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Nearly posted my Wi-Fi password instead of the bingo card. An excellent start. Image
“I’m just taking a CD off… I was reading another one of Marie Hanna’s books…”
“This time it’s two different detectives…” Proceeds to tell me the names of the detectives in all her books.
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[Maximiser ses rendements sur Uniswap]

🦄 #Uniswap est une plateforme riche en opportunités de #farming

🌾 Voici une technique peu connue que j'utilise pour trouver les meilleurs rendements

(Thread co écrit avec @cmfthomas)

🧶👇 Image
@cmfthomas ⚙️ La technique présentée s'appuie sur l'outil @revertfinance

C'est une plateforme vous permettant d'analyser vos positions #Uniswap via des graphiques précis & compréhensibles

Vous pouvez voir votre APR, actifs, range etc .. Image
@cmfthomas @revertfinance Mais ce qui est intéressant avec Revert, c'est qu'il est possible d'inspecter les positions des autres farmeurs 👀

🔎 Le but de cette astuce va donc être de trouver les positions de #farming les plus profitables afin de les répliquer
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Policing is facing #recruitment crisis: # applicants continue to ↓ across continent.

One tool freq used by #police = recruitment videos. But what do these videos highlight & how can they affect who applies?

In new article, I explore these ?s:…


1/15 Image
Police #recruitment #videos serve several related functions, incl to:

1. Attract prospective applicants to the PD;

2. Communicate specific roles, responsibilities & benefits of a career with the PD;

3. Help prospective applicants assess their potential with the PD.

In light of their functions, it’s important to consider how content of #videos may impact who applies for #policing #careers, and, in turn, who becomes police officers.

This is especially relevant given the challenges currently facing #policing, like the legitimacy crisis.

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Arkadaşlar merhaba; Bu günkü flood konumuz RANGE nedir, Range yapısını kullanarak nasıl işleme gireriz ve nelere dikkat etmemiz gerekir. #range #btc #ETH #forex #forextrading #bitcoin #altcoin
1-Range sözlük anlamı olarak ARALIK demektir. Fiyatın bir aralık ( bölge ) içinde salınım yapmasına diyoruz. Yani aslında Accumulation ( Birikim ) veya distiribution (Dağıtım ) alanlarıda bir range olabilir.
2- Range yapılarını her zaman dilimlerinde araya biliriz 5d - 15d -1h - 4h - 1d - 3d - 1w - 1 mount olabilir. Büyük zaman dilimlerindeki range ler daha güvenlidir.
RH = Range Hight
RL = Range Low
EQ = Equilibrium
Floodun devamında bu kısaltmaları kullanacağım.
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Everyone who says "#BoThSiDeS" can shove that phrase right up their backside, because of the @GOP using the turocharged capitalist equivalent to #warlordism in #congress and #senate, holding the entire nation as hostages for their reactionary bullshit!

And this "political #instability" and "#political uncertainty" is making the #USA a worse place to invest, conduct business in or with and to have to deal with in general.
Because Ghouls like #McCornell are just being #assholes for the sake of doing so and not facing #accountability for it!
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1/ $AXXA Although the #Tweet front is #quiet, $AXXA has been working on yet another #NewDeal for several months which would expand our range of #TechnologyPlatforms.

#BigPicture: #Platforms are key to $AXXA ‘s #RevenueGrowth and #AssetDiversification #strategies.
2/ $AXXA ‘s management team seeks to acquire technologies that can be #repurposed in order to generate new revenue streams. Repurposed #technology may not even be used in the same #sector or #market it was originally developed for.
3/ #AXXAInvest was one example:…

$AXXA combined its #CurrencyExchange, #AI, and #Blockchain technologies, into one new #SoftwarePlatform $AXXA
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What’s the huge advantage of driving a car? 🤔

Having the freedom of going anywhere and stopping wherever you want on the way 😊…

I didn’t buy a @Tesla for city driving. I bought it exclusively for #RoadTripping, because it’s an #EV.

For 10 years I have not owned any car.

I am getting around the city of @Bordeaux by bicycle as this is the most convenient and quick way to move in a European urban environment 🚲😊

For #RoadTrips outside the town I used #CarSharing (up to a few weeks).

However, I have been bothered by the #ClimateCrisis since 2005 and it’s been more and more difficult to cope with nasty petrol or diesel fill-ups and the CO2 and pollutant emissions associated with them 😖



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Analysis: #NYSE $INFU

Case 87 #InfuSystems Holdings Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#INFU 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: The 10 year #range was blown away leading in 2019 setting new all time highs in the last 3 months. The current object remains 12.35. Going to keep some .....

INFU 2/4
..... distance and not intending to chase the price higher, hopefully the price will move lower enabling us to enter.

INFU 3/4
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $AMRN

Case 86 #Amarin Corporation plc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#AMRN 1/3
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: A #trading range has developed for the whole of 2019. It appears as though the range is about to be broken but we are cautious of a false break. Below the trading #range lies an unfilled gap.

AMRN 2/3
Chart 2
Daily Chart: The #Strategy is printed on the image.

$AMRN 3/3
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Thanks to @myHNN for reposting my @anxious_bench post on how podcasts help historians speak to a larger public. Of course, the problem with recommending just 5 podcasts is that you leave many more off the list. So let's keep going with a short thread...
Caveat audiens: I’ve listened to some but not all of these. So I’ll quote a bit of self-description from each podcast and then a link. Hopefully others will jump on and extend this list of podcasting historians.
1. @BackStoryRadio, “a weekly podcast that uses current events in America to take a deep dive into our past.” (There's that past-present theme again.) Hosts include everyone’s favorite Hamilton scholar and Congressional violence expert, @jbf1755.
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