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GUESS WHO IS A 2019 @TheAdvocateMag CHAMPION of PRIDE, representing New Hampshire??? Thanks to The Advocate for including me on this incredible list!
I’m proud to be a queer #BlackandSTEM 🥳
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This #BlackandSTEM story is both deeply upsetting and terribly unsurprising. PhD student pay in the sciences in Canada is even worse than it is in the US, where it is already atrocious.
This was something I researched when I was a PhD student at @UWaterloo, about 70 miles from Toronto. At Waterloo, my annual stipend was so low that Canada considered me to be impoverished and sent me quarterly checks.
Students in Toronto, where the cost of living is much higher, were making more than us, but not so much more that they were actually able to live any better. The situation must be even worse now that the cost of living has skyrocketed in both places.
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So...I recently withdrew from the PhD program at U Toronto. I had a horrible experience that I wasn’t sure I would make it through. I carried a lot of fear and shame in sharing, but I don't feel that my silence serves me or other Black scholars trying to survive these spaces
Grad school is tough, but for Black and poor students who don't have the social or financial capital to weather frequent delays in pay and discriminatory campus health services, it can be really traumatic
For ex. - when my stipend was delayed, more than once, I couldn't afford rent or food. My fam was facing eviction from our gentrifying hood, my dad diagnosed w a rare chronic disease. This impacted my health. And the campus health services I turned to were SO violent and racist
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MY FIRST COLUMN ⁦@newscientist⁩ is out! I y’all fact and model fiction in the search for dark matter. And jackasses during research talks. #BlackandSTEM…
Complete with a shout out to @SHODesusAndMero — I’m guessing it’s their first time getting mentioned in a scientific publication 🥳
Wow, I was so excited that my first tweet had typos. I *talk* fact and model fiction in the search for the origins of dark matter. And also how to handle +that guy+ during research seminars.…
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👏🏽 ⁦@joshua_roebke⁩! 👏🏽
“Unlike the city of Cleveland, the demographics of physics have barely changed. The subject has long been a refuge for immigrant but physics was gentrified by Anglo-Saxon men long ago, and it remains their colony still.”…
“Today, more than three quarters of students in the subject are white, and more than 80% are men. That is the standard model of a physicist. The only college major with a lower percentage of either black or female students is music.”
“But physicists are rarely so political today, even though they adopt the language of resistance. They anoint their theories as revolutionary or radical, even when nothing is overthrown and no one gets hurt. They appropriate the cachet of revolutionaries, much as advertisers do”
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This points to an overall problem with how summer program funding is structured. It assumes that the intern is childless and flexible in the summer. We need to be more realistic about what today’s undergraduate population looks like.
ALSO: if we had a minimum basic income for everyone in the country, it would simplify funding training our next generation STEM workforce SIGNIFICANTLY
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My mentions are full of tweets about Snitchtasha, so I wanted to put something positive out there: my work! This week was a big week for me because FOUR interviews with me were published. First I refreshed my website (interview links follow):
The first interview to release this week was a super thrilling interview with the glorious and distinguished SUNY Albany Professor Janell Hobson in Ms. Magazine. Prof. Hobson really let me think out loud about what it means to be #BlackandSTEM.…
Next came a discussion with @gregmepstein for @TechCrunch about #decolonizeSTEM and #diversity in #technology. Greg asked super thoughtful questions!!…
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I really enjoyed doing this @ladyxscience podcast with @leilasedai where I got to talk about #WeAreMaunaKea, #BlackandSTEM, and gave a shout out to @theoffingmag Back of the Envelope Department!…
I also loved having this generative conversation with Janell Hobson for @MsMagazine.…
And I really appreciated the unusual questions that @gregmepstein asked me for @TechCrunch. Again here I talk about #WeAreMaunaKea and a story from college that changed the way I saw astronomy in Hawaii.…
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NEW INTERVIEW!! "Why Chanda Prescod-Weinstein Fuses Physics with Black Feminism"… via @msmagazine
"There’s just an element of freedom that black women are robbed of as we enter into the process. We need to ask ourselves and our communities: what does flourishing look like? Not just surviving, but thriving.

Thriving is not indulgence." #BlackandSTEM…
I got asked about who I think of as prominent Black women in physics and astronomy SO OF COURSE I HAD TO TALK ABOUT @JedidahIslerPhD -- both an incredible scientist and media maven. BOTH.…
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Women and minorities are not mutually exclusive categories and it is so disheartening that the physics community’s top statistician continues to use language that suggests they are, despite me bringing this up with her *over 10 years ago* and multiple convos on the interim
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While we are talking about “forgotten” grad student contributions — the amount of energy that we should expect from the black hole system where LIGO 1st detected grav waves was calculated by #BlackandStem MIT postdoc Lionel London — when he was still a grad student! #EHTBlackHole
I don’t think Lionel has ever been widely recognized or celebrated for his contributions to advancing gravitational wave and black hole physics. #BlackandSTEM
Here’s the paper that Lionel led…
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(or rather the battle happens AFTER some very important pomp & circumstance) #2019MMM
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My political commitments will never be limited to my academic communities, and increasingly I feel like this means I will be a disappointment to some within the #BlackandStEM discursive sphere.
I don’t have any interest in helping Black people join and protect what I consider to be a violent establishment.
I think Black students and faculty should turn down opportunities to serve American violence. Please don’t do work that helps the military’s violent agenda.
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For #PiDay + #WomensHistoryMonth, I honor an eminent, glass-ceiling-breaking mathematician, Dr. Loretta Marion Murray Braxton. In the 1950’s, her 1st math prof in college in VA told her that she was in the wrong classes, b/c "only boys took higher-level math classes."1/14
Undeterred, Loretta Braxton won an NSF to do an MS in math in a top program at the University of Illinois, obtained a doctorate, and taught the 1st African American who formed a billion-dollar company, Reginald Lewis. #PiDay #Fearless 2/N
As a math teacher, professor, and 15 years as chair of the math department at @VSUTrojans, Loretta Braxton mentored several generations of math students, many of whom became teachers + college or university professors themselves. #BlackAndSTEM 3/14
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For people who think what @terrycrews said yday is not a big deal, FYI he is reiterating my very first experience with homophobia, which was one of the only other #BlackandSTEM women scientists in my summer program telling me that my queerness meant I would have messed up kids
I was 17 and was just coming coming out and she ensured that I spent the rest of the summer feeling isolated because the #BlackandSTEM students backed her homophobia and the white students were ... racist. I spent my 18th birthday alone, hiding from homophobia and racism.
Uhh this is a great opportunity to help people understand the meaning of the word “intersectionality” — that was an intersectional experience because it involved overlapping experiences of oppression/subordination.
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Cal Poly SLO Prof Louise Edwards telling us about #BlackandSTEM physicist Elmer Imes and his one time wife Nella Larsen (yes the novelist who wrote “Passing”!) #SpaceTimeTO
Y’all know I love me some spectra, which were the subject of Imes’s research and which Louise uses heavily in hers #SpaceTimeTO #BlackandSTEM
“I didn’t hear about Imes, even though his work directly influenced mine, until last October.” - Prof Edwards responding to a question of how he was treated. He was epistemically marginalized in history of astronomy spectroscopy, even after he died. That’s how mistreated.
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Less than a day tweeting here and I'm already being asked to comment on gender in science/academia. No surprise to any of my fellow #womeninSTEM...
I have a lot to say about women in science - the barriers we face and what we can do to change things for the better. But I also wish that we could sometimes just be scientists, and didn't have to always be Women In Science.
It's not great to feel the pressure to represent an entire marginalised community (like @xkcdComic shows below). Not just #womeninSTEM, but #queerinSTEM #BLACKandSTEM #LatinxinSTEM and a lot of others who feel pressure to be a 'model minority'.
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Hi you can get paid $35,000+ to do research on the brain for 5 or 6 whole years of your life.

If you're low income you can apply to grad school for free, if the schools dont require GRE 😊
Stipends vary at different institutions and in different fields but almost every biomedical research PhD program in the US will pay YOU to get your PhD.

You dont need a master's beforehand either.
People get mad at me every time I tweet this, but you can totally apply to PhD programs as a backup plan.

If you've done research and love it but don't know if you wanna do it for the rest of your life, you can still apply and see if it's something you're into.
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