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#MothersDay THREAD:
Today, we are reminded of the women who remain unjustly imprisoned in El Salvador's prisons for suffering obstetric emergencies, and we celebrate the women that we, along w/our partners, @AgrupCiudadana, have freed. These are their stories:
1. Teodora del Carmen Vasquez was attacked while she was pregnant and fell on her stomach during the incident, causing her to suffer through a stillbirth. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison for aggravated homicide, forcing her to leave her 3-year-old son behind.
2. Ena Vinda Munguia lost consciousness after giving birth and awoke in a hospital, where she was interrogated by police & prohibited from seeing her baby. Even though there was no proof that she attempted an abortion. Ena was unjustly sentenced to 15 years in prison.
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a snippet of Echoes, Pink Floyd. ❤️
correction: Great Gig in the Sky.
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It stings when I see "inclusive" things like this leave out #birthmothers.

As #parents you hope to make the choice that's best for your #child. Some of us had to come to the hard truth that we were not what was best for our child or children. #biomom #birthmother #MothersDay
Making that agonizing decision does not take away the fact that we carried our little ones for nine months and gave #birth to them. It does not negate the excruciating #pain of walking away. It doesn't make it any easier. #biomom #birthmother #MothersDay
Our #motherhood is just as valid & I truly wish that people understood that. I didn't just give my baby away. I gave her the best life I could.

So here's to all the birthmothers out there. I see you. I know you. I wish you a #happymothersday.
#mothersday #biomom #birthmother
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Happy #MothersDay! Today, I’m honoring my mother. One morning after my daddy’s heart attack, I remember standing in their bedroom. Her face was red and puffy, with wadded-up tissues next to her. We’d just lost our family station wagon. Our house was next.
Spread out on the bed was a black dress. It was that one dress that every mom had—it only came out for weddings, funerals, and graduations. She kept saying, “We will not lose this house. We will not lose this house.” She’d never worked outside the home, and she was terrified.
I watched her while she pulled it together, put that dress on, put on her high heels, blew her nose, walked to Sears, and got a minimum wage job. And that minimum wage job saved our house, but more importantly, it saved our family. That story is written on my heart.
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“Honor your father & mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land” Ephesians 6:2&3

Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise"
Mothers bind the family together.
Mother's Day in Hebrew is יוֹם אמ
The word for Mother in Hebrew is (Haim or Em) אמ
Aleph א = Strong Leader = Pictograph is an Ox
Mem מ = through chaotic waters = Pictograph is wave
#MothersDay #CallMom
Mothers are like a Dam.

They not only holds back the waters but she portions out the blessing that waters brings.

A real stalwart dam is also a place of energy production.

She is able to take the negative chaos and turn it into positive energy.
Happy Mother's Day!
יוֹם אמ
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I will share a thread on Twitter about my life. What made me to become Ibn Sina and my life Struggle.

What actually #MothersDay mean for an orphan.

For an orphan mother's day is not less than a black day.
I was a normal Kashmiri kid even I was not aware about Kashmir conflict, India and Pakistan. My father was working as a labour and mother was a school teacher. In nutshells we were a small happy family. I started my life with Patriotic movies on Black and white colour television.
I was a school going kid & my mother always went to school with me in morning but the summer vacation in between changed my life. Our family decided to spent some days with our relatives. Terrorists barged in the house & shot eveyone.

Summer vacation snatched my family from me.
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My series on Mewar-Land of the Ranas, concludes with a look at one of it's most remarkable woman Panna Dai. Our history has seen stories of some great mothers who shaped their children's character- Jijabai, Ahalyabai Holkar to name some.
But what do you say of a mother, who sacrificed her own son for the sake of a kingdom, that was Panna Dai, She sacrificed her own son, so that the future king of Mewar would live, had the agony of seeing him killed in front of her eyes.
The history of Mewar is replete with tales of sacrifice, loyalty, bravery and all that comes to the fore in the tale of Panna Dai. She was a nursemaid of Rani Karnavati, the wife of Rana Sanga, and bought up her sons Vikramaditya and Udai Singh
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We're heading into #MothersDay weekend and the festivities have already started today in countries like 🇲🇽,🇬🇹& 🇸🇻!

From all of us at @RAICESTEXAS we'd like to start wishing moms (on both sides of the border) a very special Mother's Day 💖
We know that every choice mom made for us from the moment we were born was to protect us. The same holds true for mothers coming to the United States with their children seeking refuge.
Starting today, we'd like to honor your Mamá, Abuela, or Mum in support of moms who would do anything to be reunited with their children.

Make a 🎁 that will honor her all year long by clicking here & choosing “Make This Contribution: Monthly”:…
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Every day, 830 women around the world die of complications from pregnancy and childbirth. The majority of these deaths are preventable. That’s why we’re launching #WithoutMom, a campaign asking the world to join the fight to end maternal mortality. Learn more 👇 (1/8)
Most maternal deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, where women struggle to receive the high-quality, respectful care they need before, during & after pregnancy. But maternal mortality isn’t just a problem in the developing world. #WithoutMom (2/8)
In the US, more moms die of pregnancy-related causes than in any other developed country. The US is one of the only developed countries where the number of women dying during pregnancy or childbirth is on the rise. #WithoutMom (3/8)
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Individual Action In Support Of The Nationwide Mother's Day Rally
Make #MothersDay a day of action—a day we stand in solidarity with children and parents on the border.
Here are a few ideas from and other partners who will be rallying around the nation calling to #EndFamilyDetention
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Story of a 44 year old POC rookie tv writer. The #Ransom ep I co-wrote airs a week before #MothersDay , so I’ll make this a mother themed thread. #screenwriting #diversity @Sienna_Films @eOne_TV @BigLightProds @CBS @GlobalTV 1/
Back in ’95 when I was in college in Montreal I decided that my ultimate career goal was to write tv. #screenwriting #filmmaking 2/
Being a child of immigrants, I didn’t know what my parents would make of my declaration that I was leaving sciences (which I was terrible at) and pursuing the arts. #diversity 3/
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1. En cette période de commémoration, je voudrais parler de Rose, une grande dame pour laquelle je veux tenir nos mémoires en éveil. Sa vie a basculé entre le 22/04 et le 17/06/1994. Chaque jour jusqu'au 17/06, je vais vous parler de celle qu'elle fut #laVieDeRose #Rwanda #RwOT🇷🇼
2. Comme toute chronique, l’itinéraire de vie que je vais vous raconter est divisé en plusieurs périodes. L'histoire de Rose suit le calendrier de l'Histoire de son pays natal, le Rwanda : avant 1959, entre 1959 et 1994, entre avril et juillet 1994 et après 1994. #laVieDeRose
3. Elle s’appelait donc Rose, et elle était aussi belle que la reine des fleurs. Comme ne tarderait pas à le démontrer son parcours accidenté de jeune fille, de femme, de mère puis de veuve, Rose appartenait à la version la plus résistante de l’arbuste dont elle porte le nom.
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She takes care of ME-Life sure has a sense of humor.
My brother we lost in an auto accident at age 19. #MothersDay
My best friend and reason for fighting my illnesses. #MothersDay
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Hoje é #MothersDay no Reino Unido!

Acompanhe este thread com 7 curiosidades sobre esse dia tão importante para se celebrar!
1 - Mothering Sunday

O Mother's Day no Reino Unido, também é conhecido por Mothering Sunday, e acontece sempre no quarto domingo após a Quaresma, que em inglês se chama: "lent".
2 - O Mothering Sunday, é o dia em que mais se compram flores na Grã Bretanha

É o presente número um para as mamães na Terra da Rainha. Normalmente nessa época, as vendas de flores aumentam 70%, comparado aos demais dias do ano.
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CW suicide:

Jayden Lowe died on 22/11/2018 after 11 months on the waitlist for the monopoly transgender children's gender service. 7 months on he would still be waiting. The wait is now 21 months & still rising. Some of our kids will never get there. #NHSfailingtranskids
Imagine if in September 2018, Jayden had reached the @NHSEngland service, they still would not have given any immediate medical treatment. They would not have offered bridging hormones, instead they would have reported him & his parents to social services for self medicating. 2/
@NHSEngland If not ejected from service, Jayden would have suffered more waiting during an assessment of minimum 3-6 to establish eligibility access hormone blockers. If already through puberty, blockers would create a medically induced menapause, extremely distressing as a 17 year old 3/
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...#Positivity is in each & everyone of us. Let it flow more often, makes a better day. #SirLRO
...#Positivity ~none said it was easy, all you have to do is one step at a time. I know you can, keep going. #SirLRO
~ #Positivity there is no need for deprecating others with words, when it calls for~there is a need for compassion, it’s in you, #SirLRO
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On Mother’s Day & every day, let’s kill off fewer moms in science fiction & fantasy.

Yes, it’s easier for a protagonist to have adventures w/o her—or to go on quests to avenge her. What living mom would let her kid endanger their life like that?

But isn’t killing her a cop-out?
Let’s stop using women’s pain and women’s deaths as catalysts for (often male) heroes’ stories.

Let’s stop treating women as motivators of protagonists’ growth, as obstacles in their journeys, as objects to be won or rescued—or, as with many dead mothers, as simply irrelevant.
They say a mother’s love is one of the most powerful forces on earth. We always hear stories of mothers going to extraordinary lengths for their kids.

Let’s see more of that in fiction, in #SFF.

Let’s see more women as the heroines of their own stories—as leaders, not damsels.
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My elementary school library did not allow K-2 kids to read the books on the upright shelves until 3rd grade. We had to read the books in bins, Eloise, Curious George, etc. I had read all of them and was reading big books at home. 1/
#OneGoodThing #MothersDay
During library period I would look at the books I could not check out and was totally captured by the title Les Miserables which I, of course pronounced wrong. I wanted to read it so bad, but the librarian said no, only books in bins 2/ #OneGoodThing #MothersDay
I told Mom and she wrote a note saying I had her permission to read books above my grade level. The librarian tore it up and said that rules were rules. So no Les Miserables. I told Mom, she muttered a few things & wrote a note for that exact book 3/ #OneGoodThing #MothersDay
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This #MothersDay we remember OFFICIAL GOP POLICY of Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, and Trump is TO SPLIT UP FAMILIES:

You are either against separating children from their parents, or you are for it.

Lethal Neglect begins with enforcing cruel laws and cruel executive orders aggressively.
The Trump administration STILL plans on putting migrant children in warehouses on military bases after separating them from their families.

Donald Trump and GOP re-election slogan: Aggressive Cruelty. #MACA
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#QAlert 5/13/19 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q's posts for #MothersDay, May 13, 2018. LOOP, Watch what happens [-30], "Shadow Government, What must happen pre 11.11, Trust earned, On Guard and more! Let's Go!
@POTUS #ImwithQ #QArmy #QAnon #PatriotsFight #OnGuard #MAGA #KAG
#QAlert 5/13/19 Post 1351 #Q had a busy night. Posts continued into wee hours of the AM. Q starts of #MothersDay responding to a post from 5/4/18. Sealed indictments. Define indictment and more. Lot's to soak in.
@POTUS #ImwithQ #QArmy #QAnon #PatriotsFight #OnGuard #MAGA #KAG
#QAlert 5/13/19 Post 1352 #Q posts a link to the National Security Action web site. Who we are page.

Here is the link:

@POTUS #ImwithQ #QArmy #QAnon #PatriotsFight #OnGuard #MAGA #KAG
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Thread on "taking a bet on your kid" #MothersDay
I grew up in Ahmedabad. My academic years were always a struggle. During school I could never wrap my head around subjects like Algebra, Chemistry, Biology etc. Basically, the subjects that could get you into the Science stream.
While I ended up choosing Commerce, I used to spend most of my time outside of college working on DIY electrical and electronic projects, a hobby that I picked up during my school days. I also used to repair appliances to make some side income.
One day, in 1995, I walk up to my mom and tell her that I need a computer. An Intel 486. Now computers in those days cost the same as a MacBook today (someone tell me why?). I just thought it would be cool to have my own PC to do "stuff" on it. Teenagers are stupid like that.
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