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🚨@SilverRailTech are #Flexified for another year!🚨

SilverRail is delivering the digital infrastructure for a global rail industry. They’ve made it their mission to make rail easy for travellers, agencies and train operators 🚄

See thread or click here:…
Their people are the heart of the business, which is why @SilverRailTech put their culture at the centre of everything they do. As long as the work gets done, SilverRail don’t mind how people work, and employees are empowered to decide their best working environment. ⚖️
@SilverRailTech’s benefits include:

🏠 Remote first

⏰ Fully flexible hours

🐕 Dog friendly

🕰 Open to part time

🌍 Work from anywhere scheme

☀️ Sabbaticals

🍼 Enhanced parental leave
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Do you have a degree in any medical-related field with at least second class upper?

Do you have experience in the sale of medical or diagnostic products?

Don't miss the opportunity to work with a multinational medical diagnostic and laboratory retailer. Image
This Sales Executive role is just the stepping stone you need into a career in business development and sales.

The role will be based in the Western Region, Ghana and the ideal candidate is should possess good negotiation skills.
Could this be you?

**2 years of work experience required.**

To apply submit your CV online: [… "smartCard-inline") by 24th June 2022.
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#Qanon #Indoctrination #Recruitment #Extremism
A Thread of a Thread
-Interesting thread of a daughter who observed her mother's online indoctrination. It reminds me of Adam Gadahn who was influenced by the "AOL Super Highway" (source: Gadahn's Conversion letter)
#Qanon #Indoctrination #Recruitment #Extremism
-There are of course differences between QANON recruitment & indoctrination vs. Adam Gadahn
-For ex. Gadahn was influenced by the "AOL Super Highway" but physically met and was influenced by Hisham Diab in Orange Country CA
#Qanon #Indoctrination #Recruitment #Extremism
-The information environment and platforms have changed since that time and it is increasingly more easy to reach broader and larger audiences for indoctrination and recruitment toward an ideology or belief system
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#Ukraine Volunteer Breaks Down, Finds Out #War Is Not a Video Game


via @YouTube & @richimedhurst
Let me offer a 3rd pint, middle ground position, to the dichotomy raised by @richimedhurst in recruitment of these mercenaries for Ukraine.

I say this as one who has recruited staff for many emergency relief ops (tho not mercenaries) in #Africa and #MENA. 1/n
3rd point*
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1/10 Some #CharitySoStraight top tips for your charity in 2022 #Thread

Please don't Rainbow Wash your charity brand this year in #Pride season (it's never a good look) Meaningfully engage with your #LGBTQ+ stakeholders + audiences instead #Authenticity #RainbowWashing #branding
2/10 Think about how your charity depicts the people it works with. Do you show a diverse range of people including #LGBTQ+ / same sex couples online/in your marketing collateral? Consider what message this sends to potential employees + service users if not #CharitySoStraight
3/10 think about what data you collect when you're recruiting + consider how you can use that data to benefit your #LGBTQ+ employees. You can't support the needs of your workforce if you don't know who they are! #diversity #CharitySoStraight #recruitment #CharityRecruitment
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So you've got more than one job offer, but how do you choose between them?
Here's a 🧵 of the five things you need to consider them help you pick the right job and company...
#jobs #careeradvice #jobsearch
1) Progression - Which one will make you more employable 2-3 years down the line? Where will you get exposure to the most in-demand technologies? Where will you be given interesting & challenging problems to solve & be pushed out of your comfort zone? Where will you learn more?
2) Package - In which job will you feel "better off" both in terms of money, extra benefits & time? Don't compare the whole package because some things will matter more to you than others. Choose what's important to you and compare the packages on those factors alone.
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First Tweetorial THREAD for any fellow #psychology students, researchers, and labs interested in social media for youth & young adult study #recruitment#TIKTOK edition (15):
Social media (SM) is a growing tool with access to millions of adolescents, teens, and young adults. Tapping into and mastering these platforms can completely change the course of study recruitment. (1/15)
I’m a @Harvard thesis student with @NockLabHarvard & @ShirleyBWang . My D.A.N.C.E. Study ( investigates the development of disordered eating among pre-professional adolescent ballet dancers. TLDR; I recruited teens. (2/15)
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I see a lot of commentary about the @NHSEngland paper on the future of integrated systems. Here is a perspective based on what is happening NOW rather than on some conceptual future - a hugely exciting agenda and one that is right in front of you @WYHpartnership
The paper recognises the role of LAs and the #NHS on the BROADER DETERMINANTS of health, including the economy, the environment, housing. Between @LeedsCityRegion @WYHpartnership we have made substantial progress on aligning health, housing, economy e.g.…
Tackling HEALTH INEQUALITIES is a role of ICS' and @WYHpartnership has a focused programme on this which builds on public health leadership of @Sarah5656 @robintuddenham @DrJamesThomas1 and our recent commission on #BAME populations is an ambitious example…
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Episode 28: @olasitarska from @Onfido talks about integrating diversity and inclusion into recruitment for tech.

Full episode:…

Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans!

#EngineeringManagement #DiversityandInclusion #womenintech #recruitment
Here are some key points she made in the interview:

1. Creating a diverse team is in your best interest. Teams with individuals coming from diverse backgrounds deliver better results.
2. Diversity and inclusion isn't just about race or gender, but it also includes different personality types or career paths.
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#equalpayday today. Full time working women in Australia earn 14% less than full time working men.
There’s a lot we can do about the #genderpaygap. Here’s a start. 1. Better value the work done in highly feminised occupations. Workers in the health and care professions perform enormously skilled and economically important work. They are underpaid. #paythemmore 1/
2. Organisation leaders should undertake a gender pay #audit to diagnose #genderpaygap drivers. @wgea has great resources for this. Because this is such a pervasive problem, there will be issues, be open to that and #actonthedata 2/
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Prisoners "...are not paid overtime, cannot organize or go on strike, have no vacations or sick days, never show up late to work, cannot complain, and if they try to protest they can be beaten or tortured in solitary confinement."
By @AlanRMacLeod… #prison
The United States #AirForce has a new #recruitment tool: a realistic #drone operator #videogame you can play on its website, the Airman Challenge
by @AlanRMacLeod…
"...many firefighters today are not the burly full time professionals of another era, but underpaid convict laborers risking their lives for pennies. Almost 40 percent of California’s firefighters are prisoners."
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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What are the biggest cover-your-ass, #CYA moves at #work? --- >
Cover your ass moves (“CYA”) are everywhere at work. While I firmly believe there are great managers and leaders all over the world, the fact of the matter remains that most people are not actually good at anything managerial —
by some estimates, 82 percent of managers end up being the wrong hire.
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Question on @Quora: What will be the consequences of asking a candidate about their support to a political party ideology as part of hiring questionnaire while applying for the company?…
There are few questions that are already been asked by a company to a candidate as part of the online application form submission process these days, like Ethnicity, Religion, Martial Status, Crime History & Police records, Previous Salary, Government Ties, Relationship with
C Level Executive, Third Party Service Provider & Distributers. #HR #HumanResources #recruitment #jobs #hiring
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Saya pernah menulis “Semua mau Berkuasa“ Legislatif tidak mau kehilangan kesempatan untuk ikut menjadi Penguasa demikian pula dengan Lembaga Yudikatif telah berhasil membentuk Dirinya sebagai Penguasa #Metamorfosa dan Negara ini sudah berubah menjadi Tirani @asboedionoid #hening Image
diawal Tahun 2015 yang lalu saya Menulis sebaiknya Presiden terpilih segera menerbitkan PerPPU membubarkan Parlemen dan melakukan Pemilu Ulang karena Kualitas Anggaran Dewan menurut saya pada waktu itu dibawah Kualitas sebagai seorang “ Wakil Rakyat “ @asboedionoid #hening
disamping alasan Kualitas Sumber Daya Manusia juga berkorelasi terhadap Kualitas Pemilu itu sendiri, terlalu kental permainan Money Politic. Semua serba dihalalkan, singkat cerita Kualitas Pemilu sangat Buruk dan sampai sekarang Kualitas itu kembali Muncul @asboedionoid #hening
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1/ Thread on key gaps and opportunities I see in the blue and grey collar recruitment and staffing industry in India. I believe there is an opportunity to build a ‘vertical focussed’ tech-enabled ‘full stack’ staffing business.
@Stellaris_VP #BlueCollar #staffing #recruitment
2/ Lets start by unpacking India’s workforce. It’s est. that ~40% of India’s population is working i.e. ~500M ppl. Of this, ~230M (46%) are employed in agriculture, either self employed or working in other people’s farms.
3/ ~60M ppl (12%) are employed in the construction and infra sector - primarily as labourers. Then comes the retail sector with ~45M ppl (9%) - primarily mom and pop store owners and the ppl employed in such stores.
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We're LIVE with Rhonda Holler and Dessalen Wood! Talking about successful internships! @Covance has been building an internship program for 10 years, building an entirely new experience for their new hires/interns. #bringpeopletogether Image
@Covance They’re building a culture of conversation! 🙌 Their first exchange was in an intern focus group. They used Thoughtexchange to help gather thoughts to ask "What was your understanding of @Covance prior to joining the Covance team?" #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #bringpeopletogether
@Covance Rhonda and her team learned so much from this initial exchange! They were able to use this information immediately to help target their recruiting efforts. #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #Leadership #exchangetochange
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We're live with @GrantThornton's Jennifer Morelli - looking forward to hearing her experiences setting organizations up for success by promoting #womeninleadership.

Join us here:

#iwil #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
@GrantThornton How do we send the elevator back down for future women leaders? Jennifer Morelli wants us to make the "right change" not the "forced change" to meet diversity initiatives.
@GrantThornton How to do it: #Recruitment first and foremost! Getting women in roles all the way to the top.
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As seen on LinkedIn. Original post by Kirsty Bonner

Sample COVER LETTER/EMAIL: Dear <Name>, I am writing in regard to your job opening of <Target Role>. As a candidate with extensive experience in <job title>, I am highly skilled in <Hard Skills to JD>. My solid background in
<People Skills> has allowed me to manage teams with exceptional performance. The opportunity to join <Organization> greatly interests me because <Reasons>. As a holder of <Degrees, Certs>I can competently execute <JD Responsibilities>. I believe that I would make a valuable asset
to your team and I offer my resume for your review. As per my professional summary, my qualities and experience make me highly suitable for the role of <Target Role>.

I am highly regarded for <Transferable Skills>. I am proficient in <Systems>.
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10 years ago #DHS sent American law enforcement agencies an intelligence briefing warning of a rising threat of #domestic #RightWing #extremism, including #WhiteSupremacist #terrorism.
#economicrecession & election of America’s 1st #blackpresident fertile ground #radicalization
Military #veterans returning from #Iraq & #Afghanistan, would be attractive #targets for #recruitment, #Republican #politicians & #conservativepundits reacted with outrage & demanded a retraction. The small team of domestic terrorism analysts who had produced report was disbanded
and analysts were reassigned to study #Muslim #extremism, according to Daryl Johnson, the career federal intelligence analyst who had led the team, By the next year, Johnson had been forced out of the #DHS altogether..
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The HR Recruiters fix UX interview with Technical Architect, Technical Managers, Engineering Directors, Delivery Manager, CTO etc. These guys only understand tangible UI Design and look for it overwhelmingly. They don't understand the Functional & Strategic aspect, that is UX.
UX is Functional and ideally be interviewed by Product VP, Functional Product Manager, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Strategist and Chief Design Officer.
UX consultation can be done on Services, Processes, Business and Products.

#UXjobs #UXhiring
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