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🎥 "5h Paris s'éveille", direction #Deauville !
Après #Cannes, c'est au festival @DeauvilleGreenA que la #création engagée se célèbre !

⤵️ Suivez-moi dans ces 2j autour de la sensibilisation, la rencontre et l'inspiration vers une #transition écologique et sociale !
#DGA2023 Image
Tout d'abord, j'ai le plaisir d'y représenter la @FondationBNPP et surtout le documentaire #UneEspèceÀPart (@LumentoFilm /@ARTEfr) créé par notre cher @franckcourchamp, qui a été sélectionné 🎖️

RDV demin soir pour savoir s'il recevra un Prix ! 😋 Image
"Le #cinéma est une industrie polluante [mais] Les salles, les œuvres, créent des liens uniques entre les humains, les réunissent autour d’histoires communes, qui influencent la façon dont ils regardent, comprennent le monde [...]
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The greatest luxury brands in the world spend centuries building a brand around exclusivity.

To do this successfully requires a tight control over supply, distribution, and brand perception.

But, a new wave of social media trends is changing everything.

Enter, Goyard 🧵 Image
Lots of luxury brands *talk* about exclusivity, but nobody lives it like Goyard. As they said in an anonymous interview:

“Luxury is a dream, and revealing too much of what goes on behind the scenes would spoil the magic.”

This magic requires tight control of their story.
So what's their story?

Goyard was founded in Paris in 1792 as Maison Martin, a luggage-maker for French aristocrats.

They were even appointed official malletier to HRH Marie-Caroline, an Italian princess who married into French royalty.

She was the first of many royal clients. Goyard's historic storefron...
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All right, here we go! My name is Zachary Hoskins, and it’s my pleasure to bring you tonight's #PrinceTwitterThread on the penultimate track from Prince’s 1999, “All the Critics Love U in New York” #1999THREAD
First of all, thanks to @PrinceThread curators @deejayumb and @EdgarKruize for inviting me back. And thanks to my fellow Purple Avengers for setting the bar so high–I’m biased, because 1999 is perennially in my Top 5 Prince LPs, but I think #1999THREAD may be the best crop yet!
@PrinceThread @deejayumb @EdgarKruize If you know who I am, it’s probably because you’ve read my blog, Dance / Music / Sex / Romance: a quixotic attempt to write in chronological order about every extant song recorded, written, and/or performed by Prince.
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The Royal Family and UK media were hoping Harry and Meghan would never claim the Prince and Princess titles for their children, which would have allowed them to spin all kinds of narratives from they were punished to the magnanimous #KingCharles bestowed them (PR points).
The most dangerous of narratives was the one of excluding the mixed race children and then blaming the parents.

Of course the media and Royal family surrogates are trying to muddy the waters by claiming they do not understand this move considering Harry and Meghan
Have spoken openly about why they had to leave the UK and step back from Royal duties. Besides misrepresenting the reasons behind why Harry and Meghan chose to leave- which had a lot to do with media abuse and harassment, their choices on how they live their lives has no bearing
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Product placements I've noticed on #ThelastofUs Episode 1:
Panasonic Clock & Radio
Beyonce (I know but she's a brand!)
Tabasco hot sauce
Jansport Bagpack
Paper Mate Ink joy Pen
Black Kit Cat Klock
The Watch (I'm not sure whether it actually is.. I'm almost certain... if not it should be!)
Many people wont think twice but areas / locations / citites / countries can 100% be product placement whether its meant to be or not....


Jakarta, Indonesia
Austin TX

Only 18 minutes in
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Of course that's your contention. You're a Taiwan Strait Crisis Tourist. You just finished some Cold War ASW fiction, Tom Clancy prob'ly, and so naturally that's what you believe until next month when you get to Ian Easton and get convinced that there will be a million man swim Image
across the strait without any preparation.

That'll last until sometime in your second year, then you'll be in here regurgitating the @CSIS wargame about the limitations of the

(Well, as a matter of fact, I won't because @CSIS drastically underestimates the capability of-)
"...@CSIS drastically underestimates the capability of the PLAN/PLAAF to generate 'salivating' salvos of precision fires, especially with PHL-16..." You got that from "@PLAOpsOsint," from Twitter, right?
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Microwaved two day old coffee is kind of horrifying — but with cigarettes? Ahhh . . .

#IYKYK, amirite?
Sorry, my man, no offense, but instant coffee and vapes are to ground coffee and real cigarettes like magazine porn is to great sex: Not even an imitation, just another realm entirely.
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2023 is bringing us an #AtmosphericRiver for its arrival! Because 280 characters is never enough to summarize these, here's another 🧵of our updates and what we're expecting! #CAwx (1/6)
We've hoisted a Flood Watch for tomorrow evening given the potential for widespread rainfall everywhere from the mountains westward. Use extra caution if you're out and about! Travel will be dangerous given rain, lots of folks on the road, and... other reasons🥴#IYKYK #CAwx (2/6) A graphic of rainfall total...A Flood Watch has been issu...
It'll also be windy during the daytime on Saturday, the kinda wind that likes to transport trash cans, unsecured holiday decor, and other loose objects. Use caution if traveling in a high-profile vehicle as well. #CAwx (3/6) A graphic of peak wind gust...A High Wind Watch is in eff...
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I’ve gotten dozens of asks for my view on the meltdown and here it goes. (This post is a good start but I don’t pretend that this is exhaustive) 1/
To start, and I can’t stress this enough, this crew scheduling issue is well known, and it is why you pre-cancel when a storm comes. Also why pop-up thunderstorms are so hard because you can’t cancel with enough notice (also why sometimes you get canceled but TS don’t come 2/
And again, why the best solution is to Shut👏It👏Down👏 when you’re at risk of losing the plot. Canceling 200 legs before a storm and 100 more on the way out sucks, but beats canceling 600-800 during the recovery (and scale those numbers up for WN, biggest airline in the USA) 3/
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The results are in! @brightbeamntwk highly anticipated list of who we should be watching in Education Reform. This year’s 22 in '22 list is comprised of familiar and new names breaking ceilings and making positive noise. #LetsGo! Like, comment and share.…
#1 Dr. Greg Carr is the definition of no holds barred, #IYKYK. From education to politics to Black liberation, @AfricanaCarr is going to say what you need to hear. Catch him every month on #BTBEP hosted by @ShaynaTerrell1 from @CenterBlackEd.
#2 Kwame Sarfo-Mensah. For a lot of us in school, math was a struggle. Host of Radical Math Talk, @identityshaper sets the record straight about math: he makes it real, relevant, and fun. Just watch his son work. What a prodigy!…
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"...promoting content on another social platform may be suspended..."

Astounding how quickly amd publicly @elonmusk princiiples of free speech eroded. What a joke.
@jack raising him to sainthood ("...singular solution I trust...") ringing particularly hollow.

There is no shame in recanting and repenting. Good day for it.
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We’re here with Sarah from @elephant_circle at the #pueblo city council meeting & our friends are lined up at the entrance ready to tell their councilor members that #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights & #abortion is something we all need access to! #reproductivehealth #copolitics
We are all about #reproductivehealth #reproductiverights & #reproductivejustice & making sure all zip codes & communities have access to #abortion 📣📣 shout out to @elephant_circle having presence here tonight #copoliticas
#pueblo came out tonight! They are lined up around the block, 2 security guards said they’d never seen public comment line this long before. #voters came to represent #copolitics
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(1/n) Is Magnus worth w/o the 25K Milestone Bonus?

Analysing ₹6-8 Lacs spends annually as under:

Utilities / Mobile / Internet - 75K
Fuel / Toll - 100K
School Fees - 100K
Groceries - 60K
Dining / Food Delivery - 60K
Travel - 60K
Shopping - 60K
Electronics - 100K
Misc - 120K
(2/n) Standard Earning - 12 ER per ₹200

How much can be routed thru Reward Multiplier?

Amazon GV - 120K - 3X
Shopping - 60K - 10X
Electronics - 120K - 5X
Travel - 60K - 5X
Misc. - 50K - 5X
Food Delivery - 20K - 5X

EazyDiner Dining Discount - 6 Times a year - ₹6000 Savings
(3/n) Points Earning thru the Year:

Regular - 44,100
Reward Multiplier - 106,800
Total - 150,900

Cash Savings - ₹6,000

What are the Magnus ER Points worth?

Standard Redemption - ₹0.2 per ER Point (₹0.4 for Multi-brand #IYKYK) - ₹30,180 / ₹60,360
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Welp, Twitter is dying and I just poured my first Yukon Jack snakebite to celebrate!

So, let me tell you about the time I (a Master Sergeant) argued with the aircraft commander (a major) to divert his C-130 to avoid a missile attack in Iraq!
It's 2003 and BUFFALO 28 is flying 40 soldiers to Kuwait for a funeral ceremony. It's part of a two-ship with BUFFALO 30 carrying seven caskets. ⚰️

Wing commander Col (BGen select) Gibson has stopped BUFFALO 28 on the runway so I can board as Historian.…
BGen-select Gibson understands the gravity of the situation and he's tossing me aboard to document the mission. As the only 3H0x1 in Iraq, I'm something of a diplomat to the other military services when we do casket transfers. Our presence lends the commander's gravitas.
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1/ Over this past weekend, I made the tough decision to resign from Twitter. Originally, my last day was going to be Nov. 25, but now it’s today. So I’m going to share w. all of you what I shared w. the remaining teams at Twitter earlier this week. A love letter:
Eleven years ago, I was debating between two jobs — one that was an obvious progression of title and money, the other was Twitter, a far riskier proposition.
3/I took the job at Twitter because I thought I would get better stories out of the experience. 

I was right. 😂
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After 7 years, I resigned from Twitter today.

This service is silly, savage, and messy, but always deeply human. That is because—not in spite of—thoughtful stewardship by some of the very best humans, the Tweeps🫡💙
I am grateful to have worked alongside incredibly talented people, building products for customers we cared about. To my brilliant teammates and friends, thank you. It’s been an honor. 💖
Like most of us who cared more than we wanted to admit—over the years, fair or not— I’d cringe at our mistakes, complain about unrealized opportunities or prematurely abandoned investments, and regularly utter lazy and melodramatic phrases like “I hate it here.”
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Not me starting #TheRookie already shipping Tim and Lucy. My face when I saw her kiss JOHN in episode 1!! That wasn't in the contract, wtf?! I will have my revenge TikTok 😭🤡
#TheRookie 1x02 | It's only the second episode. Please, have mercy on me you two 😭 ImageImage
#TheRookie 1x03 | AH, Tim just clenched his jaw!!
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October Ecosystem Update

👻Trick: Spooky Sooning™️ (disclaimer: we're 𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 you knowledge that is neither a trick nor a drill 👀)

🎃Treat: New Integrations, crypto Halloween costume ideas for you to 𝘣𝘰𝘳𝘳𝘰𝘸, and upcoming events

1/ TL; DR: covered in this thread

Read the full October Ecosystem Update here for everything new at the forefront of #Bitcoin innovation ⬇️…
2/ As promised, here are some crypto costumes for Halloween that none of your normie friends will understand:

1. @stablekwon going for a jog 🏃🏽:
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What's the difference between tick data, market depth, MBP, L2, L3, and MBO? Data schemas (or "formats") have taken up various names over the years by different market data providers, and have become a common source of confusion. 😬 Image
Let's clear this up with a quick rundown! ⬇️
1- "Tick data" ⁠typically refers only to the prints of last sales, which lacks the granularity of MBO or even MBP data.
2- "Market depth" refers to snapshots of price levels and depth at a fixed number of levels from the top. It's usually interchangeable with market-by-price ("MBP").
3- "L2" generally refers to MBP data, but is sometimes used to refer to MBO instead.
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🧵 Thread of some of the best Negan/@JDMorgan fan cams…

1/ If you like villains and a bit of nausea:
3/ The soundtrack is hilariously inappropriate and macabre #IYKYK:
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H-E-B is a Texas grocery store chain.

It's also the brand with the 2nd best reputation in the US

[THREAD] How a regional grocery store has built a cult following:
For the uninitiated, H-E-B is:

• A family-run grocery store with 400+ locations
• Ranked #1 among US brands for trust & citizenship
• Extremely popular. One IG fan account, heb_obsessed, has 39k followers Image
Besides price & quality, 3 reasons for @HEB's success:

1. Local pride
2. Private label
3. Crisis response

More on each:
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I am teaching intro to epidemiology concepts to research year students at @DCEAarhus. One of the topics I mention is retiring null hypothesis testing. Here are some of my favorite materials on abolishing null hypothesis testing/p-value misinterpretation⤵️

1/n #IYKYK #epitwitter
“Scientists rise up against statistical significance” @vamrhein This paper (thankfully) got >1.5 citations 👏…

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(1/x) Sheesh, ngl it’s been a hot second since we’ve gotten to work on PXN. Now that we minted out, think it’s time for a little story about my own journey in both Nano and PXN. Buckle up, this is gonna be a long 🧵
(2/x) To start off, for those of y’all that don’t know, I started off in @nanoverseHQ back in late October, but didn’t start popping off till Early November when I came back home from a family vacation.
@nanoverseHQ (3/x) Due to the jetlag, I was out here crashing at 7 pm and waking up at 3-4 am, so what did I do? Hop on Discord ofc and chat it up with da boiz. I still remember those late nights at demon hrs with @GT3NFT and recounting some fun stories with @veezyvangogh and @Yuri_ramen.
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