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A new, real-world Israeli study shows the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is almost 90% effective at stopping COVID-19 transmission (not just symptoms)…
This comes right on the heels of a Mayo Clinic study showing the same:
Granted, stopping transmission was always very likely, but it's good to have multiple confirmations. #LetsGo
This also supports the positions that 1) strict prioritization isn't essential (everyone is a possible vector); 2) getting vaccinated means you can ditch the mask, at least around people you know.
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Been quietly working on this thru 2020... Excited to finally share @UntappedVC, a new VC firm I started w/ my true friend and role model @jessicajackley!

Some deets (like our portfolio) below👇
1/ We’re a pre-seed/seed fund investing in unexpected founders, found off the beaten path, not well connected to VCs. We’re talking young, underrepresented, small town, immigrant, and so on.
2/ These founders aren’t in our network (almost by definition), so we primarily source through outbound, meaning we reach out to founders.

We look at tens of thousands, track and tag thousands, and reach out to the startups that stand out.
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Today I made many critical announcements re vaccine distribution via executive order:

-Long-term care facilities must be vaccinated by 1/23.
-Starting Monday, teachers are eligible (should be prioritized based on age/comorbidities).
-On 1/18 all Utahns age 70+ are eligible. 1/
-Every facility must report doses administered by 7am.
-Vaccines must be distributed w/in week of receipt.
-Vaccines not administered will be subject to redistribution.
-Those w a positive COVID test in past 90 days should not be vaccinated (will ask feds to change to 180). 2/
-Vaccine distribution will be managed by local health departments (LHD’s).
-LHD’s have capacity for 50,000/week (our current allocation from fed is only 33,000/week).
-Simplifies allocation based on geography.
-70+ population finished by end of February, then 65+comorbidities. 3/
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While I sincerely hope you have been following the Governor’s weekly press conferences, today I will share a couple threads on the seriousness of the coronavirus spread and the Unified Command’s response. 1/
Unfortunately, most states are seeing record numbers of cases and Utah is no exception. Today will be another very bad day. 2/
6 weeks ago I shared a thread about the way that hospitalizations—and death—will always lag behind case numbers. And that warning about overwhelming out healthcare system? We are now seeing 50-70 new daily hospitalizations and it is a reality. 3/
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Next Friday, we will break down Industry 4.0 / 4th Industry Revolution for different disciplines.

I am a 3D-printing subject-matter-expert and I am living in the future of manufacturing. Next Friday, let’s discuss how to catapult your career into the future of digitized work. Image
Help you determine whether you need a career transition or addition of new skills. What exactly should you consider adding.

I shouldn’t be the only one winning awards and getting paid. It’s time to break it down for my people. I don’t think I need a guest 😃. #LetsGo
In Canada, not everyone get paid well. Some spend over one year to find jobs. Some got jobs before landing. Some get first jobs and it’s 6 figures ($120,000), some get first jobs and it’s $40,000.

All careers are not created equal. Living in Canada isn’t also created equal.
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This thread is inspired by this Tweet.😎 Here's why evangelicals will always struggle with justice issues and end up fight each other rather than doing something constructive. This is also why evangelicals have no idea what to do with #BlackLivesMatter.
(1) “Making disciples” and Matt 28:18-20, framed as the starting point of mission, is arbitrary and has no basis in the Old Testament so evangelicals are forced to make "X" a "gospel issue" in order to justify action. The OT should frame the *why* of mission as much as the NT.
(2) For evangelicals, their understanding of the gospel begins with Gen 3, not Gen 1. As such, the telos of redemption, which is about the cosmos (not just saving souls), is entirely missing. Gen 3 fits w/their Matt 28 framework so why care about creation?…
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This year has been rough but there was some good news, here are some things we accomplished at @MineralAreaCC this year! Still a lot to celebrate in the #YearOfTheCardinal! A thread…
Corrected missed salary step. All employees saw an increase in salary to start the new academic year in 2019, a correction of a previously skipped scheduled increase. #YearOfTheCardinal
Improved the @MineralAreaCC diversity statement to include and protect our friends of the LGBT community to include “sexual orientation and gender identity”. #YearOfTheCardinal 🌈
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Here's my 2-part plan to heal America's race/policing injustices based on human dignity while upholding the rule of law & the US Constitution. #TransitionalJustice tackles issues of police reform, truth commissions, #reparations, etc. (1) Reform Policing:…
Part 2: Racial justice, racial healing, & racial solidarity that involves the whole community: government, faith-based organizations, schools, etc. We cannot properly talk about #reparations or racial reconciliation outside of #TransitionalJustice.…
Email, text, and RT these articles to your mayors, governors, state legislators, city council members, religious leaders, teachers, activists, non-profit leaders, business leaders, judges, law enforcement officials and begin the healing process one city at a time.
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Thanks for all your interest and I am incredibly grateful for your messages of support for our team! We’ve been hard at work, it’s been tough to tweet, but here’s some 3/29/20 #COVID19 updates from frontline at SF General Hospital @SFGHFoundation @UCSF
The last 7-10 days have been incredibly busy-we are working our absolute hardest to deliver the best care we can and continue getting ready for whatever is to come the next several weeks.
Patient numbers are rising, like at most places. I continue to be amazed and proud of all my colleagues for the teamwork, determination, and resolve to meet the moment and rise up to this challenge.
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#OnThisDay in 1862, the Battle of Glorieta Pass was fought in New Mexico, ending Rebel hopes of a Western conquest. Featuring: a legendary (New) Mexican soldier and a villainous Union officer described by his boss as “a crazy preacher who thinks he’s Napoleon Bonaparte.” #LetsGo Image
Glorieta Pass was the culmination of Rebel Gen. Henry Sibley’s rather … ambitious … plan to conquer the Nevada and New Mexico territories and, eventually, Los Angeles -- giving the Confederacy a precious West Coast port they could sit in traffic on the 405 and never get to. Image
The two “armies” -- a bunch of gunslingers, ruffians, and cowboys -- clashed in a mountain pass. The Confederates pushed the Federals back, but in his hasty advance, Scurry forgot one of Clausewitz’s key rules of war: “Always protect your ass.”

(Meaning: guard your mule train.) Image
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This is my first thread. Going to start sharing my impressions of the COVID-19 situation from my vantage point at San Francisco General Hospital, @UCSF, California. @SFGHFoundation #COVID19 1/12
I have witnessed an amazing hospital mobilization of every department and every aspect of operations. Truly inspiring teamwork from colleagues in infectious diseases, micro lab, ER, medicine, Peds, ObGyn, Rads, Nursing, Occ Health, EVS, materials, and countless other depts. 2/12
We continue to face inadequate COVID-19 testing capacity. This is a national crisis. But our amazing @SF_DPH lab is doing heroic nonstop work to meet the needs of our large city. 3/12
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#Data2Information: A Tale of #OpsDashboard Development

A tweet series about being presented with a need and a dataset and then turning that data into information in the form of a dynamic dashboard using @ArcGISOnline (with my added thoughts).
I have been configuring quite a few #OpsDashboards - @ArcGISApps lately so I thought I would chronicle my most recent experience as I assume others find themselves facing the same challenges/opportunities (or I atleast hope I'm not the only one).
I received a forwarded email saying "Any ideas on something cool?" FYI - this is the type of email I love to get because it's basically an ask with free reign of creativity (while being budget conscience of course).
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I haven’t said much since the latest mass shootings. I’m devastated. I’ve been praying for the victims, but I get why no one wants to hear that. I’ve written and deleted a dozen tweets. It’s hard to find the words. I hope you will read this the way it is intended—with love.
Ever since Sandy Hook I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out how to fix this. Everyone else seems sure of the answers. But I’ve read everything I can and I still can’t solve it. All I know is that our country is broken. Our politics are broken. And innocent people are dying.
So do we just ignore it? Do we accept this as the new normal? Never. Every generation of Americans has faced evil. Every generation has risen to the occasion. It takes courage, boldness and humility—traits that lie within each of us. It’s who we are as Americans.
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