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Congratulations to @threatinsight researcher @aRtAGGI for presenting his research today at @CYBERWARCON, which links #Leviathan #TA423 #RedLadon campaigns against offshore energy companies in the #SouthChinaSea to kinetic maritime operations conducted by the Chinese Coast Guard! ImageImage
Researchers at @proofpoint identified RTF template injection campaigns from June 2021 - March 2022 targeting hydrocarbon exploration & offshore energy sectors just before Chinese Coast Guard intervention at key sites indicating a tie between cyber espionage & manned maritime ops. Image
A full technical analysis of this years-long cyber espionage operation was published earlier this year alongside talented guest author @cyberoverdrive!
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La creación es el lugar en el que el Creador se contempla y, al contemplarse, se conoce: se crea a imagen y semejanza de uno mismo. El hombre al verse reflejado conoce su identidad pero también la distorsión y el engaño.

Y el espejo, puede ser engaño y vanidad: por eso el mito de Narciso o el porqué Venus siempre carga un espejo.

Así un espejo es un agujero, una espiral de ascenso o de descenso, y quizás un agujero negro que lo absorbe todo.

#Kapoor también reflexionó sobre ello⬇️

Espejo y reflejo, espiral y agujero, todo se combina en las obras de #Kapoor, que a través de sus reflexiones investiga sobre los mitos antiguos de varias religiones, sobre antiguas y diversas tradiciones.

Un espejo que es agujero negro es "perderse en el reflejo".

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1/ What a Tragedy for 🇪🇺 🚨🚨 one more 🧵

The @Europarl_EN has therefore decided to turn #Europe into the next generation #Leviathan. Makes me wonder if Thomas Hobbes was a #scifi author more than a philosopher !
2/ Beyond the inevitable decrease in competitiveness for the European digital asset ecosystem - this decision is much more serious, calling into question the very freedom and privacy 🕵️‍♀️ of #European citizens if enacted in law.
3/ In this specific instance - #MEPs have collectively failed to understand two fundamental dimensions of blockchain:
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Random thoughts on the farcical #impeachment #show #trial.

Where's #ChiefJustice #Roberts?

To clarify, the Senate is NOT required to employ the services of the Chief Justice in the conduct of an impeachment trial except when the President is on trial.
Excepting presidential impeachments of #Clinton and #Trump, the modern Senate has impeached through a process in which the matter tried in committee, rather than before the whole Senate, and then and submitted to the Senate for ultimate judgment by the entire body.
In fact, this method was used in the modern impeachments of federal judges @RepHastingsFL and #WalterNixon.
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Aujourd’hui, j’ai un peu de #temps (je blague), et je tente un #thread #scpo sur la #démocratie, parce que c’est un tout petit peu d‘actualité. Et oui, je vais mettre des #mèmes Internet parce que, en vrai autocrate, je trouve cela très très drôle. Prêts ?
2) D’abord, la #démocratie, ce n’est pas la #République (la chose publique). La République, c’est moi...euh, c’est quand le #pouvoir est exercé par tout ou partie du peuple (exit la monarchie) et que les élus représentent plus que le peuple (la #Nation dixit #Sieyes).
3) Les #députés représentent l’intérêt #général plus que le peuple. Utile pour voter une loi impopulaire, comme l’interdiction de la peine de mort (#Badinter), ou la taxe carbone sur l’essence. Encore faut-il bien prouver l’intérêt général (n’est ce pas les gilets jaunes ?).
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“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up..."

4.1 BACK TO [#satan] GETTING "EVE-IC-TED" FROM #GOD'S @WhiteHouse

IMO, #REVELATION 12:12 occurred shortly after @POTUS took office

"the great #dragon was cast out, that old serpent 🐍 called the #Devil and #Satan, which deceiveth the whole world"

"This MONSTER came and worked its [WHORE]ible [WHORE]ible "SPELL" over the world"



"We're going to get back..." to #Christ

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“The wealthiest place in the English-speaking world”: Barbados in the 1650s.
“A starving slave who stole bread would be executed, but a white man who wilfully killed a slave merely fined.” #Leviathan
The Marquis de Sade thought that moderns could not rival the ancients in the exercise of cruelty. The only exceptions he would allow were the plantation owners of the British West Indies.
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1. from the very beginning of this tragedy, #COVID, I have tried to alert you on how #COVID will be used to build a #MassSurveillance #Leviathan which will make the 9/11 #massSurveillance programs appear modest, if compared to this new Leviathan
2. never before #HealthData were integrated into #massSurveillance: not even the #NSA had tried it, as far as we know. BUT now with this huge tragedy, #COVID, we risk such #massSurveillance Leviathan.But there is further huge risk: the future of our #PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystems
3.if you are lucky(as I am)to live in a country with a PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystem,you have to wonder what is going to happen with these new "APPs" tracing #COVID and in some cases acquiring your #HealthData.Will #Amazon,#Google,#Palantir seize our PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystems?
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