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🇫🇷 "Mon métier est de fournir une information fiable à 95% ou 96%."

Retour sur l'audition à huis clos du général Jacques Langlade de Montgros, directeur du renseignement militaire (#DRM), sur le projet de #LPM 2024-30.

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🇫🇷 À la #DRM "nous produisons du #renseignement d’intérêt #militaire, c’est-à-dire une compréhension des capacités militaires des compétiteurs et groupes armés susceptibles de nuire à nos intérêts ou à nos forces. Ma mission est de réduire le niveau d’incertitude."
🇫🇷 "J’agis simultanément dans trois espaces-temps différents : le temps long, qui est celui de l’anticipation, de 6 à 24 mois – au-delà, c’est de la prospective, pas du #renseignement." #DRM #LPM
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Introducing Social Media Intelligence (#SOCMINT)
One intelligence professional said it was like ‘searching the British Library for a page in a book without an index to refer to’. Social media did not fit into their systems of receiving, corroborating, prioritizing and
disseminating information, and therefore was not properly acted on. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary noted: ‘With some notable individual exceptions, the power of this kind of media (both for sending out and receiving information) is not well understood and less well
managed’. He concluded that ‘the police have much to learn about social media, and the quickly shifting modern communications of today’. Since then, Government has reacted. The Metropolitan Police has established a social media hub, in time for the London Olympics. A number of
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1/12 Update 🧵 about the suspected drone launch site in Mayak, Crimea.Two weeks ago i published an article about Mayak radar station in which research & sat. images showed Mayak radar station in Crimea was the most likely source of drone attacks on Odessa

2/12 in this 🧵 further evidence was found to support the claim of this being the launch point of the Shahed-136 drones, further information (#OSINT & #HUMINT) revealed that Iranian instructors/operators are also present at Dzankoj airport (read 🧵 ⬇️)
3/12 We were able to obtain new high res. 🛰 imagery(30 cm) from the Mayak site, which indefinitly proves the presence of the launchers there. It also shows the kind of setup they will probably use when they know they are out of reach of UA forces and under the umbrella of 🇷🇺 AD
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The US operates a global network of assets to build it's intelligence view. I don't know why presumed CIA/SOF activities in #Ukraine is thus considered a revelation; that is how the intelligence apparatus operates. This is by design.

Moreover, it's presumptuous to think Ukraine alone could facilitate US #intelligence ; it surely needed initial, and ongoing, support.

This has been demonstrated by deepening integration with US/NATO #SIGINT at the theater and unit level.

Perhaps one framing is to bolster support against deepening US involvement. In any regard, this belies the fact the CIA and associated SOF assets require presence everywhere; this is true for any national intelligence apparatus.

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Okay these accusations by Durham that Danchenko lied to the FBI are incredibly sketchy. For example Danchenko is not lying that he didn't know Charles Dolan but rather that Dolan was not one of his sources for the #SteeleDossier. Check out this interview exhibit.
Danchenko in the covert interview thinks the FBI is asking his opinion of Charles Dolan & his interest in Russia as something that could be interpreted as malign. Danchenko essentially laughs. But in actuality FBI is subtly probing Danchenko to c if Dolan was one of his sources
So this is seriously open for interpretation depending on which side of the fence you are on. Durham essentially is saying Dolan must be one of Danchenko's sources & Danchenko is saying no. How that hell is this even legitimate line of inquiry ..besides exposing anonymous sources
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@rudivervoort @FedericaMog Goed, @rudivervoort. @Mofa_belgium😠 heeft graag dat u @be_gezondheid💉 aanwendt (al bekend sinds 2013📞🌎🤯). Net daarom kreeg @eliodirupo's diplomatiek duo geen #HUMINT inlichtingen💽📑 - zodat ze @MajaEUspox🏃‍♀️EU niet nog meer ondermijnen via valse interpretaties.
@rudivervoort @FedericaMog @Mofa_Belgium @be_gezondheid @eliodirupo @MajaEUspox @Mariana_Betsa @MarinSanna @limjh12 belde @Mariana_Betsa's Han Olga in 2013, korte uitleg China expertise. Geen direkte meeting met Olga, dus @LimJH12 zocht en vond een adere methode : bus en taxi naar een hotspot met betrouwbare Ukrainse vrouwen in Korea (niet op straat, maar binnenskamersin een gebouw)
@rudivervoort @FedericaMog @Mofa_Belgium @be_gezondheid @eliodirupo @MajaEUspox @Mariana_Betsa @MarinSanna @LimJH12 @KaterynaZelenko Nonverbale blik van @KaterynaZelenko's burger in Korea bevestigt meteen @Limjh12's heldhaftigheid. Na actie + uitleg over crisis situatie - nam ze haar beloning mee plus data en documenten, beloofde aan receptie te retourneren en zeker niet aan @BelgiumMFA, @MFA_Ukraine te lekken
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Now that many of William Gibson’s ardent fans will have read his latest novel "Agency", here are
few thoughts about it (spoilers ahead). [1/81]
Having been involved in the "new form of literary criticism" Node Magazine… review of "Spook Country" in 2007, it seems appropriate to publish these initial thoughts about "Agency" as a Twitter thread which can then branch or be added to by others [2/81]
and (later) as a Tor .onion hidden service [3/81]
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The early BND machine records program

At the beginning of 1960s, the #BND submerged in a flood of data. With the help of the #CIA, the BND wanted to make the technical leap. The main objective: The automation of #sigint, #humint and #osint data handling 1/6
A CIA report (1965) states: ‚CADITE (BND) has an archaic index card and file system which involves some 1,5 million index cards which lead to dossiers filed in country sections and subfiled by intelligence service. There is no document control‘ 2/6
‚It is clear from the revelations during this session that CATIDE'S capability for name  tracing and information support in protection of its own operational security, and it's response to name trace request from other services, is poor,‘ the CIA report says 3/6
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#OperazioneFarfalla un lavoro fuorilegge tra agenti penitenziari #DAP e il #SISDE

..risulta evidente che il #DAP ha svolto un ruolo assimilabile a quella di una vera e propria struttura parallela di Intelligence (2015)
#StatoMafia #Copasir #OpRientro… Image
Esistono doc #riservati su accordo stipulato tra #SISDE e #DAP che vincolava il Dap alla riservatezza su contatti tra i Servizi e alcuni detenuti mafiosi al carcere duro.
E’ stato depositato anche l’elenco dei capimafia che avrebbero ricevuto denaro dal SISDE..
In teoria queste operazioni sono non è assolutamente vero, lo dimostra lo scontro tra #DiMatteo e il Min #Bonafede, comprese le valutazioni sulle nomine uscite da membri di #CosaNostra in regime di carcere duro..
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💣B O O M💣

FBI releases records of Justice Dept. official Bruce Ohr interviews about Russia probe - The Washington Post…
Heavily redacted FBI memos released show that while the FBI formally cut ties with a former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, agents quietly sought to reestablish contact as the case heated up.…
The released documents are formal FBI interview memos of agents’ conversations with Bruce Ohr, a senior Justice Department official who has drawn the ire of President Trump for his connections to Christopher Steele…
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