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The #BrexitReality thread, #Brexit has happened this thread will cover information @mi6rogue has released already during the #transition plus will be expanded over the coming months with critical information as the UK approaches & leaves the #BrexitBritain transition.
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#NewNormal" continues. After #CentralBank of #Yemen and #Iraq, we are having mission with #CentralBank of #Libya. Concluded a very productive #meeting with colleagues from #CentralBank and #IMF for a #Islamicfinance IMF mission through #Cisco #webmex. #riskmanagement #Libya Image
Other than #Sudan and #Iran, #Libya is going to be #third #country in the world to have full-fledged #Islamicfinance system after #transition is completed. It requires a significant progress on Islamic finance #regulation and #supervision, which is #underway.
Happy to be part of last three years engagement, through IMF, with them on various topics. Many thanks to my good friends supervisors Haithem Elyacoubi, anwar tantoush, Hatem Salem, Abdulhamid, Dr. Mukhtar for excellent discussion. I hope this will be a very good #IMF mission.
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#SriAgenda abt to start 🔔 #May19 3pm CEST


Leading Climate Ideas: From taxonomy to the broader #sustainablefinance #revolution "@ClimateBonds
🎙Helena Vines Fiestas

#sustainablefinance @andytuit @SRI_Natives
@ClimateBonds @NVJRobins1 @seankidney @andytuit @SRI_Natives the #EUTaxonomy is already having an impact, even though it has not come into force yet, says Helena Vines Fiestas starting her speech

#sustainablefinance #revolution
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❓ Le confinement a-t-il été bon pour le #climat ? Quels plans de relance pour quels objectifs climatiques ?

👍 Lisez le rapport du @hc_climat pour « accélérer la #transition juste, renforcer notre résilience aux risques sanitaires et climatiques ».…
🤔 Les mesures prises pour lutter contre la crise sanitaire ont eu comme conséquence des réductions des émissions de GES. Elles auraient chuté de 15 à 30% durant le confinement en #France (selon les degrés d’incertitude). C'est positif pour le #climat ça ?

⚠️ Oui mais :
1️⃣ « La baisse des émissions de GES [...] repose entièrement sur une sobriété imposée et temporaire des déplacements et de la #consommation, ce qui ne présente aucun intérêt pour la #transition bas-carbone. »
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📰🔊This is our analysis of the #COVID19 #testing strategy in #Tunisia🇹🇳, given the potential technical and contextual limitations, and future challenges.…

Happy to contribute to @OpenNiqash with @Jaber_Bel, @drziedbouslama & @droussamazekri!
Real-time RT-PCR (@WHO gold standard) is complex and requires technical equipment and skilled human resources. Deploying a military mobile lab for temporary missions in the south is a good step, but still, testing capacity remains limited: only 24,406 tests performed as of 02/05.
Antigen and antibody rapid tests provide a less costly and faster delivery of results compared to RT-PCR. However, before these tests can be used, it must be acknowledged that they serve different roles and thus need to be used in different scenarios.
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Beberapa fungsi fitur PPT yang bisa digunakan saat membuat PPT & saat presentasi

- A THREAD - Image
Because bosen ga ngapa-ngapain, mending berbagi info aja. Tapi ditunggu ya, gua mau bucin dulu hehe 😁
Kita mulai dari sini ya,


Ini bisa berfungsi untuk menandai atau mencoret2 slide kalian, cukup klik kanan, pilih pointer options, terus pilih pen,

Atau klo mau, coba ada tuh beberapa fitur di pointer options. ImageImage
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Q1 - Do you have any ideas on supporting transition remotely, particularly for those children in year groups moving to a different school? #sencochat #transition
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[1/7] New publication by @CoalExit @PaoYuOei @CKemfert at @IA4EE EEEP-Journal shows key characteristics & challenges for 100% #renewable energy system modelling.


#OpenAccess paper⬇️…

Unroll Thread for key insights ⏬
[2/7] From utopic and fringe scenarios in the early 2000’s, 100% #RenewableEnergy scenarios are now widespread, with academic discussion shifting from general feasibility issues to specific assumptions. Also thanks to work from Jacobson, Breyer, Brown, …

[3/7] Regarding spatial resolution: for global, regional, and less detailed models, it is important to calibrate in a sufficient manner to avoid over-simplified answers with little to no real insights.

Key limitation: computational limits of very detailed scenarios.
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@DPJHodges Just read your piece.

Difficult to cut thru all YOUR hate, scorn & vitriol, but I discern the kernel of an idea — that people want to be respected & *feel* Remainers don't.

That's actually a fair point, but don't you think you'd convey it better if you didn't hate-coat it?
@DPJHodges Is it actually *true* Remainers don't respect Leavers, or is it just folk like you putting that narrative out there?

a) you prime your readers' reaction by starting with the word *bitter* & using a string of pejoratives (As BITTER REMOANERS RANT... FRUITCAKES & LOONIES)

@DPJHodges Was Campbell being "bitter" when he mocked a 50p coin? Or was he merely thinking, like millions of us, that the inscription felt rather at odds with "17 million F*** Offs" proponents of the #Brexit ideology pride themselves on giving to the EU?

Was that just you editorialising?
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Current German attitudes to #Brexit

As we're approaching new Brexit negotiations at the beginning of the #transition period, let me give you a feel for current #German attitudes to the #UK, its politics & departure from the #EU.
It's important to understand the debate in #Germany about #Brexit has been much less emotional than in the UK. We've been astounded at the decision. On balance, we believe the benefits of membership outweigh the EU's deficiencies & Brexit isn't in national interest.
We followed the UK's debate, w/ peaks of interest last yr during the struggle between government & parliament &, again, during the elections. (Your choice has, forgive me, caused some amusement.)
We also realised that #Brexit is unavoidable. We welcome the certainty.
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Les débats des #controverses2019EU reprennent dans une trentaine de minutes avec Gilles Allaire. Nous vous proposons deux "live sonores" aujourd'hui ⤵️
Vers 10 h 15, Glyphosate, élevage : traitement médiatique, traitement politique. Avec @PascaleHebel @eddyfougier @HuetSylvestre et @messean
@PascaleHebel @eddyfougier @HuetSylvestre @messean Puis vers 17 h 10, le grand témoin des #controversesEU2019 Saadi Lahlou, en conclusion de nos discussions
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If Britain’s leaving the EU, we’ve surely GOT TO know what the replacement trade deal looks like - so we know where we’re heading? Trouble is, this Government’s ‘implementation’ phase is woeful. Putting a plank on the cliff edge doesn’t make the fall easier. #transition #Brexit
Britain really should settle the new trading partnership before ‘exit day’, because leaving without any guarantees expands uncertainty for business & undermines economy. Why are Ministers sanguine about allowing just 6 months to negotiate future relationship? #transition #Brexit
Some hard Brexiteers actively want to dive off the cliff into ‘no deal’. But to see others only now realise that exit in March 2019 inevitably means the UK will be a rule-taker subject to existing EU rules reinforces how little they thought this process through before referendum
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