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Holi. Hoy es Día internacional del Gato y Día Mundial de la Justicia Social.

Eso significa que es el #DíaDeGatitosContraLaDesigualdad 😻🔥😻🔥

¿Ustedes tienen fotos de gatitos (o perritos u otros) que luchan por más justicia social?

Compartan por favor 😻😻😻
Y aprovechamos para compartir la Guía mínima/mínina para des-legitimar la desigualdad:

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It's #InternationalCatDay! We are sharing from A Unified Theory of Cats on the Internet:

“Puss in Boots behaves as no animal could; he moves easily in the human social world…and through social intrigue acquires for his master a genteel, class-conscious happy ending.” (1/?) Cat wearing a crown.
“Like the King of Cats, he is a malevolent spirit hidden in the home; but in this instance, he is a malevolent spirit working for us, not against us.” (2/?)
"Over the decades that followed, the identity repertoire of computer geeks embraced many transformations: hacker, science fiction nerd, fantasy nerd, hippie, Deadhead, X-phile, gamer, otaku... Yet a consistent theme was a sense of alienation from the mainstream." (3/?) Fluffy cat sticking out its tongue while sitting in a white
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1/8 This is NOT a game announcement! But we are working on something we'll call #ProjectGreenhorn. Here is a tiny bit about it: pictured is a Mitzkin. Mitzkin are flying messengers that [redacted] sends to its [redacted]. Concept by @camicuibus Image
2/8 Gibbous was launched 1 year ago, time to tease our next game 😁 #ProjectGreenhorn takes place in the same universe as Gibbous, and while it's not quite a direct sequel to it, it will tie loose ends together while adding more fun and crazy characters and stories.
3/8 Most of #ProjectGreenhorn will take place in Transylvania (and beyond!), which is a great opportunity for us to imbue the game with a lot more authentic lore and mythology. If you loved Gibbous, you'll love it!
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Buigh era una gata negra cuyo dueño llevaba a todas partes junto a él, paseaba junto a ella, compartía su comida con ella, dormía junto a ella hasta hablaba con ella, siempre estaban juntos, la gata lo adoraba, la llamaba Buigh por sus enormes ojos amarillos.
Todo era perfecto en la vida de Buigh, hasta que un día su dueño se hizo a la mar y pidió a su madre que cuidase de ella porque le daba miedo que un golpe de mar azotase el barco y a su amiga le pasara algo. La madre la encerró en el granero para que no siguiera a su hijo.
Buigh maulló semanas enteras esperando a su dueño hasta que una mañana un vecino del pueblo llevó una triste noticia a la madre. En una tormenta una ola se tragó a su hijo, la mujer rompió en llanto y Buigh espantada huyó de la casa, y comenzó a caminar por la costa buscándolo
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When house cats kill small birds and mammals, their impact is concentrated in a small area — having a bigger effect than wild predators do, a tracking study of more than 900 house cats shows. #InternationalCatDay
@NPR Cats may not greet you with the same ardor as dogs, but research shows that the notoriously unbothered feline can, in fact, recognize and respond to their name.
While some felines can self-regulate when it comes to food, most indoor cats need help keeping the pounds off.

It's estimated that more than half of the indoor cats in the U.S. are overweight.
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Mega-thread for #InternationalCatDay, highlighting the marvelous moggies in (recently digitised) @britishlibrary Harley 6563, an early English 14th c. book of hours. Here's a black cat despondently playing a psaltery while stuffing a large mouse into its mouth (f. 43v) [1/10] Image
Cat plays the rebec (BL Harley 6563 f. 40r). Cats were associated with bowed instruments (although the 'catgut' strings were actually sheep intestines). There was even a London inn c. 1500 called Le Cat cum le Fydell... #InternationalCatDay [2/10] Image
This mischievous cat has decided to torment you with bagpipes! (BL Harley 6563 f. 40v). The manuscript is packed with musical animals. My favourite book of hours by far! #InternationalCatDay [3/10] Image
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They say its #InternationalCatDay. Lets see how many know about them.

Tell me how many species of big cats found in India. And at least one habitat.
How many species of cats found in the world ? Big and small including. 2/n
Which is the biggest cat species found on the planet ?? 3/n
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Apparently it's #InternationalCatDay so guess who's going to be posting a ridiculous amount of cat pictures and stories today? ME. I'll keep it to this one thread so you can mute it if it becomes too much :p
We'll start with my favorite picture of Lucille (aka Lucy/Lu).
I got Lucille in January from a friend and she was super shy. Only recently have I felt like we've developed a bond and she fully trusts me. She's a gorgeous dork who still spooks easily. <3 <3 <3 (These tweets will not be in any order FYI haha)
Rarity was born at my parents house on Easter of 2014 and I was able to be home from college that summer to help raise the kittens! I'll have to raid the pictures back home to find kitten pictures, but here are some from when she was about a year old.
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In honor of #InternationalCatDay, we thought we'd show you a few of our staff's photos of their feline friends—and their favorite wild cat facts!
Maisy | Did you know adult cats don't meow at each other—but just at people?
Birdy and Bram | Cheetahs are one of the few big cats that can only purr, not roar
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I’ve decided that the best way for me to spend my holidays after a tiring few weeks teaching field botany is to investigate the wild and wild-ish flora of my garden.
The diversity of this dry slope caught the interest of a respected friend and colleague, and there’s also a recently-cleared bomb shelter roof, a more traditional lawn area and a far-too-large gravel car park (a previous occupant was the local motor club).
I can’t decide whether or not it’s possible to make it to 💯 (plant) #speciesinmygarden. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I’ll learn something, if only how to take better photos with my phone.

So in no particular order (but probably influenced by flowering times)...
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Hoje é o #InternationalCatDay A data, Dia Internacional do Gato, foi instituída em 2002 pelo Fundo Internacional para o Bem Estar Animal. Veja este thread com gatos fofos muito conhecidos da Internet.
Snoopy, o mais fofo de todos!
Shironeko, o dorminhoco!
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😺 Since it’s #InternationalCatDay, here’s a thread of cat photographs I’ve taken.
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Trying to adjust to the catshit crazy reality of going upstairs to grab a jumper but instead finding a cat and 4 kittens. Am I dad now?
Paternal instincts kicking in. Overwhelmed with feels. Don't know how to deal.
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