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Together with our friends and fellow #immigration lawyers @gsiskind and #JeffJoseph, @Immigrant_Atty, We have just filed legal action against President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and @StateDept, seeking to stop the #ImmigrationBan as it applies to 149 Diversity Lottery Selectees.
President Trump acted illegally when he ended the Diversity Lottery 2020 program, something that he has talked about wanting to do for the last four years. The President does NOT have the authority to overturn the entire statutory scheme of immigration created by Congress.
By acting in this unlawful manner, Trump violates the Take Care clause of the U.S. Constitution, and he operates outside the boundaries of INA 212(f), which requires specific actions in order to fulfill its requirements, actions the President failed to take.
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THREAD recapping grass-roots efforts for #AmericaFirst the past 6 weeks: @amworkco speaks out 5/12/20 pressuring @realDonaldTrump to listen to American workers, not #OpenBordersInc, to #ExpandTheBan
/2 Pedro Gonzalez exposes #EB5 scam & Jared Kushner role in undermining American worker protections 5/11/20 ==>
/3 Stalwart American workers' lawyer @4US_Workers Sara Blackwell blasts H-1B sabotage of US work force 5/15/20 and pushes for #ExpandTheBan ==>
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MM blasts GOP failure to shut down foreign student pipeline as part of #immigrationban: ConInc talks about "how terrible liberal universities are, but here's a chance to bring them to their knees, and you won't do it."
@ryangirdusky: "There should be no question" on the issue.
2/TRUE #AmericaFirst campus leaders: These College Republican nationalist groups published 3/25 #immigrationmoratorium letter to Trump that goaded @charliekirk11 to finally echo. Now nationalist CRs urge Trump to end OPT/freeze H1B. Where are @TPUSA @YAF?…
These are the signatories asking @realDonaldTrump to end OPT/freeze H-1B. #ExpandTheBan #HireAmerican and protect the futures of America's best & brightest young people! (Will @TPUSA and @YAF ignore or endorse?)
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@Stanford_GOP This is progress. But you owe @SDSUCR & other #AmericaFirst CR chapters an apology for smearing them w/disparaging & indiscriminate rhetoric. You also need to do your homework on impact of guest worker programs on American work force. Tell me where to send a copy of Sold Out. /1
@Stanford_GOP @SDSUCR Now, tell me what in the #AmericaFirststudents' call for a pandemic-era #immigrationmoratorium you disagree with? If you agree, why not sign on?
@Stanford_GOP @SDSUCR Do you agree or disagree with GOP Sens. Cotton, Cruz, Grassley & Hawley that Trump's #immigrationban executive order should be extended to temporary foreign workers?
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CHRISTOPHER LIDDELL - former top Microsoft executive - is Kushner's liaison to Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos. I've been telling you all about him for weeks now. He needs to GO! Background:
2/ Know your enemies, #AmericaFirst Who is Christopher Liddell? ==>…
3/ Who is Christopher Liddell? He's a top Romney aide (author of the Romney Readiness Project) and H-1B-protecting, J-1-shielding, F-1/OPT reform-blocking #SiliconValleyFirst operative not #AmericaFirst! @realDonaldTrump…
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Malkin livestream on sham #immigration ban and what we must do to fix it.…
2/ Exactly. We have THIRTY DAYS to make a difference. Here's the section of the exec order I just mentioned in my livestream that creates an opportunity we must seize. #americafirst
Another 4.4 million Americans out of work filed for unemployment benefits this week. Measly gestures like the 60-day, Swiss Cheese-holed #immigrationban sham will not do. We need a FULL stop. @realdonaldtrump @presssec @secpompeo
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1/ The so-called Trump #immigrationban is nowhere near that, and is really hardly anything at all. The population most immediately affected (for 2 months) will be parents of U.S. citizens, among the group of immigrants least likely to be competing with American labor.
2/ As previously discussed in this space, the provision of law which controls these things allows the President to suspend any (and ALL) immigration "for such period as he shall deem necessary"--in this case, 60 days.

60... days.

I have questions.

3/ Does Trump really believe that the American economy will be open for business in 60 days?

Corallary: does he believe that the relatively narrow group of immigrants who would have been able to enter the US on these visas would be *taking our jobs* within the next two months?
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🚨 BREAKING: Trump has just signed an executive order banning immigration of individuals currently outside the US who don't currently have a valid US immigrant visa or travel document.

This is nothing but a xenophobic &. politically charged move…
Immigration has already functionally shut down.

➡️ International air travel has been largely suspended.
➡️ The border is closed & asylum-seekers deported without due process.
➡️ USCIS isn't taking applications due to #COVID19

So why an #ImmigrationBan?
Because when you're a xenophobic President running fo re-election formalizing it serves as a way to rile up your base.

Immigrants are NOT competition.
Immigrants are NOT job-stealers.
Immigrants are NOT responsible for the crisis we are in.
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Starting a thread of messages from American workers to @realdonaldtrump about the need for a real & TOTAL #immigrationban - add your voice or video message in replies & help stop #OpenBordersInc from sabotaging executive order. #AmericaFirst @presssec @MarkMeadows
2/ Here is @4US_Workers attorney Sara Blackwell speaking up defense of American IT workers ==>
3/ American IT worker Michael Emmons @Troup1998 talks to #AmericaFirst DE Sen. candidate @WitzkeforDE about being forced to train Indian H1B replacements at Siemens==>
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As I expected the new Trump #immigrationban is going to do nothing but keep U.S. citizens separated from spouses, kids, & parents. It's not about #covid19; it's not even credibly about the jobs/economy. It neither serves nor pleases anyone. The cruelty has always been the point.
Not that nearly anyone will be coming to the U.S. in next 60 days unless they absolutely have to, but to be clear this will apparently not do anything to slow business/pleasure/student travel or most work visas.

Just greencards, most of which go to family. Great work everyone
IMO there's no obvious necessity to stop any of these things, but keeping people from becoming permanent residents is extra super unnecessary and I'm genuinely curious as to how they're going to spin this as doing anything for either public health *or* economic protectionism
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I called it last night. President Trump now admits massive #s of temporary visa holders will be exempt from #immigrationban to appease Big Ag/Big Biz/Deep State/Silicon Valley. Time to PUSH BACK against Kusher/#OpenBordersInc & force change. Melt WH phone lines 202 224 3121.
WH phone line correction: 202-456-1414. BUT GET THIS: White House is NOT accepting calls/comments! @realDonaldTrump this is unacceptable. Let #AmericaFirst speak!
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The US has the highest number of #COVID19 cases globally.

So instead of:

ℹ️Providing accurate information to the public.
😷Ensuring frontline workers have access to PPE.
🏥Mass producing ventilators.
🔬Scaling up testing.

The president announced an #ImmigrationBan

Because when the administration mishandles a crisis, immigrants become the scapegoat.

Racism, xenophobia & misinformation are used to enact anti-immigrant policies.

The impact? Immigrants disappear from their communities, families get separated & ppl die in detention centers.
All while the real crisis is left unaddressed.

There is 0 public health rationale for an #ImmigrationBan—especially b/c immigrants are crucial to the nation’s response to the pandemic.

Immigrants are disproportionately in frontline jobs at hospitals, grocery stores & farms.
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Time to hit the phones, #AmericaFirst nation. Call the WH and tell them the American people are watching and waiting for the #ImmigrationMoratorium. Workers are suffering and cheap foreign labor will only make things worse. Call today to make your voices heard: 202-456-1111 #MAGA
If the first number doesn’t work call the WH switchboard: 202-456-1414. Ask to leave a message for President Trump and let him know that the #ImmigrationBan could be his finest moment. It’s time to put the American Worker first and cut off all foreign labor! #MAGA #AmericaFirst
And, of course, you can always let him know in his Twitter comments.
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Working on the #ImmigrationBan story today... President announced the policy via twitter last night. A lot of Democrats say Pres. Trump is scapegoating #Immigrants to distract from #Coronavirus response. I'll talk to Rep. Judy Chu later today.
I'll also be speaking with GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy this afternoon. Interested to hear his thoughts on the President's #ImmigrationBan. I put in requests for comment from Dept. Homeland Security as well...hoping to get a response #COVIDー19 #Coronavirus #NexstarDC Image
We were able to get Sen. @KamalaHarris response to the President's #ImmigrationBan over a conference call. She didn't hold back on her criticism of the President, and his handling of #Coronavirus #COVIDー19 generally. #NexstarDC
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All I'm going to say about Trump's tweet last night "..I'm going to sign an EO temporarily suspending Immigration" is this is how he tried to do it in Jan 2017

Remember how THAT ended?

This is a MAJOR distraction attempt.
Let's not pretend otherwise.
2-REALLY important to note that since Covid, Trump has already 'paused' nearly every form of immigration.
Most visa processing has stopped-almost noone can apply for a visa to visit or move to the U.S.
Visa interviews & citizenship ceremonies-stopped
Refugee program-paused
3-This new #ImmigrationBan EO is 'expected' to include exceptions for migrant farmworkers, & Health Care workers, particularly those helping treat Covid pts & not expected to address the removal of immigrants already in the U.S. or the visa renewal process.
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Michelle’s quick take on @realDonaldTrump #ImmigrationMoratorium executive order - livestream…
SEE I TOLD YOU SO. Too many loopholes. Too little. Too short. You will always get the truth from me. Demand more. We need a real and total #immigrationban NOT a #KabukiImmigrationBan
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