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13,400 employees of a mismanaged federal agency are losing their paychecks at the worst possible time--a scandal by any definition, but even worse when you factor in the many thousands of immigrants with pending citizenship applications who now may not be able to vote in November
USCIS has always been 95%+ funded by the extremely expensive filing fees paid by immigrants themselves. This is why it never closes even during government shutdowns, and why it hasn't depended on Congressional appropriations generally.

So how did this happen? A few things:
DHS claims that new filings have been way down since the #COVID19 lockdowns began. And I'm sure that's true: A typical greencard through marriage costs $1760 in filing fees alone--a lot for any family facing economic uncertainty.

But there's a lot more going on here.
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Thanks to #StephenMiller, this ream of paperwork is now the minimum required for the spouse of a U.S. citizen to receive a greencard. (And this is *before* we've included evidence of the relationship.)

This is the easiest possible way to immigrate to the United States in 2020.
And by "this" I mean an immediate relative visa. Filing for a parent or child under 21 would require the same stack, thanks to the absurdly expansive new #publiccharge rule which #StephenMiller has (and this is true) wanted to impose on new immigrants since he was 15 yrs old.
FWIW, this client is exactly the kind of immigrant Trump and Miller explicitly want more of: a wealthy English-speaking European entrepreneur ready to innovate in a vital STEM field and create American jobs. Really rolling out the red carpet here, guys
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Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson personally attacked an ICE detainee today.

"The sheriff attacked me, he was out of his mind, I saw the devil in his eyes. I told everyone in the unit... don’t be violent, take the punch.”

#AbolishICE #FreeThemAll…
What kind of warden takes to the front lines when a tactical team storms in with dogs and tear gas to break up a protest over unsafe conditions?

The very worst kind.
Tomorrow Sheriff Hodgson will tell you at a press conference that the violent criminal aliens in his custody had gotten out of hand and had to be subdued.

All they wanted was to be tested for #covid19 w/o risking contamination by traveling through the jail.
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STEP 1: surprise announcement via dumbass tweet
STEP 2: 48 hrs of catchup through brutal palace civil war re: terms of order
STEP 3: release mostly-moot temp hold on limited visa categories
STEP 4: lie about having suspended "all immigration"
STEP 5: fresh chalice of puppy blood
lol what are words
"wE loVe iMmIgRantS, sO lOnG aS thEy dO it tHe rIghT wAy"
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White House adviser #StephenMiller and @USCIS' Robert Law — both officials with ties to anti-immigrant hate groups — helped write President #Trump’s executive order blocking the issuance of new green cards, according to a report. #COVID19
#StephenMiller has long admired policies to limit immigration from non-white countries, including the Immigration Act of 1924 — a law based on eugenics and praised by Adolf Hitler.…
It's no wonder #StephenMiller, like the anti-immigrant hate groups we track, is politicizing the #COVID19 crisis in order to develop even more cruel immigration policies.…
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1/ The so-called Trump #immigrationban is nowhere near that, and is really hardly anything at all. The population most immediately affected (for 2 months) will be parents of U.S. citizens, among the group of immigrants least likely to be competing with American labor.
2/ As previously discussed in this space, the provision of law which controls these things allows the President to suspend any (and ALL) immigration "for such period as he shall deem necessary"--in this case, 60 days.

60... days.

I have questions.

3/ Does Trump really believe that the American economy will be open for business in 60 days?

Corallary: does he believe that the relatively narrow group of immigrants who would have been able to enter the US on these visas would be *taking our jobs* within the next two months?
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#MoralQuestion #ISeeDeadPeople

What would your #USGovernment do in a pandemic for #NationalSecurity?

Take out a building?
Take out prison?
Take out a hospital?
Take out a shelter?
Take out a city?
Take out a state?

What would the oligarchs & kleptocrats do to out-#survive US?
On 9/11, scrambled jets were given orders to shoot down full passenger jets as necessary - don't think these discussions aren't taking place in earnest. #StephenMiller & #JaredKushner are in on the talks, so you know they're about #homicide and #genocide. They're real life Nazis.
"Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and top adviser, and Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser, took the lead in writing President Donald Trump's error-riddled address to the nation about the coronavirus outbreak."…
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We counted 940 hate groups — a decrease from 2018's record high of 1,020 — operating in the US last year. Hate groups continue to maintain ties to lawmakers, including White House officials, and hate violence doesn't show any sign of stopping.

Read more:…
Despite the overall drop in the number of hate groups, we identified a

▪️ 43% increase in anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups;
▪️ 18% increase in anti-immigrant hate groups;
▪️ 5% increase in white nationalist hate groups.
A number of anti-immigrant hate groups, including Center for Immigration Studies, have ties to lawmakers. Last year, we broke the news that #StephenMiller, architect of #Trump's cruel immigration policies, promoted a white supremacist novel and websites.…
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FEB 29 Live #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 1: MORE CASES .. No Preparations .. #Trump won’t let @CDCgov discuss or make #TestKits .. #Nigeria has them they were prepared. @WPJohnWagner #AMA @AMSA_News @ANANursingWorld @APHA @UCSF @StanfordMed @maddow @cnni
FEB 29 Live #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 2: FOUR new cases FRI bring the total number of covid-19 cases detected through the U.S. public health system to 19, (total 64 w #DiamondPrincess returnees to #TravisAFB. NO TEST KITS, NO PREPARATIONS @sfpelosi @sfchronicle @ANANursingWorld
FEB 29 Live #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 3: #France, the government banned gatherings of more than 5,000 people on Sat after #HealthMinistry confirmed 19 new cases late FRI. #Qatar announced first case after repatriating ppl from #IRAN. #IRAN 200 new cases.. 19 deaths. @guardian
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L: 20th-century eugenicist & immigration policy obsessive Prescott Hall

R: 21st-century eugenicist & #immigrationpolicy obsessive #StephenMiller

I'm not saying Hall sold his mortal soul to push the devil's immigration policy for eternity...

But also not *not* saying that.
Hall founded the Immigration Restriction League, a predecessor of today's #TantonNetwork (FAIR, CIS, NumbersUSA). He was consumed w/advocating race-based imm. restrictions, often staying up into the early morning hours to research & write.

#StephenMiller is... Stephen Miller.
my theory does have its limits, however
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I spent all of today in the office, and a lot of it working to finish marriage cases which may otherwise have serious problems when the new #publiccharge rule kicks in Monday. So long as they are postmarked today they're in under the wire. Off to USPS now!
All of these couples are employed, none with any history of taking public benefits. None of them would clearly pass the new #publiccharge test.

Thanks for nothing #StephenMiller
My own white US citizen family took more benefits (Sec. 8, WIC, etc) in my early years in Lansing than nearly all of my clients; certainly more than anyone I'm filing for today would. Strange to think #publiccharge would have kept *me* from immigrating as I go to file these.
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This sad statement about one man's lifetime love affair with extremely racist immigration policy is deeply pathetic, but it gets worse: #StephenMiller said this at a meeting in November within days of his engagement to @katiewaldman. (They just got married on Monday.)
@katiewaldman lol what
@katiewaldman IDK about you but I think this man deserves a vacation

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We've reported that #StephenMiller's bigoted views on immigration have informed some of the #Trump administration's most inhumane policies.

Now, @KamalaHarris, @JoaquinCastrotx and other lawmakers are calling for his removal.
.@Hatewatch reporter @MichaelEHayden reviewed 900+ leaked emails in which #StephenMiller recommended white nationalist websites and writers and the racist novel “The Camp of the Saints.”…
In a number of these emails, #StephenMiller admired the Immigration Act of 1924 — a eugenics-based law signed by Pres. Calvin Coolidge, who is lionized by white nationalists for his views on race.

It’s a law Adolf Hitler praised, too.
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Our tax dollars should be invested in education, housing, prison alternatives and health care programs that provide opportunity and increased well-being for all - not in the Trump administration's anti-immigrant and racist policies. #DefundHate #SOTU
The Trump administration continues to promote discrimination against immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and Muslims. #DefundHate #SOTU #SOTU2020
The Trump administration is ripping apart health care and nutrition programs for low-income people. #DefundHate #SOTU #SOTU2020
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We now know why the Bristol County Jail is such a filthy disgrace: Sheriff #ThomasHodgson has spent more time cleaning #StephenMiller's balls than his own facilities

This is only a sample of the "hundreds" of fawning emails #StephenMiller received from #ThomasHodgson. What a complete embarrassment of a human and a public servant…
DISCLAIMER: I don't know who needs to hear this from me, but there's nothing at all wrong with cleaning another man's balls. Just don't do it on my dime, Tommy
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BREAKING: Color of Sky Revealed Through Visual Inspection
Great work from @splcenter here! Well worth the read…
@splcenter No big surprises here, but it does confirm what we all already suspected: #StephenMiller's worldview and policy proposals are informed by sources far more openly white supremacist than Breitbart. (ICYMI, BB has been quietly carrying water for them anyway)…
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And some were stolen from their asylum-seeking parents and given away permanently.

Trump, Pence, and Miller should be arrested for crimes against humanity.…
I ask again:

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A thread on how 45’s immigration policy, developed under Stephen Miller, parallels treatment of Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

We will refer to the Wikipedia entry on immigration policy in Germany from 1933-1940 /1 #resist
“Discrimination against Jews began immediately after the national seizure of power in 1933.”

Trump signed the Muslim ban into effect within days of being sworn into office /2 #resist #racism #racism #resist
“The Nazi Party used populist antisemitic views to gain votes.”

Leading to and after the 2016 election, Trump supporters adopt garish red hats to signal support of Islamophobic/white supremacist policy /3 #resist
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Can you describe #StephenMillerIn3Words
I figured since the NYT and WaPo are puffing #StephenMiller up, let's provide a reality check.


As you can imagine, there are lots of very creative descriptions for #StephenMillerIn3Words.

You can help the hashtag trend by using it with your description.
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With unswerving loyalty, Stephen
Miller has singular control of an
issue central to the presidency

And the chilling parallels that echo Germany in the 1930s.

“Night of the Broken Glass” = Trump’s Immigration Raids
The horrors at the border are the result of Steven Miller’s singular agenda to make America a homogenous (European) genetically pure society & in so doing destroy any vestige of the rich multiculturalism we enjoy now.

#DontDoGeneticTesting #DataMining #Cyberhacks
Hitler’s 4-Step Process for Dehumanizing the Jews

1. Prejudice
2. Scapegoating
3. Discrimination
4. Persecution

We are at step four....😱…
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🔥Re:Mueller testimony
▶️@Comey saying "We R watching, Keep UR mouth shut or else
▶️U know the rules, stick to the script./Gives Threat 2 others
🔥Therapist activate FF/DailyBeast(TAWC)-write story🐦
#HateHoax #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #SaveAmerica
If Mueller lies AG forced to DECLAS ALL docs
If [MUELLER] defers 2 original report but D's/FAKE NEWS push FAKE info> public didnt watch hearing>AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all docs 4 public TRUTH?
Be Ready [Mueller,JC,TRAITORS 1 & ALL]
Thank you 4 playing
FISA goes BOTH ways!
#QAnon Anthony Comello was trying 2 help @Potus not take out a mob boss
#LEAKERS #FakeNewsMedia…
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Saying migrant children were in cages under Obama

Saying the current Dem leadership is failing us

Saying centrism and "bipartisanship" are useless in the face of fascism

Isn't about false equivalence. It's about honesty and self-awareness.

We can never effectively confront the GOP's rightwing extremism if we don't look inside our own hearts, see our own failures, and try to do better.

The radicalized Republican Party is too far gone to fix, but we can overhaul the Democratic Party if we recognize its flaws.
And I'll repeat: Only under Trump, #MikePence, #StephenMiller, and the GOP has our official govt policy become child kidnapping, so no, I'm not pretending Dems and Trump are equivalent on immigration. But the moral high ground requires unflinching honesty and self-awareness.
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This thread contains images with passages from the Mueller Report. I will add new ones as I create them.

If you want, share them on Facebook, Instagram, print on fliers or t-shirts or postcards.

I want to show America what's in that report.
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1/ #StephenMiller has given an exclusive interview to Tucker Carlson's dumbass website for angry white supremacists, because of course he has. I've clicked on it so you don't have to, and here's all you need to know.
2/ Just to get this out up front: Stephen Miller is a 33-yr-old swamp monster whose only major pre-Trump CV item was as press sec for Sen. #JeffSessions. He is not a lawyer & has no serious understanding of imm. policy. His career has been built on bullying & white supremacy.
3/ We now know (as I suspected at the time) that Miller & Steve Bannon pulled a series of all-nighters writing the disastrous first #muslimban--without consulting any lawyers, let alone anyone from the agencies which would be responsible for it. Keep that in mind as we proceed.
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