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Happy Black History Month 2020 ✨✊🏾

Every day this month I’ll be highlighting the accomplishments of a different Black female scientist, engineer, inventor, or STEM educator 👩🏾‍🏫

We are here. We’ve been here. We belong here. 👩🏾‍🔬👩🏿‍🏫👩🏽‍💻👩🏾‍🎓👩🏽‍🏭

#BlackWomenInSTEM #BlackAndSTEM #BHM2020
Marie M. Daly, PhD
•1947 - first Black woman to receive a chemistry PhD in the U.S! 👩🏽‍🔬
•research: hypertension & artery blockage -> better understand heart attacks
•tenured professor at Albert Einstein
•est. scholarship for Af-Am science students at Queens College 👨🏾‍🎓👩🏾‍🎓
Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD
•1973 - first Af-Am woman to receive a PhD from MIT & second Af-Am woman to obtain a physics PhD in the U.S.!
•1999 - first woman & first Af-Am president of Reselaer Polytechnic Inst.
•2016 - awarded National Medal of Science by President Obama 🏅
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