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“You don’t have to take it to the full house. Only the judiciary voted to move forward with [Nixon] impeachment. You don’t shelve it. It’s on the table”—Hillary Clinton

Let’s talk about impeachment…

A Thread


"There were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election. That allegation deserves the attention of every American"

Those saying “vote them out in 2020" are willfully ignoring how Russia & GOP is guaranteeing 2020 elections are not free & fair
✅Incumbent Scott Morrison wins despite all polls in Australia
✅Incumbent Narendra Modi wins despite all polls in India
✅Far right–wing France’s Le Pen & Italy’s Matteo win EU elections
⚠️Incumbent Donald Trump…

Trump WILL win 2020 unless Dems impeach
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If the House stays this impotent course of applying normalized #RuleOfLaw that’s NOT working for this illegitimately elected criminal, it’s clear by his Obstruction— Congress will only succeed in obtaining replies of litigation& stonewalling to prevent truth
The Constitution MANDATES Congress ACT, not debate should we or shouldn’t we #Impeach

Trump’s strategy is to defy subpoenas, litigate, obstruct justice until the clock runs out. He’s committed verifiable crimes & only impeachment hearings will hold him accountable.

Today during the Barr hearings, I made a list of all Trump is suing to prevent House oversight—it’s Literally EVERY item the House has requested or subpoenaed

Laws haven’t been written for this Constitutional Crisis & Nationalist takeover of the USA.
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This (below) is a well thought out thread, and I am going to respond in, I hope, the same way.
2. The expected consequences of impeachment do constitute the principled opposition to my call for impeachment. I would respond that we cannot know the consequences in advance. Yes, we have expectations, but they are not knowledge; they are assumptions.
3. We agree that McConnell and the Senate Majority are corrupt. It is heartbreaking, but obviously true. This agreement leads to the standard assumption that the Senate will not convict, turning what should be a Congressional duty into just more theater.
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3. Mother
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Here's a surprise for y'all:
Whether the Senate would convict is, to me, entirely irrelevant as to whether we should impeach ALL the motherfuckers already.
I want the truth out, all in one coherent story, on all the TV stations all the time for weeks.
2. If we have lost our republic and fail to save it, I at least want the whole crime spree laid out in public for historians to study. Maybe we can save some other country someday.
Impeach *All the* motherfuckers already.
--jeff out
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Everybody reports
Every day
Every new outrage
But - the outrages are trees.
Look at the forest.
Impeach Barr.
Impeach Mnuchin
*That* would be "walking and chewing gum at the same time."
But my legislation...
When Mitch McConnell runs the Senate like a mob family, ➡️
2. Passing legislation in the House is pure, meaningless theater.
The motherfuckers already.
Or admit we lost.
Quit talking about what we might become.
It's past tense. Became.
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We are all exasperated after a terrible week. We see the blatant obstruction, corruption & abuses of power, and can’t stand that Trump still has the reins.

Shouting at Democratic politicians on political Twitter is not the answer. We have to make the *populace* care. /1
Despite how it feels online, the vast bulk of Americans aren’t paying attention - & even if they are, they are too busy to act on whatever concerns they have. The onslaught of bad news & scandal has numbed rational America into irrational silence. THIS is what must change. /2
Ultimately our elected officials are swayed by numbers. Why haven’t THEY stood up to say, “enough is enough”? Because the people haven’t. We are their bosses.

Our leaders likely perceive political Twitter as aberrant. And rightfully so. We are not a representative sample. /3
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My major focus is drifting away from Trumpov and the coup, towards global warming and possible solutions.
If y'all ever hit the streets I'll go with you, but there is no value whatsoever to continuing to observe his daily crimes and scream about them. That's a done deal. --more
2. If you're driving 90 miles an hour toward a cliff (and we are) and refuse to step on the brakes (and we do) there's no need to scream about the passing scenery. Might as well enjoy the ride to whatever extent you can.
3. So, aside from the occasional wasted tweet advocating for Impeachment now, I'm mostly working on my podcast, A Biological Revolution. 4 episodes so far; I invite (beg, even) you to listen from the start.…
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Mueller report, a warning:
They have spent every single day since Mueller was appointed, on every single TV network, in every single national print / text outlet, on every national radio news outlet, sewing doubt about Mueller and his investigation.
-- more
2. Now the plan is, get the report, after a month or six weeks of Kabuki Theater, and use it as the basis for further action.
If the #BlueWave wasn't really a #BluePuddle that action would be Impeachment, but that's not polite, and they might say mean things to us, so ... Nah.
3. So, we get the Mueller report, and then the whole country goes on saying,
"He did this."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did too."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did not."
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Impeachment and the Senate. How I see it.
Reminder: I am not an attorney and have not been trained in law.
Nobody has told me yet that I'm factually wrong. Just "the Senate Won't Convict™"
Yeah, I got that.
Didja happen to see Adam Schiff's "You may think it's OK" speech?
If not, I heartily recommend it. Here's a link. Watch the Republicans while he's speaking. View from the start for full effect.…
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Briefly, more on Impeachment. A respected reader asked me if don't need "evidence" and "hearings," and I said of course. But I take that back. We know enough. --more
2. I am tired of waiting to find out about new, or unproven, or accused, crimes committed by Trumpov or his henchmen.
I refuse to believe that "Not convicted for crimes" is a satisfactory standard for our President, and I don't believe that our founders thought so either.
3. Here are the articles of impeachment I would like to see voted on in the House:
i. Habitually lies to the American people about topics large and small, to include declaring a National Emergency based on a provable lie about immigration numbers.
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💣It turns out Al Green D-TX and Brad Sherman D-CA did introduce House Resolution 13 on January 3, 2019.

Guess what HR 13 is?



⚖It was referred to the Judiciary Committee.…
🔮I know what you're thinking!

Who's on the House Judiciary Committee?

📱You know what to do. 👇
💣Not only that...

🤠There is a Texas House Concurrent Resolution 66 to...

You guessed it.

🍊Urge the U.S. Congress to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

From #Texas!! TX HCR66…
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@realDonaldTrump This is so untrue. ISIS is reported to have killed 700 people recently. It doesn't sound like they've been defeated.

This must be part of the quid pro quo with Putin, SA, Assad, and Israel. We're not all stupid.

You're destabilizing the ME to justify #WagTheDog war with Iran.
@realDonaldTrump Is this more proof of #SecretsForSaleKen's 'awesome' diplomatic skills? Our country is being run by rank amateurs that have no fucking clue what they're doing. This will not end well. No one, with any experience, wants to work for a completely incompetent ignoramus.
@realDonaldTrump I just can't believe that people think this idiot should be in charge of America. I will never understand it. Personally, I like a POTUS to be smarter than I am. It's 2018 & he's stuck, diplomatically & mentally, in the 80's. This will not end well.
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Daniel Keenan Savage
(b. October 7, 1964)

Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) is an American author, media pundit, journalist, newspaper editor, national sex advice columnist(Savage Love), and activist for the #LGBTQ community.

Dan Savage was born in Chicago, IL. He was raised Roman Catholic & attended Quigley Preparatory Seminary North. He has said he’s "a wishy-washy agnostic" and an atheist, & still identifies as "culturally Catholic." He holds a BFA from the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign.
Savage was living in Madison, WI when a friend, Tim Keck who co-founded The Onion, mentioned that he was moving to Seattle to launch a new alt newspaper, @TheStranger.

Savage made a comment that every newspaper should have an advice column— he was hired to write one: Savage Love
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MoveOn is an amazing organization w/ massive advocacy reach.
One day, 3 people on their 6 person board are outed as tied directly to Richard Spencer's neoNazi group. People are incensed & demand these 3 board members resign! MoveOn defends them and Just. Moves. On.

.@womensmarch has tweeted words and taken zero action. Window is closed. #GoodbyeWM #WeAreNotWanted #womensmarch
These @womensmarch chapters put out pretty words. The national #womensmarch controls the database. The database won.
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253: #TrumpRussia #Trussia #TrumpRussiaCollusion #KremlinKlan #ITMFA
Donald Trump refuses to impose new sanctions on Russia…
Well....could he do ANYTHING to look more guilty!?
254: #TrumpRussia #Trussia #TrumpRussiaCollusion #KremlinKlan #ITMFA
The .@CIA reportedly suspects its director may be trying to shield Trump from Russia probe via @PoliticsInsider
255: #TrumpRussia #Trussia #TrumpRussiaCollusion #KremlinKlan #ITMFA
Read the controversial Nunes memo authorized for release by Trump… via @YahooNews
This blatant attempt to wreck legit U.S. law enforcement & our intelligence services is weak, DAMN WEAK!
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