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I’ll go ahead and say it.. I’ll probably need to get another burner phone and email address.. fuck it. Here it goes.

From what I’ve found, Dr. Ford isn’t a Dr... to me that’s irrelevant, other than the fact that “if” it isn’t an earned title, then it
Goes to character. Every ounce of me wants to call her a “mental patient” and not a credible accuser or whiteness, but that would move her back into “victim status”, which is where the leftnuts want/need her to be.
We are NOT allowed to challenge the victim of a sex crime.. Challenge her past. Challenge her integrity. The left says so. Bull Shit. We are told “but this is a job interview”. Again, Bull Shit.
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I invite and welcome @sbg1 on my show almost weekly because she’s a smart, I formed, funnily liberal, but her conclusion in this piece —“For his part, Kavanaugh will take a seat on the Supreme Court forever shadowed by allegations that few will believe fully disproved”— is wrong.
In a nation of 330 million a few percent will always talk about the allegation as though it met the minimum standard @SenatorCollins described, but there will be no shadow as that will be a distinctly #BlueBubble point of view. @SenatorCollins spoke for the fair minded and the
reasonable, not those bent by ideology, and insisted that accusations must meet the “more likely than not” standard we live our lives by every day. The noise from the left, indeed the screaming of the mob, hates that standard, but it saved #JudgeKavanaugh and his reputation is
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1. What follows are my show notes from first 2 hours of this AM’s show. 26 callers, all first time callers, all women. We screen out only drunk/crazy people. ALL of them want #JudgeKavanaugh confirmed. Many furious at his treatment:
Meredith in LA✅
Lucy in New York✅
2. Connie in San Antonio✅
Debbie in Dallas✅
Margaret in Hawaii✅
Irene in Saratoga✅ 85. Thinks DiFi has gone far left
Jenna in Denton TX ✅ homeschooling history teacher 2 girls/1 boy
Kim in Illinois ✅ truck driver 7 kids widow
Cindy in San Antonio✅ paralegal/2 Boys
3. Jan in St Pete’s ✅
Melissa in Dallas ✅ today will show which way country going
Beth in Michigan ✅ homeschool mom, soldier son deploying
Kelly in VA✅ prosecutor of sex crimes
Kim in Columbus ✅ “so angry”
Sally in LA ✅
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(1) #ConfirmKavanaugh updates thread #3 starting from 10/4/18.

A directory of my 10 Kavanaugh threads, and counting. (I know, I surprise myself sometimes.)

#JudgeKavanaugh will soon be #JusticeKavanaugh and the American Republic will be preserved. 🦅
(2) This WaPo reporter is incorrect about the vote being "scheduled for" Saturday. The earliest time a vote COULD be held is Saturday pm. There's no reason not to hold it on Sun/Mon IF we need Daines. I think we won't. Read my 5 tweets about him here:
(3) An excellent short explainer about the fact that Mitch has the votes:

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It will keep falling because Americans are fundamentally decent and fair minded, #JudgeKavanaugh obviously qualified, he and his family tortured because the left demanded it, and the process so transparently deceptive. I hope his daughters and wife can come to forgive the Ds.
Of course I am assuming his conformation based on early, whispered assessments that —as expected— Dr. Ford’s account could not be corroborated. But the nomination could still fail and, if so, the GOP’s majorities and perhaps the party will be shattered for years. Because of the
manipulation of a woman who wanted only to be anonymous, who could have remained anonymous, and because of the unleashing of the worst McCarthyism since McCarthyism. It is a sober lesson on the frailty of due process and the rule of law that this is even close.
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And @johnAudio/transcript AM intv w/ @sendavidperdue:… Also interviewed @SenJoniErnst and @JohnCornyn and took calls for an hour from first time, women callers only. Support for #JudgeKavanaugh sky high, even though 1 woman objected to @POTUS last night,
9 applauded him for calling attention to holes in Dr. Ford testimony. Anecdotal evidence is evidence only of andctdotes, but explosion of fury at Dems is real, and @SenateGOP needs to support a conservative originalist u less they get evidence corroborating Dr. Ford account even
if they loathe @POTUS. It is about fairness to #JudgeKavanaugh, due process for nominees, impact on #SCOTUS and future proceedings, not @realDonaldTrump and his rally remarks. Bottom line: Reward McCarthyism and you get more McCarthyism.
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So the @Browns are going to win two in a row this week, as are @realDonaldTrump and @SenateGOP. An @FBI review of allegations will produce exactly what we heard yesterday: No corroborating information for Dr. Ford’s account and no impeachment of #JudgeKavanaugh. It will be
another week of slow torture of his family by the left and the media, but escaping from the Committee and into the final flight plan is a relief. Expect 53 votes, (@MamchinWVA and @SenatorHeitkamp) and a @GOP base awakened and back in full coalition with @realDonaldTrump over the
courts, with particular emphasis on #SCOTUS and the search and destroy tactics of the left, the collapse of d clench among @SenateDems, and the expectation —justified— that D spiral into endless Alinskyite chaos is irreversible. 24/7 coverage has worked for Rs. Profoundly.
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Good morning. Today's show is a replay of the high and low points of yesterday's hearing on #JudgeKavabnaugh, from the high points of his opening statement and @LindseyGrahamSC to @SenBlumenthal mangling "falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus," Senator Spatracus w/ a focus on choice
facing Senate, and the hope that all 51 @SenateGOP --aware of @JoeManchinWV rule: "There has to be more than just an allegation"-- will vote to confirm #JudgeKavanaugh, defend his honor, his family's reputation, future nominees and the reputation of the Senate. First full Senate
vote is Saturday at noon. An allegation that is 37 years old, which didn't even become verbalized for 30 years, cannot grow in significance because of the obvious trauma the accuser has suffered. Hoping @JeffFlake leads the way with his explanation in Committee today, and others
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Yes it is. But I think @JeffFlake will not allow an uncorroborated allegation dating back 37 years to scar a genuinely decent and good man, because the senator is the same. Nor do I think voting not to confirm him would be representative of AZ. But I hope he leads and defends the
vote confirming #JudgeKavanaugh for many reason, the most important of which is he is a superb judge of great character and qualifications, one whom @JeffFalke campaigned to confirm in 2012, and not the least of which is it keeps him a viable force in American politics.
It would be good for the “Conscience of the Conservative” author to explain this tomorrow and get the drama out of the next few days. The drama will be destructive of politics and I hope @SenateGOP understands that and acts quickly.
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Ok. Now going back to reading @SteveKornacki “He Red and the Blue,” after a quick prayer that key senators realize that rejecting #JudgeKavanaugh after this charade pushes the country over a cliff. These despicable tactics and manipulation of a sincere and traumatized victim must
not be rewarded or they will be repeated again and again. Plumb line is from @JoeManchinWV: “You need more than just an allegation.” That’s all there is, and wrapping it in a skilled ambush doesn’t make it anything but. If a D declares for #JudgeKavanaugh before the Rs 51 are
tallied, then Diogenes will have his man (or woman.)
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The senators involved in this charade and ambush have set for themselves, their children and grandchildren the inevitable trap —“Didn’t you/your father/mother/grandparent vote against #JudgeKavabaugh based on a mere allegation and one much rebutted. And
you are asking us for fair play?” Decency, ethics faith will protect many of them but not all people are decent as we have seen in this process. Some scheme to destroy. This is ammunition in the slander wars, a playbook, and it will haunt those who don’t reject it loudly.
When @LindseyGrahamSC invoked Justices Kagan and Sotomayor he was sending up a flare that those days are over if this works. It’s going to burn down the remaining courtesies of the Senate. Beginning with the next nominee —if #JudgeKavanaugh isn’t confined— who will move in
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Judge Garland is a fine man, as Judge Kavanaugh has testified. @senatemajldr, using majority, declared #NoHearingsNoVotes, pursuant to the “Biden Rule” and the people voted. The smearing and politics of personal destruction never directed at him, or Justices Kagan/Sotomayor. And
lest you forget, though I doubt you do, the maneuver of nominee blockade was invented by then Judiciary Chair Leavy in 2001-2002, and of judicial filibuster by Leahy and Minority Leader Reid in 2003-2005, until threat of nuclear option by Leader First brought about “Gang of 14.”
When Harry Reid deployed #TheReidRule —that rules of a continuing body could be changed by simple majority— Harry Reid brought down all remaining guardrails and made judges simple majority votes. Now @senatemajldr should —if smears against #JudgeKavanaugh work— use #TheReidRule
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The “blue bubbles” are oblivious. I don’t know if it will break the blue wave but it has broken some Senate Democrats (see @JoeManchinWV yesterday saying “You need more than just an allegation.) And if injustice is served and #JudgeKavanaugh defeated, employ #TheReidRule to bring
new nominee —Judges Coney Barrett, Kethledge, Thapar all have credentials and interviewed this summer— directly to floor. @senatemajldr and Chairman @ChuckGrassley indulged the belief that Dems would abide by rules of decency, civility. Holding the charges, @NewYorker, the latest
all demonstrate that there is no reason to trust protestations of @SenateDems. Bring the name forward as they will bring forward #JudgeKavanaugh and vote. The old Senate’s courtesies are dead because they were premised on assumption of good faith.
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#ChristineBlaseyFord #JudgeKavanaugh

1. Just reviewing some news articles where Christine Blasey Ford states that she


Now that got me thinking.. I hope someone other than the democrats are ensuring her well being.

This is why:
2. Christine Blasey Ford is supposed to be testifying on Thursday.

We know that she has no evidence to back up her accusations.

IF she does testifies she will make a fool of herself, people will see through her lies and accept the fact that she is a phony.
3. Knowing this, and knowing how dirty the democrats are it seems possible to me that Blasey could be SACRIFICED by the left.
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@bennyjohnson @mariska @maddowblog @lawrence @samseder @allinwithchrishayes

So do these GOP women believe they'll #MAGA w/this bevy of '50`s denials?

@GinaSosa: “Tell me what
boy hasn't done this in high school?”
That sounds like an indirect, covert disclosure—even a lonely appeal for…1/8
@bennyjohnson @Mariska @MaddowBlog @Lawrence @SamSeder @GinaSosa 2/8…support—that some teen boy's sexual misconduct marred Ms. Sosa's adolescence too.

Yet astonishingly, in very same conversation, Ms. @ irinavilarino & another one simply can't fathom *why* #CBFord didn't disclose earlier!

& Ms. Lourdes Castillo de la Peña ( @TeamTedCruz)…
@bennyjohnson @Mariska @MaddowBlog @Lawrence @SamSeder @GinaSosa @TeamTedCruz 3/8…asserts that #Kavanaugh "has an *impeccable* reputation: "nobody that has spoken ill will about him [sic]—everyone that speaks about him—this guy's an altar boy, you know, a scout." Yes—an altar boy who sipped wine so deeply that, according to his childhood bff & alleged…
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As @SeanTrende pointed out, Professor Ford May decide to testify Monday at the last minute. Her right and if she does she should be treated with utmost respect, graciousness, listened too carefully. But @senjudiciary should hold to its schedule, procedures and recognize it is
setting a precedent with every decision for every judicial nomination at every level. Rewarding @SenFeinstein recklessness with a veto over proceedings is irresponsible. @ChuckGrassley doing a fine job of concern for Professor Ford and #JudgeKavanaugh. If she chooses not to
appear and testify the @senjudiciary should set mark up for Wednesday and not have #JudgeKavanaugh testify. The record is vast, the accusation known and rebutted, the decision squarely in front of senators.
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Fascinating conversation w/ @ChrisCoons just now. The Senator —one of the best— carefully refrained from calling #JudgeKavanaugh a liar, saluted his credentials and character, said there is a broader disagreement about documents but seemed resigned to his confirmation before 9/30
More fascinating still was the conversation about trying to repair the confirmation process between now and the elelction—when neither side knows who will control chamber. I suggested a group of @ChrisCoons @amyklobuchar @BenSasse @SenMikeLee and incoming chair @LindseyGrahamSC
plus perhaps the returned “giant of the Senate” Jon Kyl to gather and hammer out a new set of rules, but clearly that would have to include expansion of D.C. Circuit, maybe splitting 9th, to get to goal line. Put the vote necessary at 55 or 60, but timeline etc. Fix it.
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Like many of you, I followed the four days of hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Here's what I learned:

@SenWhitehouse @SenFeinstein @CoryBooker #JudgeKavanaugh #RoevWade #obergefell
The Democrats in the Senate are unhinged. Their disgraceful conduct insures that future nomination proceedings will more likely be carnival sideshows of screeching protestors interspersed with Senators demanding to ask questions and refusing to allow answers w/out interruption.
Then, of course, there were individual standouts:

Sen. Booker is an ass that likes having attention paid to himself. Sen. Whitehouse is an ass that likes to accuse others of wrong-doing without evidence thereof. Sen. Feinstein is an ass that lies about abortion statistics.
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Hoping some senator asks #JudgeKavanaugh why Steel Seizure Cases among the four greatest moments in #SCOTUS history. Jackson concurrence a big deal but it was 6-3 w/ 5 concurrences. Also ask if Justice Black asking #POTUS Truman to dinner to make JP afterwards appropriate. See
this @nytimes article by @RosenJeffrey from 2004:… “[T]court ruled against Truman 6 to 3, in a decision written by Justice Hugo L. Black. As a peace offering, Justice Black invited the fuming president to his Alexandria, Va., home to join all the justices
for a party. Although initially wary, Truman eventually turned to Black and exclaimed, '’Hugo, I don't much care for your law, but, by golly, this bourbon is good!'”
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The most interesting answer of the AM at #KavanaughHearing was the judge’s explanation of Casey being precedent not just on reproductive rights but also on precedent itself. “Precedent on precedent.” I don’t think Ranking Member Feinstein’s team served her well there. A follow
up asking simply “Can you expand on the importance of ‘precedent on precedent’ would have served everyone but especially progressive critics of #JudgeKavanaugh best. The judge is clearly qualified, clearly will be confirmed, but his commitment to the testimony he gives was a big
part of one answer. Thus Ds should want to hear more —much more— about precedents on precedents. As for his 4 greatest moments in #SCOTUS history, Marbury Brown and Nixon don’t surprise but Youngstown did. Since #POTUS power interests Ds that could be fruitfully explored as well
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.@Chuckgrassley and the @SenateGOP keep touting the # of pages released, as hearing “transparency.” But an event invitation like this, duplicated more 44,000 times, doesn’t tell America about #JudgeKavanaugh’s record. #WhatAreTheyHiding?
.@SenateGOP’s ‘record-breaking’ document request? The Kavanaugh documents include more DUPLICATES than any Supreme Court nominee in history. They’ve padded the document request--for instance with 50,000 pages of duplicate event invites. #WhatAreTheyHiding #ReleaseTheRecords
Republicans are conducting an unprecedented & hyper-partisan vetting, hiding docs. related to his time in the Bush WH when critical decisions about now discredited torture policies were made. Instead they release 85k+ of duplicate docs. #WhatAreTheyHiding #ReleaseTheRecords
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