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[THREAD] Black and Native babies, as well as their mothers, experience worse health outcomes than their white counterparts in #NorthCarolina.

Here’s how @ncatsuaggies, the nation’s largest #HBCU, is making a difference.

#healthcare #BlackLivesMatter…
Encouraging more parents to breastfeed in the first few days and months of a child’s life can help enormously, with research showing there’s a lifetime of health benefits for both moms and babies.

But less than 2% of certified lactation consultants are Black even though research shows people respond best to health messages from those of similar backgrounds.

#northcarolina #healthcare…
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NEW statement from @FBI on bomb threats vs Historically Black Colleges & Universities [#HBCUs}, houses of worship & other faith-based/academic institutions

FBI confirms threats vs 57 institutions btw Jan 4-Feb 16 by "hone calls, email, instant messages & anonymous online posts"
"This investigation is of the highest priority for the Bureau & involves 31 FBI field offices that are actively working w/our local, state, & federal law enforcement partners to identify those involved" per @FBI statement
"The @FBI is investigating these cases as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism & hate crimes" per statement

"Although at this time no explosive devices related to these threats have been found, the FBI takes all of these threats w/the utmost seriousness..."
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📽️LIVE: SPLC President & CEO @MargaretlHuang testifies on the rise in violence against #HBCUs.

HBCUs are central to Black scholarship and the inclusion of Black voices in American dialogue.

We condemn the targeted violence and support the HBCU community.…
Educational institutions, houses of worship & other community institutions have historically been safe spaces for all people – sanctuaries for communities to gather, share, learn, fellowship, and build a support network.

This is particularly true for communities of color.
The bomb threats against almost two dozen #HBCUs over the past two weeks have been deeply impactful, shaking a sense of security & safety.

Coinciding with the start of #BlackHistoryMonth, it's also reminiscent of the U.S's history of white supremacist attacks on Black churches.
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Threat landscape in the US - "A lot has changed" since December, @DHSgov's John Cohen, the senior official performing the duties of the Undersecretary of Intelligence & Analysis tells @gwupoe
Foreign intel services, foreign terrorist orgs also "promoting socio-political content...for the purposes of sowing discord" in the #UnitedStates per @DHSgov's Cohen

"These narratives have in fact led to attacks in this country"
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Day 2 #BlackHistoryMonth
#HBCUs that start with the letter B
Bowie State was one of the many HBCUs terrorized on Jan 31st.

Bowie is a public HBCU, the oldest in MD, established in 1865. It ranks in the top 25 HBCU for value and education. Image
A notable grad I'd like to highlight is @eunique. She has a goal of connecting new generations of Black Children to the knowledge and experiences of our ancestors. Her brand- Because of Them, We Can, has ensured that our children know the excellence of past.
Thank you!
Other grads you all may know: Singer- Toni Braxton
Rapper- Wale
Football played- Isaac Redmond

And lots of politicans, probably inspired by its proximity to Wash DC
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I'm a #Black Gay Jew. #VotingRights are under attack,synagogues are being attacked, Nazis are here, #HBCUs being threatened, Black& #Jewish &Gay authors are seeing our books banned under false pretense.some schools will ban discussion of LGBTQ issues. We are hurting. Im hurting.
There's a difference between that sanctimonious bullshit about "victimhood," (imma tell you how to feel after making your life hell) and living under constant pressure from people who don't like you just for being who you can't help but be.
I am worried about everyone. Immigrants from Haiti and Latin America, disabled folks ignored in this COVID era, Muslim families split apart, women losing rights, equal pay and authority over their own bodies, trans ppl feeling unsafe. People are still hungry&homeless.
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The domestic terrorism that HBCUs are faced with needs to be discussed.
On this first day of #BlackHistoryMonth , my plans have shifted. I will teach my children about 28 of the 107 HBCUs in the US. We will learn their role in creating Black excellence.…
Here are the 8 #HBCUs to choose from that start with the letter A. Today I will focus on Albany State and talk about the role it had in shaping a leading public health voice during this pandemic, Admiral Cedric Guyton, Assistant Surgeon General & Deputy Director of US Comm Corp.
@AlbanyStateUniv is a public HBCU in Albany Georgia founded in 1903.
They merged with Darton College in 2017, and are the largest HBCU in the state of Georgia.
The Albany community was one of many HBCUs to experience trauma yesterday in the form of a bomb threat.
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You’ve heard us tweet and talk for a while now about our project on #rural-serving institutions (#RSIs), & today is the day we finally release our work. We have spent the last year pouring over data, reading existing research, & talking to a number of stakeholders to guide us. 🧵
We embarked on this work because the existing means to talk about institutions that serve #rural populations rely entirely on identifying institutions that are located in rural places, leaving out #RSIs that are located outside of places formally identified as "rural."
To do so, we created a five-factor score based on measures of geography, population, & degrees awarded in specific fields of unique #rural importance. Each institution has an RSI score between 0-4 and those with an above-average RSI score were deemed to be #RSIs.
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Today our team @hope4college releases the largest national survey conducted during the pandemic.

For #RealCollege community members, you’ll note this is our 6th annual report.

So what’s new? What surprised me? What now? A 🧵

Full report:…
Let’s start with #COVID. It has deeply affected #RealCollege students.

13% of these 200K students lost a loved one. Twice as many among Latinx students.

Whatever the “return to college” looks like, it’s going to be marked by trauma.
Many, including our team, have been calling for increased #mentalhealth supports for years and years— particularly for #communitycollege students.

Listen to the students in our latest data— now is the time to invest👇🏻
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So excited for the #NtlMtg20 to kick-off!!!

Ready to hear from @NASPADavid, Aimee, Courtney & so many other amazing people in our field!
Really awesome that @hecaod has Closed Captioning & an ASL interpreter on screen! #NtlMtg20 Image
And it's a GREAT time to say Happy 5th Year Anniversary to @hecaod!!! #NtlMtg20
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We deserve equal rights to recovery. - Shauntelle, a Black trans woman in recovery on the opening panel for #ARHE2020.

This panel on experiences in recovery is COMPLETELY comprised of people of color.

This is a FIRST for @CollegeRecovery. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Image
It's challenging to heal in a space where all of my identities are not recognized or valued. - Izzy #ARHE2020
Treatment isn't accessible for all. We're not present in recovery spaces but are over represented in the criminal justice system for drugs. - Maysa #ARHE2020
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The more I thought about the Anderson Cooper/Scott Galloway interview the more pissed I got.
When religious colleges closed in droves we did have a crisis. Those people don't need college anyway.
When single sex colleges are closing or going coed, no issue
HBCUs were dying out and again no issue.
#singlesex and #HBCUs are the real world so we won't miss them
But now that Johnny Country Club might not have a college to go to, now we have a crisis of epic proportions!
Why? Why now?
Here is my theory.
Johnny County Club got to tier 2 college not really for a degree but to be free. His parents need him to sow his wild oats in a safe place. What sorts of things you ask?
Beat up homos, taunt POC, rape the women
What safer space than state college U?
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Happy Black History Month 2020 ✨✊🏾

Every day this month I’ll be highlighting the accomplishments of a different Black female scientist, engineer, inventor, or STEM educator 👩🏾‍🏫

We are here. We’ve been here. We belong here. 👩🏾‍🔬👩🏿‍🏫👩🏽‍💻👩🏾‍🎓👩🏽‍🏭

#BlackWomenInSTEM #BlackAndSTEM #BHM2020
Marie M. Daly, PhD
•1947 - first Black woman to receive a chemistry PhD in the U.S! 👩🏽‍🔬
•research: hypertension & artery blockage -> better understand heart attacks
•tenured professor at Albert Einstein
•est. scholarship for Af-Am science students at Queens College 👨🏾‍🎓👩🏾‍🎓
Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD
•1973 - first Af-Am woman to receive a PhD from MIT & second Af-Am woman to obtain a physics PhD in the U.S.!
•1999 - first woman & first Af-Am president of Reselaer Polytechnic Inst.
•2016 - awarded National Medal of Science by President Obama 🏅
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Ready to spend the next day & a half with the amazing folks of the @ulsystem, its campuses & partners at #ForOurFuture20 on @ULM_Official's beautiful campus!
First up for the day is Craig Lee of the @ATT Foundry sharing how universities can develop the workforce of the future & how AT&T attracts the best talent. @ulsystem #ForOurFuture20
Ideas come from everywhere and you want to make sure you have a way for ideas to be included. - Craig Lee of @ATT Foundry @ulsystem #ForOurFuture20 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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The #1 thing the debate over #FreeCollege reveals is that most Americans know very little about college today.

They think they do. Maybe they went to one or sent their kid to one.

Or they work at one.

Key word: ONE.

Let’s talk #RealCollege ...
1. #FreeCollege is about PUBLIC higher education.

There are over 4K colleges in the U.S. Of those about 1600 are public.

That 1600 includes:

~1100 community colleges
~450 regional comprehensives
~50 research & flagship unis

Yet most people think about those 50!
This leads to statements like:

“Low income students can’t get in anyway.”

“They don’t have capacity.”

“Capping their tuition will starve them.”

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@jnlamstudies Forum, “#Shakespeare and #Black America” before the 2020 print publication if you have access to the
@CambridgeCore platform. Just in time for our #RaceB4Race discussions on appropriation! Buckle up--Tweetstorm a' comin' #LitPOC #MedievalTwitter
2/ These essays are short and, not just accessible, but actually enjoyable (IMHO). I’m always tweeting stuff for you to check out, but this time you don’t have to listen to just me. (Although y'all most def should listen to me) + #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC
3/ Look at this referee comment. Now you KNOW you need to read these if you are interested in #appropriation #pedagogy #theater #Activism #archives #BlackHistory! Thanks generous and insightful reviewer!! #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC #ShaxCultApp
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"Shouldn't research be a joy?" De Rycker is deeply worried about the normalization of academic research being relentlessly talked about as a kind of torture process (see pic below). Lots going on to upack. #Twitterstorians #AcademicTwitter #ICMFS2019 Image
I wonder how much of this is related to the financial precarity that most grad student workers face and how much of it is a reflection of the culture of academia that would continue even if workers were in a more stable financial position. #AcademicTwitter
Also thinking of POC in PWIs and how much of the misery that people experience might go away if, at least for #BlkTwitterstorians if, #HBCUs were were better funded and valued in the PhD marketplace and academic job market. #icmfs2019
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1/15 This race reminds me of the rule in boxing, a split decision goes to the champ. That's how Biden has stayed on top, plus he's authentic both in screw ups and in sincere moments such as talking about the loss of his wife/kids. #ABCDemDebate #joebiden…
2/ Elizabeth Warren's strength is her wonky, thoughtful "I'm not a typical Washington politician" and "I have a plan for that". Dodging the tax question makes her a typical Washington politician. #ewarren #ABCDemDebate #taxes…
3/ Sanders seems incapable of modulating his speech beyond shouting and haranguing. It was interesting, however, that he finally was willing to abandon Venezuelan President Maduro. #berniesanders #venezuela #ABCDemDebate…
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#HBCUs enroll 9% of Black undergrads, yet award 18% of the STEM BS degrees (in some disciplines like physics, math etc much more). Despite that we expect that they miraculously make up for all that PWIs DON'T get right when educating Black STEM students. @HBCUDigest @The107_hbcu
Furthermore, we want to criticize and marginalize #HBCUs for what they don't do enough of and not even hold PWIs accountable for their failures. On top of that we want to tell Black students that #HBCUs are not competitive. @HBCUDigest @The107_hbcu
Yet, #HBCUs are the top producers of future PhDs, MDs lawyers etc. Just look at the NSF NCSES data to see the numbers. Why do we give PWIs a pass and NOT support #HBCUs? @HBCUDigest @The107_hbcu And yes, I know, there are things #HBCUs could do better. No need to point that out
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