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It’s rare for me to find a non fiction book that I can’t put down. I know I’m late to the party on this one but I finally got my hands on it. I wanted an early night last night but could not stop turning the pages! Thank you @Positivteacha @mr_englishteach ImageImage
It’s full of such useful ways to rethink the dominant narrative around boys. I will be trying to change my language away from toxic masculinity and towards tender / non-tender masculinity , which will also give me a chance to mention the book to everyone ! #tendermasculinity
The first 2 chapters alone everyone should read: Roberts @mr_englishteach explains why all the typical ‘common sense’ approaches to boys’ engagement are flawed, risking entrenching low expectations/low self esteem through competition (there are always losers as well as winners)
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#Thread 🧵🧵

Because there is no shorter way to answer this question, allow me dive in this thread.

I'll draw analogies and put context where need be. Be my guest!
#MenCaveUg #MasculinitySaturday
Before social order was established, Darwinism reigned. The strongest survived and the weak ones suffered or perished.

Man hunted and man was hunted. Survival was for the fittest and those that received protection from the fittest.
This cutthroat dynamics were both physical as well as otherwise. Physical in a way that the risks of physical harm were enormous and those unable to protect themselves or receive protection from the able were highly susceptible.
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Policing is facing #recruitment crisis: # applicants continue to ↓ across continent.

One tool freq used by #police = recruitment videos. But what do these videos highlight & how can they affect who applies?

In new article, I explore these ?s:…


1/15 Image
Police #recruitment #videos serve several related functions, incl to:

1. Attract prospective applicants to the PD;

2. Communicate specific roles, responsibilities & benefits of a career with the PD;

3. Help prospective applicants assess their potential with the PD.

In light of their functions, it’s important to consider how content of #videos may impact who applies for #policing #careers, and, in turn, who becomes police officers.

This is especially relevant given the challenges currently facing #policing, like the legitimacy crisis.

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THREAD: Everything is connected.

And so many of our modern societal problems & issues stem from disconnection.

This thread is about both connections b/w socio-cultural issues (connecting the dots) & also about connections between people. Those 2 things are connected.

What we have here is human disconnectedness caused - in part - or at least greatly contributed to - by technological (over)connectedness. Another big contributing factor, I believe, is our traditional gender norms around #masculinity.

Think about the phenomenon of employer “ghosting” during an interview process when they aren’t giving a candidate the job. I’ve learned it is quite common these days to not let that person know. You just stop communicating.

#ghosting #recruiting #HR

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Since it's been so long I have attended a #wedding, I'll be #Livetweet my #reactions follow pleej
Is it normal to avoid 'wyd for a living?' by not asking others the same thing?
Alright I am fibbing my #resume here. I am telling me them I am freelance journo. Sue me.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/22/2021…
Ecosystems are really important, are we correctly applying them in Business?…

#BusinessApplications #EcosystemThinking
How Flu Vaccine Effectiveness and Efficacy are Measured…

#vaccine #flu #effectiveness #efficacy #measurement #method
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8 steps to become a Top-Tier man.

[The Apex Male.]

Brutal advice I wish I was given when I was a younger man.


#Masculinity Image
For men reading this understand the the masculine grows through challenges whereas the feminine grows through praise.

This is why when we dare each other as men or call each other "chicken" it actually spurs us into action whereas with women, not so much.
Furthermore, the masculine energy always needs to be directed because its main purpose is to create order in chaos which is why men always like fixing things. We need problems to to solve in order for us to grow.

The bigger the problem, the more it builds the man who solves it.
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Sometimes Hypnosis fails under stress and you have to let it be ok:
An uncomfortably personal thread.

TW: gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, and political PTSD. 1/
Most of you know that I am a subject of my own Hypnosis, and I have been very open about my #masculinization journey over the years.

If you are not familiar, catch up:… 2/
What I am often less open about is the fact that I straight up NEED this Hypnosis to be gender secure as a male.

At one point in my life I wondered if I was trans because though I had no desire to be a woman I absolutely hated my body and my gender expression. 3/
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There is so much wrong with this article, it's hard to know where to begin. Lesbians are not extinct, nor are lesbians close to extinction. The L Word has never really been as popular as "gay" & this has long been the case, it's not a new thing....…
Then in the context of Queer activism, DIY activism & the burgeoning internet culture in the 90's younger adults did not seem to like to be labelled, or boxed into labels. It is still popular for younger adults to describe themselves as fluid, in terms of sexuality, gender...
Earlier, 70s/80s there had been an attack on #butch lesbians in the LGBT community, not from trans women, but from lesbian feminists & lesbian feminist theory, which branded butch #lesbians sadomasochists copying het roles & eroticising sexism & the oppression of femme lesbians..
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This video is a good example of a lot of the things I find frustrating about #masculinity discourse, particularly in gay circles. 1/10
Initially it's an interesting discussion. Jacob Michael talks about the issues with masculine norms and I agree that gay men can be good at challenging these. When you break one norm (around sexuality) it can become easier to break them around gender. 2/10
But I find the way he talks about male behaviour frustrating.

He speaks as if men, in particular gay men, can only into masculine things (sports, gyms etc.) because it's the way to show their masculinity. Those things are all just about proving masculinity. 3/10
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A hashtag appeared on panel asking for public hangings of rapists. I did initial data comparison of people who participated in this hashtag and various other hashtags. I found that
1) 27% users who were propagating "a woman shouldn't travel without a Mehram escorting her"
demanded public hangings of rapists.
2) 13% of "Travel with Mehram" advocates used abusive word "Randi" in their recent tweets while addressing some women on social media.
3) Out of users of "Randi" word in their recent tweets, 13% asked for public hangings
4) 12% users who contributed to a hashtag glorifying Khalid's act of killing a person in the court, demanded public hangings of rapists.
5) 8% users who labelled #AuratMarch2020 as Fahashi and Aurat Barbadi march, now asked for public hangings of rapists
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Remember the belief that meat is the best or only protein source is a #racist belief, discounting the way the majority of the cultures ate. #thesexualpoliticsofmeat #feminism #vegan /3
A #masculinity made anxious & unsettled seeks to re-establish itself by invoking #redmeat; you can find this happening at key points in US history: the rise of immigration at the end of the 19th century, after the Vietnam War, after 9/11, & during the #Trump 2016 campaign /4
The scholar #VasileStanescu discusses the work of #EMDuPuis who suggested that it was not a coincidence that colonialism, nativist union sentiment, and the decrease in the cost of meat occurred simultaneously at the end of the 19th century. #xenophobia #manhoood #meateating /5
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Randomly stumbled across "What makes a man. Through these photographers' lenses, #masculinity is mere performance."…
.@douglasgrnwd "examines these changing perceptions [of masculinity] through photographers and their subjects, unpicking the past to predict the future."… Image
The exhibition has been cancelled (due to COVID-19, no doubt) but you can check out "Masculinities: Liberation through Photography" at @BarbicanCentre. It's an "online exhibition guide featuring section introductions, gallery map & glossary of terms.…
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Happy birthday, Language on the Move!

We started blogging #OTD in 2009 🎂🥂🎉🎀 - still going strong! 😊… Image
Our #1 top most popular blogpost of all time examined the role of #English as a lingua franca in #ASEAN…
Our #2 top most popular blogpost of all time also examined the role of #English as a global #language, this time in #Europe…
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Good morning Twitter friends. I’m still in bed sick, but possibly on the mend at last after 4 days. Last night @tropigalia & @laura_luna asked me to do a #thread on the devaluing & misrecognition of #femme relationships so here we go.
First, if you don’t know what femme is, read this, this thread will still be here:…
So to be clear, femme is a queer gender expression not tied to sex or gender identity. Femme is also not exclusively about appearance, but this thread will emphasize appearance bc I’m going to talk about the way femme relationships are read, thus based on visual cues.
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