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On #MothersDay you'll never hear single dads saying "Happy Mothers Day To Me" yet on #FathersDay you hear single moms saying "Happy Mothers Day To Me"....and even more sad watching the child especially a son also saying "Happy Fathers Day To My Mother She's Both"...
If we're being honest there's no such thing as an absent father, if your dad ain't dead, whatever issues you have with him, your mother is also to blame for. Your mother poisoned you into hating your own father to make herself feel good for her own mistakes...
Women are the gatekeepers of sex & fertility, unless your mom was raped, you can't really say shit about your "absent" dad without saying the same for your mom. It was your mom who opened her legs for that deadbeat. Your mom is low quality, she couldn't select a suitable male...
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43.01/ Week Forty-three, May 8-14 2021, begins here.

Week 42, May 1-7 2021, below:
43.02/ Sunday was wonderful but exhausting. It was my daughter's Bat Mitzvah and we turned it into a celebration for her two grandmothers on #MothersDay as well. It was socially distanced, highly zoomed, and amazing. But I'm wrung out like a sponge.
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సముద్రం ఓ ప్రపంచం. లక్షలాది జీవరాశులకు కన్న తల్లి.

పద్యం రాస్తున్నాను
సముద్రం చూస్తూ ఉంది
స్ర్తిలింగం పుంలింగం ధరించిన జలధి
ఒకరికి తండ్రి సముద్రుడు
ఒకరికి తల్లి సముద్రం!
#oceans #MothersDay
ఉధృతమై అలలు ముందుకురుకుతుంటే
ప్రమాదాన్ని పసిగట్టి సముద్రుడు
ముక్కుతాడేసి లాగుతుంటాడు
అలల్లో చిక్కిన మానవుడు
అసువులు బాసినపుడు
అలలెంతగా కన్నీరు విరజిమ్ముతాయో
వీక్షకులు ప్రత్యక్ష సాక్షులు
విగత జీవుల్ని వొడ్డుకు చేర్చి
సముద్ర గర్భంలో ఎవరూ దాగిలేరని
శే్వతపత్రం విడుదల చేస్తుంది
నిద్రించే చరాచరాలకు
మేల్కొల్పు చెప్పటానికి
సముద్రం నిత్యం ఘోషిస్తుంది
సూర్యుడు చంద్రుడు తన బిడ్డలని
పగలు రాత్రి తోడుండే అమరులని
మురిపెంగా చెప్పి మురుస్తుంది!
సముద్రుడు అరిస్టాటిల్‌కు
ప్రియాతి ప్రియమిత్రుడు
వొడ్డున నిల్చిన వీక్షకులకు
ఓడను పైనించి కిందికి
అంచెలంచెలుగా చూపి
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This Mother’s Day, we are thinking of the Palestinian Mothers who are fighting on the frontlines in Sheikh Jarrah against evictions by Israeli settlers. ✊🏼🇵🇸 #MothersDay #SaveSheikhJarrah
This Mother’s Day, we remember the late Rifqa Al-Kurd, 103-year-old Palestinian Grandmother from #SheikhJarrah, who resisted her home being evicted by Israeli settlers for over 10 years. She paved the way of resistance for the movement behind #SaveSheikhJarrah today.
This Mother’s Day, we are thinking of the Mother of Saeed Odeh, 16-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot and killed by Zionist forces 4 days ago. May all our Mothers of Martyrs receive their due justice.
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Sometimes patriarchy will say the quiet part out loud--HAVE BABIES FOR THE ECONOMY--while ignoring what many who do indeed want to have babies have long been saying out loud--YOUR ECONOMIC POLICIES HAVE MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO TO HAVE BABIES #MothersDay
That drive to draft wombs into the service of producing workers is especially sharp in the United States of America and China, each vying for global leadership and each reeling from population decline and plummeting birth rates. #MothersDay
It is no exaggeration to say that the pandemic and the economic crisis it has triggered are a fucking disaster for women.
- About 22% (over 1 in 5) women in the U.S. have been pushed out of the labour force since the start of the pandemic.
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My deaf mom built & wired avionics for helicopters including choppers used by the first woman to fly for the #NYPD. She was once in a Budweiser commercial during the “For all you do, this Bud’s for you!” advertising phase. #WomenInspire #MothersDay #Deaf (1/7)
In ’88 Mary Lowery was the first woman assigned to the NYPD’s Aviation Unit, the same year Mom was wiring avionics for Heli-Dyne in Hurst, TX. One helicopter they built was for the NYPD and their 1st ever with a “bambi bucket”. (2/7)
When the helicopter was complete the NYPD gave mom a baseball hat w/their logo. Dad used Mom's to try to get out of a traffic ticket. I was there & acted as his interpreter. Dad told the truth to me & I interpreted a better lie to the cop. We got off.We didn’t need the hat. (3/7)
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While we celebrate #MothersDay let’s also commit to keeping moms safe. I updated words I recently wrote about AAPI moms, many are victims of violence. Attackers target AAPI moms thinking they are vulnerable&weak. What they don’t know is that AAPImoms are strongest among us.THREAD Image
GRIT: I visited Atlanta last month to talk with children of spa shooting victims. They all said their moms were hardworking. Long hours, careful spending to save for family/retirement. One said mom “worked so hard to have it end that way.” Another said “She’s finally resting”2/10 Image
ENDURANCE:Their powerful reflections hit me hard. When I was young, my mom worked night shift as hospital nurse so she could take care of sister and me during daytime. I asked her once when she had time to sleep. She said simply, “I don’t know.” Moms have superhuman strength.3/10 Image
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Let me watch I’m Gonna Git You Sucka hey why not
I watched this movie on the strength Kadeem Hardison was in the movie. Back then Dwayne Wayne was the coolest dude alive to me
Bruh this was so ignorant 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀
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#Ontario Key Indicators #MothersDay🌹
3,216 new cases
38.5K tests (low), 7.4% 7-day pos🔽🚨)
Rt .93
ICU 848 -3 🚨
Deaths 47 🔼 🚨
121K 💉
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli…
Smoothed new cases trend
7 day test positivity continues to drop despite lower test volume reported today. Good sign.
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(1/3) Today, we wish a #happymothersday to all those who are mothers in the eyes of someone– birth mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, stepmothers, mentors. We'll continue this work so that every mother may be reunited w/ those they hold dear.
(2/3) Meet Grace who came to the U.S. from Nigeria when she was 10 but was detained by ICE after growing up here for 15 years. Grace spent almost 2 yrs in detention, until she was reunited w/ her adopted mom, grandmother & sister thanks to a M4M donor's 7,000 frequent flyer miles
(3/3) Grace shared, "It felt so good to see my mom & grandma & sister after so many years of being gone. It felt good to be around family, people that I love so much and care about. I have been dreaming about this day for so many years that it finally came true." #mothersday 🥰
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My daddy couldn’t work for a while after his heart attack. The bills piled up. One day, I walked into my parents’ bedroom. My mother’s face was red and puffy. A black dress was laid out over the bedspread—the dress that only came out for weddings, graduations, and funerals.
"We are not going to lose this house,” she kept saying. She’d never worked outside the home. She was terrified. But she knew what she had to do. She put on that dress, walked down the street to Sears, and got a minimum wage job that saved our home and our family.
I’m thinking about my mother today. I’m thinking about all of the mothers who reach down, dig deep, and do what they need to do to take care of their families. And I’m thinking about all of the ways our government can do more—so much more—to have those mothers’ backs. #MothersDay
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When my kids were very little, we were lucky to find an amazing home daycare run by an immigrant woman entrepreneur (& child whisperer) who had raised her own kids & now was running a small business, employing other immigrant women & allowing parents to work. (1/4)
At one point, NY reduced child care vouchers that many parents were using to be able to afford day care. I remember at the time talking to parents who were going to quit jobs, reduce hours, or move kids to less good day care as result. We organized/advocated but no luck. (2/4)
Later, landlord evicted our day care on a technicality. He wanted higher paying & quieter tenants. Also fought this, unsuccessfully. Thankfully, she found a new space and is caring for a new crew of children. And glad finally ppl realize necessity of investing in daycare. (3/4)
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My mother taught me to be polite but never meek,
To listen before I speak.
She taught me to dress to express,
To say I don’t know if I can't guess.
She taught me to always do my best.
If I fail, I should think of what's next,
Ask questions, read texts.
I learned to make time for the people I love
And take time to myself to stay involved;
To love the skin I'm in;
To know the difference between a mistake and a sin;
To shower,(every day!)
To hold onto my power, (no matter what people say!)
To laugh with an open heart,
To give from the start,
To hold onto friends no matter where they might live,
And pass them on to my kids,
To let go of the ones who have nothing more to give,
And still cherish what they did;
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How cute? #peakaboo #rottweiler #bing #israeljoffe #wuw #furry Israel Joffe and Roxy... oh and speaking of dogs.....Say bye bye to #dogecoin #toldyou #sell #MothersDay #GetVaccinated #fda #NeverGiveUp Israel Joffe
I don't use Robin Hood but I told you all to sell that #doge. Everything but #Ethereum seems to be a pump and dump scam. #NeverGiveUp #cryptocurrency #israeljoffe #bing #sell #sundayvibes Image
Nice place to have breakfast 😎 #bing #microsoft #MothersDay #israel #joffe Israel Joffe firefighter
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Hannah Arendt and her mother Martha Sara Cohn.

Martha was born in Königsberg on May 28, 1874. Her father Jacob Cohn had fled Russia in 1852 to escape Tsar Nikolaus. She was trained in classical music and French, and was a committed social democrat.
Martha Cohn married Paul Arendt in April 1902. She knew he had contracted syphilis in his youth, and it was in remission when they decided to have Hannah Arendt in 1906. But by the time Arendt was born, he was in steady decline. He died on October 10, 1913.
Martha was remarried to Martin Beerwald in February 1920. Beerwald was a forty-six year-old widowed businessman, raising two daughters on his own, Eva and Clara. Hannah did not get along with her step sisters.
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Do you know #elephant family is all women group. Made of #mother, #aunts, #grandmother & all other #ladies. Most of the times Male leave herd early. Kids are looked by all female elephants in herd, all are mothers. Grandmother makes all decision for the family. #Mothersday Image
Obvious that experienced matriarch should lead #elephant family. She has accumulated immense traits/wisdom due to her long life. Which comes handy in long journeys & dangers. Not true for all. In #Zebras pregnant lead the way as she needs more water. #Buffaloes decide mutually. Image
Males keep on joining & leaving herds. Well one of the accepted theory is. That males when they get young are pushed out from the herd/family by dominant female, also called as matriarch. To check the inbreeding. Which only shows elephants are highly intelligent. Image
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மல்லாங்கிணற்றில் மலரும் மல்லிகைப் பூ போதாதென அருப்புக்கோட்டை அரும்புகளையும்
நான் சூட சேமித்து வைப்பாள்.

பசும்பால், தயிர், மஞ்சள், வெண்ணெயென ஊர்ச் சாப்பாட்டை ஒரு வாய் நான் ருசிக்கப்
பல நாள் பக்குவப் படுத்தியிருப்பாள்.
சின்ன வெங்காயம், பூண்டுக் குழம்பு,
கருணைக் கிழங்கு மசியலுமான
சோற்றைப் பிசைந்தெனக்கு
ஒரு வாய் ஊட்ட
ஒரு மாதம் காத்திருப்பாள்.

அவளுக்கென தேர்ந்த
வண்ணப் புடவைகளை, கைப்பைகளை, கடிகாரங்களை
கண்கள் விரிய எனக்களிப்பாள்.
என் துக்கத்தின் ஒரு துளி கண்டால்
தொலை பேசுவாள்
என் இன்பத்தின் செய்தி கேட்டால் தேன் சிரிப்புடன் மலர்ந்திருப்பாள்.

காடு மேடலைந்து கால் நோக
சம்சாரியாய் நெல் விதைத்துக்
கறவை மாடு, கன்று வளர்த்துப்
பூமி பூக்க எமை வளர்த்தாள்.
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#BharatMata #BharatMataKiJai #MothersDay #MotherLand #motherhood

భరత మాత అనగా భారతదేశం తల్లి, భరతమాత భారతదేశం యొక్క జాతీయ మానవీకరణ రూపాన్ని కలిగినటువంటి దేవమాత. ఈమె సాధారణంగా మహిళ వలె కుంకుమ రంగు చీరను ధరించి జాతీయ జెండాను పట్టుకొని ఉంటుంది, కొన్నిసార్లు సింహంతో పాటు ఉంటుంది. Image
భరతమాత యొక్క చిత్రం 19 వ శతాబ్దంలో భారత స్వాతంత్ర్య ఉద్యమంలో ఏర్పాటుచేయబడింది. కిరణ్ చంద్ర బెనర్జీ చే రూపొందిన ఒక నాటకంలో 1873 లో మొదటిసారి భరతమాత ప్రదర్శింపబడింది. బంకిం చంద్ర చటర్జీ యొక్క 1882 నవల ఆనందమాత్ పరిచయ భక్తిగీతం "వందేమాతరం"", వెంటనే ఈ పాట
ఉద్భవిస్తున్న భారత స్వాతంత్ర్య ఉద్యమ పాటగా మారింది.

తొలుత దేశ స్వాతంత్య్రం కోసం పోరాడిన అరబిందో ఘోష్ భారతమాత అనే పదానికి శ్రీకారం చుట్టారు. అప్పటి గుజరాత్ రాజకీయవేత్త, రచయిత కేఎం మున్షీ అసలు దేశభక్తి ఏమిటని అరబిందో ఘోష్‌ను ప్రశ్నిస్తారు.
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అంతర్జాతీయ మాతృ దినోత్సవం 🤰🤱 #MothersDay #InternationalMothersDay

ఏటా మే రెండో ఆదివారం నిర్వహిస్తున్న ప్రపంచ మాతృదినోత్సవానికి సుదీర్ఘ చరిత్ర, నేపథ్యం ఉంది. గ్రీస్‌లో ‘రియా’ అనే దేవతను ‘మదర్‌ ఆఫ్‌ గాడ్స్‌’గా భావించి ఏడాదికోసారి నివాళి అర్పించేవారు.
#motherhood Image
17వ శతాబ్దంలో ఇంగ్లాండ్‌లో తల్లులకు గౌరవంగా ‘మదరింగ్‌ సండే’ పేరిట ఉత్సవాన్ని జరిపేవారు. ‘జూలియవర్డ్‌ హోవే’ అనే మహిళ అమెరికాలో 1872లో తొలిసారిగా ప్రపంచ శాంతికోసం మదర్స్‌డే నిర్వహించాలని ప్రతిపాదించింది.
అన్న మేరీ జర్విస్‌ అనే మహిళ ‘మదర్స్‌ ఫ్రెండ్‌షిప్‌ డే’ జరిపించేందుకు ఎంతో కృషిచేసింది. ఆమె 1905 మే 9న మృతిచెందగా, ఆమె కుమార్తె మిస్‌ జెర్విస్‌ మాతృదినోత్సవం కోసం విస్తృతంగా ప్రచారం చేసింది. ఇలా 1911 నాటికి అమెరికాలోని అన్ని రాష్ట్రాల్లో మాతృదినోత్సవం జరుపడం మొదలైంది.
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माँ क्यू माँ कहलाती है ?

माँ जन्म देती है, जीवन बनाती है।
अपने ही रक्त से दूध बनाती है ।

बिन शब्दों के सुन जाती है ।
और हमें बोलना सिखाती है ।

माँ पढ़ाती है, माँ सिखाती है ।
सही ग़लत का बोध कराती है ।
माँ मुश्किलों से जूंझना बताती है ।
दर्द सहकर हँसना सुनाती है ।

माँ सुलाती है, माँ जगाती है।
ऊँचाइयों को छूना बताती है ।

माँ किसी से ना डरना सिखाती है ।
चोट लग जाए तो मरहम लगाती है ।

माँ दुनिया की नज़र से बचाती है ।
औरों से नज़र मिलाना सिखाती है ।

तुझे ईश्वर ना कहूँ तो क्यू ?
माँ जो हर इंसा को इंसा बनाती है ।

अब समझे माँ क्यू माँ कहलाती है ।

क्षमा चाहूँगा हे ईश्वर, क्षमा माँगूँगा हे गुरुवर।
माँ सबसे पहले आती है । माँ सबसे पहले आती है ।
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Whether you'll be celebrating #MothersDay safely in person or over Zoom, this list is full of good picks on gifts that WIRED reviewers recommend for last minute shoppers:

If you buy something using our links, WIRED may earn a commission. 1/
.@Fitbit Charge 4 for $100 ($50 off) - This is the best fitness tracker. It may be affordable, but that doesn't stop the Charge 4 from packing in features you'd typically find in much pricier gadgets. This deal is a match of the best we've seen: 2/
.@1MoreGlobal ColorBuds Wireless Earbuds for $80 ($20 off) - This deal has been running for a couple of weeks, but it's still a good one. These headphones strike a good balance between being affordable, attractive, and sounding great! 3/
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#MothersDay is almost here! Here are our favorite gift ideas to help them work from home, keep their coffee warm, or go out running with their kids:

If you buy something using our links, WIRED may earn a commission. 1/
Forget about regular slippers. Teva upgraded their iconic ugly-cool shoes with recycled, quick-drying webbing and a more durable rubber outsole:

📷 : Teva
2/ Image
If your mom doesn't already have a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the 1More ColorBuds are the best ones to gift her:
📷 : 1More
3/ Image
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Mothers! Hmmm!
She's so caring and breakdown at every slightest provocation, but she still stand strong the next moment you see her. Though too emotional, but she finds strength in it.

She talks too much sometimes, but that is how she finds joy and feel connected to her man.
She's royalty. The other day, someone called her fragile, weaker vessel and also said they are fickle minded and so on, he refused to understand that her strength is not independent of it own, but relay solely on what you gave her.

Why won't she be fickle minded if you are
wasting her time to turn things around.
She's a help meet. For someone to be of help, it means he most have acquired more knowledge on either the said topic or he has it spontaneously which is usually the case with them. They are royalty!
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💈One Year On. Our scrapbook.

Kids do get #COVID19
Kids can be #Asymptomatic or #Atypical.
Kids can have a mild infection, or get #PIMS
Kids can get #LongCovid

2000 kids NOT yet better.
Families disbelieved.

⚠️Contains graphic images. #MothersDay
The numbers of children with #LongCovid are rising with every #COVID19 infection.

⚠️1 in 8 primary age children will get Long Covid
⚠️1 in 7 secondary age children will get Long Covid.

It appears to makes no difference if a child has a pre-existing condition or not.
Tragically children can die.

Thankfully the numbers are low compared with adults.

Every family that has lost a child will be devastated, the fact the numbers are low will have no bearing on their grief.

#LongCovidKids #MakeSchoolsSafe
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