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If you are struggling with infertility, I see you.

If you have chosen not to be a mother, I see you.

If you had an abortion for a desired pregnancy, but you or your fetus had health complications, I see you.
If you had an abortion because you made the choice that was right for you, I see you.

If you were bleeding during a desired pregnancy & an abortion stopped the bleeding, I see you.

If your fetus’ heart stopped beating before you could meet them, I see you.
If you wanted more babies but can’t, I see you.

If cancer stole your choice to have (more) children, I see you.

If you are a mom to fur babies, I see you.

If you mother others, I thank you.
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1986 - saraswati puja i was chilling out with all the books tucked in the swami room. My friend showed up and during our chat asked if i were not taking the anatomy prize exam the next day. I said no. My mom overheard the conversation stormed in and asked why? I said in MMC all
prize exams are fixed and it's a waste of time.. my mom just said - does that give u an excuse to give up and not try? I said anyway can't study now the book is in the puja. She went in took out my grays anatomy made me do a namaskaram plonked it into my hand and said - there is
no greater puja to saraswathy than studying. No study and write the prize exam tomorrow ... Reluctantly i did - and got the Thomson memorial that year for anatomy.. Everyday is #MothersDay but reminded today of her wisdom grit and determination that shaped our lives - she
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Did you now that #Hellene #Pyrrhus the #Strategos & strategic mind after Alexandros/Great, as his city-state not only reached its largest expansion but became one of the main forces in the #Hellenistic #world, died because of a mother in #Argos? Image
🧶 2) Image
🧶 3) Image
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My daddy couldn’t work for a while after he had a heart attack. Bills piled up. One day, when I walked into my parents’ bedroom, I saw my mother’s face was red & puffy. A dress was laid out over the bedspread—the dress that only came out for weddings, graduations, & funerals:
She kept saying, "We are not going to lose this house.” She’d never worked outside the home. She was terrified. But she dug deep, she put on that dress, she walked down the street to Sears, and she got a minimum wage job that saved our house and our family.
This #MothersDay, I’m thinking of my mother’s courage. I’m thinking of all the mamas fighting for their families. And I’m staying in the fight for a government that has their backs—from ensuring universal child care and paid leave to protecting reproductive freedom. A black-and-white photo of ...
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If you can't choose whether to become a mom, with all its risks, #MothersDay is a cruel joke.

States enacting abortion restrictions increased their maternal mortality rate by 38%.

States with the toughest abortion laws have the weakest maternal supports.… ImageImageImageImage
60% of women seeking abortion care are already moms.

Today is "the first Mother's Day since [GOP's Catholic SCOTUS]...struck down [our] constitutional right to abortion" in Dobbs.

58% of women now live in states where GOP legs ban or restrict abortion.…
Turnaway Study of 1000 women in 21 states, similar when they sought abortions, showed the women's "lives diverged after in ways that were directly attributable to whether they received an abortion." Women denied abortions, & their kids, suffered more harms… ImageImage
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Super Moms build characters

I, as young gov officer, was driving my mother, Dr. Qaiser Siraj (late) to her ancestral home in Gujranwala about 30y back in our small family car. On GT Road toll plazas, I waived my service card and toll men let me go without Rs 5 toll.

- THREAD - Image
On last toll plaza, mom asked “why you’re not paying them?”. I said “being gov officer I’m exempt”. “But you aren’t in official car or duty” she rebuffed. I kept quiet noticing her anger. “You never pay any toll when you pass these bridges?” she asked. “Yes” I replied sheepishly
On way back home, she asked me to stop at all toll plazas, went outside, paid few times of toll, told puzzled toll man that her son has been passing through these points without paying anything and she wanted to pay all dues besides apologising.
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My mother. She never judged me, never lost faith in me, & never flinched when my pain tried to push her away. Week after week, she wrote letters. Month after month, she visited me, no matter how far away the prison. Year after year, she was there, ever my champion. #MothersDay Image
Early on, when I was facing a life sentence, it hurt so much to hurt her that I tried over & over to convince her to never visit me again. To forget about me. She wasn’t having it.
l’ll never forget the surprise visit while I was in Jamestown. She lived many hours away. “I had a free afternoon”, she said, “So I just hopped in the car and drove here”.
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On #MothersDay, let's look at 2 unique mothers, Devaki and Yashoda.
Each had a share of the joy of being mother to Krishna.
One gave birth to Him, the other brought Him up.

2 Azhvars bring out the contrast between these 2 mothers.

Let's look at them on #MothersDay2023 ImageImage
Periyaazhvar in his Tirumozhi sings about the joy of being Yashoda.

In his songs, Yashoda calls everyone to come and see the beauty of Krishna, from lotus feet to curly hair. (Padaadi Kesa) Image
Yashoda invites everyone to admire the 10 toes that rival precious gems, the ankle wearing silver, the knees on which Krishna crawls and the thighs on which He slayed Hiranyakasipu.

As Yashoda's son, Krishna is the Yadava Simha. But He is also Narasimha. Image
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On #MothersDay the story of Dhai Panna of Mewar must be remembered. Her sacrifice, loyalty and patriotism was unparallelled. She was the maid of Rani Karnavati and caretaker of Udai Singh, son of Rana Sanga. (1/6)
@Themis_100 @satyanveshan
#motherhood ImageImage
Udai Singh was born in 1522. He had 3 elder brothers. One of them Vikramaditya by 1536 was sent to palace arrest by the nobles due to his arrogance, incompetence and vile temper
The nobles invited Banvir the illicit son of Prithviraj (Rana Sanga's uncle) as regent of Udai. (2/6)
Taking advantage of Vikramaditya's Banvir killed and then he wanted to kill Udai Singh and become king of Mewar
Panna Dhai was a widow and she had a son called Chandan near the same age of Udai Singh
She got to know of Balvir coming with a sword in hand to kill Udai Singh. (3/6) Image
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Mother, She is as vast as an Ocean and cannot be defined in a word.

And Panna Dai is an example.

The history of Mewar is replete with tales of sacrifice, loyalty, bravery and all that comes to the fore in the tale of Panna Dai.

She was a nursemaid of Rani Karnavati, ImageImage
the wife of Rana Sanga, and bought up her sons Vikramaditya and Udai Singh.

Rana Sanga died after the Battle of Khanwa, heartbroken from the deceit of Shiladitya and the shattering loss he faced. One of his sons, Ratan Singh II, ascended to the throne, however he did not rule
for long and died soon.

Another of Sanga's son, Vikramaditya took over Mewar, however he was very arrogant and insolent. He isolated the nobles as well as the neighboring rulers with his overbearing attitude and many left him.

Taking this as the right opportunity, Bahadur Shah
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Something very strange is happening with Big Corporations. Out of nowhere, @kroger owned @FrysFoodStores, @KayJewelers, @Hallmark, and now @DoorDash have all sent "Opt out of #MothersDay" emails to their customer base. This is not organic.

This reeks of anti-family activists. ImageImageImage
@Nespresso as well Image
@LEVIS too Image
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I think we need a place for this, Mother’s Day is also a time to remember those mother figures no longer with us, this is “mother honey” my grandma. She was the most formidable of women and I think I’m like her,…1/ ImageImageImage
She was loved by everyone, loving, kind and a tongue as sharp as a razor blade. Funny, crazy my rock, I can’t put into words how much I loved her, how much I miss her but I carry her with me every day. 2/
A short time before she passed she gave me a brown paper bag, inside 3 pairs of pure silk stockings from the war “ look after these my princess, spent a lot of time on my knees during the war for those” 🤣 this was so her ❤️❤️❤️3/
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It's #MothersDay in the UK today, so here's my essay Unmothering…
My paternal grandmother had eight children. My maternal grandmother had 11 children (she was pregnant 14 times).

My mother is the eldest of those children and she has three children of her own.

I am the eldest of those children and I am glad to have none of my own.
I am happy with the life I have created. I have never wondered what it would have been like to have children. I say that because we often hear “you’ll regret it when it’s too late.” Well, here I am on the other side -- it is “too late” -- and I am here to say: I do not regret it.
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A thread 🧵
This week @Oxfam went on @GMB to explain why they were being inclusive by removing the word mother from their policy and guidance.
They are not the first organisation to do this as we will show in this thread.
#MothersDay /1
Does it really matter if gender inclusive language is used?
Women are often told "don't be silly" "get a grip" the word mother isn't being erased. But if you look more closely it is & we believe that is a problem.
It is a fact that only women give birth & we all have a mother /2
Our experience of that will be different because not all mothers are the same.

A version of the word mother, mum, mom, ma etc is often the first word a baby will say. Mothers & motherhood are rooted in thousands of years of society.
#MothersDay /3
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96.01/ Week ninety-six, May 14-20, 2022, thread begins here.

#PesachSheni Sameach!

Week 95 below.
96.02/ Because we are.

And it's about the same people. The GOP is the Confederacy right down to the rotten core of cowardly rebels.
96.03/ It's really this simple. And b/c it's actually this simple, it's clear anti-voters don't understand citizenship & shared responsibility like I do.

They're like anti-vaxers that way. In this way too: both threaten all our lives when they opt out.
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मेरी मां के छोटे से गांव में पक्की सड़क तब आई, जब मां 50 पार हो गई. ऐसे गांव में हाई स्कूल तो क्या ही होता! परिवार में बेटों का पढ़ना ज़रूरी माना गया, तो गांव में बड़े स्कूल का ना होना मामाओं की पढ़ाई में आड़े नहीं आया. वो पढ़ने के लिए दरभंगा भेजे गए.
मां लड़की थी और लड़की को पढ़ाना किसी को ज़रूरी नहीं लगा. सो मां को बस चौथी तक पढ़ने की इजाजत मिली. नाना-नानी को सबसे ज़रूरी लगा बिटिया ब्याहना. तो मां छुटपन में, करीब 15-16 बरस में ब्याह दी गई.

ससुराल में किसी को क्यों होती परवाह कि उसको पढ़ाएं.
मां को बस तब पेन उठाते देखा, जब बैंक, पोस्टऑफिस का काम होता. पापा फॉर्म लाते, मां से साइन करने कहते. मां कोई बहाना बनाती. उनके सामने साइन नहीं करती. इसलिए कि सालों महीनों बाद उसको साइन करने बल्कि कुछ लिखने का मौका मिलता था. उसके सिग्नेचर हर बार अलग हो जाते. पापा झल्लाते थे.
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Today in the US, it is #MothersDay. I am happily childfree by choice. I had two abortions because I did not want to be a mother. That choice must be available to everyone who can get pregnant.…
I am happy with the life I have created. I have never wondered what it would have been like to have children. We often hear “you’ll regret it when it’s too late.” It is “too late” now and I am here to say: I do not regret it.… #MothersDay
Most books/essays I've seen about being childfree by choice are written by white cis women. We need to hear from more women of colour & women from different cultural & faith backgrounds as well as trans men & non-binary people who choose to be childfree. I have my book planned.
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It’s impossible not to think of all the Ukrainian moms spending #MothersDay displaced, in refugee camps, in bunkers, fearing for their families, mourning, fighting for their country, or those who are no longer here at all.

It’s an honor to have shared so many of their stories.
Like Olesia, who was forced to flee Ukraine at 38 weeks pregnant and who safely gave birth to her daughter, Kira, who loves to sleep, eat and recently smiled for the very first time.…
And the 3 Ukrainian moms held captive in a basement by Russians for 25 days. A grandmother who protected a young Ukrainian girl from likely rape. A mom who found a way to feed her infant. Another mom who had to tell her 7 yr old Russians killed his dad.…
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On #MothersDay, U.S. First Lady Jill Biden met mothers from #Ukraine in Slovakia, assuring them that the “hearts of the American people” are behind them.…
“I cannot explain because I don’t know myself and I’m a teacher,” Viktoriia Kutocha, who had her arms around her 7-year-old daughter, Yulia, told Biden.
At one point, Kutocha asked “why?” seeming to seek an explanation for Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine on Feb. 24.

’It’s so hard to understand,” the first lady replied.
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After my daddy had a heart attack, he couldn’t work for a while. Bills piled up. One day, I walked into my parents’ bedroom. My mother’s face was red and puffy. A dress was laid out over the bedspread—the dress that only came out for weddings, graduations, and funerals:
"We are not going to lose this house,” she kept saying. She’d never worked outside the home. She was terrified. But she knew what she had to do. She put on that dress, walked down the street to Sears, and got a minimum wage job that saved our house and saved our family.
This #MothersDay, I’m thinking of my mother’s courage. I’m thinking of all the mamas fighting for their families. And I’m thinking of all the ways the deck is stacked against them: A black-and-white photo of Elizabeth Warren as a young girl,
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For what will likely be the last #MothersDay before Roe v Wade falls, for @TODAYshow @TODAY_Parents I spoke to moms who had abortions and who say access to abortion care is the reason why they’re the people and the moms they are today.…
"I have been able to live my life in choice. And even when my kids make me feel crazy, I love them and I chose to have this life with them. I cannot imagine being forced to be a mother." - Holly, 42
“I always knew I wanted to be a mom and have children. I just knew that moment was not the time.” - Amanda, 45
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A Mother’s Day like no other for Ukrainians. @ZelenskyyUa posted photos of Ukrainian mothers today to honor them and all Ukrainians fighting for their freedom. 🧵photo credit Juan Carlos #StandWithUkraine #MotherhoodInTimesOfWar #MothersDay #ДеньМатері
A Mother’s Day like no other for Ukrainians. «Рідна мати моя, ти ночей не доспала,
Ти водила мене у поля край села.»🧵photo credit Juan Carlos #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia #RussianWarCrimes #MothersDay #DisplacedUkrainians
Mother’s Day like no other in Ukraine. «І в дорогу далеку ти мене на зорі проводжала» 🧵photo credit Aris Messinis #StandWithUkraine #MothersDay #ДеньМатері #DzieńMatki #RussianWarCrimesInUkraine #DissplacedPeopleofUkraine #ChildhoodAtWar #StopRussia
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Now ministering is our Senior Pastor, @danayidu
Topic: Healing From Christ
If you don't care for your body, you will get sick. If you defile your temple (unhealthy lifestyle) you would impact negativity on your health

Sin also can destroy your health. (Psalms 107:17) Mist of the affliction people suffer today, is as a result of sin.

(John 5:14) Now that you have been delivered from sin, don't go back to it.

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Remembering my mother on #MothersDay.

My mom wasn't the "best mother in the world." But, she tried her best to be a good mother. Like all humans, she was flawed and towards the end, with age and battle against cancer, she became eccentric and challenging to handle.

Thread ⬇️
Growing up being her daughter was not easy. She was finicky. E.g., clothes had to be hung on the clothesline in a certain way depending on the type and material, folded and segregated in a certain way. The "certain way" was her way.
My mom was hardworking. She had to since she raised 5 children alone. I used to look forward to her come home from work. But on her return, we would invariably get scolded for not doing extra beyond the assigned tasks. She pushed us beyond our limits in many areas of our lives
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