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Articolo che spiega molto bene la situazione urbanistica su La Maura e conferma quello che immaginavo. C'è già il precedente del 2015, basterebbe quindi il nullaosta dell'ente parco (Regione) e la determina dirigenziale dell'assessore (Comune) per avere la variante al PGT #Bingo
A quel punto con la variante in tasca lo stadio può essere costruito a nord senza alcun problema relativo ai vincoli perché ci sarebbero tutti i permessi che, appunto, consentirebbero di costruire rispettando il PGT. Uno scacco matto che metterebbe spalle al muro i partiti del no
Adesso è finalmente chiara la strada che si vuole percorrere. Chiaramente non è semplice perché serve la determina dell'assessore, quindi la maggioranza comunale deve esporsi. Vedremo se riusciremo ad ottenere questo assist dalla politica locale. Cardinale è venuto per questo.
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@Tesla @elonmusk I’d keep an eye on these two… 👀
@Tesla @elonmusk Gang Banger ?
@Tesla @elonmusk Posers & OGs
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An article published this morning by @laurashin has raised a lot of questions about the ability of Chainalysis to "de-mix" Wasabi Wallet transactions.
Good news: It appears that Laura's book contains a reference to the transaction sending 50BTC to Wasabi Wallet (thanks @raw_avocado for the info).
Let's see if this info teach us something about the method used by Chainalysis to "de-mix" Wasabi's coinjoin transactions and if it exploits an issue with the mixer or just a "user error" ?
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Grounded Kiwis judicial review challenge to New Zealand's managed isolation and quarantine regime -- arguing that it unjustifiably breaches the right to return in s18(2) of the Bill of Rights Act -- is being heard by the High Court today. Image
I have been granted permission to trainspot and tweet (subject to a 10min delay on reports and reckons). 🤓
I guess we need a hashtag. Perhaps #MIQchallenge?
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#Pd disperato per tenersi Mattarella

E vogliono pure che Draghi stia a Chigi : domani il #Duce risponde #stocazzo…
Mattarella o la sua controfigura Amato
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I’m in the virtual gallery today, watching this judicial review challenge to the vaccination order for border workers.

Please note the applicant’s identity is suppressed (but not details of their former occupation and employer).

I'm also subject to the media's 10min delay rule -- which is not unexpected but challenging for an academic with a memory like a goldfish... 🐠
Kick-off. (This is a 10min delayed tweet...)
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Day two. 🍿

The argument first today is about meaning and scope of s70, incl critically whether DG's power to require people to "isolate" could be used over the entire country or was restricted to case-by-case individualised application.…

Folk will recall us constitutional trainspotters have debated this interpretative question for months now - and there are many views!

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Et c’est reparti pour la reprise de l’hagiographie des grands mythes du CNR qui aurait tout inventé, alors que sur ce sujet, il n’a fait que reprendre à son compte ce que Vichy avait mis en place (répartition) à la suite des 1eres ébauches dans les années 20&30 (capitalisation)
Donc on reprend. Tout commence en 1906 avec la création d’un Ministère du Travail et de la Prévoyance sociale, doté d’un direction de l’assurance et de la prévoyance sociales, transfuge de la direction éponyme du Ministère du Commerce et de l'Industrie…
La genèse de ce ministère a été le fruit d’un long parcours d’embuches, chaque ministère d’origine cherchant à conserver ses prérogatives (notez-le, cela sera capital pour comprendre le maintien des régimes spéciaux)
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This is a cool way to support local businesses during #coronavirus rules. While restaurants can’t have dine-in customers, you can still do takeout! And THIS is restaurant #bingo for the Cedar Park/Leander/Liberty Hill area! Get a printed receipt, mark it off on the card! @KVUE Image
These restaurants were chosen at random but offers prizes to people who get a bingo!
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1/ Ok, FINALLY time for some #NXIVMtrial catch-up tweets.
As you all know by now, the prosecution rested its case on Friday against Keith Alan Raniere, a.k.a, "The Vanguard".
2/ The defense decided not to present a case?!
Perhaps that’s because every time they open their mouths, more evidence for the prosecution comes out, lol…
Closing arguments for #NXIVMtrial are on Monday..
3/Before I continue, a ROUND of APPLAUSE for Assistant US attorneys Tanja Hajjar and Moira Penza- two of the sharpest tacks in the courtroom!
Self assured and un-intimidated by their opponents with (decades) more experience- #WOW!
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"Leaving the EU on 31 Oct is a hard red line": @andrealeadsom, launching her campaign
"... yes, and tackling Mr Speaker." Leadsom cites her clashes with John Bercow as part of her record of "getting things done"
"The internet of things": Leadsom #bingo
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We are just shy of a full #Doctorwho #bingo board.
We have #riversong, #amypond, #rory, #osgoode, #donnaNoble #cyberman, #weepingangel, #k9, #dalek, spaceman(who turned out the lights) and doctors 1,4,7,9,10,11,12, and 13 ❤

If u got one that aint listed, drop on by g-2 #DCC 😂
Harkness! We've got #captain #jackHarkness 😊
I got back to my sister's house. Put my other pj pants on.
Laid down, waiting for the rain to stop so we could get drawing stuff out of the car.... And poof!
It was the next morning 😂

So.... Here we go, end of the show!
We only made it to 20 if 25 unique Who costumes-
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Social media attention should go to the people that need it the most.

A Thread ⬇️
One month ago 15 of artists with a large following flew to Bangladesh to give their voice to the Rohingya, the people that survived the Myanmar genocide #LoveArmy
After 48 hours of mobilisation and the online participation of hundreds of artists, youtubers, footballers, and thousands of anonymous,

2 Million dollars were raised!

This thread will show all of the work we have done with the donations so far
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Tout les Rohingya que nous avons rencontré nous ont expliqué le même problème:
Quand les familles Rohingya arrivent au camp ils ont tous des besoins très différents

Alors nous leurs transmettons vos dons directement pour qu’elles puissent acheter ce dont ils ont le plus besoin

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